NHS – Putting a Handle on that Scandal

When did medication that our doctor gave us become so costly?  It was such a long time ago, even I fail to remember.  Like a great deal of things, I don’t see why we should pay for our medication because we spend so much in levy, that the taxes that a working person pays should go towards medication anyhow, without them having to pay any extra.


It appears that the tax man will take our money for whatever reason that they can imagine and suits them and, if we’re not cautious, next they will be taxing us for the air that we breathe, in fact I would imagine that they’re thinking of methods that they can put into place as we breathe, pardon the pun!


In an article dated 1 April 2011 the coalition’s intentions were to make a tax on fresh air.  I actually read through this in the Mirror newspaper back in 2011 and, believed it was a farce and, found it thoroughly amusing, but after all that’s been going on in such a short space of time, I have no skepticism as to what will come next.


It said in the Mirror that the air that we breathe is to be taxed as part of a revolutionary Government plan to raise more money.


I can hear everyone chuckling to themselves, but seemingly people in rural areas will have to pay out the most under this charge and, those living in more polluted cities will be required to pay not so much.

As I read through the article, it reads more and more like an Asimov novel and, it goes on to say that the Air Tariff Control System will evaluate charges in different regions of the country and, each home will be legally responsible for remittance and, gasp even more, the project will be run by a private firm.

I’m wondering and shaking my head because I just can’t believe this is correct, but as stated by the newspaper, it’s true, but you don’t have to be convinced by me, you can read it for yourself and, decide what you believe:


Published by Angela Lloyd

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