Shoppers Who Have Become Ill After Eating Chicken

Britons who have become ill after eating cooked chicken have called for additional things to be added to the nationwide recall list after more than 100 other products were removed from shelves amid a salmonella scare.

Shoppers have reported being violently sick after ingesting chicken wraps and sandwiches, including ones not presently included on the UK Food Standards Agency’s (UKFSA) recall list.

The authority issued the inventory of 113 products after salmonella was detected at the Cranswick foot processing plant in Hull during a routine internal inspection.

It sparked 12 other food sellers, including supermarkets, coffee shops and convenience stores, to remove items from their shelves, with Co-Op, Amazon, Costa and Starbucks the latest big-name food chains to be impacted by the contamination scare.

Pret, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Leon, M&S and Waitrose also quit selling some or all cooked poultry products due to the scare, which has seen products even grabbed from shoppers’ hands in some cases.

Tesco released a checklist of cooked poultry products it warns could be affected. Tesco’s list of 14 items includes plain chicken breast slices, BBQ breast pieces and flammed grilled chicken thins.

Shoppers told a newspaper outlet how they became ill after eating chicken products in recent days. One, Peter McKernan, 41, bought a Southern Style Fried Chicken Wrap from a Southern Co-Op in Weymouth on Wednesday evening.

The father of three, who runs a window cleaning business, consumed the wrap soon after and then was violently sick overnight, and believes that he suffered from a kind of food poisoning, though the product doesn’t presently feature on the recall list. He said that he bought the wrap at about 7 pm and by 12.20 am he was being violently sick.

He said that he woke up with a stomach ache and that he then started throwing up and had a bad tummy, and that he was up and down until about 4.15 pm and he was going to a charity garden party at Buckingham Palace the following day which he didn’t enjoy because he still felt unwell.

Mr McKeran urged Co-Op to look into other chicken products. Southern Co-Op has been contacted for comment.

Caroline Austin said her four-year-old son Harvey fell ill after eating pre-cooked chicken from a supermarket, which she didn’t name.

She said he was violently sick with an upset stomach during the night, but that neither she nor his brother was unwell.

I’m not ill after eating chicken, I’m just sick of eating chicken that’s genetically modified so it becomes bland and rubbery. Chicken is highly processed and it’s garbage food, and if people have got sick from eating the chicken, imagine how the poor chickens must have felt being killed so that we can eat a chicken wrap.

Sadly now everyone wants cheap convenience food, so to do that you need mega factories to produce it, but by doing that you scale up production and contamination risk, and I suspect there’s a bit of fowl play going on here!

However, Chicken, eggs and salmonella have been associated for ages, and now there’s an outbreak of it everyone goes crazy because they’ve got sick. To be honest, I don’t normally get sick eating it, I get sick at looking at the prices of it.

There’s no surprise that people are saying that they have got ill eating it because now I can hear the sound of the lawyers sharpening their quells as the media induce hysteria.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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