The United Kingdom Has Monkeypox

Health bosses said that Monkeypox is in the United Kingdom and now two more people have been diagnosed with it in cases not connected to the previous infection.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said that one of the two people, who live in the same household, is being treated in a hospital.

The cases, which are the eighth and ninth ever confirmed in the United Kingdom, are not related to the earlier documented case in England reported on May 7.

The UKHSA said that close contacts of the latest two cases are being offered information and health guidance as a preventive measure.

Monkeypox is a rare viral infection which kills up to one in ten of those infected but doesn’t spread easily among people.

The disease was first noticed in the United Kingdom in 2018 after a traveller brought the virus back from Nigeria and it spread to two other people, including one NHS nurse who caught it from bed linen.

Health bosses said it’s important to stress that the overall threat to the general public remains extremely low.

One of the latest cases is being cared for at the infectious diseases unit at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, in London.

The UKHSA said that the other person is isolated and doesn’t presently need hospital treatment.

Health officials added they’re examining where and how the pair acquired their infection.

The case reported earlier this month was a person with a recent travel history from Nigeria, which is where it was believed they contracted the disease, before travelling to the United Kingdom.

Dr Colin Brown, director of clinical and emerging infections at the UKHSA, said that they have confirmed two new monkeypox cases in England that were not connected to the case reported on May 7.

He said that while investigations remain ongoing to determine the source of infection, it’s essential to stress it doesn’t spread easily between people and needs close personal contact with an infected symptomatic person and that the overall risk to the general public remains extremely low.

He said that they were contacting any potential friends, family or contacts in the community and that they were also working with the NHS to reach any healthcare contacts who have had close contact with the cases prior to confirmation of their infection, to access them as necessary and furnish guidance.

He said the UKHSA and the NHS have well established and robust disease control procedures for dealing with cases of imported infectious disease and these would be strictly observed.

Britain effectively doesn’t have any borders, therefore it’s vulnerable to all types of problems coming in, and they should quit letting people in freely from random countries, and no doubt this will be another excuse for another lockdown but don’t worry the WHO will be able to make a decision for the entire world.

But let’s face it, it’s the government’s job to keep us all in fear, so that we need them, and yet they still mess up everything they touch by letting people into the United Kingdom with open arms.

This is the outcome when people from all over the world stream in, unchecked. We’ve already been brought to our knees economically because of COVID and now this. Next, we’ll all have the overwhelming urge to swing through the trees, scratch under our armpits and have a desire for bananas, and it appears that 2022 is the year that just keeps on giving.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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