Health And Safety Concerns Force School Closure

A school has been closed over health and safety concerns after a schoolboy lost his finger running from his oppressors, and well-wishers raise more than £94,000 to help his recovery.

Education chiefs closed the campus after Raheem Bailey, 11, had six hours of surgery on his injured hand when he attempted to escape his oppressors, and got his finger caught in a fence.

The child had complained about students being mean to him after starting at 1,600 pupil Abertillery Learning Community in Gwent.

The school trust closed all of its campuses on health and safety grounds while an investigation takes place.

In a statement, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council said that Abertillery Learning Community was working with Gwent Police in relation to an ongoing inquiry into an apparent attack on the secondary campus, and it said that all campuses at Abertillery Learning Community would be closed on health and safety grounds.

It said that students will access blended education on Monday, 23rd May. The safety and well-being of students and staff remain of paramount importance to the Learning Community and the Local Authority at all times.

The closure comes after Raheem called his mother Shantal Bailey crying in pain before being taken to the hospital.

Mother of four Ms Bailey said that on Tuesday morning break time, Raheem was attacked and beaten by a bunch of children whilst in school.

He was forced to the ground and then repeatedly booted, but he made a desperate attempt to flee the school grounds in order to escape the situation but caught his finger.

His mother said that she received a phone call from Raheem and then the school notifying her of the incident.

In attempting to mount a fence and escape, Raheem broke his finger. He underwent six hours of surgery, but it had to be amputated.

Raheem was taken to a hospital 50 miles away in Swansea but doctors were unable to save his finger.

His heartbroken mother said her son had suffered racial and physical abuse since starting at the school last September, and she’s now raised more than £94,000 through GoFundMe for a prosthetic finger and to help Raheem on the road to recovery.

Ms Bailey said she was very grateful for the charity shown by so many towards Raheem.

She said the kind messages had boosted the spirit of the young boy who she said was still occasionally feeling extremely down because of the bullying he’d received.

Surely it would make more sense to remove these bullies from the school?

Bullying is a behaviour that’s historically been linked to children on the playground, but it can occur among people of any age in any setting, so the primary question is why do people bully others?

The driving forces behind bullying can alter from person to person, but bullies share some common traits.

Some bully because they know it gets them what they want, while others bully because they’re extremely insecure, but no matter the reason, bullying is unacceptable, regardless of where it takes place, and bullies usually target people who are younger or smaller than they are, who work as their subordinates, or who belong to marginalised or minority groups.

Sometimes, even jealousy motivates people who bully, and bullying exists on a spectrum because not all bullies resort to hitting or name-calling, as children are known to do.

Sophisticated adult bullies may engage in smear campaigns against their targets rather than insult them to their faces, they might even enlist other bullies to target on their behalf. However, a bully’s end goal is to humiliate or hurt other people with the intent of destroying their reputation or life.

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