Rishi Sunak Backs Drive To Get More People Off Benefits

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is preparing to crack the whip to get more people back to work by allocating them work coach meetings to get them off benefits.

Government data shows in some places one in five people are claiming benefits.

As a result of these figures, Rishi Sunak and Work and Pensions secretary Therese Coffey want to increase the number of unemployed people who see a work coach.

Areas such as Blackpool, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Liverpool and Birmingham have between 20 and 25.5 per cent of the working-age population claiming benefits.

The existing rules allow people to sidestep meeting a work coach if they work for at least nine hours a week.

The Government wants to remove this barrier to get more people back into full-time work.

And according to a newspaper outlet, claimants would meet a work coach every other week in order to be helped find extra hours or maybe a full-time position.

However, there are fears that expanding the role of job coaches would bring extra expenses.

New figures reveal that the UK labour market has shed hundreds of thousands of people since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, with a growing number of more senior workers choosing to give up their careers.

A total of 32.5 million people were at work in the three months to February this year, down from 33.1 million in the same period two years earlier.

The transformation has been driven by an increasing number of people becoming economically dormant, meaning they’re of working age but aren’t now pursuing employment.

This could be because they’ve taken early retirement, are looking after a family or home, or are long term sick.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of economically inactive working-age people in the United Kingdom stood at 8.9 million in the three months to February.

This is up 76,000 on the previous quarter and a leap of almost half a million in the three months to February 2020.

The rate of economic dormancy among more senior workers has climbed to its highest level in six years.

A total of 27.2 per cent of people aged 50 to 64 were classed as economically stagnant in the latest quarter, compared with 25.2 per cent at the beginning of the pandemic.

The last time the rate stood any higher was in the three months to February 2016.

A lot of working people are now hanging onto their benefits by working 16 hours or less, but who can blame them if the Government doesn’t make working worth it, then people won’t want to go to work or will work the 16 hours just so they can afford their prescription drugs and still get housing benefit.

And for all those disabled people that could work if the workplace was suitable for them and they could get to work on the train, buses and tubes, well please Rishi Sunak help all disabled people who can work get jobs and force employers to help those out that can work, and Rishi if you’re not willing to do that, then don’t insist that they can.

Also, stop letting migrants into our country because those that do get in will work for less money and longer hours so that they can send it home to their families, so what chance have the British people got?

Unless the British person doesn’t earn massively good wages, then they get assistance from the Government for low earners and so on. Many claimants are working but their salaries are so low they’re topped up with benefits because if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be able to pay their rent, bills et cetera and would end up on the streets, and we have enough people out on the streets as it is without adding any more to the list.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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