A 14-Year-Old Girl Nearly Died On British Airways Flight Due To Severe Nut Allergy

A mother has told of her mid-air terror after her teenage daughter blacked out and suffered an allergic reaction at 30,000 feet on a British Airways flight when a passenger opened a pack of peanuts on board.

Joanna Jones, 39, was flying to London from Antigua when her 14-year-old daughter Poppy needed oxygen and two EpiPen shots during the nightmare eight-hour flight after suffering a severe reaction to the nuts.

As Poppy’s condition deteriorated, a quick-thinking nurse on board dashed to assist, while the captain considered making an emergency landing.

Eventually, the pilot landed the aircraft safely at Gatwick and Poppy was rushed to hospital.

Speaking exclusively to a newspaper outlet, Joanna said it was a nightmare for all of them and that she actually thought that her daughter might die and that it was frightening and it was all down to a passenger who carried on eating nuts despite at least two announcements not to.

She said that when they boarded the crew asked passengers not to eat peanuts as her daughter had an allergy to peanuts, but as they took off she could see a man roughly ten rows in front eating nuts.

She said that she was worried and asked if they could be moved, but there was no availability, but the crew asked him to stop eating the nuts but he ignored the request and carried on.

While over the Atlantic and three hours short of Gatwick, Poppy suddenly went into anaphylaxis but was saved after Joanna gave her two shots from EpiPens she had with her.

The pens contain epinephrine, a life-saving medication administered when someone suffers a severe allergic reaction.

Frantic cabin crew made an appeal for a doctor onboard and a nurse came forward who helped stabilise Poppy with an onboard oxygen mask in an emergency medical kit.

Doctors were also alerted via an emergency call centre in Arizona and who relayed instructions back to the captain and crew.

Joanna, from Tooting, south London, said that it was frightening. The pilot declared a medical emergency and at one point they were considering making an emergency landing but in the end, he chose to carry on to Gatwick.

She said the nurse who was on board and responded to a call helped them and kept an eye on Poppy’s blood pressure with a monitor but even that wasn’t working properly.

She said that when they disembarked an ambulance met them and rushed them straight to the hospital where they spent the rest of the day until Poppy was well enough to be released.

She said it was the most horrible experience and it could have all been avoided if this particular man had listened to the announcements and not eaten nuts.

She said that some people don’t seem to think that it’s not a serious issue but that it is and the airlines should do more, and they should make it illegal for people to eat nuts on board an aircraft if someone is allergic to them.

Of course, nothing will happen to the man aboard the aircraft, but he should have least been arrested and barred from the airline.

Sadly there are no laws against this, although there must be some statute somewhere that might cover it. The airline announced the nut allergy so did their part, but they can’t physically force someone to stop eating nuts unless it becomes a statute.

The thing is, where did he get the pack of nuts from? Where were they given to him by the airline, presumably along with his drink?

If there’s going to be a passenger on the flight that has an allergy, then everyone’s ticket on that flight should say that they mustn’t consume or bring onto the flight that item or object. Of course, people have the right to enjoy their flight as much as the next passenger, but I would have hoped that as human beings that if it’s announced that someone on the aircraft has an allergy, that person would be human enough to comply.

Obviously, it’s not the man’s fault that the girl is allergic to nuts, but then if you were any kind of human being you would realise that you’re being asked not to consume them because it could be harmful to someone else’s health.

Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate how serious allergies are and they might argue that they have the right to eat nuts, and yes, they do, but surely for the duration of a flight, they could contain themselves and eat something else.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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