The Baby’s Mother Has Been Heavily Criticised For Piercing Her Daughter’s Ears At One Day Old In The Hospital

A new mum has come under fire for piercing her newborn daughter’s ears after just one day in the hospital, with many parents saying she should wait until the child is old enough to make the decision for herself.

The mother, who posts under her daughter’s name, Lara, on TikTok, shared an innocent video of her baby girl just hours after her birth compared to her now at three months old.

The adorable infant had a tiny flower earring visible in the footage from her first 24 hours on earth, and it generated a raucous to explode in the comments section.

But others supported the decision saying that it’s common in some cultures to pierce a young girl’s ears early in life.

One woman said that perhaps it was just her, but on the day her children were born, getting their ears pierced was very far down her list of concerns.

Another said that it was another level for them and that they just couldn’t understand. That it hurts the same as when they’re older.

A third added that a child should get the choice if they want their ears pierced or not and that she was going to let her babies decide when they understood those things.

While it’s not known where Lara and her mother live, it’s probably not Australia as she confirmed that it was the neonatologists within the hospital who pierced Lara’s ears.

Many Latina mums pierce their baby’s ears before even leaving the hospital when the baby is just days old. The biggest reason for this is probably just tradition, and all cultures have things that they do just because their parents did the same, and numerous hospitals because it is a tradition to pierce a newborn’s ears offer the service because it’s better to do this in a sterile and professional manner, rather than a kiosk at the mall.

It’s thought that when they are first born that the child doesn’t feel the pain like they would if they were a year or two, and the holes are given by neonatologists, doctors specialising in the care of newborns in the hospital at birth, and apparently babies ear lobes are softer when they’re really young and that in fact, the babies don’t even react.

Whether people approve or disagree, mothers make decisions for their children, but it doesn’t mean that the child is unloved or not cared for.

There are many parents who have their baby’s ears pierced at an extremely young age but it doesn’t mean that they’re not responsible adults, but to some people, they are extremely bad parents, but most of these parents who do have their baby’s ears pierced are extremely loving parents and the least judgemental of all.

It’s a tradition in some cultures and as far as I’m aware there’s never been a lawsuit against it, and instead of people fretting about a baby’s ears being pierced maybe we should worry more about alcoholic parents and impoverished children, which is far more concerning than getting your baby’s ears pierced.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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