Family Furious After 89-Year-Old Left Outside For Over Eight Hours In Ambulance Queue

An old man who required critical medical care after falling on his head was given a 21-hour wait time for an ambulance and then forced to queue in the ambulance for eight hours outside the hospital.

The family of Roy Clare, 89, from Southend-on-Sea, called 999 on Tuesday when he fell out of his wheelchair and cut his head open. They were told they shouldn’t move him from the floor, but he would have to wait almost a whole day for an ambulance.

Roy Clare’s daughter, Diane East, who has basic nursing training, cleaned up her father, who has a history of strokes and put him to bed. The family called 111 on Wednesday morning and was told to get a doctor.

Roy Clare’s breathing worsened and the doctor who saw him on Wednesday evening feared that he may have had another stroke and advised that he be admitted to hospital.

Paramedics initially told Roy Clare’s family on Thursday that no ambulances were available before three vehicles arrived for him by error at 2 pm.

He was taken to Southend Hospital, but instead of being admitted to its Accident and Emergency unit, he had to wait in a queue of 22 other ambulances outside the hospital.

Roy Clare was eventually admitted to A&E at 10.15 pm on Thursday, more than eight hours after he was put in an ambulance and almost two days after his family first dialled 999.

Mrs East told ITV News that they’d sent him into a situation where it was even worse, and that why is there such a dire situation at the hospital?

A spokesman for Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust said that their hospitals were encountering an incredibly high need for their services, with many arriving at A&E by ambulance, reflecting just how busy local NHS and social care providers are.

The spokesman said that they were all working together to respond to this higher demand for services so that they can deliver the best possible care for their patients.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under fire over NHS waiting times when his Labour counterpart argued that things were getting worse, not better in the NHS.

Keir Starmer said during Prime Minister’s Questions that in March, he suggested changing the NHS contract and that he wants to double the length of time patients can be made to wait for surgery, from one year to two years, and that on top of that he scraps zero-tolerance of 12 hour waits at A&E, 24 Hours in A&E used to be a TV programme, now it’s his policy.

Now people are paying increased taxes on the basis that billions would be available to the NHS, but patients are still waiting hours, and those that need surgery, well it’s become a lottery of where you live, but the NHS should be universal which it’s not.

Clearly, the NHS is no longer fit for purpose, but if we whine about it, it just gives the Government a reason to privatise it, but will it make it any better, of course, it won’t, and people should seriously start making provisions for private medical insurance because paying your taxes is just like pouring money down the drain, while Chief Executives get more money and fatter pensions.

Boris Johnson should also make doctors see their patients again because then it would take a load off A&E, but at the moment you’ve got more chance of seeing a unicorn than a GP.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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