Children’s Immune Systems Have Been Worn Down By COVID Measures, Which Have Led To The Spread Of Up To Three Viruses At A Time

Children are turning up in doctors’ clinics infected with as many as three different kinds of viruses, in what experts believe is the result of their immune systems being weakened from two years of COVID lockdowns and mask-wearing.

Medical staff have come to expect a swell in cases of flu and harsh colds during the winter, but they’re reporting that there isn’t the typical downturn as the summer approaches, and they suspect it could be due to the strict pandemic practices.

Also, some of the familiar strains of the flu seem to have vanished, puzzling scientists.

Thomas Murray, an infection control expert and associate professor of paediatrics at Yale, told a newspaper outlet that his team was seeing children with a combination of seven common viruses, adenovirus, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human metapneumovirus, influenza and parainfluenza, as well as the coronavirus.

He said some children were admitted with two viruses and a few with three, and that it wasn’t characteristic for any time of the year and definitely not typical in May and June.

CDC data acquired by a newspaper outlet revealed lower overall levels of influenza infections among young children, but an abnormal surge starting several weeks ago during the start of the summer months, typically a dead period for respiratory infections – other irregular patterns have appeared.

The rhinovirus, known as the common cold, is generally not severe enough to send people to the hospital, but now it is.

RSV usually tapers off in the more hospitable weather, as does influenza, but they’ve not, and the Yamagata strain of flu hasn’t been seen since early 2020, which researchers say could be because it’s extinct, or maybe just dormant and waiting for the right moment to return.

Michael Mina, who’s an epidemiologist and chief science officer at the digital health platform eMed said it’s a massive natural experiment.

Michael Mina added that the change in what time of year Americans are seeing infections is probably due to the population’s lack of exposure to once common viruses, making us vulnerable when they return.

He said when you have a ton of people who don’t have immunity, the impact of the season is less. It’s like a free rein.

The virus can thus overcome seasonal barriers.

But some people are saying that they think that it’s the vaccine that’s destroyed children’s and adults’ immune systems and that a lot of people are having health issues that were once fit and healthy, but it’s not just the vaccines that have weakened our immune system but the fact that children need to be outside with other children for the body to learn how to fight off infections by getting infections – the saying goes, ‘You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.’

But then you can’t blame this all on COVID. Children should be children and play outside and not hide indoors playing video games all day because we all need to build our immune systems through the benefits of mother nature.

Then there is the fact that we are constantly using chemicals to clean every surface and isolate our children from the world, which suggests they will have weak immune systems.

There are countless parents, mainly mothers who are scared of a little dirt on their children, or more worried about a little speck of dust or mud particle on their floor.

We need to let our children play outside and get muddy so that it helps their immune system.

When my children were younger I would go to friends and their children would be ill with something like mumps or measles and I would still go in with my children because it’s better that they catch these ailments when they’re young, rather than when they’re older, and it helped to build their immune systems, but it seems that in this day and age we’re all afraid of our own shadows.

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