A Premature Baby Who Died Just A Few Weeks After Birth Is Thrown Away

It’s been revealed that a premature baby, who died weeks after being born at a world-renowned hospital in Boston, may have been accidentally discarded in bed linen.

Everleigh Victoria McCarthy was only two pounds when she arrived three months early on July 25, 2020, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

The newborn developed a brain bleed and was put on a ventilator but it seemed doubtful she would survive.

The devastated parents, Alana Ross, 37, and Daniel McCarthy, 38, waited and prayed that their infant would pull through.

The family attorney Greg Henning told a newspaper outlet that sadly, their daughter passed away on August 6, 2020, 12 days after being born.

Her devastated parents started to make arrangements and plans for a memorial service for their daughter until they discovered the startling news.

The funeral home informed them that their daughter’s body was missing and soon their grief turned into a horrible nightmare.

Their attorney confirmed that the distraught couple contacted the hospital trying to get answers, but when they were unable to get adequate information they contacted the Boston Police Department.

According to a police report acquired by a newspaper outlet, hospital workers said they couldn’t locate the baby’s remains.

According to the report, police determined that the baby’s body was likely mistaken as soiled linen and thrown away.

Ross told The New York Times it was like their child had died all over again, and Ross, who’d suffered two previous miscarriages before learning she’d become pregnant with Everleigh, was traumatised all over again.

Ross and McCarthy have now sued the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Suffolk County Superior Court, in Boston.

Henning, who’s been working with the couple for almost two years, told a newspaper outlet that the case was being filed because he said it wasn’t going to be resolved any other way.

He said that Alana and Daniel had been dealing with a lot of trauma and stress with this and they’d decided now was the right time to file the suit.

Henning confirmed to a newspaper outlet, referring to a 50-page complaint that there was no financial amount sought.

He said that his clients were looking forward to the chance to speak to a jury and tell them what happened to Everleigh.

In a statement, Sunil Eappen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s chief medical officer, gave a statement to a newspaper outlet expressing their condolences but were unable to supply additional details.

I can’t imagine the unbearable pain the parents must be going through and will have to live with for the rest of their lives, and even though they’re not asking for money, no money could ever heal the loss that they are feeling right now because they can’t even have a burial for their child.

I can’t understand how someone who works in a hospital could possibly make that mistake and this was indeed negligent, and this baby was treated like garbage.

Admittedly premature babies are small, but they aren’t that small to be confused with soiled linen and the hospital has no excuse for this.

How on earth did this happen? There’s a chain of custody when an infant dies that has to be put into place and be signed off, and there must have been someone waiting in the morgue for the baby’s remains, so how did the baby go missing for so long?

There are supposed to be protocols in place in hospitals – medical record numbers, ID bracelets, sign in, sign out, so it’s actually hard to comprehend how this occurred.

This is a very tragic story, all going on in a top-tier hospital, so I can only imagine what happens to those of lesser prestige.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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