A Baby Whose Parents Refused To Have Him Vaccinated Was Originally Denied A New Heart

A six-month-old infant in Tennessee with a heart defect has finally been added to the waiting list for transplant after his evangelical parents claimed their doctor told them their youngster had to be vaccinated first.

August Stoll was born in December, and his heart defect was diagnosed when he was 13 days old.

He’s spent much of his young life in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, and in June had heart surgery but his parents were told he would need a transplant.

His mother Hannah Stoll said that the transplant team, specifically Dr David Bearl gave them the ultimatum that if they didn’t give August a string of vaccines, he would be kept off the transplant list.

She said he specifically used the phrase, ‘I am mandating,’ about eight times during our first conversation about this.’

She didn’t pinpoint what vaccines were required or detail his reason.

She said that in the second conversation she reasoned and argued with him over the stupidity of giving her baby vaccines with a massive chance of a negative outcome, on a severely immunosuppressed child on their death bed.

He continued to refuse, so she asked him if this was legal, and he said no. She asked him if this was policy, and he said no.

In their third conversation, he came to see her and asked her if she had any more questions and she asked if he’d changed his mind, he said no.

Hannah, who in 2011 described herself as a California girl who moved to Tennessee after falling in love with and marrying Clint Stoll, and appears to work at No Greater Joy ministries.

She said that she was adamant August not be vaccinated, and she said that she firmly believes with complete certainty that it’s disgusting, unethical, heartless, and awful to withhold a heart from a six-month-old baby over this.

She said that she believes that loading his body with these vaccines would kill him and that she believed that it was her right as a parent to decide for him and that she thinks that this doctor’s hold over them was motivated by ego.

She said that as his parents they have a responsibility to protect their son at all costs and that he’s dying and time is of the essence.

August has now apparently been accepted on the transplant list, but it’s unclear whether they’d decided to vaccinate him, or whether the hospital had waived the apparent requirement.

This is a child and this doctor’s medical licence should be revoked because this man took the Hippocratic Oath which upholds specific ethical standards.

This child is already sick, with a remarkably low level of immune system function, yet the parents were told that their child should be given a superfluity of vaccines before he could undergo extremely intrusive surgery and then be given enormous amounts of immunosuppressants.

The parents were right, this is too much to ask and expect a favourable outcome. Vaccines can be given later on because all vaccines require good health at the time of being administered.

The problem is the entire medical industry and the insurance industry is a business and they will take you for a ride and if you think they won’t rip you off, well, they will, and doctors have such enormous egos they can barely fit them through the door, and if this doctor seriously looked at this baby and refused him treatment then he shouldn’t be a doctor.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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