The Cost Of Living Crisis In Britain

Shoppers hoping to pick up their favourite brand of butter may be in for a shock after it emerged one supermarket goliath was now selling Lurpak for more than £7 a tub.

The luxury butter brand, first produced in Denmark in 1901, has become a staple for millions of households across the country, but families might soon be turned off by the eyewatering price of a pack of Lurpak.

Images online showed a 750g pack of its lightly salted spreadable butter listed for £7.20 in Sainsbury’s this week.

The news comes amid the worst cost of living crisis since the 1970s stoked by unbridled inflation, with experts warning that the worst could be yet to come.

Sainsbury’s boss Simon Roberts last month warned that the cost of living crisis will get worse before it gets better.

The chief executive said customers were facing the most difficult of times, adding that the effects of this were going to last longer than he was sure most people anticipated months ago.

He said that the cost of food, fuel, fertiliser and labour have all gone up and that they were seeing substantial cost impacts and they’re not going to go away any time soon.

He said that households up and down the country were facing real challenges and that it was challenging for customers and challenging for households trying to manage their budgets.

It comes as a typical family of four’s shopping bills could increase as much as £40 per month in the latest pinch on domestic finances as necessities such as bread and dairy look set to increase, and the staggering rise in prices doesn’t just stop at dairy products.

Recent Retail Price Index figures for goods purchased by ordinary shoppers revealed the average cost of a roasting joint of beef had increased by 9.8 per cent to £11.34 over the year to April, while chicken had risen by 10.4 per cent to £3 a kilo.

But caterers are reporting even more dramatic rises of between 20 and 30 per cent for numerous products, with prices continually changing by the week.

The cost of mince beef rose by 11 per cent overnight in recent days, Laca said, while one catering company saw the cost of 10kg of prepared potatoes increase from £10.46 to £15.50.

Elsewhere, Heinz staples such as baked beans, ketchup, salad cream and soup skyrocketed in price by up to 55 per cent in June.

Data from retail research experts Assosia shows the cost of Heinz beans is up a third in Asda since June 17, up from 90p to £1.20 per can, while a standard bottle of Heinz squeezy ketchup is up by 39 per cent in Morrisons from £2 to £2.79.

People are now aware that everything has gone up, but things just don’t go up overnight and this seems like heinous profiteering by manufacturers and retailers in the guise that everything’s going up, so let’s get on the bandwagon as well so that they can make a bit of dollar, and greed is a big factor and does this now mean that stores like Asda won’t have any roll back prices? After all, the price of everything has increased, so clearly they won’t be able to afford it! And the sad thing is now that prices have gone up, they will never go down again.

People should stop purchasing products that have become eye-wateringly expensive and start buying cheaper products, then the more expensive products will rot on the shelves. They’ll soon put their prices down.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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