Edward Snowden granted temporary asylum in Russia



The White House appears to be truly upset with Russia’s decision, they have allowed US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden short-term refuge in their homeland.



Edward Snowden’s location will be undisclosed for security reasons, but the US are demanding that Russia sends Snowden home to the US to face legal proceedings on espionage allegations, even though when said and done, it’s not in fact espionage because he did not spy for anyone else.



He may have accumulated proof against the US government, but he did not accumulate evidence for someone or somebody else, though admittedly he did it in the absence of permission from the US government, so while he is guilty of that, he is not guilty of spying for anyone, which is what he would ultimately be imprisoned for if he went back to the US.

Seemingly if the information that the US government have is so top secret and restricted, then their security is not that superior, or else Edward Snowden would have at no time been able to retrieve it without it coming to their attention, but he did manage to retrieve it and, disclose the information.

The only thing that one could see from this time on is the problem that there will be no dealings between the US and Russian government; they will now be enemies in opposition to each other.

The decision that Russia made on Thursday to allow a safe haven to Snowden at present threatens to send an already awkward relationship between the US and Russia to the lowest level in years.

And what with Russia protecting the ex US spy agency contractor is at the moment viewed as a smack in the face and, the White House is measuring up whether they should now back out of the Moscow summit in September.

The fact that Washington is even sending out this behaviour towards Russia is potentially harmful and, may have consequences and, the two nations are not expected to sort out their dissimilarities because they already have bad personal rapport with each other.

The governmental conditions in Washington on Russia is toxic and; Snowden has for the time being developed this further.




Published by Angela Lloyd

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