Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose

No 10 has advised the public to wear face coverings correctly, covering up both the nose and the mouth to ensure they’re effective. Face coverings have become a common sight in the United Kindom as people have sought to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there’s debate on how effective they are. Face coveringsContinue reading “Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose”

Huawei Denies Ex-MI6 Spy’s Claim That China Recruits Brits As Useful Idiots For Company

China has been accused of attempting to influence important people to support Hauwei’s assimilation into the UK’s 5G interface. A questionable dossier reportedly assembled with the cooperation of former M16 spy Christopher Steele, claims high profile people were targeted to act as useful idiots for Beijing. It was reported that the 86 page document statedContinue reading “Huawei Denies Ex-MI6 Spy’s Claim That China Recruits Brits As Useful Idiots For Company”

NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year

A coronavirus vaccine could be coming later this year, but the NHS Chief executive said that more could be done. A vaccine could be available between September and December this year, but even if it does, there are some practical questions about getting it delivered, because, to deliver it, tens of thousands of NHS workersContinue reading “NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year”

Seven Times Boris Johnson Dramatically Changed

Boris Johnson has repeatedly maintained he’s proud of his record in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic but the last few months have witnessed a succession of U-turns, variations of heart and shifts in the science as COVID 19 killed more than 50,000 people in the United Kingdom. No Prime Minister could have dealt with anContinue reading “Seven Times Boris Johnson Dramatically Changed”

Tories Miss Coronavirus Target

Tory ministers have missed their target to get laptops to needy schoolchildren without computers at home. Gavin Williamson had alleged 230,000 laptops and tablets were on schedule to be issued by June 30, but the Education Secretary’s pledge fell short, as official figures show 202,212 were delivered or dispatched by that date. And despite schoolsContinue reading “Tories Miss Coronavirus Target”

DWP Benefit Sanctions To Restart

Benefit sanctions are set to return after the Tory welfare chief declined to extend a blanket ban on them, with Therese Coffey stating it was necessary for claimants to commit to look for work and attend appointments as Jobcentres begin to resume from July 1. She maintained work coaches will prioritise support and a DepartmentContinue reading “DWP Benefit Sanctions To Restart”

Boris Johnson Accused Of Corrupt Government

Boris Johnson has been accused of leading a government based on sleaze and degradation, and it came as he defiantly stood by under fire Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick amid cash for favours claims, repeatedly declaring the matter was closed. It came after Robert Jenrick seemed to admit racing through planning permission to help Tory donorContinue reading “Boris Johnson Accused Of Corrupt Government”


Brainwashing were the tactics that the Chinese communist party used to frighten people into mindless bodies. It’s called the hypnotic process and there are serious applications to it. The process was intended to change the mind entirely so that its owner became a breathing puppet, a human-robot, without the atrocity being evident from the outside.Continue reading “Brainwashed”

Two Households May Be Permitted To Meet Indoors

Members of two households could soon be allowed to meet indoors, but they won’t be allowed to hug which Boris Johnson is expected to unveil, and he’s expected to announce the changes as well as confirming museums, art galleries and cinemas will open from July 4, along with pubs, restaurants and hairdressers. That would meanContinue reading “Two Households May Be Permitted To Meet Indoors”

Tories Have Systematically Stripped Support

The British children over the last decade have been systematically stripped of its support, and footballer Marcus Rashford has been called brave in his drive, urging ministers to change their decision not to award free school meal vouchers in England. But it shouldn’t take a high profile sportsman to disgrace the government into action, addingContinue reading “Tories Have Systematically Stripped Support”