We’re Prepared!

An army of recruits is being taught on how to administer the life-changing COVID jab as Britain readies for the looming launch of the most major vaccine campaign in history. The momentous programme could start within days as regulators at the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency are expected to approve the vaccine forged by PfizerContinue reading “We’re Prepared!”

Royal Shake-Up

Kate Middleton has drafted plans for an extreme shake-up of the monarchy when she becomes Queen Consort, as royal sources suggest she will transform ancient royal practices. According to royal sources, Kate Middleton plans to revamp the monarchy when she becomes Queen Consort. The Duchess of Cambridge wants to use her position when William ascendsContinue reading “Royal Shake-Up”

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Declares He Will Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has said he won’t take a COVID 19 vaccine even after it receives approval from his own government and in a video shared to social media on Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro stated that he would not be taking the vaccine and that it was his right. Brazil has recorded more than 170,000Continue reading “Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Declares He Will Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccine”

Disaster For Boris Johnson

According to reports, eurosceptic Tory MPs have cautioned they could vote against any EU trade deal which intrudes on Britain’s sovereignty, even if it’s recommended by Boris Johnson. The Government is presently trying to negotiate a new trade deal with Brussels. This would come into effect when the Brexit transition period finishes at the endContinue reading “Disaster For Boris Johnson”

Businesses Could Turn Away Customers

It’s been claimed that private firms could turn people away if they’ve not had a coronavirus vaccine and a senior cabinet official said that there’s nothing to stop companies from demanding customers having the jab. However, Boris Johnson has said that Government would not force people to get vaccinated, saying that’s not the way theyContinue reading “Businesses Could Turn Away Customers”

Shamima Begum’s Lawyer Admits There’s Always A Chance She Will Be A Danger To Britain

Shamima Begum’s lawyer admitted there’s always the possibility the jihadi bride is a terror threat to the country she escaped for Syria but thinks she should still return to the United Kingdom to fight for her passport. Tasnime Akunjee spoke out after the Supreme Court heard letting the 21-year-old, who escaped to join ISIS agedContinue reading “Shamima Begum’s Lawyer Admits There’s Always A Chance She Will Be A Danger To Britain”


Fearless thieves were captured on camera jacking up a parked car in broad daylight to rob its catalytic converter for scrap. The thieves even held up traffic in a London Street as one of them worked underneath the car with an electric drill. They appeared nonchalant about the police interfering as they removed the part,Continue reading “METAL HEADS”

Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, who’s been married to Prince William since 2011, has been accepted by the Royal Family as one of their own and her position in the Royal Family has always been a positive one. The Duchess undergoes hundreds of engagements in support of the Queen and Prince Philip every year, while alsoContinue reading “Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton”

Lewis Hamilton To Finally Land Knighthood

Lewis Hamilton is finally set to be awarded a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list. The Formula One ace secured a record-equalling seventh world title at the Turkish Grand Prix last weekend. There have been growing calls for Lewis Hamilton to be knighted following his sporting triumph on the track. And when formerly askedContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton To Finally Land Knighthood”

Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government

Boris Johnson was told that he shouldn’t have bullies in Government by an ex-top civil servant after claims emerged that he attempted to water down the official inquiry that found Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied staff. Downing Street didn’t deny suggestions that Boris Johnson had tried and failed to persuade his standards, ministerial adviser, SirContinue reading “Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government”