Deputy Secretary Of State Says She Wants Her Staff In The Office Only Two Days Per Week

A top civil servant says she only wants her staff to go into the office two days a week so women aren’t dominated by men and she can continue using her Peloton bike.

Sarah Healey, the permanent secretary for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said meetings would still be held over Zoom, even for those working in the office, in a bid to stop male workers asserting themselves over their female colleagues.

A newspaper outlet reported that the mother of three, who’s hailed working from home as a very, very good thing in terms of spending more with her children, spoke at the London Tech Week conference.

She said that she finds big meetings with lots of people were most effectively done online because then you can see better who wants to speak, and that she’s noticed that sometimes women struggle with that.

Sarah Healey also welcomed the opportunity to use her exercise bike at home, while saving time on commuting.

Her comments came as public sector workers seem to be resisting a return to the office, with more than 100 government buildings earmarked to be sold as a consequence of the shift in working patterns.

This is despite millions of workers in other sectors making their way back to traditional workplaces in recent weeks as a result of the end of the school holidays and the lifting of COVID restrictions.

But Sarah Healey maintained a hybrid approach to allow for some office time was necessary, highlighting the impact on younger co-workers who she described as having spent the pandemic working in the corner of their bedroom.

It comes after it was revealed that more than two million workers could be allowed to ask their bosses to let them work from home from day one of a new job under proposals unveiled by ministers.

The proposal would ease the current rules that allow workers to request flexible working once they’ve been in a role for six months.

It’s been launched after millions of people worked from home during the COVID pandemic, with numerous firms deciding to keep some measures in place permanently.

Ministers intend to keep in place rules that enable businesses to refuse the requests if they have good business reasons to do so, but they want to put pressure on employers to negotiate with their workers rather than deny requests completely.

Many people who’ve been working from home prefer this to working in an office all day, getting distracted, plus the commute to the office would be drastically less productive than staff working from home, and it appears to be the way forward and numerous companies are realising this.

But what about those people who don’t have the space to work from home? I guess those that don’t have the space will have to go into the office, but it doesn’t stop those that are considerably more productive and far better off financially from working from home.

Work is work, as long as you get the job done. It doesn’t matter where you are, and it now appears that working in an office is old fashioned and out of date now, and working from home seems to be the future.

Although we haven’t had work from home for long enough for anyone to have a vast knowledge of the topic, and numerous firms saw a decline in productivity early on and there are numerous disadvantages to working from home, some of which are not yet understood.

A Very Proud dad!

Prince Harry was pictured coming out of the United Nations Plaza on Thursday holding a laptop bag with the words ‘Archie’s Papa’ embossed on the side during his tour around New York City with Meghan.

The proud father spent Wednesday night and Thursday with his wife Meghan in New York City while the children, Archie and Lilibet, stayed back in Los Angeles. However, Harry carried a little memento of his son with him during his highly publicised tour of New York City, which was the Sussex’s first public trip to the Big Apple since their permanent move from England to Meghan’s native California in March 2020.

The image was taken Thursday afternoon after their visit to the United Nations for a 40-minute meeting where they had an important discussion on COVID 19, racial fairness and mental health with US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield called the meeting wonderful as she shared snaps of the trio chatting on sofas in a lounge area and then posing in from of the UN branding.

Thursday’s UN visit was sandwiched between a sombre, morning excursion to the 9/11 Memorial at One World Trade Centre, where they were greeted by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, National September 11 Memorial & Museum President Alice Greenwald and Patricia Harris, CEO of Bloomberg Philanthropy.

Harry and Meghan spent hours at the memorial before continuing with their day that included the UN visit and a trip to the World Health Organisation headquarters.

Thursday evening was spent with a nightcap in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Bemelmans Bar in the lobby of the $1,300 a night Carlyle Hotel.

Harry was seen in newspaper exclusive photos in the corner of the banquet with two men in suits and a woman in a white blazer. It’s unknown who they were, but Meghan was noticeably absent.

Harry chatted animatedly, gesticulating often, with a glass of white wine set before him at what seemed to be a business meeting.

The New York City trip concluded in the bar for the second night in a row.

Exclusive photos for a newspaper outlet show that on Wednesday night, Harry and Meghan were spotted at the bar partying with Misha Noonoo and Mikey Heiss to kickstart their four-day tour of the city.

Misha and Mikey’s association reportedly goes back years, according to last year’s bombshell biography Finding Freedom, co-authored by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, which documented Meghan and Misha’s friendship.

Harry and Meghan appear to see themselves as world ambassadors, but alas for them most of the world doesn’t bite them so kindly, and if these two are deemed to be private citizen’s these days, then what’s with all the hoopla and special treatment for?

However, this is all very sweet, bringing family close together – very American, building a family on love and memories, although they do seem to use their son as self-promotion.

Harry clearly never had any kind of love in his life since his mother’s accident, and he’s clearly a proud loving father to his children and isn’t scared to show it, although someone might be paying him to carry the folder, that’s how they make a living.

But Harry really isn’t afraid to show that he’s a devoted father, apart from when he leaves the children behind when he goes on excursions and appears to have this obsession of keeping them hidden. And I’m not why they’re still called Royals when they’re no longer members of the Royal Family.

Missing Brian Laundrie’s Grim-Faced Parents

The parents of missing Brian Laundrie broke cover together Thursday morning, accompanied by two law enforcement vehicles as they drove through their hometown of North Port, Florida.

Christopher Laundrie, 62, and his wife Roberta, 55, were seen appearing from their home at 8:15 am before getting into their red Dodge Ram pickup truck and travelling in the direction of the local police station on their own.

Soon after they were spotted retreating to their three-bedroom home on the usually peaceful residential road, tailed by a North Port Police SUV and a black Ford 150 assumed to be an FBI vehicle.

But then the grim-faced pair took off again in their vehicle, by themselves, to parts unknown.

Brian’s silver Ford Mustang convertible, which was taken by the FBI in a climactic raid on the Laundries’ home on Monday, was returned to the house by a tow truck crew when the couple returned from town only to leave again a short while later.

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie looked solemn as they headed to their pickup truck for the start of the mysterious journey.

The development came on day five in the hunt for Brian Laundrie, 23, the fiancé of van-life woman Gabby Petito, 22, who was found dead at a national park in Wyoming on Sunday, eight days after she was reported missing.

Brian Laundrie is deemed a person of interest in her disappearance and death, which has been ruled a homicide.

Police divers joined the hunt for Brian Laundrie on Wednesday as more than 50 law enforcement officers from eight agencies proceeded to search the 25,000-acre alligator and snake-infested swampland of Carlton Reserve, near the Laundrie house.

Brian Laundrie was believed to be hiding out in his parent’s Florida home until September 14, when he purportedly set off on a trek at the local nature reserve.

His family said they last saw him that day wearing a hiking bag, but did not report him missing until three days later, on September 17.

His silver Ford Mustang was also discovered stranded near the Carlton Reserve with a note requesting it be towed away.

North Port Police commander Joe Fussell, who’s helping to organise the hunt, said on Wednesday that the guys, their law enforcement partners are motivated and they’re hungry to find Brian Laundrie.

He said that it was rough out there, it’s hot and it’s wet and that they’re working to cover every area of the reserve.

How the police even let Brian Laundrie out of their sight is a great mystery.

Do the parents of Brian Laundrie know where their son is? Because if they didn’t, they would be out looking for him as well, but then they’ve been put in a position to rat out their son, and most parents wouldn’t do that because blood is thicker than water. They might have even got him out of town.

However, we don’t know what really happened. We can surmise what might have taken place, but we actually have no idea, and everyone acts as if they know what transpired or what he told his parent’s et cetera, but at the moment there’s so much circumstantial evidence.

There are a lot of suspicions, and sadly they might be true, but for the time being, people shouldn’t throw out accusations or judgement because it’s hurting everyone concerned, but the plot does thicken.

The question he is, what would you do for your son? How far would you go to protect him?

Brian Laundrie might have killed Gabby Petito – perhaps not intentionally but in the heat of the moment. Then returns home to where he was living, with his parents, and he will probably give himself up at some point when the reality of isolated wilderness and living outside in the winter sets in.

A Shortage Of Lorry Drivers Could Lead To Panic Buying In The Run-Up To Christmas, Warns Tesco

Tesco is advising customers to expect the return of panic buying in the run-up to Christmas as bosses call on ministers to help end the lorry driver deficit.

The supermarket giant announced it was currently experiencing a shortfall of about 800 HGV drivers as it urged the Government to relax restrictions on foreign workers to help ease the supply chain crisis.

Despite being the United Kingdom’s biggest supermarket chain, offering new workers a £1,000 bonus since July, Andrew Woolfenden, Tesco’s distribution and fulfilment director, warned they were still unable to make up the lost numbers.

Nationally, food supply chains have been put under extreme pressure because of a deficit of about 100,000 HGV drivers, with empty racks across most UK supermarkets as a consequence.

Slamming the problem as industry-wide, Andrew Woolfenden compared companies frantically seeking to hire from a limited pool of expert drivers to moving deckchairs around.

He warned ITV News that their concern was that the images of bare shelves would get ten times more serious by Christmas and then they’ll get panic buying.

Despite gaps appearing on supermarket racks across the nation this summer, customers are yet to see a return of full-scale panic buying that was endured at the start of the pandemic.

However concerns are continuing to grow should demand abruptly rise again, with replenishing empty racks already a problem for most major UK retailers.

Trade association Logistics UK has called on ministers to provide up to 10,000 temporary work visas for qualified EU drivers to paper over the cracks.

The Government has so far denied these calls, instead insisting firms recruit from a pool of British workers.

It comes as shorter, fast-track HGV tests have been mooted as a possible answer to help plug the spiralling vacancies in the haulier industry.

Industry experts say better pay and improved working conditions are required to further improve staffing levels and put the deficit mostly down to Brexit and the pandemic, which led to 14,000 European drivers going home and just 600 of those returning.

The Road Haulage Association said the total number of people in the United Kingdom with HGV licences this summer is 516,000. But the latest Department for Transport data reveals 278,700 HGV drivers were employed in 2020, equal to 54 per cent of the total.

The crisis, which has also been made more acute by COVID-related delays to testing new drivers, has seen supermarket racks across the nation go empty as companies strive to restock their merchandise.

In short, prices will be going up again, and then some, and the last time inflation was high, the Tories were in charge. They can’t seem to run the economy for the vast preponderance of the public – only for their monied friends.

If this crisis goes on, they will have to ration people, as they did in World War II.

What the government should be doing is encouraging people to pass their HGV licence, which means they would have to put cash in the pot for that kind of thing, but it seems the only way so that people who want to work can get the aid they need from Boris Johnson, that way we would have more lorries on the road, and no deficits because sometimes you have to invest to speculate.

The other problem is that there are UK lorry drivers with an HGV licence but they refuse to take a reduction in wages.

This is a real head-scratcher, but here’s a mad idea, pay them more than minimum wage and accept that costs have to go up to support a salary that makes it an attractive career.

The ‘Anti-Vax’ Strictly Stars Get A Hammering From Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson waded into the Strictly Come Dancing jabs controversy after claims three professional dancers had refused COVID vaccines.

Questioned about the row, the Prime Minister told GB News that everyone should take their jabs and that he was saying it, not in a bullying way but just because he believed it was the best thing to do.

BBC bosses were repeatedly battling to save the show after celebrities were left fearing a backstage outbreak, and a source claimed one star, a household name, told friends that they should be protected, after learning their professional partner hadn’t had the jab.

A source told a newspaper outlet the celebrity was previously oblivious their professional partner hadn’t been jabbed and was surprised by BBC bosses failure to ensure their safety despite harsh COVID measures.

They said that they just couldn’t believe that their partner would not have the jab and that they believed that they’d be protected, so to find that their partner hadn’t had a single jab was extremely worrying and that the pair had previously spent tens of hours practising together, and there was a lot of anger and several questions to be asked.

It comes as the latest data revealed that Britain’s COVID crisis seems to be rising again as daily cases increased week on week for the fourth day running amid concerns of a delayed back to school surge.

Department of Health bosses posted 31,564 new coronavirus infections, up 18.5 per cent on the 26,628 recorded last Tuesday.

Cases had been falling for the nine days before Saturday, suggesting the United Kingdom may finally be seeing the effect of the return to schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the start of the month. Experts warned that classroom reopening would cause a sharp uptick in infections.

Mortality also rose today, with the number of people dying within 28 days of testing positive for the virus rising to 203. This was up 9.7 per cent of last Tuesday’s 185.

The news is further proof of the effectiveness of the jabs in averting severe cases, with more than 65 per cent of the UK population now having been vaccinated.

The BBC has been keen to play down the Strictly dispute and maintains it’s based on speculation.

A spokesperson told a newspaper outlet that they don’t comment on speculation of COVID vaccination status and that the Strictly Come Dancing production has, and will, proceed to follow stringent government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show.

No one really wanted to take the jab, but I guess it’s the best thing to do, to protect yourself and those around you, but it also appears that several people believe it’s a complete load of BS.

And there is a huge proportion of the jabbed that are becoming holier than thou about it, telling people that they’re selfish for not being jabbed, but remember you can still catch it and pass it on.

It’s up to the person to determine whether they want the jab or not. You have it or you don’t, but other people can’t choose for you, but then you have to consider that Boris Johnson has become a glorified salesperson for big pharma masquerading as Prime Minister, and these dangerous experimental drugs are causing numerous severe adverse reactions including myocarditis, stroke and death according to the government’s own Yellowcard reporting system, and where there’s risk, there must also be a choice.

The Killing Of Alexander Litvinenko Was Carried Out By Russia

European judges have ruled that Russia was responsible for the 2006 death of ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko who was killed with radioactive Polonium.

Alexander Litvinenko, a prominent critic of the Kremlin, died at age 43 after drinking green tea laced with Polonium 210 at the luxurious Millenium Hotel in Mayfair.

Britain has long blamed the attack on Russia, straining relationships between the two countries, and the European Court of Human Rights has now agreed.

A ruling issued from the Strasbourg court said that Russia was responsible for the killing of Alexander Litvinenko in the UK.

Judges also ruled that Andrei Lugovoi, an ex-KGB agent, and Dmitry Kovtun, who’d met with Alexander Litvinenko at the hotel, were the poisoners.

The court, which rules on whether states have breached the European Convention on Human Rights, were responding to a complaint brought by Marina Litvinenko, Alexander’s widow.

Marina Litvinenko had presented the complaint in November last year, claiming £3 million in punitive damages and lost wages over her husband’s demise.

She also asked the court to rule on a pattern of targeted assassinations in Europe and the Middle East, including the UK attack on Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia, which have been blamed on Russia.

It wasn’t instantly clear whether the court would be ruling on those matters, or where the Litvinenko ruling leaves Marina Litvinenko’s compensation claim.

Marina Litvinenko had brought her claim before the ECHR once before, in 2007, when it was suspended because a public inquiry was underway in the United Kingdom.

At the time her legal team was being led by Kier Starmer, now Labour Party Leader.

Litvinenko was born in 1962 in the Soviet Union, in the city of Voronezh which is 290 miles south of Moscow.

After a brief stint as a platoon commander for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Litvinenko was drafted into the KGB as a military counterintelligence officer.

He proceeded to work at the agency after it was transformed into the modern-day FSB and rose to the position of senior operational officer in a unit responsible for tackling organised crime. He also worked for a time as Boris Berezovsky’s bodyguard.

In 1998, Litvinenko fell out with FSB leadership when he backed Boris Berezovsky who’d accused senior FSB officers of ordering his assassination.

He was subsequently expelled from the organisation, arrested, and twice appeared in court on charges of overstepping his authority, but saw both proceedings quashed.

Fearing for his life, Alexander Litvinenko fled to London in 2000 with his second wife Marina and was given asylum in London, and he then went to Boston, Lincolnshire, where he worked as a journalist, author and consultant for British intelligence.

During this time he wrote two books accusing the Russian state of staging apartment bombings and other terror acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power. He also invented the phrase ‘mafia state.’

Of course, we all know that Russia won’t pay a single penny of compensation, so the court’s judgment is insignificant. And of course, they will have cast-iron evidence.

Deny everything is the Russian way. The world may prove it, the courts might find guilty, but Putin’s Russia will answer to no one – how does Vladimir Putin sleep at night, probably in a big bed on silk sheets!

And how much money has been wasted to find out precisely what was known when it happened? It’s not like Polonium’s available at your local pharmacy!

Although being responsible doesn’t mean they did it. It’s a bit like saying that Boris Johnson is responsible for killings in care homes disguised as COVID, and then a situation has been created.

The plan To Permit 16-Year-Olds To Legally Alter Their Gender Is Causing Concerns

Campaigners have criticised Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal to enable people to change their gender at the age of 16, claiming the move could open the floodgates to teens requesting irreversible gender reassignment surgery.

The Scottish Government has said it plans to bring forward the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill within the next year.

The draft law would introduce a new and easier system for obtaining legal gender recognition in Scotland and could decrease the age at which someone can apply for a gender recognition certificate from 18 to 16.

Statistics obtained by the For Women Scotland campaign group showed there were at least 51 cases over a six-year period where trans males under the age of 18 had been approved for double mastectomies.

Those people were referred to NHS hospitals in England for assessment on specialist chest reconstruction.

The campaign group has expressed concerns that lowering the age limit for certificates to 16 could result in more young people requesting surgery which they could later repent.

Trina Budge, director of For Women Scotland, told a newspaper outlet that England and other nations were sensibly rolling back on invasive and non-reversible treatments for young trans people, and she said it was shocking to see Scotland going in the reverse direction.

She said that no physically healthy child should ever be locked into a pathway of puberty-blocking medications and wrong sex hormones, leading to the elimination of breasts at the age of 16.

She also said that reducing the age at which gender could be changed to 16 would unavoidably unlock the floodgates for countless more teenagers to request elective surgeries to match their new legal status.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said that under the oversight of their clinical team a tiny number of young adults have been referred for chest reconstruction surgery at 17. However, he said, further assessments needed before surgery meant that, in practice, it’s doubtful the procedure would take place before a person is 18.

The SNP committed to bringing forth its Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill in its new Programme for Government.

The document says that while the COVID 19 pandemic delayed their attempt to establish a more straightforward method for obtaining legal gender recognition, trans people shouldn’t have to go through a humiliating, traumatic and intrusive process to be legally recognised in their gender.

It said that within the next year, they will bring forward the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, removing the current medical requirements and decreasing the time that applicants for gender recognition need to have lived in their acquired gender from two years to three months.

This, of course, all makes no sense at all, considering you have to be 18 years old to buy tobacco and booze, and how will these people be getting surgery when all the waiting lists are backed up?

The NHS is in crisis and she does this. Not that these people shouldn’t have gender reconstruction, but waiting lists are pretty long at the moment, and there are numerous cases where young people like they do, have changed their minds.

A trans activist woman who transitioned in 2018 has sparked controversy by declaring that numerous people who have had gender reassignment regret the decision and want to return to their original sex.

The amount of young people seeking gender transition is at the highest it’s ever been, but little is reported about how many of them regret the decision later, finding they’re miserable with their new gender.

Many teenagers can’t even keep their bedroom tidy, let alone make a life-altering decision, but if someone wants a transition, then who are we to stand in their way?

Pembrokeshire Hotel Slammed For Charging £200 Membership Fee

An iconic Welsh hotel has defended its decision to introduce a £200 membership fee after becoming overwhelmed by social media users looking to take sunset photographs from its clifftop bar.

The Druidstone Hotel, perched on a remote Pembrokeshire clifftop, is a favourite for visiting holidaymakers in search of sundown drinks and selfies on the terrace.

With its west-facing terrace and 20 acres of grounds, the venue attracts beachgoers from the sands below to watch the sunset over the rolling waves of St Brides Bay.

But for non-residents and outsiders, the Druidestone’s majestic views and cellar bar real ales now come with an extra price tag, with the membership of the ‘Dru Crew’ starting at £200 and increasing to an eye-watering £400 a year.

According to the hotel’s website, the controversial move has been designed to strike the right balance between loyal locals versus the passing trade, temporary campsite and holiday cottage guests.

And while critics have branded the ploy backward and elitest, owner Angus Bell hit back, stating that when people are whinging about it on Facebook and TripAdvisor, let’s be honest, they’re exactly the sort of people he didn’t want to come.

One Tripadvisor reviewer that has been a patron for meals and drinks for over 40 years, lamented that the current hospitality model was one that some in Pembrokeshire would recognise.

Another called the move as completely elitist and backward and that it was frustrating to have such a beautiful place turned into an elitist members-only club where you can only drink if you were staying there or spending £200 plus a year.

And a third complained that sadly now it was a £200 a year members meetinghouse thus preventing people from calling in ad hoc for drinks and food.

However, Angus Bell remains defiant, and he said that his one enjoyment in life was now time, and said that he’s got time for his staff, time for his guests and that he’s not stressed. He said that was his home, and he couldn’t ever imagine living anywhere else.

He said that he’s made his life better, even though some might be a bit upset that they can’t just pop over for a cup of tea.

The Druidstone is frequently praised in guidebooks and by travel writers as one of the most treasured hotels in Wales.

It appears to have been done solely out of greed, and he probably accepts that barely anyone will pay the membership, but he seems more than happy with that and doesn’t want every man and his dog in his hotel, and he doesn’t want his home to become a pub. It is his hotel and he makes the rules, and I guess if people don’t like it, they don’t have to stay at the hotel.

He also needs to keep all his locals and guests coming there after all the tourists have gone home, although I can’t say that I would spend £200 a year to be allowed in. Still, hospitality has had a rough time, so perhaps he should be given some slack.

It’s the 80/20 rule. Eighty per cent of your business is sustained by 20 per cent of your regulars, and if you lose the regulars, then you won’t be in business when the tourists go home.

It’s either going to backfire and lose all customers or it’s going to make more money and be a big success, but why would you cut off the hand that feeds you?

If he just wants residents only, then perhaps he should issue a membership card to the locals who request one, but then if he’s unhappy with visiting holidaymakers, maybe he’s in the wrong business.

Laura Loomer Has A Brutal Case Of COVID-19

Right-wing activist Laura Loomer is calling for prayers as she claims her COVID 19 symptoms are brutal after attesting the virus was no worse than food poisoning.

The unvaccinated activist, 28, insisted she had body pains and nausea.

She wrote on Gettr, a social media platform founded by former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller that she wanted people to pray for her, and that she couldn’t even begin to describe how brutally her body hurt and nausea that came with the COVID were, and that she was in so much pain, and that was the worst part about it.

Self-proclaimed pro-democracy media company Meidas Touch reposted it on Twitter, where Laura Loomer was banned permanently for making hate remarks and breaking the company’s rules, writing: ‘Yikes. Please take this virus seriously, get vaccinated and wear a mask…’

She told supporters on the conservative social media platform that she has a temperature, chills, a runny nose, sore throat, nausea, severe body pains, and feels like she got hit by a bus.

She later wrote on her Telegram page that she’s taken Regeneron, Azithromycin, and Hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ, to manage her symptoms.

She also said she hopes to be ivermectin shortly too, which is used to manage roundworms in humans, although several studies have found these medications are useless treatments for COVID 19 and patients are warned against using them.

Hydroxychloroquine, which can cause heart problems, is generally paired with Azithromycin, which the US National Library of Medicine recommends to only use for community-acquired pneumonia.

According to a newspaper outlet, Regeneron, one of the innovative drugs former President Donald Trump used when he got the virus, is only useful when the virus is caught early and prescribed by a doctor.

Previously, Loomer had said she wanted to catch the virus just to prove it was no more serious than a case of food poisoning from bad fajitas.

She insisted that she was hospitalised for food poisoning because she was so dehydrated and could hardly breathe.

She justified it as worse than the virus that has killed more than 670,000 people because people get COVID and don’t even know they have COVID.

According to UC Health, an estimated 20 to 30 per cent of COVID 19 cases are asymptomatic.

Loomer also declared the virus to be the greatest deception of our lives besides the 2020 election and warned others that you couldn’t escape the vaccine propaganda.

Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with her, I guess, although a tad hypocritical now, and COVID like food poisoning, can be extremely severe, apparently ignorance can also be extremely severe as well.

I guess we should always get our medical information from those that are trained in medicine, but there are also quite a few people trained in medicine including Nobel prize-winning physicians who don’t think that the vaccine is safe, and perhaps in a few years, people will realise they should have listened to those doctors.

The problem is, everything appears to be an endless competition surrounding COVID. We know that COVID can cause significant illness and mortality, but there have also been losses from having the COVID jab, and then there are some people that have been walking about without any manifestations, not even realising that they have COVID until they swab with a testing kit, but it seems to be a daily competition.

It really doesn’t matter where this virus came from, not now anyhow because it seems it’s here to stay for a pretty long time, and instead of having this endless competition, the main thing that we should be doing is making sure that we’re protected and that our fellow man is protected as well.

An Australian Business Owner Bans Vaccinated Patrons From His Store

The proprietor of Gigantic Signs has forbidden customers who have received the vaccine from entering his store.

Peter King put a sign in the storefront window of Gigantic Signs on King William Street in Kent Town, Adelaide. The warning letter was written in bright red letters telling vaccinated residents they were no longer welcome. The sign read that they shouldn’t enter if they’d been COVID 19 vaxxed.

But the warning has sparked outrage in the community with residents labelling it unfair, but a legal expert has warned that the storekeeper hasn’t violated the law.

University of South Australia emeritus professor Rick Sarre said no discrimination laws around vaccination status had been made, and he told 7 News that they can do whatever they like in terms of discrimination law because there are no grounds of discrimination based on vaccination status.

Peter King, the director of Gigantic Signs, said Australia’s vaccination drive was equal to murder, and he told that he was simply making a statement.

He said that they have there in Adelaide a company that said they didn’t want to have any people going to their winery that wasn’t vaxxed and that he believed it was grossly unfair and intimidating.

Outraged customers have vowed to boycott the business with many expressing their frustration on social media, and one person wrote that they would say that Gigantic Signs had made a gigantic mistake by displaying a not gigantic sign on the front door and that they shouldn’t carry on and ask for help when the business takes a gigantic nose dive.

Another person added that they promised not to enter their establishment, ever, and that they wouldn’t darken their door with their patronage and that it boiled down to choices and consequences.

The storekeeper refused to comment further when contacted by a newspaper outlet.

The sign adds to a growing debate over the power of businesses to refuse service to unvaccinated customers.

NSW and Victoria plan to roll out a vaccine passport allowing the double jabbed to return to hospitality venues and retail stores when the states start to open at 70 per cent vaccination.

Unvaccinated residents have been told they will be unable to experience the same freedoms as their vaccinated counterparts.

Of course, this isn’t a sound business move banning the majority, but each to their own, and it appears that now you can discriminate against whoever you like, and with the uptake expected of 80 per cent of vaccinations, I would think that this business just shot itself in the foot. It’s a little like Homer Simpson and his shop selling items only for left-handed people, but when you only cater for 20 per cent of the market, you end up having no business.

Turning away people whether they are jabbed or not is a bad thing, and it’s medical apartheid and absolute discrimination, and whatever side of the fence you sit on, can’t you see this drivel for what it is?

No one should know your health status, least of all a business because you’re entering to spend your hard-earned cash and helping the economy to flourish.

It’s just as absurd as banning unvaccinated people and everyone should have free will, and it really wouldn’t make any sense to ban vaccinated customers, people could simply lie anyhow, and it seems that this is simply an advertising stunt because you can’t prove you haven’t been vaccinated, only that you have.

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