Thousands Of NHS Nurses And Healthcare Staff March Through UK Streets In Protest


Thousands of NHS workers took to the streets of the United Kingdom to protest against their exclusion from a recent public sector pay rise announcement, and anger arose as NHS workers were disregarded in the latest round of public sector pay increases, despite more than 500 NHS and social care workers dying from COVID 19.

Unite, which has 100,000 members in the health service, supported its members wanting to attend the socially distanced protests, so that the government could see the extent of dissatisfaction and disappointment of NHS workers who continue to be in the frontline in the fight against COVID 19.

The flagship march which took place in London, started at St James’s Park before demonstrators made their way along Whitehall towards Downing Street, with a blue banner that read ‘End NHS pay inequality, together we win’ that led the march.

Many were displaying placards, including one which said ‘Boris remember my neighbour Lewis, what about his pay rise?’

‘He saved your life now reward us.’

Last month Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a 3.1 per cent pay rise for 900,000 public sector workers, including senior doctors, teachers and police officers, but nurses were not included because they negotiated a separate three-year deal in 2018.

Junior doctors were also eliminated because they agreed on a new four-year deal last year, but Unite has announced that it’s seeking a large pay rise for its members.

The key demonstration got underway in London, commencing at 11.00 am at St James’s Park, with demonstrators then proceeding along Whitehall to Downing Street and ending with a gathering at Parliament Square.

Images show hundreds of demonstrators in masks parading with banners through the metropolis, and the Unite national officer for health Jackie Williams said, nursing staff and other related health professionals have responded with outrage to being neglected when pay increases were given to many in the public sector last month and the government not listening to the health trade unions call to bring their pay rise forward from April 2021.

In a decade of Tory austerity, NHS workers have seen their earnings cut by 20 per cent in real terms, and no amount of clapping and warm ministerial words can compensate for this climactic deterioration in income.

And poor rates of pay have contributed to the estimated 100,000 vacancies in the NHS and subsequent recruitment and retention crisis.

The public expects and ministers should deliver, an abundant pay rise for NHS workers that reflects their real worth to the NHS and society more generally, and NHS workers shouldn’t have to wait until April 2021.

Demonstrations are also set to take place in towns and cities around the United Kingdom including Basildon, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Ipswich.

NHS workers care for their patients and put public safety as an absolute priority, which is why they’re taking action to improve the pay for all NHS staff, and as a group who’ve been supporting people to independently coordinate demonstrations to highlight these problems, it’s essential for demonstration organisers and attendees to keep themselves knowledgeable of the risks, the latest public health guidance and the latest regulations, as these may alter quickly and may change across the United Kingdom.

And it’s clear the public supports an early increase and to disregard them would be at the Government’s own peril, and any attempt to deny workers a significant wage increase could rebound badly.

And health unions have made it clear that it’s down to the Government to act and show how much it values the NHS and its workers, and out of everyone who got a pay increase, nurses deserve more.

But they won’t get anything from the Tories because they’re attitude is that if you believe your job or your salary isn’t good enough for you, then quit, and if you don’t feel capable of getting a position with better pay, then be thankful for the one you’ve got.

However, if the Tories were front line workers on a 12-hour shift in a hospital with 150 COVID 19 patients clearing COVID clinical waste, I believe their approach would change. I mean feel free to join their crew, they wouldn’t last a day – hard-pressed NHS workers deserve a bonus, Boris.

Because we should be rewarding these workers who have risked their lives, and what about those that have died doing their duty, their families should be compensated as well. They’re nurses and doctors working on the frontline but they didn’t get danger money for that.

The Government might not have been able to protect them from the COVID 19 pandemic, but some of those people that died left behind families, and money might not be able to bring back their loved ones, but at least it would make life a little less hard, especially if they had children.

If a person signs up to go into the army and is on the frontline, they know they might not be coming home to their families, and their families are aware of this. However, a nurse or a doctor goes to work with the notion that they will be coming home, but many have not.

And now it seems that these nurses and doctors have to put up and shut up – but Boris you’re the Prime Minister and you’re supposed to know what you’re doing, rather than leaving it to your minions to decide because at the moment he doesn’t appear to know when he gets out of bed in the morning what his left foot is doing as he falls over his tongue.

Nurses should get a pay rise, at least they’re working – Boris Johnson hasn’t actually been seen about much. Maybe he should give his earnings to these frontline nurses and doctors. After all, he was happy to clap for them after he came out of hospital after his ordeal with the coronavirus, but he doesn’t want to give them a pay rise, but his clapping was aesthetically pleasing, and it made lots of people believe that he was a goody-two-shoes.

And for those who clapped for the NHS, perhaps they’ll wake up now because there are some fabulous NHS workers who deserve applause, yet the Government were culling the elderly while this ritual clapping was taking place.

And if anyone is to blame it’s the people that govern this country, not NHS workers because they don’t make decisions over cutting services and closing wards et cetera, and could you envision a hospital without nurses, even for a day, there would be complete turmoil as the doctors and other health care professionals wandered about aimlessly, not knowing what to do.

But the big image here is that it’s criminal in the United Kingdom that we pay members of the House of Lords £300 a day just for turning up for work, and we pay ridiculous expenses to members of both houses, yet we can’t manage to pay nurses a decent living wage for doing the job that they do.

And for those people out there that don’t think nurses should get a pay increase, let’s hope you don’t need those entitled monsters care anytime soon. Because that’s what they’re being called ‘entitled’ – not entitled maybe, but worthy of the job that they do on the frontline, and they’re not paid enough money to go to work with inadequate equipment so that they can put their lives in danger.

I can list numerous reasons why nurses deserve a pay increase. Many have cancelled annual leaves, worked seven to 12-hour shifts in 8 days. Covered shifts for co-workers who were unwell, stayed for at least one hour after every shift to ensure the ward is safe, without payment, oh, and held the hand of many deaths from this pandemic, with tears streaming down their faces.

Yes, it is their job, but these people are not robots, and the NHS was overwhelmed, particularly in ITU where they had twice the patient capacity and then watched people die in front of their very eyes because they didn’t have enough ventilators.

Boris Johnson has no honour, and even as people whine about nurses and doctors getting a pay increase, Boris is plotting to sell the NHS down the river. But instead, he should have a special respect for these superhuman people that work on the front line and never get paid for their worth.

Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence for which they should be penalised, but the misfortune of the cost should be shared by the community. That was said by Aneurin Bevan, the Health Minister and predecessor of Matt Hancock who created the NHS.

And now we all clap like circus seals for the NHS, and now some are saying that they don’t deserve a pay increase – hypocrites. How many of you who don’t believe that nurses deserve a pay increase have lost a loved one to COVID 19?

And the majority of those people just shows their mindset towards health workers. Health care work isn’t attractive but they do it because they want to, but I bet Boris Johnson wouldn’t even be able to do the job that they do. I bet he wouldn’t be able to stand a second in the stench of an operating theatre, and health workers should be paid generously because health is the most important thing.

And we need to give phenomenal support for a wonderful team of NHS workers. Where would we be without their help and support? Rishi Sunak must have somehow missed the incredible work carried out by NHS workers, or has he heartlessly decided that they will work anyway, and he should be ashamed of himself.

And aren’t we forgetting that while everyone else got a pay increase every year, the NHS workers didn’t get one for ten years, and if you take inflation they’re still about 20 per cent less than they would be had their wages gone up with inflation?

And while we throw tantrums because we aren’t happy, they can’t because they’re too busy caring for our loved ones, and it seems that it’s a lack of funding and mismanagement of services that’s causing waiting lists to creep up, not the hard-working NHS staff.

All nurses and care staff should be getting the biggest pay rise ever. It’s long overdue and after all, the work they have done and are still doing, it’s the least our Government could do, and I can’t believe that anyone would be against this.

People Beware, There’s A Face Mask Out there

Face masks have now been made compulsory in stores, which is a bit of a pain in the butt, but there’s more to this than meets the eye – brutal attacks, not only on the people that work in those stores but also outside on the streets.

Tara Palmer was chased through Laindon and Basildon, Essex around midnight for approximately 10 minutes by a light coloured Nissan Micra, which was grey or cream in appearance.

She was chased at high speed by four young males donning black baseball caps and blue masks. They turned their lights off and pursued her, and they attempted to pass her car so that they could swipe the driver side door, as well as hit her car in the rear.

She managed to outrun them, and then phoned 999 for the emergency services, and stayed on the telephone to the police operator the whole time. She was told to go to the police station, which she did, and was told to remain outside for an officer to come down.

Forty-five minutes later, she was still sitting there, but no one came out. So, in the end, she drove away to get a drink because she was so parched and extremely shaken up.

There was also a Burgundy Chrysler 02 plate driving around with four young guys in hoods and masks, and her husband was followed by that vehicle.

Perhaps when she rang the police she should have told them she was speeding and had no tax, they would have been there like a shot in minutes, but it appears they were too occupied to take her seriously enough when she told them she was being chased.

This poor woman must have been terrified, and it’s completely wrong that the police did not attend her when they quite clearly said someone would be outside the police station to meet her.

All they had to do was send someone outside to speak to her, but no one appeared, and if the police can’t do their job correctly, why are we paying taxes?

And she didn’t get a phone call after that either because the call handler never asked for her address, only her name and number, and it’s not surprising that people don’t have confidence in the police anymore because now they just don’t bother, and then they have the boldness to question why people don’t like them.

The sad thing is that if you take matters into your own hands, all of a sudden the police are at your door because it’s an easy arrest for them, and this is why criminals like those that sought to run Tara Palmer off the road are brave enough to do it because they know that nine times out of ten the police won’t turn up.

So, now these thugs think they can rob, stab or beat you to a pulp, and do whatever they like to you with a mask on and then they’re gone. You’re not able to give a description because you couldn’t see their faces.

Basildon Police Station used to be open 24/7, now it’s only open from 9 am till 5 pm, and after that the nearest police station is Rayleigh, Essex that’s presumably why no one came out, which was a miscommunication by the call handler, although she should have known that, and it was stupid closing Basildon Police Station at night with all this crime going on, and it’s only going to get worse.

Of course, there are police at Basildon Police Station, but they’re not open to the public after 5 pm, and if they’re having a busy night, which no doubt they would be, after all, it is Basildon, then they would have been extremely busy.

And apparently, while Tara Palmer was sitting waiting in her vehicle, four police officers popped their heads out of a window as a drunk guy was shouting, they laughed and went back in, so there were clearly people in there, but no one came out to help this lady.

Sadly, the lady didn’t get the registration number of the vehicle because they’d turned their lights off, so she couldn’t see the plate.

And let’s hope Basildon Police Station changes back to 24 hours because with the town developing and so many new people from London with gang mentality moving here we certainly need it, and Boris Johnson has just given them the bright light for crime.

So, the police never came out to assist this unfortunate lady who had been chased by four guys in a car, which is a feeble show for the Essex police, but yet they were out in town the following day enforcing face masks, what a joke.

After Tara Palmer waited 45 minutes outside Basildon Police Station, she left and drove to the BP garage to get a drink because she was thirsty. I’m astonished she didn’t see police officers getting their coffee from the BP garage as well, and this was an appalling piece of safety information given by the call handler, and that if you’re being followed or chased by someone, just go directly to the police station, providing, of course, it’s still open, otherwise, this would clearly be a waste of time.

In fact, it would have been better if the call handler had told her to drive to the BP garage, where there would have been cameras and people if nothing else, and that way she could have waited for an officer to meet her there where she would have been a little safer.

A spokesperson for Basildon Police Station has since apologised and said that there was a miscommunication.

Matt Hancock’s Call For Virtual GP Consultations To Replace Face-To-Face Meetings


Matt Hancock is facing repercussions from patients and medical groups after saying that all consultations should be carried out virtually unless there was a compelling clinical reason not to.

During a talk in London, the Health Secretary welcomed a new era of Zoom medicine in which face to face meetings with doctors will be superseded by video link or telephone and pointing to the operational modifications introduced throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Matt Hancock stated there was a need for bureaucracy busting in the NHS, with virtual consultations freeing up doctors time for those most in need.

He continued that while there would always be a method for people who could not log on, it would be wrong to patronise older people by saying they don’t do tech.

Nevertheless, Rachel Power, the chief executive of the Patients Association, declared that moving consultations online by default seemed to be based on no proof whatsoever of what works for patients, and that patients have had to put up with a great deal over recent months to help the NHS cope with this unusual crisis, usually at significant harm to their own health and wellbeing, but that this couldn’t be permitted to become the new normal.

There are also concerns that a shift to online will disproportionately impact elderly patients with insufficient access to technology, as well as decreasing the chances of detecting the early symptoms of disease or illness associated with physical consultations.

Dr Richard Vautrey, chair of the British Medical Association’s GP committee, said that while the union had long fought for more inclusive use of technology, the proposal that all appointments going forward would be remote by default must be approached with caution.

Physical appointments will always be an important part of general practice, and they continue to be essential for countless patients and the management of particular conditions, and Matt Hancock must not lose sight of that.

And resounding those concerns, Edel Harris, chief executive of the charity Mencap, said the shift could severely exacerbate the health inequalities that already exist for people with a learning disability.

The United Kingdom has 1.5 million people with a learning disability who need to be given face to face consultations automatically, without them needing to ask.

However, in his speech to the Royal College of Physicians, Matt Hancock stated there had been climactic changes to how the NHS operates as a consequence of the COVID 19 pandemic and it could not be permitted to fall back into bad old habits.

And he continued that the crisis had shown that patients and clinicians alike, not just the young, want to use technology and that the feedback from the transformation had been hugely positive, and that from now on, all consultations should be teleconsultations except if there’s a compelling clinical reason not to.

He further said that if there’s an emergency, the NHS would be waiting and available to see a patient in person, just as it has always been, but that if patients are able to, they should first contact through the web or by calling in advance, and that way the care would be easier to maintain and the NHS can then deliver a much better service.

However, the NHS has already spent millions of pounds in the past on computer systems that were unfit for purpose and honestly, if a patient has a lump or a particular pain in the stomach or side, what asset is a computer conference?

Please, computer, tell me if I have appendicitis or a hernia as my GP can’t be bothered to deal with people – complete nonsense, and it’s already difficult enough to get to see a doctor as it is.

The NHS was established on a standard that ensured GP’s maintained their autonomous business and performed the first line of contact face to face for patients with health problems.

And if this key face to face contact is no longer to be available, how long will it be before robots take over? Politically doctors and nurses will be obsolete permanently, and I do wonder who’s muttering in Matt Hancock’s ear, maybe it’s that robot, or perhaps he is the robot.

Oh, perhaps not because the man is a complete clown, and robots are much more intelligent and seeing a patient face to face, where a GP can detect apparent signs of disease, but not apparent via a phone call and not seen or understood by patients, that’s a bad old habit as far as Matt Hancock is concerned – heaven help us, and I’m amazed this guy still has a job.

Vets would be dismissed from their positions if they didn’t examine their patients, pets in this case, so why should human beings have a more inferior standard of care than animals?

Is it because vets work commercially and have to satisfy paying clients whereas GP’s simply rake in the money through our taxes despite how rubbish their service is?

This is making policy on the hoof by Matt Hancock. Where is the patient consultation in all of this? The NHS should be there to serve the people, not the other way round, and has he really thought about patient confidentiality in regard to video consultations?

Presumably not, and it’s not that easy for an individual living in a family environment to conduct a video call in private, and furthermore, how would anyone know if there was another person in earshot of the GP at the other end of the call?

Perhaps if we had confidence that Matt Hancock had even a speck of understanding about how the health services and the medical profession actually function, rather than the sneaking suspicion that this is all one great ego trip for him, then we might respect his ideas more.

As it was, he appeared out of his depth, public health-wise, well before COVID 19 came along, and that opinion by some of the public hasn’t changed, and a degree in PPE, and a readiness to issue health decrees with a stern appearance from behind a podium, isn’t adequate enough in these extraordinary times.

Matt Hancock needs to step down in favour of a medically qualified person, on top of his game, with knowledge and insight into the human condition – sadly such people don’t enter politics often, but he does need to step down and virtually any replacement would be a definite improvement.

And the audacity of the man, while hundreds of thousands of people, certainly by now millions have had their appointments with GPs and hospitals for diagnosis and treatment cancelled.

And it does seem that the novel norm is indeed a phone call even when the hospital referral quite clearly needed a physical examination of the patient, and the result, of course, further delays before the patient can be seen, and in the meantime, their health can dangerously worsen to the extent it may be life-threatening or terminal.

We’ve previously seen people die because GP practice receptionists have turned people away and the same occurs with the key response numbers 111 et cetera, and Matt Hancock truly is a clown and we’ve had more than enough of his half-hour of fame, and he should now be ordered to shut up and commence delivering the NHS service we all deserve, and for which we’ve paid for all our lives – we should not, however, be paying for it with our lives, and it really does seem like people are now using this COVID 19 crisis to expedite their own agendas.

And while most of us were happy to toe the line at the start, one is rather left with the perception that COVID 19 is being used as an excuse for shoddy service across a broad spectrum of sectors.

There’s a diversity of different video conferencing systems from Messenger, Zoom and Microsoft and others. Is Matt Hancock implying that all surgeries and hospitals use multiple platforms depending on what the patient can access and use, or does he have shares in Zoom?

Perhaps the NHS could invest its own world-beating video system, waste a few hundred million and a couple of years to come up with something so filled with imperfections and glitches as a consequence of the specs changing every five minutes, then abandoned it, just like all the other projects they’ve abandoned because they clearly don’t work, and this is only if everyone gets superfast broadband and can use the technology.

And how will this system weigh a patient and monitor their heart rate and blood pressure, especially older patients? And if a patient is exhibiting breathing problems, how will their doctor listen to their lungs?

This appears to have less to do with enthusiasm for new tech and more with downgrading patient care and then outsourcing it. After all, if people can essentially work from home anywhere in the world, perhaps the new gatekeepers to the NHS will be the equivalent of call centres in third world countries who will determine if you can have a personal one to one with a real doctor, and I bet MP’s and the wealthy will still be able to get a personal appointment anytime they want – it will just be the little people who will be filtered out.

If a person has COPD requires a check on their health, it will now be done by telephone call. What are they going to ask? How many infections that person has had in the last twelve months, but I fail to see how any GP over the telephone can monitor their blood pressure, lung function or listen to a person’s chest to see if there are any indications that person did have an infection or was worsening.

Matt Hancock is an idiot, and doctors will be wide open for malpractice lawsuits for misdiagnosis, and then there’s the prostate examination – how is a GP supposed to do a prostate examination online?

And elderly patients, especially those in their 80s and 90s, this method is futile, because many in this age group, don’t have internet, and having a phone consultation when they’re sick and worried is beyond their understanding – they’re from a generation where they expect to see a GP and have a proper consultation.

What you have to realise with Matt Hancock and the worthless reprobate before him, is that they spend all their time trying to get into No 10, and this latest scheme is a cover-up for the fact that Public Health England (PHE) and the NHS is a total mess with the doctors and the British Medical Association totally complicit in this, and the conning of the British people.

Before long we’ll have a robot doing operations, then all the doctors and nurses can go down the pub, instead of working, and God forbid that Matt Hancock should get anywhere near No 10 is quite honestly pretty terrifying.

Boris Johnson is only showing his face periodically and Matt Hancock seems to be running the show at present, and the man is out of his depth, but savouring every moment, utilising the power given to him, and he’s nothing short of a tinpot dictator.

And now there are numerous GPs who are enjoying the taxpayer’s generosity and COVID 19 has provided another step for them to rest on their ample backsides, doing their bit from home.

Meanwhile, at the hands of the NHS, which is one of the worst performers in patient outcomes in the western world, but the third-largest employer in the world, we’re now seeing old people with COVID 19 consigned to death from being thrown out of hospitals with COVID 19, and we watch as millions of cancer patients whose illness may have been treatable, now enter a more serious stage of the disease.

Then there are the patients with mental health problems who are being refused access to the counsellors they require, and let’s not overlook the hard-working GPs who can now magically diagnose a patients illness, no matter how severe or life-threatening it is, by telepathy.

As a result, we have paid taxes for our children’s education, that they haven’t had access to, and a National Health Service which has forgotten its the service provider, and a police force which no longer investigates crime or brutality but centres on hate crimes via the internet.

Our NHS used to be the envy of the world but now it’s just not true, and whilst it’s inefficient and unresponsive, neglect of patients will continue, but let’s not forget, even though most of us would agree that Matt Hancock is a schlong, don’t forget he has his policies signed off by his boss Boris Johnson and Boris should also be taking responsibility for this mess.

And it seems like the Conservative party have no initiative and it’s looking quite likely that the Prime Minister is not well in the head, and most of our politicians have seriously lost the plot, so who do we now turn to politically represent us? Whilst in the meantime we’re beginning to resemble a communist nation.

I guess the solution would be to improve internet access, and not stick with a Stone Age wheel that’s broken, and there are a lot of old people, some of whom are extremely comfortable online. However, the majority are not.

You can’t make 80-year-olds and older to buy costly equipment and learn to use it, and let’s face it, many can’t afford it, and there aren’t enough people to teach them, and even if there were, they simply wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Modern technology frightens a lot of old people, and they’re a lot of elderly people in their 80s and 90s who are in the initial stages of dementia, and if they need any help, it would be to put money back into the care system, instead of talking about fancy computers.

These people wouldn’t be able to deal with the technology that is internet or smartphones, this isn’t because they’re launching their toys out of their pram, it’s because they’re of an age that they can’t cope.

I would also like to add, that these are the people who have always taken charge for their well-being and the well-being of their children when they were growing up, and yet these same people are being treated like criminals because they simply can’t use computer technology.

Matt Hancock is clearly a chump and a threat to public health. He might be somewhat presentable, but he’s way out of his depth as far as to the substance of his job, and certainly not on top of his game.

And we should be putting adults in charge of this extremely important job because I can’t remember when we last had an adult in parliament, and most people have given up on the British state, they’re not worth it, especially for the level of coddling and intrusion they necessitate in return for the non-existent services they provide.

And the idea of being reliant on fools like Matt Hancock for our future healthcare should terrify us, and Matt Hancock makes me cringe every time he opens his orifice.

Many of us don’t like phone calls, and they certainly wouldn’t want to consult with a doctor over Zoom. They want to visit a proper surgery and chat in private face to face, and actually feel that they’re worth something.

Matt Hancock is power-mad and does the most ludicrous things, and this guy is a menace to British society, and it’s becoming clear there’s a vast amount of money swapping hands between the government and tech companies and the NHS is being used as the vehicle to make the journey from one sweaty hand to another.

I have been to a lot of hospitals and emergency wards and nurses and doctors always do two things, measure your pulse and measure your blood pressure. These are necessary things they to need do to get medical information, and you have to be there to have it done, and going to your GP is the same.

So, teleconsultations are rubbish and they will most probably get people killed because professional medical help won’t be there when people need it, and this just demonstrates that Matt Hancock is a maniac and that he just doesn’t give a damn about people – they’re just statistics to him, and as long as I’m okay Jack, damnation to everyone else.

GP surgeries are not opening properly, and their functioning staff are rushing about like trussed up chickens with face nappies and running about as if the Black Death is upon our doorstep.

This is propaganda of the most sardonic and glaring kind, and hospitals may be catching up with the 10,000,000 appointments, but that’s not going to be of much aid to the families of the tens of thousands of Britons who have died as a consequence of the Government’s arrantly criminal edict because they closed the service to normal patients.

And then there are those people who had shown manifestations of the virus and were told they had symptoms, but in fact, did not – doesn’t do much for your mental health.

Doctors undergo a long medical degree, after which they continue down a path as they develop their career, with a constant series of training and working, yet without a by or leave a spotty faced Matt Hancock with a badge thinks he can reform the medical profession.

I can think of a few medical procedures that might improve his head a bit more clearly, and it seems as if our Government has a new motto – die at home and save the NHS and GPs the bother.

And this cretinous national socialist is so out of his depth, the little Hitler needs removing from his bunker and consigning to a dustbin immediately, and now our GP surgery has built a stronghold around itself.

To get anything one has to convince a not medically qualified receptionist one is actually sick, and this just proves that Matt Hancock has finally lost the plot – is he really the Health Secretary? Of course not, he’s the COVID hysteric.

So, now everything has to be put online, but that’s nothing new, over the past five years or so, and I imagine eventually, doctors waiting rooms will fade, and computer diagnostics will be the standard, with one primary doctor in the nearest hospital, except if you live in a middle-class area.

Of course, there are some elderly people who have no technical difficulties with video consultation. The dilemma I see is how a doctor doing a video call with a patient is going to stick their finger up their backside to feel their prostate.

And the assumption is always made that everyone has the technology available, and has the confidence to use it, as well as having a reasonable broadband speed or mobile signal.

Not everyone has and ironically, the people most likely to have none of the above are the ones most likely to need access to a GP. The elderly, people with learning difficulties, mental health problems, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

Not to mention people for whom English is not their first language and I sympathise with a parent with an ill, agitated child who can’t sit still for five minutes for the GP to do a virtual examination – this is yet another example of certain groups being nudged to the periphery of society.

It appears that Matt Hancock was chosen from the bottom of the barrel by Boris Johnson, soliciting loyalty before the competency in his cabinet, and why does Matt Hancock presume to speak of things he hasn’t the foggiest idea about?

Or is it because Boris Johnson can get on with being in charge, with no responsibility?

Plans Show How Powerful Mayor Could Oversee The Whole Of Essex

A powerful directly chosen mayor could oversee the entirety of Essex as part of a new concept outlined by county council chiefs, and in the latest stage of the dispute over the fate of decision making in Essex (England), all districts and the county council could be axed and replaced with up to four unitary authorities.

The proposal was outlined in an email viewed by the Echo newspaper and sent to Southend party leaders by the borough’s chief executive Alison Griffin, and it explains Essex County Council leader David Finch, along with the council’s chief executive Gavin Jones, wants to explore the creation of a Greater Essex Mayoral Combined Authority which would operate above the newly established councils.

It would be managed by an elected mayor who could have oversight of budgets, county-wide development schemes, the police and fire services and planning, although the mayor’s authorities would need to be settled through discussions with the central government.

The email goes onto note the county council will not be endeavouring to become its own unitary authority, leaving it unclear whether it would join one of the larger authorities, but the plan, which is in its very early stages, has already been endorsed by Simon Clarke, minister for regional growth and local government.

The response is a stark difference to Simon Clarke’s apathetic acknowledgement to a separate and significantly more modest plan from council leaders in the south of the county who have proposed the formulation of a South Essex Combined Authority.

And Southend council leader Ian Gilbert has emphasised that the south Essex plan remains the priority.

Independent deputy council leader, Ron Woodley, speculated that the county council plan could mean Southend Council uniting with Rochford and Castle Point and Thurrock joining with Basildon and Brentwood.

The other two authorities he said could be created by merging councils in the northeast and the north-west.

Mr Woodley continued that it appeared as if they want a combined authority over the top of the unitaries but why? You don’t need a combined authority above them.

There is no way they should have that sort of control or power, and watch out for the backstabbing, secretive meetings and truckloads of pie in the sky proposals from the usual Councillors wanting to be in the running for the mayoral position.

Well, this is wonderful, another tier of bureaucracy that everyone will have to pay for!

Matt Hancock Said New 90-Minute Coronavirus Tests Can Be Used In Schools


New 90 minute coronavirus tests could be used in schools as No 10 reinforces students will return to school in September, despite concerns of a second wave.

Two new on the spot tests that can identify coronavirus and flu will be rolled out in hospitals, care homes, and laboratories, with the hope the technology will help the NHS cope in the winter months.

Matt Hancock welcomed the development as a big step forward and proposed the tests could be used in schools to halt outbreaks, and No 10 said Boris Johnson had made an absolute commitment to getting schools to resume full time in September after months away from the classroom for numerous students.

But the reopening of schools came amid fears of a second wave of the virus, and Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty warned that the country had probably reached near the boundary or the limits of what can safely be reopened.

And the Prime Minister announced to a press conference that he needed to squeeze the brake pedal on easing restrictions following an uptick in infection rates, and the Health Secretary said the new tests could produce results in 90 minutes, compared to the prevailing regime, which can take up to 24 hours.

He further said that this was a huge step forward in terms of how swiftly they’re going to be able to get tests turned around and also how widespread they can make the tests, and that they’re on track to deliver half a million tests a day by the end of October, and that new technologies, like these two, will serve to expedite that.

And that what that means in real life is that more people are going to be able to get tested more promptly so that they can discover where the virus is and stop it, and keep those rates of infection down.

Matt Hancock said that the technologies which deliver the rapid turnaround tests will mean that they can extend the testing range further and into settings where, for example, in schools, at the moment they have survey testing, so they have some testing but that would be made expandable.

And it’s understood that the tests will go to hospitals and care home first, before being rolled out more extensively at a later date, and the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said that Boris Johnson had on numerous occasions given his full commitment to getting children back into school in September.

Professor Chris Toumazou, CEO and co-founder of DnaNudge and founder of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the Imperial College London, said that the new tests could be done quite quickly, at the point of need.

And he told BBC Radio 4’s World at One, that it’s bringing the test to maternity wards, so a nurse effectively can take the test on an expectant mother and give the result inside an hour or so, so the mother doesn’t have to wait 48 hours to see her baby after birth or elective surgery.

He said Cancer wards where a cancer patient needs an urgent operation, COVID free, and portable tests could be used and taken into care homes, then they could spread to GP surgeries, dental surgeries, prisons, emergency care and schools.

He further figured that by the end of the year that they should be able to produce approximately a million a month of these cartridges and as they go into the new year, they can extend that and scale that even more quickly.

But I got the sharp impression of us all being deceived yet again – simply pop the specimen into the magical black box, say abracadabra, wait 90 minutes, hey presto! And I have nothing against Matt Hancock myself, but he does need replacing.

He appears to have no credibility left whatsoever, and so much of what he’s said over the last few months has at best been distorted and at worst been absolute hogwash, and we know it’s a fluid situation, but we also know that whatever he says today will be completely different in three or four days time, and whatever he says is not particularly persuasive.

Radical Government Plans To Circumvent The Second Lockdown Include London M25 Cut-Off


Radical plans have reportedly been drawn up by the Government to circumvent having a second national lockdown, and Boris Johnson halted the easing of lockdown as concerns mounted that a wave of cases in some regions of northern England could turn into a second wave.

Towns in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire have been hit with fresh constraints with social gatherings forbidden indoors and in private gardens.

In the meantime, ministers have been advised by experts that trade-offs, such as the closing of pubs, could be needed for schools to fully resume in September, and it was reported by a media outlet that a radical blueprint to circumvent a second lockdown, something the Prime Minister recently equated to the nuclear deterrent had been drawn up.

The elderly and vulnerable could be asked once again to stay at home to allow the younger, less susceptible people to continue working while keeping death rates low, and part of the improved or differential shielding methods could be to have exclusive weekly slots for the elderly to visit shops and access services.

A city-wide lockdown on London is also reportedly being considered, with constraints on travel in and out of the M25 in the event of a spike of cases in the metropolis, and a media outlet said Boris Johnson had held a war game assembly with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to run through viable alternatives for avoiding another national lockdown that could hamper any possible economic recovery.

Meanwhile tightening quarantine restrictions on those flying into the United Kingdom and harder local lockdowns than the constraints imposed last week are all under consideration.

The shift in tone from the Government comes after a small uptick in coronavirus cases nationwide over the last few weeks in the United Kingdom, but only a few weeks ago, Boris Johnson was talking of a return to normalcy by Christmas.

But since then he’s spoken of signs of a second wave in Europe, with daily cases back to over 3,000 in Spain, prompting the country to be excluded from the UK’s quarantine free travel list.

A senior Whitehall source told a media outlet that they were hopeful that quick response, regional lockdowns and quarantines will prevent the need for any more substantive response, but that they were prepared for all scenarios, and officials were currently drawing up an array of policy options to give to the Prime Minister.

Heightened shielding methods may include more people, based on ages and risk factors identified since March, and it could even see those aged between 50 and 70 given personalised risk ratings.

And they actually think they can lockdown London? They can’t even close a stretch of beach when it gets too busy, let alone the metropolis of the country, and this is going to be questionable, given the vast amounts of counties like Essex having territory well inside the M25.

And who is going to implement all of this? And if they’re going to rely on the great British public to do it, that horse bolted long ago because Dominic Cummings is still having an impact on people’s reverence for the lockdown, well done Dominic.

Let’s face it, the economy has been hammered, but it’s about health now, and a second national lockdown has been 100 per cent on the cards from the start. But lockdown will be disregarded by numerous people and the Government have been completely aware of this from the start.

And cutting off London, I have a bad feeling about this, I can see riots, and plans, what plans? Stupid and messy plans. We’ve encountered their plans of not providing PPE and not testing and doing lockdown too late.

Of course, the idea of making plans and prompt decisions are obviously great, but you’ve got to admit, they’ve made a right old mess of it and they don’t seem to be learning from their errors, and they can’t even agree on what their rules really mean.

However, people should know they still need to be careful. What bothers me is that people now think they can do as they want because of what Dominic Cummings did, and now it seems as if our Government are picking on the elderly, but a lot of elderly people need younger people to help look after them, and it’s not always possible for elderly people to get to the shops, no matter what time or who else is there.

And there are numerous people that are over 50 years old and live inside the M25 who are definitely not wealthy, and they’re herding people inside this particular area, preventing people from seeing their families – what’s next? Wearing armbands to show that we’re older and unclean.

And then there’s the issue of BAME because now there are apparently studies that have proposed that people from that community are at great risk to coronavirus than any other background, so now we have historic prejudice.

BAME stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, a term that describes all ethnic groups with the exclusion of White ethnic groups, and Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s doing – let’s just condemn all ethnic minorities because we’ve been doing it for hundreds of years, and Boris and the half-witted Tories aren’t fit to be running a bath, never mind a country.

So, now the current focus and attention is on BAME, inciting ethnic tensions which will eventually spill over into hate crimes, and our government act like the coronavirus is a drunken melee.

And now our government are putting restrictions on age groups, which is a complete soap opera, yet they haven’t stopped people flying into the country even from early lockdown.

I’ve never seen such a comedy show in all my life. And then you see all parents taking their children to the beach, which makes you think that our Government are taking the piddle out of us all, and is the virus as bad as they’re telling us?

The elderly and sick will always be at risk, the same as they would be with seasonal flu, but are they telling us the true figures, because they seem to have made a complete disaster, and are attempting to justify their actions now, and I feel sad for anyone who’s lost their job through these fools – it’s like nuclear fallout.

France and Spain had tighter lockdowns and restrictions than the United Kingdom did the first time around and it hasn’t contained it, so how the heck does our Government think its wishy-washy unenforced, erratic, confusing approach, changes, and silly slogans is going to stop it?

Where do these insane thick-witted ideas come from? With all these marches and protests that have been going on, toppling of statues by people that didn’t seem to understand the two-metre distance that was imposed by this so-called clown Government.

Then you have the mask saga of everyone who enters a supermarket who have got to wear a mask save children under a particular age, plus people with underlying illnesses, as well as shop workers.

This Government seems to be running this country with no sense of direction, and Boris Johnson seems to be in panic mode at the moment.

Lockdown, don’t make me laugh. People have been holding gatherings to the early hours of the morning, and the police have been going past, but do they stop, no they don’t. Lockdown is over because the British public in general just doesn’t trust this disorganised, clueless government.

This Government has lost the plot completely, and now look like a pack of comics, and now some people are ignoring everything they say, choosing instead to socially distance, regularly wash their hands and exercise common sense – of course, if you want to wear a mask, that’s up to you, but the conflicting information seen in recent weeks has exceeded even the stupidity seen prior to that.

People did obey at first, but then they thought about it, they stayed in their bubble, they washed their hands and wore masks, but if the Government now say that we can’t socialise again, I think there will be numerous people who will tell them to bug off.

So, it’s okay to ban family visiting each other, but people will be permitted to go out to work amongst 50-60 strangers? And it’s not rocket science – keep other people from abroad out of our country and stop people from our country going to other countries, even for business.

That’s how infectious diseases are spread from one country to another.

We live in an age of technology where we don’t have to travel abroad for business, everything can be done by technology now. That way we would keep the infectious disease rate down and out of other countries, including the United Kingdom.

Donald Trump Said US Will Prohibit Chinese Video App


Donald Trump has sensationally declared that he will ban TikTok in the US and could sign an executive order.

The President announced the severance on board Air Force One as he returned from a trip to Florida, as there have been concerns about the video-sharing app’s ties to the Chinese government.

Donald Trump stated that as far as TikTok was concerned, they were banning them from the United States, and calling the action a severance, but he didn’t specify whether he would act through an executive order, or another method, such as a designation, and he does have that ability.

Donald Trump’s comments came as Microsoft reportedly held talks to buy the TikTok video-sharing mobile app from Chinese owner ByteDance, and Donald Trump told reporters that he strongly rejected the reported spinoff deal involving Microsoft buying TikTok.

The Chinese company ByteDance launched TikTok in 2017, and the app has grown more prevalent throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with 2 billion downloads in April.

But the rise of TikTok in the US has urged the Trump Administration to scrutinise the app, and Microsoft refused to reflect on the talks but said that while they don’t comment on rumours or speculation, they’re confident in the long term prosperity of TikTok.

And earlier this month, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US was looking at banning TikTok as well as other Chinese social media apps, citing national security concerns.

TikTok has been scrutinised in the same way as Chinese state-backed tech companies Huawei and ZTE, which Mike Pompeo previously described as Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence.

The US is suspicious of Chinese intellectual property theft which has cost the economy billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs and endangers national security but Beijing maintains it doesn’t engage in intellectual property theft.

The move by the Trump administration represents another step in the deteriorating relations between Washington and Beijing and came a week after the US closed the Chinese consultation in Houston, prompting China to screen the US counterpart in Chengdu.

Donald Trump is acting like a complete and utter blooming fool. What’s he going to do, ban the ISP’s from carrying it on their platforms?

But kids aren’t as dumb as they look, and all they’ll do is run it through a VPN linked to Canada or wherever and that’s Donald Trump screwed – what’s he going to do then, lock up the end-user? That would be entertaining.

There are so many other platforms like TikTok, and Americans will just move onto another and still troll him.

But if you look you would actually discover, quite plainly, in the Terms and Conditions of the app that all user information is saved in their home country and not accessible elsewhere.

Meaning that US users info is saved to US servers and not accessible to the developers. All updates are sent to the various user countries for them to edit and upload if they want, and a lot of time they add their own spin on the original designs.

But it seems that Donald Trump wants to ban it because he’s still pouting that American influencers used the app to ruin one of his simple-minded demonstrations.

And if he does get his way and the app is banned in the US, watch a new surge of protests pop up because he’s going against the Constitutions Freedom of Speech, but then do we believe that China will honour it Terms and Conditions?

And don’t forget all Chinese companies are permitted to act on the direction of the Chinese Communist State, together with all that it implies.

And it now seems that he wants to ban anything that’s not American, including Democracy, presumably because it’s a Greek concept.

But when all said and done, we should all be sceptical of any technology that’s produced, it doesn’t matter who it is, but suddenly banning the use of something will always be a step in the wrong direction.

And in a democracy, which Donald Trump is determined to slaughter in the US, a person is permitted to support a complete authoritarian, narcissistic would-be dictator at their own free will. So, does that mean if we have no democracy the American’s don’t have to take any notice of him?

The point is, social platforms have been spying on us for years, so what’s the difference now? Aside from the fact that Donald Trump can use Facebook and Google to favour his own ends, and plus they’re American owned, so no one can challenge them.

And Donald Trump is the one that whines about censorship when it suits him and then condones it when it suits him – so the madness of Donald Trump escalates.

There have been many concerns over China spying on government agencies, and there’s been a lot of hypotheses, lots of talk, lots of rhetoric but precious little evidence, and if you believe it’s only the Chinese that is spying on other government agencies then we must all be on another planet.

Radical Idea For Over-40s To Pay More Tax To Finance Social Care Crisis


Tory ministers are reportedly considering radical plans to increase tax for everyone over 40 to pay for social care, and apparently, those over 40 would have to pay more in tax or national insurance or have to take out insurance against ending up in a care home.

The proposal bestowed to ministers would help plug the growing, multi-billion pound gap in social care funding, which will only increase as people live longer. However, a government source dismissed Health Secretary Matt Hancock was championing the idea as the Guardian reported.

And also, the source didn’t deny the plan was under consideration and said it wasn’t a solid plan. However, they continued that Matt Hancock was an advocate of the plan and had been contending for it in government, which was just plain crazy.

But a Downing Street spokesperson emphasised that it wasn’t true, that they were viewing the policy, and the idea mimics one that was established by Tory former minister Damian Green in 2018.

He suggested a levy could cost a worker on a normal wage of £27,600 an additional £364 a year and someone making £52,000 a year would pay an additional £884, and Damien Green said that more and more people are going to live to 100 and that they need a plan for that, and that the next generation or two wouldn’t have the same amount of money invested in their homes.

And he said that we should add perhaps 2 per cent in a mandatory National Insurance levy cutting in at about 40 years old, as they do in Japan so that our social care is guaranteed so that we won’t have to sell off our house.

A year ago Boris Johnson insisted there was a clear plan they’d planned to fix social care. However, he failed to outline any aspects of that plan, and was still discussing it with opposition parties, and couldn’t promise it would be published this year.

The only firm promise is that nobody will have to sell their homes to pay for care. So, this is the transition from the prevailing system, which bills some people until they have only £23,250 left.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said that they remained committed to bringing forth a system for social care, so that everyone is handled with decency and respect, and so that nobody has to sell their home to pay for care.

The Health Secretary has solicited views from across Parliament, but this is one of the most complicated matters they’ve encountered, and that it was right that they take the opportunity to develop a fair and sustainable solution.

And when asked to confirm the Prime Minister had no plan when he said he had one a year ago, and the spokesperson replied that they would continue to work on the proposals.

The spokesperson also said that they don’t shy away from the fact that this is a really complicated domain and that they need to make sure they get it right, and that they deliver a solution which is fair and also sustainable.

But why not tax the millionaires who can afford it?

However, whether we like it or not, social care does need serious improvement and consecutive governments can’t keep kicking the problem into the long grass for someone else to dispense with.

Sadly, it’s something that will affect us all at some time in our lives, so, therefore, needs to be suitably financed and if that means we must all give a little more to accomplish that, perhaps that’s what we should do, although I must confess we pay enough in taxes as it is.

The entire system requires serious reformation. We have private care homeowners hardly paying their carers minimum wage, and it should be means-tested so those who have the least still get to live out their last years in dignity and not used as some kind of commodity by private care owners.

We’re supposed to be a caring society, so our government need to make sure the elderly are looked after in their closing years. And it’s supposed to be the National Insurance service, not an insurance scheme, that’s why everyone in the country has a National Insurance number, and not a policy number.

And how about all those overcompensated puppets, I wonder if they would be prepared to take a pay cut? Instead, the government should be taxing the millionaires and billionaires, while they leave people alone who feasibly can’t afford a larger tax bill, but then that’s government indulgence for you.

People have been paying into the system for years and years, for their pension, for the NHS and probably a lot more that we don’t know about. With the older generation believing that they would get their pension, a pension that they paid into, by the way, to find out they wouldn’t get when they believed they would. All lies, lies and more lies, and this government just can’t keep moving the goalposts.

If the government makes a pledge, then they should have to stick to that promise by law. It’s not a game like Monopoly, these are real people that our government are playing with, and if that’s what our government think this is all about, then I want my £200 when I pass go – I’d probably be worth a tiny fortune by now, just like many in our government are.

I thought that age discrimination was illegal in the United Kingdom. Oh, it is! Because age is one of the preserved features under the Equality Act. So, now it seems as if we’re being treated unjustly because of age or because we’re of a particular age group.

And now that we’re out of the EU, well, we’ll be out of the transition in December, and then the UK government can, and probably will remove a number of EU directives such as this, and there will be no recourse in law to dispute it.

Pet Cat Contaminated With Coronavirus


A pet cat has been contaminated with coronavirus in the first known case of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The COVID 19 virus was discovered in the animal following tests by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in Weybridge, Surrey.

The cat and its owners, are being kept nameless, and have made a complete recovery.

This is the first confirmed case of an animal infection with the coronavirus strain in the United Kingdom after a tiny number was discovered in Europe, North America and Asia, and the government have said that there was no proof to propose the animal spread the disease to its owners.

Instead, a government spokesperson said that all obtainable evidence suggested that the cat got the coronavirus from its owners who’d earlier tested positive for COVID 19. However, there’s been no transmission to other animals or people in the household.

A private vet initially diagnosed the cat with the feline herpes virus after its owners noticed it was unwell.

However, the sample was then tested for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID 19, as part of a research programme.

Follow up samples confirmed the cat had indeed been co-infected with SARS-CoV-2, and Downing Street said the cat had nasal discharge and some shortness of breath that prompted its owners to go to the vet.

No 10 said the incident followed animal infections in countries including France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the US, China and Hong Kong.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said there was no indication that pets or other domestic animals directly spread the virus to people, but that if your pet is unwell, you should, of course, keep it inside until such time as it’s recovered. However, if you’re adequately concerned you can take your pet to the vet.

On another rather interesting note, a veterinarian centre in China found out that cats are particularly receptive to the virus, but what made them look in the first place?

So, now we know that cats can catch the virus. But the problem now, is that there are so many cats in the United Kingdom, they could end up spreading the virus with ease, so does that mean the government will say that we have to cull all cats just in case?

Don’t worry folks, nobody’s killing any cats – at the moment!

And it does seem pretty questionable, what will they come up with next? It’s in the tap water, so you can only buy bottles? Or we’ll have cats social distancing and wearing face masks next.

But even more troubling, now all people who are paranoid about coronavirus and all those who despise cats in the community will now believe they have the green light to get rid of or harm them.

Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds Wants Violent Felons To Fear Police Again


Nick Thomas-Symonds said that his aim was to refurbish trust in Labour as the party that will keep neighbourhoods safe, adding that in the working-class communities he represents – in South Wales there are people who have preyed on defenceless people.

And if we think of the disturbing growth in domestic abuse through the lockdown, there are clearly perpetrators out there who are not fearing that rap on the door from law enforcement, but the fact is, these people need to be afraid.

We unquestionably need a lower violent crime rate and more police officers, and that’s what Nick Thomas-Symonds wants for this country over the next four years.

He wants tougher punishments for knife crimes, which are on the table, but he emphasised that prevention must additionally play a role, and he continued that he’s supported tougher punishments on different offences and that he was prepared to look at that for the deterrent effect.

But that we could also lose sight of prevention, and it was about a suitably resourced violent crime policy and those prevention services that had been undermined in the past 10 years.

Nick Thomas-Symonds showed concern at recent images of heavy-handed policing but declined to say whether forces were institutionally prejudiced, and he said that we mustn’t lose sight of the work the vast preponderance of our police officers do and that we must support them in it.

He said that stop and search should be intelligence-led and Section 60 laws, which enable police to search anyone within a specific area, should be used sparingly.

Sadiq Khan appears to have completely lost control of policing in London, with the crime increasing to five times the national average rate, and he should have his special budget taken off him and returned to the Home Office.

Of course, this kind of policing is never going to happen because the police are now like terrified kids, driving around in their patrol cars because they can’t be bothered to walk, and some of these politicians on both sides need a check-up from the neck up because this is the real world and it will only get more serious.

The Tories said they would bring back 25,000 police officers, where are they? And that number wouldn’t even take the levels back to when Labour was in control.

In addition, the essential front line services, you know, the ones that had a tremendous influence on stopping crime, particularly amongst teenagers, where are they? The precious Tories and their budget cuts and austerity have slaughtered them, but once again, never let facts get in the way of idolism.

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