Liz Truss Says The United Kingdom May Join The US

Liz Truss today indicated that the United Kingdom could follow the US and hit Vladimir Putin with personal economic embargoes if Russia invades Ukraine as the Foreign Secretary declared she will visit the country next week.

US President Joe Biden said that direct action could be taken against Vladimir Putin if he gives the green light to an attack.

Liz Truss said that they have ruled nothing out in terms of sanctions when she was asked if the UK could follow suit.

But Russia hit back, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissing the threats as worthless because senior Russian officials are banned from holding assets abroad.

It came as four-way peace talks involving officials from Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine, were expected to take place in Paris as they try to thrash out a solution to a rumbling war in east Ukraine between Kiev forces and Russia backed separatists.

Discussions have been going on for years without making any real improvement but the fact that diplomatic efforts are continuing against the backdrop of the build-up of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine is likely to be regarded as a favourable sign.

Liz Truss said she will travel to Ukraine next week to offer more support to the Ukrainian’s in a brave move which will be seen as the UK stepping up its support for Kiev.

The trip will inevitably reignite comparisons between Liz Truss and former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Liz Truss memorably channelled Margaret Thatcher in November last year when she posed for pictures while riding in a tank as she issued an early warning to Vladimir Putin not to launch an attack into Ukraine.

The Foreign Secretary also urged Britain’s allies to do more to supply Ukraine with defensive support after the UK sent a selection of high-tech weaponry and an 80-tonne cargo of US anti-tank missiles which arrived in Kiev.

Russian troops have massed at the border with Ukraine but the Kremlin has continually repudiated its planning an attack.

NATO countries have alerted Vladimir Putin that Russia will encounter severe financial consequences if he does launch an attack.

Joe Biden said last night he would consider personal embargoes against Vladimir Putin if he invades Ukraine. The US has also threatened restrictions in a spectrum of areas, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing and aerospace.

But Russia hit back, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissing the threats as worthless because senior Russian officials are barred from holding assets abroad.

Remember when the media were portraying Theresa May as the new Margaret Thatcher, and then they did a bag of hit pieces on her rival leads – now it looks like they’re attempting to big up this comedian Liz Truss, and she’s trying to be something that she’s not.

This woman should really be kept schtum because reckless exchange costs lives.

And whatever Liz Truss is, she’s certainly no Margaret Thatcher. She’s just a politician whose zeal surpasses her capabilities – I suppose like most politicians these days.

Liz Truss thinks she’s Margaret Thatcher. Boris Johnson thinks he’s Winston Churchill, and if you ever wanted confirmation of a delusional state, you absolutely have one there.

The ex-Liberal Democrat Liz Truss went from Remain to Leave for personal political gain. The woman would try and sell cheese to a lactose intolerant person and she sold out British farmers for a worse deal than they had, and she really is nothing but an utterly dishonest and disdainful clown who believes her time to lead has come.

Crystal Hefner CONFIRMS

Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal said that she destroyed thousands of nude images taken on disposable cameras, confirming Holly Madison’s allegation that the Playboy founder kept a mountain of vengeance porn.

Crystal Hefner, 35, was married to Hugh from 2012 until his demise in 2017, aged 91.

On Monday night, in an episode of the 10 piece A&E series Secrets of Playboy, an ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner’s, Madison, told about the shady side of Hefner’s personality.

Madison, 42, who was with Hugh Hefner from 2001-8, said that he kept all sorts of nude images of women so he could legally use them as a form of blackmail, and the former model said she stayed with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in part because she was scared that he would publish the pictures.

Madison said in the documentary that his friends were always so supportive and spoke so favourably of him, but that was the only side of him they ever saw. They had no idea what was going on behind closed doors and how the women were treated.

She said that when she lived at the mansion, she was scared to leave. Something was lingering in the back of her mind, and she believed that from the very start, was that if she left there was just going to be this mountain of revenge porn just waiting to come out.

On Tuesday, Crystal confirmed Madison’s account.

She tweeted thousands of those disposable camera photos she was talking about @hollymadison.

She said that she instantly tore them up and eliminated every single one of them for her and the myriad other women in them. They’re gone.

Madison replied: ‘Thank you @crystalhefner’.

Crystal Hefner who was determined to set the record straight and took issue with other parts of the documentary, in particular, a declaration by poet Sharmagne Leland-St John-Sylbert, 76, that Hugh Hefner was intrigued with Charles Manson, and Leland-St John said that Hugh Hefner kept home videos of the Manson clan.

Sondra Theodore, who dated Hugh Hefner from 1976 to 1981, also compared life at the mansion to the notorious cult, saying that there were so many resemblances with the way the girls obeyed everything he said, and we were all one big happy family.

However, Crystal denied that her late husband was interested in the serial killer pointing out that he was friends with the Manson family prosecutor but not Manson himself.

The man was gross, yet these women flung themselves at him, but then girls love cars and money and some just love the limelight a lot more, and over the centuries women have used men to get what they want, and then there are the documentaries so that they can peddle their stories.

Don’t get me wrong, men use women as well, especially if they have money.

Money, lots of people want it, men and women. It’s not like it’s a shocker.

Everyone knew who owned Playboy and women were falling over themselves to get a piece of the action. Let’s face it everyone knew that the Playboy mansion wasn’t church, and it wasn’t a place where you could confess your sins, but they are now!

But you must hold your hat out to these women and they must have had an extremely strong stomach. Let’s face it he wasn’t the most attractive guy, but then I guess you don’t have to poke the mantlepiece to poke the fire.

Hugh Hefner was the image of a filthy old man, but these women were just fame-hungry wannabes, and I’d like to bet that if any of them rejected his advances, he would move on to his next exploit.

Migrant Makes V For Victory Sign

Migrants made a V for Victory sign as up to 30 crossed the Channel, after the total number of arrivals this month passed 1,000, compared to just 223 in January 2021.

Dozens of people, including a small child, arrived at the Dover Marina in Kent after they were picked up by Border Force.

A group of adults wearing black puffer jackets and pale blue face masks were among the arrivals, who came amid flat and calm conditions on the English Channel.

One of the men held up two fingers, displaying the peace for V for Victory symbol.

A child was witnessed being carried by officials after the migrants arrived in Dover.

It comes as a number of small boat Channel migrants who’ve anchored in Britain since the start of the past 1,000, two months earlier than last year.

Another 87 crossed on Sunday and 67 yesterday, bringing January’s total to 1,119 so far, not including today’s number, which hasn’t yet been confirmed by the Home Office.

Last January saw only 223 arrivals and the 1,000 mark was reached on March 24.

There were a record 28,400 arrivals in 2021 and Ministers expect a worst-case scenario of up to 65,000 this year.

Officials have renounced that new migrants will be concealed from sight at the Port of Dover after insiders argued that from next month they will debark behind a tall fence. Images of arrivals embarrass the Government because they show huge numbers.

A dock worker said that day after day more and more migrants were coming in by sea and it’s not the image the government wants to portray.

The government pledged to control our borders but the images reveal a different story.

A government source said that the Home Office’s contract to use part of the port was coming to an end and that operations will move to another part of the complex but it’s not correct that arrivals will no longer be visible.

Plans emerged last week to end daily updates of the number of crossings and publish the figures only four times per year. Tory MPs and campaigners slammed the move as a wild attempt to cover up the scale of the situation.

In total, an estimated 28,381 people travelled the Channel in 2021, more than treble the 8,400 that came in 2020.

It comes after it was reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave Home Secretary Priti Patel the green light to develop new capabilities that would allow male asylum seekers travelling the Narrow Sea to be held in immigration removal centres.

It seems that people are getting quite sick and tired of this one-way ticket, while the government does absolutely nothing and tries to hide their failures, and then they put up our taxes so that they can bleed us dry and push this once beautiful country into an impoverished dump.

It’s a burden on the taxpayer because they’re supporting people who contribute nothing to our society or won’t adopt our way of life.

These people have nothing in common with British culture and some don’t even want to adhere to it, and they refuse to learn or speak our language.

Financially they will never be any good to Britain, and most of them end up on benefits, and that wasn’t a V for Victory sign, it was probably a sign to say f–ck you UK.

Meanwhile, our children can’t get housed, the over 60’s have to spend loads of money for prescription items and our pensioners are starving and freezing to death while these people are given everything for free.

Boris Johnson Steps In

Boris Johnson tried to suppress a growing school rebellion as hundreds of headmasters continue to enforce classroom mask-wearing.

The Prime Minister urged secondary staff to follow new rules that state face coverings were no longer required in lessons.

He thinks it’s important that children receive face to face education and can enjoy a normal experience in the classroom.

Boris Johnson’s spokesman added that the Prime Minister also believes that schools should follow the latest guidance and that they’ve been clear that they’ve removed the need for face masks to be worn in classrooms and they will remove advice for face masks to be worn in communal areas from January 27.

His intervention comes as families complain that schools across England are still insisting on masks during lessons as precautions against COVID.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi has warned that the Department for Education officials will be in contact with schools that refuse to ditch face coverings. He will also personally vet any plans to bring back masks in schools in places struck by COVID outbreaks.

In a letter to MPs, Nadhim Zahawi said he’d kept his promise not to retain masks for a day longer than it was necessary. However, he agreed with public health chiefs that in the event of extraordinary local COVID spikes, they would consult with him before recommending the reintroduction of face coverings in schools.

In a statement, Nadhim Zahawi said banishing masks would ensure children could enjoy a normal experience in the classroom.

The DfE doesn’t have a legal means to force secondaries to follow the new advice, as the introduction of masks wasn’t legally binding either, but it expects schools to stick to the new guidance unless there are truly exceptional grounds.

A DfE source said officials would make it apparent to schools the expectation that students don’t wear masks.

The source said it’s a friendly chat if required and they didn’t want children to wear masks, but would work sensitively with any schools that are outliers to deliver that message.

Campaign group UsForThem said it had been contacted by hundreds of parents whose children’s schools are choosing to keep masks in class.

A spokesman said that the Department for Education needed to mandate that masks are purely voluntary at the choice of the child and can’t be enforced, required or strongly encouraged in school, but the National Education Union insisted that heads who kept coverings will have used professional judgment.

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary, said Whitehall micromanagement was utterly extreme if not bizarre.

This is nothing more than control by teachers, and the face nappy is nothing more than an instrument of suppression and fostering fear.

Schools are so weird, paranoid and deluded and some are making parents wear masks outdoors and all the teachers appear to be mask obsessed, but the government gave out a lot of mixed ambiguous messages. For months we’ve been ordered and strong-armed into wearing masks, and now it’s the total opposite, and this must be extremely confusing and unsettling for young people of any age where they seek clear guidance and instructions from trusted adults.

The thing about these teachers – they don’t care about educating your children, and enforcing mask-wearing just shows they believe they have all the power but they don’t because all children should be permitted to live freely, but you see the archaic education is where the brainwashing begins and our system is no longer fit for purpose.

But apart from teaching, perhaps Boris Johnson should also demand that GP surgeries get back to normal because at the moment the whole of the NHS is constant with COVID excuses.


Microchips implanted into one’s body is considered to make everyday life convenient and they open a perspective to replace traditional keys, cards, IDs, and even train tickets with a microchip.

Despite how futuristic this information sounds, in 2018 Business Insider published another article with an attached video from AFP showing that state-owned SJ, national Swedish railway started scanning the hands of passengers with biometric chips to collect their train fare.

Moreover, the article described implant parties organised since 2014 by Swedish biohacking group Bionyfiken. Implant parties are the sort of gatherings where people can willingly get a microchip plugged.

To illustrate the importance of microchips in Sweden, it’s worth mentioning the book called ‘The Swedish Chipping Phenomenon’ published by Lund University in 2019.

The author, Moa Petersén mentions that Sweden is a remarkable example of a nation where microchipping was accepted on a social level, and in her publication, we can discover some data on the number of microchips that were inserted between 2014-2018, and Moa Petersén described an event from 2017 covered by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

The source reports that the microchipping in Almedalen was organised by the Swedish state-owned train company Statens Järnvägar (SJ), and the politician Karin Svensson Smith, the then chairman of the government’s traffic committee.

The fact that about 5,500 Swedes have inserted similar microchips into their hands between 2014 and 2018 has attracted significant international attention.

Also, to examine if the statement that thousands of people in Sweden were inserting tiny microchips under their skin was reliable, founders of Chipster, a Swedish company, which specialises in inserting implants were asked if the data was an issue.

One of the co-founders Sina Amoor Pour said that there were about 6000 Swedes in total that have a chip. These were all the people that have been getting a chip since 2014.

However, what Sina Amoor Pour pointed out was the key factor was placing this data in the perspective of time.

The Swedish biohacker explained that an average of 1000 people have been getting chipped per year since 2014, but that also you needed to take into account that this was a lot more prevalent in 2014-2016 since it was a new thing and a lot of media were reporting it and that since then, the rate of people getting a chip had fallen.

This leads to the following determination, although, a statement from Pascale Davies article is true, the headline might be misleading.

It suggests that the trend is increasing lately, which according to Sina Amoor Pour above-mentioned statement it been slowly declining since 2016.

To sum it up, if you examine that statement. Thousands of Swedish have microchips inserted under their skin, which is true and there are about 6000 Swedish who have been chipped. Nevertheless, it’s not a new trend and reached its peak in years 2014-2016.

Technology continues to get closer and closer to our bodies, from the phones in our pockets to the smartwatches on our wrists, and now for some people, it’s getting under their skin.

Sweden is a country that’s rich with technological advancement with thousands of people having microchips inserted into their hands.

Supporters of the tiny chips say they’re safe and largely protected from hacking, but one scientist raised privacy concerns around the kind of personal health data that might be stored on the devices.

About the size of a grain of rice, the chips are generally inserted into the skin just above each user’s thumb, using a needle comparable to that used for giving vaccinations. The procedure costs around £133.

Many Swedes were lining up to get the microchips, but the country’s main chipping company said it couldn’t keep up with the number of requests, and more than 4000 Swedes have embraced the technology, with one company, Biohax International, dominating the market.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Under Investigation By The LAPD

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car collision in Los Angeles that affected four automobiles and left his huge black SUV perched on top of another car, leaving one other motorist with a head injury.

The former governor, 74, was driving his GMC Yukon SUV and was about to turn onto the busy Sunset Boulevard, approximately half a mile from his home in the Brentwood area when he crashed into a red Toyota Prius at 4.35 pm.

The Prius was said to have been making a U-turn in the road when the crash happened, but the impact of the collision was so severe that the Prius airbags deployed as a result of the crash as did those in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s car.

The star’s SUV then started to roll into a white Porsche Cayenne that was directly behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, and law enforcement are now conducting a full inquiry into how the accident happened, although no tickets have been issued, but one police source said that they believed the accident was the fault of the Terminator actor, who was trying to make a left turn but didn’t wait for a left turn arrow at the intersection of Sunset and Allenford Avenue.

Police told TMZ that Arnold Schwarzenegger was making a left turn while the arrow for a left turn was still red. He was not ticketed by the police and unharmed in the collision.

He was worried about the woman who was hurt, checked on her and talked to police officers and firefighters who were quickly at the scene.

Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to a newspaper outlet that no arrests had been made and that the crash didn’t seem to involve any form of DUI.

Neither alcohol nor drugs were suspected as a factor in this collision and all parties remained at the location, and the police statement said no additional information would be made public.

Pictures posted to social media showed the tire on the passenger’s side of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s SUV firmly on the hood of the Prius, smashing its headlights and sending debris into the road.

The female driver was injured in the collision and was seen to be bleeding heavily from her head although her injury wasn’t believed to be serious and she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vehicle looks more like a tank than a car, and this SUV definitely wasn’t Greta Thunberg approved, and considering he’s also one of those climate change pushers, well that makes him a typical hypocrite with his oversized SUV – perhaps he’s compensating for something!

I would guess that this might be an absurdly oversized lawsuit, although I’m sure he will have this dealt with out of court because he won’t want his name hauled through the mud, especially when he’s sermonizing global warming all the time, which makes him a super hypocrite like the rest of the celebs out there who preach about climate change and then take jets to travel all over the world.

Arnold was wailing about climate changes, greenhouse gases and fossil fuels then the fool was driving around in his fuel gulping truck – he’s a liberty taker, and his carbon footprint is the size of a small town.

I’m not sure why Arnie needs such an enormous automobile, and he evidently doesn’t care about the world like he said he did – cruising around without a care in the world.

All I can say is hasta la vista, Prius, and that Arnie won – perhaps he thought he was back in his Terminator role!

Meat Loaf’s Legendary Status Is Cruelly Mocked

Within hours of the singer Meat Loaf’s demise on Thursday after a reported bout with COVID 19, some took to social media to ridicule his viewpoints opposing mask and vaccine mandates.

Meat Loaf’s family and spokespeople have so far not confirmed either his cause of death or his vaccination status, but TMZ quoted sources saying that he was extremely ill with COVID when he died.

Running with his stated resistance to directives, numerous critics assumed that the renowned singer was unvaccinated, and took the opportunity to heap scorn on him.

In the end, Meat Loaf let everyone know what he wouldn’t do for love – get vaccinated.

Progressive activist Brianna Wu tweeted that she wasn’t going to point out that he was an anti-mask science denier who had a very serious case of COVID, and that he used his public platform to encourage others to dismiss precautions, and that she wished his family and loved one’s comfort, but she also added that she believed it was totally ethical to mock public figures who engage in destructive behaviour with COVID and then die.

Tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin tweeted that Meat Loaf was a pandemic a–hole, and that if you were and are a fan that’s okay, but that the due was a d— about the pandemic, and that it sounds like he f—ed around and found out.

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid was more cautious, paying tribute to Meat Loaf’s performance in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she called gloriously campy and rude fun, and she added that his views on COVID vaccine mandates were feeling like yet another cautionary tale, but would just leave it at RIP and condolences.

The singer was born Marvin Lee Aday and he passed on Thursday at the age of 74, after suffering numerous health problems in recent years.

Two weeks ago, his daughter Pearl posted on Instagram that a number of her friends and family had tested positive for COVID. She didn’t specify if her father was one of them.

It remains unclear whether Meat Loaf was vaccinated or not because he refused to disclose it to his fans, and urged them not to talk politics when coming to his performances, and his family have not revealed if the singer passed at his home in Nashville or in the hospital.

Meat Loaf told a fan three weeks ago that he’d recently had an endoscopy and grumbled about the seemingly incessant lockdowns and restrictions, telling the fan in a Cameo video that COVID was a pain, but that you could blame China.

Geeze, it didn’t take long for the nasty people to show up, did it? The dude just died. He was 74 years old, the older generation, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs.

After all, it’s your body and your choice if you are vaccinated or not, and it’s a peculiar group of people that mock someone that’s just passed, and yet they think they’re the sort of people on the right side of history.

One day all these internet haters will really regret how they acted during this horrible time in World History.

Something awful has happened over the past few years, and it seems that far too many people have become so filled with anger and hate that they’ve misplaced their sense of humanity and common decency, but then social media has given everyone a platform, and revelling in someone’s death demonstrates some kind of point is beyond disgusting.

Meat Loaf lived a long and prosperous life. He made money, created art that will be around longer than any of us and saw the world many times over, and if humans weren’t bad enough, COVID really has brought out the very worst in some people and we should be ashamed of what we’ve become.

It’s Imperative That Boris Johnson Is Removed From Power As Soon As Possible

Last week’s events at Westminster were unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in UK politics, and over the last three years, as the Brexit chaos has staggered from crisis to crisis, as the last Prime Minister was compelled to quit, and the present Prime Minister relinquishes control of the House of Commons, and in the last few days we appear to have entered completely unknown territory.

First, there was the Supreme Court’s ruling that Boris Johnson had acted unlawfully when he closed down Westminster for five weeks.

Of course, it had been patently evident to everyone that his claims that he needed to shut down Parliament in order to work on his legislative agenda were total garbage, the only thing he wanted to close down was any attempt by MPs to scrutinise his Brexit strategies.

It’s truly historic and unprecedented in our current democracy that a Prime Minister has been held to have violated the law in order to, in the words of the Supreme Court, frustrate or prevent the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions.

The UK Government wasn’t defeated in court on a technicality. It was a unanimous decision by all 11 judges, and we should pay tribute to the campaigners in England and those in Scotland, led by the SNP’s Joanna Cherry MP, who brought those court actions, but Boris Johnson’s week of shame didn’t end there.

Yanked back to Parliament to explain himself, rather than apologise or show any remorse, he instead blamed everybody else, using some of the worst language ever articulated by any politician in the House of Commons.

And when one MP pleaded with him to tone down his incendiary vocabulary, reminding him of the horrendous killing of MP Jo Cox just before the Brexit referendum, he described her remarks as humbug.

Politicians, particularly in leadership positions, must strive to act respectfully in everything they do, whether this is on a national level in parliament and the media, online, or locally in our constituencies, and when that agenda of respect slips and conduct isn’t of the standard expected, we shouldn’t waver for one moment to condemn it, and after Boris Johnson’s deplorable conduct last week, it’s never been more apparent that in both his deeds and his words that he’s not fit to be Prime Minister, and he needs to be removed from power as soon as possible.

Boris Johnson needs to go because he’s a disgrace, and he should take his cabinet with him as well because they’re all the same.

Boris Johnson isn’t sorry he did it, he’s sorry he got caught with his pants down, and party politics aside, any Prime Minister needs to have integrity. This one has none and it’s time for a change.

Boris Johnson isn’t going away, and he won’t go away until he’s well and truly shoved and shoved hard because the man has no shame, but none of this should come as a surprise to anyone because Boris Johnson’s deception and egotistical superiority were all very well documented prior to his election as Party Leader, and there might be lifelong Conservative voters out there, but I can’t see them ever voting for Boris Johnson again.

It’s amazing that Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab are still implying that it wasn’t a breach of restriction, or that the public perceived it to be, and the sheer contempt he’s holding for the people of this country is incredible – he’s not fit to run a bath, let alone a country, and now hopefully the public are beginning to see this.

No 10 Insists It’s Not True Boris Johnson Cried

No 10 said that Boris Johnson didn’t cry as he begged Tory MPs to support him and ditch their so-called pork pie plot.

A group of 20 Tory MPs elected in 2019 met to discuss how they were going to unseat the Prime Minister.

According to stirring rumours, they were planning to send letters to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 committee, voicing their lack of faith in Boris Johnson.

Still, there’s no word of how many, if any of them, have gone through with the plan, but according to reports that didn’t prevent the Prime Minister from calling them up.

Boris Johnson is said to have wept as he appealed for the group of 2019 Tories to support him as he fights for his political life.

When asked if the Prime Minister was in tears as he met the MPs, the Prime Minister’s press secretary said that they’d seen the report and that it wasn’t true.

The Prime Minister’s Secretary acknowledged that she wasn’t there when they spoke, but she added a second time that it wasn’t true.

Christian Wakeford, who defected from the Conservative party to Labour, was a Tory 2019 MP who’d been expressing his outrage over the Prime Minister’s handling of partygate for some time.

Christian Wakeford was cheered by the Labour Party as he sat on their benches, but the Tories hissed and yelled that it was shocking at the same time.

The gathering got its pork moniker as Alicia Kearns MP for Rutland and Melton hosted the meeting – Melton is the town best known for its pork pies.

Christian Wakeford was one of seven Tory MPs that had publicly called for Boris Johnson’s resignation.

In a historic letter to Boris Johnson, he said the Tories were incapable of offering the leadership and government this country deserves, but the Prime Minister insisted he will win the next election, despite senior Tory David Davis telling him ‘in the name of God, go’ in the Commons.

Replying to Christian Wakeford’s defection publicly, Boris Johnson said at PMQ’s that the Conservative Party won Bury South for the first time in generations under this Prime Minister, with a plan of uniting and levelling up and delivering for the people of Bury South, and that they would win again in Bury South at the next election, under this Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson has always had a serious issue with rejection, and now he’s resorted to begging for his job, and now perhaps the Labour cabinet can break him down even further so that they can get this maniac out.

Snivelling Boris Johnson. What a waste of wallpaper paste, perhaps he can take it with him when he goes. That’s if he actually did cry or was he just rubbing his chubby little fists into his eyes to make us feel sorry for him, and let’s face it, it’s like watching a Pantomime, and this is very embarrassing for the country.

Let’s give him a hand stripper for all that pricey wallpaper! I said hand stripper and not stripper – that will be his next wife!

Real men cry, not crooks and clowns.

Russian Politicians Mock Boris Johnson’s Dancing

Boris Johnson’s dancing has been ridiculed by hardline Russian politicians on state TV as they quipped about destroying London but sparing Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Footage of the Prime Minister boogying with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member when he was mayor appeared last week amid the continuing partygate scandal.

The viral clip reached state channels Rossiya 1 in Russia with pro-Kremlin host Vladimir Solovyov joking about the famous dancer with hardline politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The pair scoffed at the dancing Prime Minister making threats towards Russia as they also warned of a big catastrophe ahead for Europe, with London in the crosshairs.

Vladimir Solovyov said, how could one live without London’s famous dancer Boris Johnson? And that they could rob world culture of such a renowned dancer.

In the stark and chilling ramping up of rhetoric amid fears of a new European conflict, the ultranationalist figures ridiculed the West with obliteration if it fails to give Vladimir Putin the security guarantees he demands.

While Zhirinovsky, a veteran MP and Liberal Democrat Party leader, has no power over the Russian government, his anti-Western threats are aired prominently on state TV.

He said that they were partying for the last time. Champagne, whisky – there’s a big tragedy ahead for humanity, for Europe and that there could only be one solution, by force, no other, and he said that after the start of an armed conflict in Europe, the count of victims would be in their millions and that there would be no time to count.

He told the TV audience that they should stop flying to New York because the metropolis would soon no longer exist, and he said that it’s time for events that no one desires, that seemed a fantasy and that the great America, the rich Europe, it can all stop. With some regions of Europe vanishing – Kyiv, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and London, and that not all of Europe should be destroyed, but London yes! Let the Scots, Irish and Welsh live, but not London because it was always the centre of anti-Russian propaganda.

Zhirinovsky, 75, is the leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party and a six-time nominee in Russian presidential elections, and his pro-Kremlin is the fourth largest in the Russian parliament, and he said that they demand that the West’s weapons be moved away from the border with Russia.

And while this is going on Boris Johnson is dancing and having fun. Perhaps we should just give Boris Johnson over to the Russians. A bottle of Vodka would be a lovely gesture of goodwill, but actually, the gift would be all ours.

But the fact that the Russian are actually talking about nuclear Armageddon is more frightening than Boris Johnson’s dancing and they’re not to be trusted as far as you can throw them.

However the Russian’s are talking about nuclear weapons it’s because they’re weak and they can’t win conventionally and Vladimir Putin is like a schoolboy bully throwing his weight around, knowing that really, he’s not that tough at all, but always threatens to bring in his big brother in when things don’t go his way, but big brothers tend to come down and get lamped, and Russia is just a horrible barbaric nation.

They mocked Boris Johnson’s dancing, but clearly, they haven’t heard bagpipes or seen a Scottish man leaping about in a kilt and dancing shoes, or for that matter a Welsh woman in a top hat brandishing a Leek, or an Irish person dancing with their arms glued to their sides. We all have our idiosyncrasies and quirks, thank goodness they didn’t see Morris Dancers.

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