In Nepal And Across The World

The pandemic has worsened economic distress, and investigations have revealed a distinct connection between marrying early and dying young.

In Rapti Sonari, Nepal, Sapana dreamed of becoming a government official, and each night, in her hut along a bumpy dirt road, the 17-year-old lit a single solar-powered bulb hanging from the ceiling and hit the books, planning out a future much different from her mother’s.

But as the coronavirus crept across Nepal, closing the schools, Sapana lost focus. Stuck in her village with little to do, she struck up a rapport with an out of work labourer.

They fell in love and soon they married. Now, Sapana has given up her professional dreams, with no plans to return to school.

Sapana said as she sat breastfeeding her 2-month-old son on the floor of her simple home, that things might have been different if she hadn’t abandoned her studies.

What happened to Sapana in a small town in Nepal is happening to girls across the developing world, and child marriage is growing at disturbing levels in numerous places, and the coronavirus pandemic is reversing years of hard-earned progress towards keeping young women in school.

In a report, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund predicted that an additional 10 million girls this decade will be at risk of child marriage, defined as a union before the age of 18 years old.

Henrietta Fore, UNICEF’s executive director said that COVID 19 has made an already challenging situation for millions of girls even worse and that what especially concerns advocates for children is the obvious connection between marrying early and dying young.

Pregnancy complications and childbirth are the leading cause of death in girls aged 15 to 19 in developing countries, according to the World Health Organisation, and the children of child brides are at much greater risk of infant death.

Experts say the pandemic has increased the factors that drive child marriage, such as a lack of education, economic hardship, parental mortality and teen pregnancy, which has been increased by disruptions in getting contraception, and Nankali Maksud, a senior adviser to UNICEF said that COVID 19 had taken them backwards.

In some cases, young girls are forced by parents or other authority figures into marriage with older men. But child advocates also worry about the young women who, because of the pandemic’s impact, are drifting away from school and see early marriage as their only choice, forsaking ambitions, education and a better life.

Many child marriages are never recorded, and UNICEF predicts that 650 million girls and women alive today were married in childhood.

Child advocates say they’re seeing an upsurge in places where it’s long been a problem, such as India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Malawi, where teen pregnancies in some areas have tripled, and this pandemic has highlighted inequalities in a million different deplorable ways.

This isn’t marriage, it’s rape, and just another name for child trafficking and the United Nations should take this seriously because this is a barbaric criminal act perpetrated against innocent victims that can’t protect themselves against this criminal act that carries serious consequences for the victims, and it’s never okay if there’s a non-consenting child involved.

And telling people when to marry is a sign of a dystopian state, and is intended to exploit young children and women.

Fat-Shamers Have Felt Empowered By COVID

There appears to be a toxic atmosphere of mirth around the link between coronavirus and obesity.

It’s not news that there’s a link between COVID mortality rates and the country’s obesity level, and it may have been confirmed for the first time last week by the World Obesity Forum, but this has been word of mouth truism since the start.

There’s always someone out there that knew a man whose brother in law worked in intensive care and said only fat people suffered seriously.

Then Boris Johnson set this in stone, complaining to his cabinet that it was all right for thinnies, which isn’t a word, is it? Nor is gloomster, but then this is the pinnacle of the Prime Minister’s ego, and he seems to find the English language incomplete without the inclusion of some baby words.

But what is even more irritating is the atmosphere of merriment around the link to obesity, in the belief that to a lot of people, suddenly the world will make sense again.

It’s not a tragedy that some people are overweight and some people aren’t, and it’s certainly not a wicked and random hand of fate, and it’s certainly not about people who had it coming to them, but it seems that obesity is the magic bullet and it charms up a fairytale world in which evil things happen only to bad people, and the more repugnant upshot you can attach to overeating, the more bizarre you’ve made your tiny world.

Fat-shaming never owns its agenda, it simply raises its eyebrows and uses vague connectives which says we’ve become a fat, ageing society – using society as a fig leaf to sound like all of us when what it means is those people.

And because it never speaks its name, the fat hate, you can never argue against it. A little like a dog trying to attack a fly through a window, is it a fly, or is it all in my head? But I’m pretty sure there is a noise, it’s called disapproval, snobbery, judgment, along with a constant, wordless buzzing because you just haven’t figured out how to open the window yet.

And I do wish that people would educate themselves and use proper grammar when speaking about obesity because weight isn’t the disease, it’s just one of the many symptoms, and the reason people with uncontrolled obesity are at greater risk for COVID 19 is down to obesity-related prolonged inflammation, low muscle mass and immune system compromise, so we must stop thinking that size + fat + weight = obesity.

Overeating is extremely subjective, and most importantly, it’s not one of the root problems of onset obesity.

A lot happens to our biology to trigger malfunctioning of leptin and other hormonal receptors to the point that our stop eat signals don’t get to our brain, which is just another sign of uncontrolled obesity, and why people overeat or under eat is a very complex thing.

So, if you were profoundly abused as a child, the function of your brain physically and permanently changes, it’s that simple, and you lose the regulator that tells you when you’re full.

Also, childhood trauma affects the part of the brain that can lead to addiction, and that addiction could be alcohol, drugs, food et cetera – would you tell a heroin addict that it’s simple, just have less, of course not.

Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Britons have hit out at US celebrities after the Queen was urged to apologise for the way the Royal Family have treated Meghan Markle.

Hosts of the US talk show The View attacked the Royal Family, labelling them as desperate over the treatment of Meghan since Megxit, and ABC co-host Sunny Hostin called on the Queen to publicly apologise for not protecting the Duchess.

But now, commenters have lashed out at the demand.

One person said: “What? Who the hell do they think they are talking to or about?

“Meghan Markle chose to join a revered organisation that lives by a very strict code.

“Then she wanted to change it. That is not for a newcomer to think, or for any newcomer to imagine.

“If she thought that was what going to happen she was delusional.

“She and Harry owe the Queen and the country a massive apology.”

Another said: “A two-bit actress thinks the Queen of England should apologise to her?”

Someone else said the bullying accusations did not come out because the “palace was protecting Meghan”.

They said: “The reason this bullying accusation didn’t come out when it was happening is probably because the palace were protecting Meghan!

“How we are all accused of being racist in Britain is disgusting!

“The reason we turned against Meghan and Harry is because they are hypocrites who preach to us on a daily basis!

“How about Meghan should apologise to her 96-year-old grandmother in law!!”

Another reader said: “As an American, QE better not apologise.

“This is so embarrassing and complete liberal Hollywood bs!

“Shame on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and anyone who supports them!”

A fourth reader simply said: “Does anyone in the UK actually care what ‘US celebrities’ think??”

Another person said: “The Royal Family took Meghan to their hearts particularly because she was mixed race and they wanted her to feel welcome.

“They gave her everything and she was given far more than any other Royal bride.

“They gave in to her every whim and tantrum but she just couldn’t cope with not being top dog to William and Catherine.

“Jealousy is a terrible thing and she has repaid them by giving these terrible interviews.”

This comes after Buckingham Palace announced an inquiry into allegations of bullying by the Duchess of Sussex.

And it seems as if Harry is trying to protect Meghan because he doesn’t want what happened to Diana to happen to Meghan, and yet it already looks like it’s beginning to happen, and it makes you question how safe Meghan is because she’s making enemies like there’s no tomorrow, and I do hope that history isn’t going to repeat itself.

But both Meghan and Harry made their own decisions, they’re both grown-ups, and if anything, both complicit in the choices that they make, and Harry loves his wife, and knows what he wants.

All Harry wanted was to stay away from the gutter press, the problem is, that now, the people are his gutter press as well. But we have to give Harry some credit, he did spend his time in the army doing his bit for his country.

However, now, what he should be doing is rolling his sleeves up and helping those poor soldiers that are now sleeping on the streets and starving because they have nowhere to go, and he should be supporting those that supported him!

One Per Cent NHS Pay Rise Is An Insult

The son of a nurse who’d inspired almost her whole family to go into the same profession before her death from coronavirus has described the one per cent pay rise for NHS staff as an insult.

Linda Obiageli Udeagbala, 60, who lived in Croydon, south London, died last month after getting the virus.

She’d worked for the NHS for nearly 20 years, most recently with Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Her son Colin, 33, has since slammed the government’s one per cent pay rise as disrespectful and an insult to a lot of nurses.

Earlier this week Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted the one per cent pay rise for staff was fair, costing the government over £500 million a year, and said that he cared about nurses, but furious health unions, including the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Midwives, the Royal College of Nursing and Unison, wrote an open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak about their concerns.

NHS workers are now planning to carry out a socially distanced demonstration outside Downing Street and in Manchester city centre over the pay offer later today.

Mrs Udeagbala had encouraged some members of her family to seek a career in healthcare.

Her husband, Francis, is a psychiatric nurse, daughter Cheyrinne is a midwife, Angelica is a paediatric nurse, and son Colin, along with Gerard, are mental health nurses.

Colin, talking about the pay rise offer, told a news outlet that the pay rise has always been below inflation, so realistically, they’re not getting a pay rise, and he said that it seems like a pay cut to most people.

He said, that there were so many nurses that have to go to food banks and things just to make ends meet, and that, especially for nurses who have been pretty much on the front line of this coronavirus battle, a one per cent pay rise is especially small.

And he said that you would have thought that the government would say that they knew that nurses have sacrificed a lot, and that giving them more money would be their way of saying thank you.

Matt Hancock defended the wage proposal on Friday, claiming there were issues of affordability following £40 billion of borrowing by the Government during its response to the coronavirus crisis.

He told the Downing Street press conference that the pandemic had brought financial consequences but insisted the offer was fair.

Nurses should be commended for their vocation, and although they did it because they cared, it’s only right they should be compensated for that work – after all, they weren’t doing it for the benefit of their health, they were doing it for the good of other people’s well-being, and numerous people were made to work through the pandemic, but will get no recognition at all.

It’s okay for Matt Hancock, he didn’t have to deal with people dying every single day, and the psychological effects alone are worth more than the one per cent increase he’s offering.

The fact of the matter is care isn’t valued by any Government, and care given for free is of even less importance, and you would have thought that this pandemic would have taught us the value of things that matter, particularly our Government.

No clapping, no drawings of rainbows will put food on people’s plates, help them pay their bills or plan for the future – that’s if there’s any future left after this pandemic, and it’s mindblowing that in this first budget there’s not one mention of the thing we all seem to value in the depths of despair – care. It’s shameful.

Queen Sends A Message To Philip, Charles And William

The dutiful Queen joined forces with her family to commemorate Commonwealth Day, but her poorly husband was definitely on her mind as she chose a brooch she wore on their honeymoon.

With Prince Philip recuperating in hospital after heart surgery, the monarch paid the poignant tribute in a BBC programme being screened at 5 pm today ahead of tomorrow’s Day.

It’s being described as a display of solidarity by senior members of the Royal Family, with Charles, Camilla, Kate, William and Sophie taking part, where they will showcase their life of public service, in contrast to the life Prince Harry and Meghan have chosen for themselves in California.

Late tonight, Harry and Meghan’s controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey will be shown in the US before ITV airs it at 9 pm tomorrow.

But the Queen seems to be brushing off any concerns about what her grandson and his wife may say by concentrating on the Duke of Edinburgh.

Her chrysanthemum brooch, made from sapphires and diamonds set in platinum, was seen on their honeymoon at Broadlands, Hants, in 1947. The Queen wore it again to mark their 60th and 73rd wedding anniversaries in 2007 and last November.

This time she matched it with a delphinium blue dress and jacket of silk and wool cloque by Angela Kelly.

Her Majesty, 94, was filmed against a backdrop of Commonwealth flags in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle for the BBC show called A Celebration For Commonwealth Day.

It was recorded to replace the usual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, which was cancelled because of COVID restrictions.

The annual service, the last royal appointment attended by Prince Harry and Meghan in March last year, is one of the most important in the royal calendar, highlighting the Queen’s dedication to the Commonwealth.

The association of 54 essentially former British Empire nations which has a combined population of 2.4 billion, and the Queen, as its head, hopes it will be her lasting legacy.

She’d given Harry and Meghan special responsibility to be her ambassadors, connecting and representing the 60 per cent of Commonwealth inhabitants who are aged under 30.

This year the Queen’s address will be an audio recording that has been embargoed until the programme airs.

Prince Charles has recorded a message in Westminster Abbey, in which he discusses the universal devastation caused by COVID.

He will say that the coronavirus pandemic has affected every country in the Commonwealth, viciously robbing innumerable people of their lives and livelihoods, disrupting our societies and denying us the human connections which we so greatly cherish.

As for Harry, he came from a fractured family and it destroyed him, and there’s no way he will do that to his own family, and all this turmoil directed at his wife will just make them stronger.

Harry isn’t a bad person, and whatever he wants to do is none of our business, and he and Meghan are the ones suffering from all the cruel comments. No family is perfect, and it’s even worse if you’re in the public eye because the public can be just as critical as the media.

And the Queen will carry on as usual, and rightly so, she has her husband to worry about, and the Royal Family, in general, have endured considerably bigger storms than this.

Harry and Meghan wanted financial independence, but there was a right way to go about it and a wrong way. Harry needs to remember that this isn’t just his former employer he’s upset, it’s his grandmother, and many people if they did similar would find it hard looking in their family’s eye after that.

Meghan might be able to hide forever in the US, but Harry will have to come back for visits at some point, and this is a car crash in the making, but the Royal Family will be just fine after it, they always are.

Morally bankrupt!

This week, the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said the AstraZeneca subcontractor Halix, which is based in the Netherlands, had not sent doses of the jab to the United Kingdom since the bloc implemented export controls.

Speaking in The Hague, Thierry Breton gloated and said that everything has stayed in the EU.

He said the vaccine producers must first deliver what was promised to EU member states, but readers have lashed out at the bloc urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tear up any deals with the EU.

One said that Boris Johnson seriously needed to rip up any deals with the EU, and that this charade just couldn’t go on any longer and that he would pay for it eventually if he didn’t.

Another reader said that now we see the EU superstate at its finest and that it was a disgrace.

Someone else said it was just another example of why the United Kingdom was better off out of the EU.

A fourth reader said that the EU needs more than vaccinations because it’s sick as it can ever become and that sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any medication to cure its illness, and that the illness is called the Mad EU disease and it’s spread extensively amongst its politicians.

Someone else said the EU is morally bankrupt, failed and corrupt with politicians.

They said that the EU struts around with its chest puffed out trying to look down on everyone else and shouting look how morally superior we are, but that in fact, they’re morally bankrupt, failed and corrupt politicians.

Another person called the bloc a pack of schoolyard bullies, and they said that they criticised the AstraZeneca vaccine, not approved till a few weeks ago and that now, they don’t want anybody else that ordered it before them to have it.

Someone else urged the Government to take urgent action to make sure no vaccines from the United Kingdom go to the EU cesspit.

In January, the EU introduced export controls on vaccine exports after it accused AstraZeneca of cutting supplies intended for member states.

Since then, the jab producers have had to put official requests to member states before accepting orders from non-EU countries.

The move allowed Italy to block a shipment of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to Australia.

The bloc’s export authorisation scheme for vaccines is meant to terminate at the end of March but the European Commission is planning to extend it until June.

This is the EU in all its glory, they’re like a Fagin gang of child pickpockets and thieves, and now it seems that the EU could never be trusted and now it’s not just the UK that is seeing this.

And the latest EU mantra is as long as I’m okay Jack, and they do seem to be the lowest of the low, with no moral compass to guide them, but then nobody should be surprised by this, and little Englanders flounced out of the EU, and now consequences will follow.

What makes it even worse, this vaccine was principally developed here in the United Kingdom by our very own scientists, so how can Boris Johnson stand by and let this happen and take no action?

But it appears that the less Boris Johnson does, the more the EU shows its true aim, and that they just want to stiff the United Kingdom, and it puts the EU on a whole new level of shocking behaviour for the world to see.


A pregnant mum of four has been left horrified after her family has been made to live in a crowded two-bed plagued with rats and mould.

Kellie Sullivan said she was at the end of her tether over the property in Oldham, Manchester, continually battling leaks and rodents.

The mum said she frantically attempted to keep the home clean but was facing an insurmountable task, with her dozens of applications for other homes knocked back, and she said that her growing family of four children, with her fifth child due in just weeks, were bursting out of the two-bed home with no place to put anything.

First Choice Homes has since apologised, saying they were working to find her a new home, but Kellie Sullivan said it’s so overcrowded, and they’ve only got one storage space, so she’s got nowhere to put anything, and that they’ve been living out of bags for 4 years, and she said that she can’t find the things she’s looking for and that it’s chaos 24/7.

And she said that she cleans the house continually because the smell of the damp just gets to her otherwise.

She said she constantly tried cleaning, spending £60 a month on cleaning products but was fighting a losing battle.

The mum, who’s 34 weeks pregnant, said the family had been forced to throw out clothes, furniture and carpets that had been destroyed by the leaking water and damp in the house.

Rats and mice have also been spotted in the home and the garden, and Kellie even fears that her daughter has fallen ill due to the presence of rodents in the home.

And Kellie said the crowded home meant her children were forced to sleep in one room, with no room to set up her eldest son’s sensory equipment to help his autism.

She added that she slept on the kitchen floor when her daughter was born because there wasn’t any place in the bedroom for her daughter’s cot.

Emma Davison, executive director for customer first at First Choice Homes Oldham, said the family were at the top of their list and she said that they work hard to accommodate people on the waiting list with a suitably sized home as quickly as they can and that due to the volume of people in Oldham waiting for a home and the COVID 19 pandemic, then that means people are not moving as often and that this sometimes may take longer than they would want.

However, the council or whichever association they’re with should be sorting out their infestation in the meantime while they wait because no one should have to live like this in this country, regardless of how many children they have, and it’s sickening, and her council should be penalised for renting the home in that state.

And in the meantime, up the road in hotels, illegal immigrants are arriving every day by boat and being delivered to hotels at no cost to themselves.

Mould and mildew are seemingly the most serious problems that can occur due to a water leak because mould and mildew are likely to develop, grow in damp places, on wet patches and areas that build up moisture quickly, and even a few drops of water a day can lead to creating damp spots where mould is highly likely to appear.

And mould and mildew are not only harmful to the structural components of your home, but they can also pose some serious health risks, particularly for those who have respiratory problems and asthma.

Mould spores are known to cause allergic responses, skin sensitivities, nose and throat inflammation and soreness, coughing, sneezing, itchy and red eyes, and similar.

Brave Mum Dies After Using Her Own Body As A Shield To Save Twin Boys During A Car Crash

A brave mum has died after using her own body so that she could shield her twin boys in a car crash.

Selfless Hillarie Galazka sacrificed her own life to block the impact of the horror crash to protect her young sons.

The 29-year-old died throwing herself in front of her children Hunter and Owen, both five, who were left with minor injuries.

The quick-thinking mum was forced into the heroic act after driving back to her home in Lincoln Park, Michigan on March 1 when her vehicle was rear-ended on an interstate entrance.

The motorist who hit Hillarie’s vehicle was speeding and left the scene.

Hillarie’s mum Jodie Kelley said that her daughter’s body saved them, and she said that the boys said that they saw their mother open her eyes, and look at them and then she closed her eyes and never opened them again. The boys remember that.

The crash is being investigated by state police in Michigan, and reports say that the motorist was later discovered in a hospital and it was found that he had a suspended licence, five current suspensions and two local warrants on top of two prior convictions.

And according to a news outlet the full identity of the male driver, 25, has not yet been released by police, who are awaiting blood tests.

Hillarie’s mother said that she’s devastated and that she couldn’t understand why this man wasn’t in jail for his whole life for all of his warrants.

Two fundraisers have been set up in the wake of the devastating crash, one for the funeral and another to raise money for the children.

Hillarie also had another son, eight, who wasn’t travelling in the vehicle at the time.

Brother Jacob Galazka said that he was just glad the babies survived a tragedy for the family and that everyone loves the children. Everyone loved Hillarie and that she was a good-hearted, strong, beautiful woman and she didn’t deserve to die.

The GoFundMe pages have raised more than $30,000 (£21,718) combined so far.

This was a very brave and caring mother that paid the ultimate price to save her children.

Asda Shopper Pulls Down Mask And Spits At A Woman

An Asda shopper spat in a woman’s face during an altercation at a Liverpool store.

The woman was left shaken up and shocked after the shopper pulled down her mask and spat all over her in the Walton branch.

The victim, who asked to remain nameless, told a newspaper outlet that they were verbally abusive to her and other customers who were attempting to help in another situation.

She said that they were banned from the shop, but a woman ran back at her but was blocked from hitting her, so she pulled down her mask and spat all over her, and she said that she’s been shaken up and upset by it.

The woman claimed that staff and customers inside the supermarket rallied around to help her after the attack and that she wanted to thank them all for their help after the terrifying incident.

Police are appealing for information about the incident which occurred at the store on Utting Avenue, and a spokeswoman for the police said officers were trying to track down the person who spat at the woman.

The spokeswoman said that they were contacted following reports of an altercation involving several people at the Asda store on Utting Avenue in Walton at 4.45 pm Wednesday 3rd March, during which a woman was asked to leave the store.

The spokeswoman said the woman returned to the store a short time later and is reported to have spat at another woman in the store before leaving, and that enquiries were being carried out to trace the woman.

However, this seems the average mentality of a lot of people these days, and nothing shocks me when it comes to confrontation between strangers in public anymore, but there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

And when caught, this woman should get a prison sentence, but she probably won’t and will end up getting a slap on the wrist, but she should be taught a lesson because spitting in someone’s face is something one would never forget.

This is filthy and shameful behaviour, especially when there’s a pandemic, but shameful even without a pandemic, and you can’t just think you can spit in someone’s face and there be no consequences, and when that person is found, there should be a prison sentence for her with this killer virus around, and the judge needs to set an example, and this woman needs to be in court for wilfully endangering life. However, this is the depraved society that we live in today.

Loyalist Paramilitary Groups Renounce Good Friday Agreement

Loyalist paramilitary groups have told the British and Irish governments they’re withdrawing support for the Good Friday agreement in protest at Northern Ireland’s Irish Sea trade border with the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Loyalist Communities Council, an umbrella group that represents the views of the UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando, wrote a letter to Boris Johnson and Ireland’s taoiseach, Micheál Martin, warning of “permanent destruction” of the 1998 peace agreement without changes to post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland.

The letter said unionist opposition to the Northern Ireland protocol, the part of the Brexit deal that keeps Northern Ireland a part of the EU’s single market for goods, should remain peaceful and democratic.

However, the decision to remove support for a peace deal that underpins power-sharing in Northern Ireland seems designed to sound alarm bells in Dublin, London and Brussels.

The warning came hours after the British government was accused of breaking international laws for a second time by the European commission after ministers said the United Kingdom would unilaterally act to give Northern Ireland businesses time to adjust to post Brexit rules.

Loyalist paramilitary groups supported the Good Friday agreement and have no wish to reignite the Troubles. But parts of the UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando endure as a dark presence in Northern Ireland and some are linked to criminality.

David Campbell, the chairman of the LCC, wrote in a letter that they were worried about the disruption to trade and commerce between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom that’s happening, but that their core objection is much more fundamental.

He said the protocol had breached safeguards in the Good Friday agreement, also known as the Belfast Agreement, to preserve the standing of both communities, and that loyalist hostility was on par with 1985 when unionists and loyalists staged mass gatherings against the Anglo Irish Agreement.

He said don’t disparage the strength of feeling on this issue right across the unionist family, and that therefore, he’s been told to advise that the loyalist groupings were herewith removing their support for the Belfast Agreement until their rights under the agreement were restored and the protocol is revised to guarantee unfettered access for goods, services, and citizens throughout the United Kingdom.

And that if they or the EU were not prepared to honour the entirety of the agreement then they would be responsible for the permanent destruction of the agreement.

I think that we can see that the United Kingdom has no goal and no long term plan and that this is an absolute failure of leadership, and what have we gained, aside from a catastrophe that’s causing misery to millions of people and now endangering the region with resurrecting an old conflict that we all thought we’d long seen the back of.

It’s not just our negotiators who are at fault, this goes right to the top, and the question about how this is to be managed has been asked over and over again, but all we get from Boris Johnson and his forerunners is babble and claptrap and some vague hand waving, and ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it’.

But now we’re at that bridge, with Boris Johnson still refusing to cross, expecting the EU to come to him. Times up matey, there was lots of time and opportunity for preparation, and Boris still hasn’t come up with a solution.

The Brits left the EU to be autonomous and make decisions that affect their country without soliciting approval from Brussels and their courts to determine what is legal and what isn’t, but apparently, Boris Johnson has a plan, and anarchy is part of it.

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