Another Seven Blood Clot Cases Are Linked To The AstraZeneca Jab

Another seven cases of a rare blood clotting condition in Australia have been linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration announced the new cases in its weekly COVID 19 vaccine safety briefing.

The authority said three cases were confirmed as a syndrome involving blood clots coupled with a low platelet count, and four were considered probable cases.

The three confirmed cases were a 75-year-old man from Victoria, a 59-year-old man from Queensland, and a 75-year-old man from Western Australia.

The TGA said two of the patients were treated and discharged from hospital, while a third man was in a stable condition.

The four probable cases are a man, 70, from NSW and three men 65, 70 and 81, from Victoria.

The condition, known technically as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, is extremely rare, according to the TGA, with the rates in Australia consistent with other countries.

Of the 1.8 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine given in Australia, there have been 18 confirmed blood clot cases.

Australia overnight secured 25 million doses of the alternative Moderna coronavirus vaccine from the US, with the surprise deal also paving the way for local production of mRNA vaccines.

The first 10 million doses of the double shot jab will be delivered by the end of this year, intended for people under 50.

Another 15 million booster shots are set to arrive next year, designed to guard against emerging COVID 19 strains.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was important to prepare for potential variants of the virus.

He said that they were well into the phase of dealing with what’s coming next because the pandemic was not going anywhere, and Labour’s health spokesperson Mark Butler wants the government to demonstrate why the deal has taken so long.

He said that the US, Canada, UK, European Union, Korea, Japan and Israel were already using the jab.

He told reporters in Canberra that tens and tens of millions of doses of this state of the art vaccine have already been delivered to the people in those countries, so why do Australians have to wait until the end of the year.

The Moderna vaccine and booster shot are still subject to approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration before they can be used in Australia.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the government hadn’t shifted its position on a no-fault compensation scheme for Moderna.

Greg Hunt said the company agreed to the government’s terms.

Moderna is an mRNA, or messenger RNA vaccine, which teaches cells how to make a protein to trigger an immune response.

Australia doesn’t have the domestic ability to manufacture such a jab, and it seems, right now, more people in Australia are having their health affected by the vaccine than the disease itself.

They say it’s safe, but these vaccines had virtually no testing before they were released to the public, and we really have no idea what’s going into our body – hopefully, we won’t regret it in a few years when the true side effects manifest themselves.

And it’s incredulous as to the number of people willing to take part in an experiment, and these so-called jabs will remain in an experimental stage until 2023, and yet they want to make this an emergency use that’s still in clinical trials as mandatory as possible because they love playing Russian roulette with our lives.

Perhaps the benefits do exceed the risks but tell that to the families of the deceased, and now, who’s going to roll up their sleeves to have the shot?

Boris Johnson’s £535 Outstanding Debt

Boris Johnson has been slapped with a court judgment for an outstanding debt after a COVID conspiracy theorist bizarrely alleged he’d repeatedly slandered her.

Official records revealed that the Prime Minister was being pursued failing to pay a £535 bill.

It initially appeared to be a fresh embarrassment for Boris Johnson, who’s already facing an inquiry by the Westminster watchdog over who paid for his £15,000 holiday to Mustique and three separate inquires into who financed the lavish redecoration of his Downing Street flat.

But details obtained by a news outlet show that the potentially damaging court order relates to an unlikely accusation of slander.

The suit was brought by Yvonne Hobbs against The Rt Hon Boris Johnson and she gave her reason for the debt as: ‘Committed repeated defamation.

She used the Online Civil Money Claims service to state that the Prime Minister owed her £535, but the news outlet reported that Yvonne Hobbs, 59, of Leicestershire, is a COVID conspiracy theorist who’s launched many claims against Boris Johnson and public institutions, and that she frequently sends copies of her complaints to the Queen, the BBC, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

She states ‘I’m taking on the Government’ on her social media.

She’s launched legal suits against Marks and Spencer, Royal Mail, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and various public companies.

Another recent complaint to wrongdoer Boris Johnson was also filed.

Boris Johnson has never made a public statement relating to Yvonne Hobbs.

Because letters about the alleged debt was apparently sent to 10 Downing Street but went unanswered, a default County Court Judgment was issued on October 26 last year without any explanation being given. Online records confirm the debt is still unsatisfied, meaning it’s not yet been paid.

Downing Street believes the claim is entirely bogus and the CCJ shouldn’t have been issued.

It’s understood that Boris Johnson had no idea about it until the first details were revealed by satirical magazine Private Eye.

Defamation cases are meant to be dealt with by senior judges in the High Court, so questions will be asked about why the claim was approved by the online small claims court.

The correspondence was sent to 10 Downing Street rather than any property Boris Johnson owns, or 11 Downing Street, which is where his flat is, and it wasn’t made under his real name, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

A CCJ has to have the correct and full legal name of the person and the correct address, which means that this particular CCJ will presumably be revoked as it’s invalid, but then COVID has demonstrated how many fools are actually living amongst us.

Boris Johnson didn’t ignore the court letters, the CCJ went to No 10 Downing Street, which isn’t his actual address, so his staff would have been in charge of that side of things, and it’s not that he didn’t bother, he just never knew.

Boris isn’t the person that opens the post, and they get hundreds of letters a day, and it looks like somebody has filed a claim against Boris Johnson, he didn’t respond to it because he never got it, yet it’s been automatically granted.

And Yvonne Hobbs seems like a bit of a fanatic, and it appears that she’s brought various claims against several well-known company names and if her case fails she should be locked up.

But if nothing else, perhaps this will educate Boris Johnson on how ludicrous the British County Court system is.

You can issue a claim for any made-up figure against anybody you like and if it’s ignored, like any rational person would ignore such foolish ridiculousness, then the judgment is automatically granted in their favour, and the debtor will have this lodged on their credit record, ruining their ability to obtain credit, and even if it’s successfully removed later it still leaves a mark on their file for six years – this is an utter shambles of a system, and it could only happen in Britain.

Governor Ron DeSantis Will Pardon All Floridians

Florida’s governor on Wednesday night announced live on air clemency for everyone in his state who’s being punished for breaking COVID rules.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of the state, appeared on Fox News to make the announcement.

He was flanked by Mike and Jillian Carnevale, gym owner from Plantation, Florida, who were repeatedly arrested for refusing to enforce a mask mandate.

The state itself didn’t have mask mandates, as Ron DeSantis spoke strongly against them throughout the height of the pandemic, but individual counties and municipalities did have them, despite Ron DeSantis protesting against them.

Ron DeSantis said that now, people who were ensnared by the local rules will have their slate wiped clean.

Mike Carnevale was first arrested on July 27, for what their supporters, in a GoFundMe page to fund their legal expenses, described as taking a stand for the health and freedom of his community and country.

He was arrested twice more, on August 6, and August 7, for not enforcing facial coverings during strenuous exercise. Jillian Carnevale was also arrested on August 7.

Ron DeSantis said that the couple will be given clemency, describing the punishment as a total overreach and that the same deal will be given to everyone in his state.

‘I’m glad you have Mike and Jillian on, and I’m also glad to be on to be able to say that effective tomorrow morning, I’m going to sign a reprieve under my constitutional authority,’ he said.

‘So that will delay the case for 60 days against both of them, and then when our clemency board meets in the coming weeks, we’ll issue pardons not only for Mike and Jillian but for any Floridian that may have outstanding infractions for things like masks and social distancing.’

Ron DeSantis earlier this month lifted all of the state’s remaining COVID rules saying the state was no longer in a state of emergency.

Ron DeSantis was at a waterfront restaurant in St Petersburg when he signed SB-2006, a bill that enables him to override all local rules and bans vaccine passports from July 1 onward.

Florida is amongst only five states that have opened fully, according to a tally being kept by Multistate, a government relations firm.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas and Georgia all have 100 per cent scores on the firm’s tally when it comes to being completely open. Eight other states are almost all the way open, with a 96 score. Illinois is the lowest with 45 and New York is 52, while California is 50.

As for the clemency, Florida is the first state in the US to issue such clemency, and Ron DeSantis has placed himself throughout the pandemic as a pro-Trump defence against Democrat authoritarianism.

The number of people affected remains unclear.

The Orlando Sentinel reported at the end of October for perspective, just in Miami Dade County alone, there were 1,882 citations issued totalling $760,600.

Now some people are saying that Ron DeSantis is the best governor in the United States and that he runs the state with common sense, and that maybe he might make a great president.

And Ron DeSantis is setting himself up as a very strong Grand Old Party (GOP) competitor to take down naive Joe Biden in 2024, that’s if he lives that long, and we need leaders that will completely obliterate the great reset and green new deal, and perhaps Ron DeSantis is the man.

It seems that this gentleman sets the criteria for how to run a free country, and if this is the case, then Ron DeSantis needs to be at the helm, and I think he’ll have a lot of people’s votes.

Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Name Their New Daughter After Prince Philip?

Their baby girl is expected in the summertime and as such, speculation is arising as to what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will call their daughter.

One name is currently a frontrunner when it comes to gambling odds, with UK betting site Ladbrokes announcing Philippa is now the most current forecast following Prince Philip’s passing last month.

Supporters think the Duke of Sussex, 36, will pay tribute to his dead grandpa and include a variation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s name in his daughter’s name.

Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said that Royal enthusiasts are increasingly confident that Harry and Meghan will name their daughter Philippa, and that they’ve been forced to cut the odds accordingly as it’s the only name punters are backing right now.

She added that it certainly wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Diana was used, although it seems more likely it will be a middle name. Elizabeth is also proving a popular bet, with royalists thinking it could be an olive branch from the couple to Her Majesty.

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh, they wouldn’t be the first royal couple to do so. Prince Philip’s granddaughters Princess Eugenie and Zara Tindall both paid tribute to their beloved grandpa by naming their newborn sons after him.

But in a sad turn of events, the Duke of Edinburgh never had the opportunity to meet the two great-grandsons who were named in his honour.

Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank, who married in October 2018, called their first baby, a boy born in February August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. A month later her cousin Zara Tindall and her husband Mike welcomed a son, Lucas Philip Tindall.

Due to lockdown restrictions, it’s believed that Eugenie and Zara never had the chance to introduce their newborn sons to their grandfather before his passing on April 9 at the age of 99.

Meghan and Harry announced during their bombshell on the Oprah Winfrey interview in March that their second child was a girl and was expected to be born in the summertime.

Prince Harry joined his wife for the second half of the much-anticipated interview on CBS to share the news, eagerly telling the chat show hostess that it was a girl.

But would this not be the final slap in the face for the Royal family? But anything for a headline, and there’s a pretty sure bet from the bookies that Diana Philipa Elizabeth is on the cards, but then perhaps we’re all wrong and it will be some pretty obscure name because when their son was born, I don’t think many people were expecting them to come up with the name Archie, but whatever their daughter is named, it will be so named to accumulate as much publicity as possible.

Perhaps they’ll call their daughter Harrietta. Everyone is so hell-bent that the child will be named after one of the Royal family or even Meghan, but maybe they will name her after Harry, and it’s immaterial what middle names they give her, they’re never normally used much anyhow.

Whatever they call their daughter, I’m sure it will be perfect, for them, because what does it matter what the populace think, it’s not their child, and they don’t have to bring it up, and at the end of the day, it’s pure and utter guesswork and a way for the bookies to make money.

Why Do The Royals Use Such Old Fashioned Phones?

For many of us, corded landline phones went out of fashion last century, superseded by more convenient, compact handsets, but for the royals, they’re still pretty much in fashion.

After moving to Windsor Castle to isolate in March 2020, the Queen has been pictured conducting her weekly meetings with Prime Minister Boris Johnson using an old fashioned rotary dial telephone.

Earlier this week, the Duchess of Cambridge updated her and Prince William’s new YouTube channel with a video of her chats with participants to her photography contest Hold Still.

Kate, 39, was pictured holding a black corded landline telephone to her ear as she coolly chattered away to finalists near a window in her London home, Kensington Palace.

While the Duchess has previously been spotted with an iPhone mobile, when she read out questions submitted for her Early Years Q&A in an Instagram video shared in November, both she and William, 38, tend to use the old fashioned landline when it comes to handling engagements.

In March last year, during the first coronavirus lockdown, William was photographed talking on the telephone to Mind Charity’s CEO Paul Farmer about the importance of mental health from a desk in the Palace which also housed a black corded telephone.

The Duchess of Cornwall has also been photographed numerous times throughout the pandemic keeping in touch with people from her and Prince Charles’ Scottish home, Birkhall, via a corded handset.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told FEMAIL that Her Majesty has likely used the same phone for years, and has an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality.

He said that the Queen doesn’t believe in change for change’s sake and if she’s happy with something she keeps using it for years.

Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press spokesperson, added that Her Majesty is quite frugal and sees no point in changing something if it works.

He told FEMAIL that it, fits the ambience if you’re living in a medieval castle, why put something modern in? The white phone fits, and it’s a rather old fashioned Bakelite phone, and as far as she’s concerned, it works, why replace it?

And he said that you’d be amazed at how many people have corded telephones, how many people have old fashioned homes, because they want old fashioned telephones, because they look good, it looks better than anything modern, and at the end of the day, it’s about choice.

But is it really a show for the cameras so they can pretend they’re just like you and me, and that once the cameras are away, the hi-tech stuff comes back out, and let’s face it, if they had state of the art phones, the snowflakes would be complaining about wasting money.

But perhaps the Queen has a point and something the rest of us could learn a lesson or two from by not replacing things just because of the latest trend, and at least they won’t get their brains cooked by a mobile telephone.

The Royal Family are, by their very essence, a Retro brand, and it gives their followers a snug, comfy feeling that nothing ever actually changes, and the British simply love living in the past, and sometimes, but not always, old is better built than today’s modern equivalent, and at the end of the day, it’s just a phone that sits on a table, and if you like living in the 1950s, you may as well do it right.


Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day almost ended in disaster when she took her three children for a private surfing lesson in Miami and ended up hitting her youngest son Theodore in the face with her board.

The 39-year-old was seen hitting the waves with her three children, Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theo, five, on Sunday. However, it was far from smooth sailing for the former First Daughter, who suffered several tumbles during the session, as well as a scary encounter with her younger son.

Thankfully, the youngster seemed unharmed, and proud mum Ivanka was later seen waving her hands, clapping, and flashing a thumbs up while watching her children conquering the ocean on their boards, all while under the vigilant eye of numerous instructors.

Ivanka certainly looked the part when she made her way into the sea at the start of her surf lesson, wearing skintight black leggings, a black vest, and a long-sleeved blue T-shirt with the words South Beach Surf Club plastered on the front.

She was accompanied by a bewhiskered surf instructor as she pulled her white and blue board down to the water, before attempting to catch some waves, and in some exclusive photographs obtained by a news outlet, the mother of three was seen actively embracing the old expression ‘if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again’, hauling herself up on her board again and again, even after being battered by several waves.

One sequence of photos shows Ivanka losing control and tumbling over, while her loose board tilted towards her youngest child Theo, who appears to have taken a whack to the face.

Ivanka looked terrified at her mistake and was seen grimacing as her board headed towards her poor son, her arms up by her sides in an obvious endeavour to slow herself down, while their instructor looked on open-mouthed.

Fortunately, the accidental hit didn’t look like it impeded anyone’s spirits, and later the proud mum was pictured climbing back onto her board once again, while Theo was seen happily floating face down on his board alongside an instructor and his siblings.

Ivanka also took several whacks herself, and one snap captured her being almost completely engulfed by a wave while attempting to stand up on her board, while others show her with her arms outstretched, attempting to support her balance before falling into the water.

Ivanka certainly didn’t mean to hit her son in the face with a surfboard, and she unquestionably didn’t do it on purpose, as I’m sure people might imply, and everyone has accidents, so I’m not sure why this one gets an enormous header.

And I would be mortified if I had paparazzi taking photographs of everything that I did, but it did look like an excellent Mother’s Day fun in the sun, with some great pictures taken as well, but news outlets shouldn’t wrongly infer that there was any wrongdoing on Ivanka’s part. She didn’t know how to control the board and it got away from her – end of story.

Enough is enough and the paparazzi should let the family be and allow the children to grow up in privacy. The problem is, one of the numerous disadvantages of fame is these people can’t spend any special time alone with their family.

It was actually nice to see them playing as a family, just looking like any other family, learning something different, and whatever political side you’re on, she seems like a great mum.

Nigerian Debutante Who Has A £1,500 A Month Allowance From Her Millionaire Granddad

A Nigerian heiress living off a £1,500 monthly allowance from her grandfather got a harsh reality check while staying with a skint family of three on Rich Kids Go Skint.

Engineering student Mercedez, 24, who lives in a £2,000 a month penthouse flat in London, went to stay with expecting parents of one Liam and Caitlan in Doncaster on 5Star’s hit series.

Used to a life of luxury funded by her millionaire grandfather, who owns numerous car and engineering companies in Nigeria, the debutante splashed her money on designer handbags, purchasing two or three a month up to £6,000 and spending £100 a day on food takeaways.

Meanwhile, Liam and Caitlan, who were both unemployed, scraped by on £548 a month of benefits, selling their belongings at the pawnshop to make ends meet and relying on the help of a local food bank to feed their two-year-old daughter Esme-Rose, all the while expecting another baby.

Mercedez’s worldview was turned upside down when she discovered that Liam used to sleep rough as a 13-year-old and had to rummage through bins to feed himself.

The conversation occurred after Liam hardheartedly sold a bracelet of Esme’s for the family to get by for the month, and he told Mercedez that when he was 13 years old, he couldn’t get any money at the time, no money or job.

And he told Mercedez that there was a shop around the corner and that he had to sleep under it, for six and a half months, and he said that they were there, and he pointed to a niche full of waste, which used to be a walk bin, where he spent most of his time, for six and a half months, dining out of the bins.

He added that he sometimes used to, on a Friday night, sit outside clubs begging for money. Something that he wouldn’t ever want anybody to have to go through.

Mercedez said that she couldn’t even imagine what it would be like, wiping the tears from her face. However, resilient Liam said he’d learnt from the experience and said that he was the person he was because of that reason, and that he went to live with his nan, and that she got him through college, and he studied catering.

The soon to be father of two’s voice broke as he went on to say that he just felt like he wasn’t good enough and that he felt like he’d grown on his own two feet.

He said, crying that he couldn’t read much or write very well, and that he was very dyslexic, and that prevented him from getting lots of jobs, and that it stopped him from driving, and that it stopped him from working sometimes.

He added that he’d managed to pick himself up and basically that was why he was the person he was today, and that he was a good person, and that people could see that deep down.

But these shows are so scripted, even down to the tears and it’s all we see on TV is tears, otherwise, the actual content would be dull, and this is just poverty porn, and after the show, the heiress just goes back to achieving absolutely nothing for the wealth that she’s never created and the poor people stay poor.

And £1,500 a month doesn’t buy designer handbags and shoes and £100 a day takeaways, something doesn’t add up unless there’s been a typo.

Footage Of A Street Brawl Between Two Men Brandishing Weapons Shared On Social Media

Footage has been publicly broadcasting on several social media platforms. The incident took place in Bartholomew Road in Morecambe at about 3.15 pm.

The two men aged 31 and 26, and both from Morecombe, have since been arrested on suspicion of assault.

One of them was apprehended in the immediate area soon after the police arrived, and one in Preston later on in the day.

An inquiry is now underway and enquiries ongoing.

Sergeant James Pinder, of Lancashire Police, said that they’ve started an inquiry following a serious attack involving two men and that the incident had been recorded and uploaded to social media, and that for evidential purposes, he urged people not to share it further at this time.

He said that two men had been arrested by police in connection with the incident, and that they knew more people were in the area at the time of the attack, and that he would urge witnesses to contact them.

And he continued that this would have caused concern in Morecombe but incidents of this nature were rare and that they wanted to reassure residents that patrols had been increased in the region.

The video footage showed two men in the street, one with a machete. The other man then began running back to a vehicle, where people stood, and as the man ran back to the vehicle he began taking off his vest, soaked in blood, and he took a long knife off another person.

Each was now wielding huge machetes as they started attacking each other as people screamed in the background.

As one of the men struck the other, the machete broke away and fell from the other guy’s hand and he started to run away from the person with the knife, but he ran after him, striking him multiple times with the machete.

Eventually, the machete was dropped and they both fought on the ground for a while, as the man without the vest, struck the other person in the face numerous times, and then another person came running up to them, booting the person on the ground in the head many times.

One of the men later shared grisly photos of his injuries, including a deep gash to his neck.

The two men swung the machete’s at each other, the blades measuring approximately 18 inches in length, as spectators urged them to put the weapons down and others encouraged them.

At the start of the distressing video, one of the men, wearing a black vest top, had a deep gash near his ear and his neck was drenched in blood.

The second man appears to have suffered at least one slash wound during the fight and seen bloodied towards the end of the footage.

The minute-long clip begins with the men exchanging insults in the street as the man wearing the hoodie swings a machete.

The man in the black vest asks: “Where’s my thing at?”

The other man responds: “Go get your thing”.

And as the machete-wielding men square off in the street, a woman shrieks “please don’t” and another woman yells as the pair begin to swing at each other.

The machetes clash against each other, and the shirtless man loses his blade as he swings at the other man.

The other man, with his machete raised in the air, chases the shirtless man as he says” “Oh, you’ve had it now, boy. You’ve had it now”.

And a woman begs ‘don’t’ as the shirtless man scoops his machete off the ground.

This was a terrifying attack and I’d actually thought that humans had evolved to be civilised, and with some high intelligence, but it appears that men are behaving like animals, and I’m sure that if animals could protest, they would sue us humans for slander.

And people that behave like animals are normally called mentally ill, and these two men were definitely behaving like animals – isn’t it lucky they don’t walk on four legs?

Don’t Use The Word Oriental

Police have been told to stop describing people from China and South East Asia as Oriental in race hate crime reports.

New guidance announced by the Home Office eliminates the term from a table of categories that are allowed to be used, and a Home Office spokesperson said that this term is offensive, and Labour’s Sarah Owen, the first female MP of Chinese descent and chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hate Crime said it was especially antiquated.

But Eddie Chan, 67, who set up the London Chinese Community Network, said the word described where they come from and that he didn’t find it offensive.

Here in the United Kingdom, Asian refers to people of Pakistani or Indian heritage. Oriental doesn’t appear to have any adverse or offensive meaning or intent, and I’m not sure why this has suddenly become an issue – the Orient relates to an area and even the train “Orient Express”.

I guess the logical conclusion will be that in time all labels will go and no one will be called anything, but this is all pretty absurd, and Oriental just defines where the person or their forebears came from, and it just means “The East”, which is the correct geographical term and in no way defamatory.

And in time will the word “human” even still be okay to use? There’s too many do’s, don’ts and box-ticking and it’s time to call an end to this madness and let people describe what they see, and some people are becoming a laughing stock around the globe, being told what we can and can’t say by an assembly of people who don’t know whether they’re human or an indiscriminate object from one day to the next.

And it just seems that life as we know it is offensive, and this is daft because, in the end, we’re all going to have to give up talking altogether at this rate, and this is murder on the non-specific Express.

Where will this stupidity end? Will people now have to reorientate their map of The Orient, and are Leyton Orient FC going to have to alter their name or even the local chip shop that might be called The Oriental Bake – I’m now becoming very disorientated!

Now it seems that we’re placing people into neat little racial boxes – talk about compartmentalising things.

At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. We all bleed red blood, and we’re not alien to each other, and if there are some of us out there that are, then I’d like you to take me to your leader!

And how would we then describe how someone looks? “Well, Sergeant, the offender was gender fluid and about 6 foot tall, and the hair was brown”. Well, that narrows it down, and this is why the police can’t police.

Wouldn’t it be amusing if the police were unable to write down descriptions in case they offended someone? And it seems that the whole damn world is searching for new ways to be offended, and before you know it we will be heading for a police state where it will be against the law to say anything.

To be fair, I’d sooner our police force concentrated its energies on preventing and detecting crimes that destroy people’s lives, rather than wasting time, energy and resources on a few self-obsessed, terminally offended people that are wokey dokies, with hurty feelings.

Joe Biden Waives White House Ethics Rules

President Joe Biden’s administration has staffed former labour union officials in senior positions after relaxing rules preventing them from communicating with the large unions they used to work for, it has been revealed.

The Biden administration granted waivers to two former union officials in February and March and has claimed that the waivers were needed and in the public interest for them to carry out their job functions.

Axios revealed that the two officials who received the waivers were Alethea Predeoux and Celeste Drake.

The outlet reported that the move has been slammed as hypocritical by critics who maintained that the union boss appointments have resulted in anti-worker policies.

The waivers also come after former President Donald Trump in his closing weeks in office had revoked a policy that included a five-year ban on former government officials lobbying their former agencies, opening the door in reverse.

Alethea Predeoux, a senior official in the Office of Personnel Management, had been the top lobbyist for the American Federation of Government Employees which is a union representing 700,000 federal workers.

A March 15 memorandum on the waiver from the office’s general counsel Lynn Eisenberg read that Althea Predeoux had been a registered lobbyist for AFGE for six years and that before joining AFGE, she served for about five years as a registered lobbyist for Paralyzed Veterans of America.

The memorandum read that while she has lobbied on the Hill on OPM related matters, she’s not directly lobbied OPM and that if Althea Predeoux hadn’t been granted the waiver, then Joe Biden’s ethics pledge would have prohibited her from working on matters on which she lobbied.

Axios also reported that the Biden administration then issued a similar waiver for Celeste Drake, the head of the White House’s new Made In America Office, in April.

The memorandum for Celeste Drake read that they were expected to advise and counsel the President, the Director of OMB, and other Federal Agencies on international trade, federal procurement, manufacturing and other matters of national and international interest.

Absent this waiver, and they would be restricted for two years following their appointment from interacting with their previous employers, the Director’s Guild of America and the American Federation of Labour and Congress of Industrial Organisations, except if those organisations took part in a public event, and without a waiver, Celeste Drake would also be banned from working on matters for which she lobbied in the two years before her appointment.

And how does one waive ethics exactly? It’s either ethical or it’s not, but not all American’s can complain because millions of them voted for this! And there’s simply are no ethics in American politics, but perhaps Joe Biden is clueless on what waivers have been issued or who’s been hired – he’s obviously not running the show, and now we’ve gone from Donald Trump to puppet Joe Biden.

And it seems that ethics are very bendable to the Biden administration – in fact, all words are bendable, which makes them unimaginably dangerous, and it seems to be a dirty dirty administration, whoever is running the show.

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