Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose


No 10 has advised the public to wear face coverings correctly, covering up both the nose and the mouth to ensure they’re effective.

Face coverings have become a common sight in the United Kindom as people have sought to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there’s debate on how effective they are.

Face coverings don’t protect the wearer, but it may protect others if people are contaminated but have not yet manifested the symptoms of the coronavirus. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that masks on their own will not protect from COVID 19.

But the government have been pretty clear about the advantages of people wearing face coverings. Stating that face coverings can better protect others and decrease the spread of the virus if people are contaminated but not presenting symptoms.

People have been urged to wear face coverings in confined places where they can’t keep a physical distance from people they would not ordinarily meet, such as in stores, but No 10 has not made it compulsory in England, except on public transport.

Highlighting the right way to wear a mask, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said that COVID 19 is a respiratory disease, and if someone has the virus, droplets can leave the nose and mouth and contaminate others when someone breathes, speaks, sneezes, laughs or coughs.

Therefore, a face-covering should cover both the nose and mouth to decrease the spread of coronavirus droplets, helping to protect others.

The President of the Royal Society, Professor Venki Ramakrishnan said everyone should wear a face-covering in public to decrease the chance of a second wave of COVID 19 infections.

He said that people should wear a mask when they leave home, especially in confined indoor areas, but admitted that the public remains dubious about the benefits, but he said that not wearing them outside the home should be viewed as anti-social as drink driving, or failing to wear a seat belt.

It comes as two new reports on face coverings were published by the scientific body, including one which found the United Kingdom was more reluctant to take up wearing them compared with other countries.

The virus hasn’t been eliminated, so if we lift lockdown and people increasingly mix with each other, then we need to use every means we have to decrease the chance of a second wave of infection.

There are no silver bullets, but beside hand washing and physical distancing, we also need everyone to start wearing face coverings, especially indoors in confined public places where physical distancing is often not possible.

The United Kingdom is way behind other countries in wearing face coverings, but there’s been unclear messaging and contradictory guidance, and it’s led to people following their own decisions.

But whatever the motives, we need to subdue our reservations and wear face coverings whenever we’re around others in public.

It used to be completely normal to have a few drinks and drive home, and it used to be normal to drive without seat belts. Today both of these would be deemed anti-social and not wearing face coverings in public should be viewed in the same way.

And if all of us wear one, we protect each other and thereby ourselves in reducing transmission. But the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has previously stated that the evidence does not currently support the use of masks to protect the wearer in the general population.

But the group stated that if someone was contagious with COVID 19 symptoms, face coverings would decrease transmission.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded that the use of medical masks could prevent the spread of droplets from an infected person.

It stated, however, that there’s currently no proof that wearing a mask, whether medical or other types by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, could prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID 19.

A report by the Royal Society’s Set-C (Science in Emergencies Tasking – COVID 19) group, published that they thought the behavioural factors in the public’s adherence to wearing face coverings.

The report, which hasn’t been subjected to formal peer review, found that, in late April, the uptake of wearing face coverings in the United Kingdom was about 25 per cent, compared with 83.4 per cent in Italy, 65.8 per cent in the United States and 63.8 per cent in Spain.

What is obvious is that it’s not the public’s fault for not wearing masks in the United Kingdom because public messaging has varied across England, Scotland and Wales, and now we require consistent management and effective public messaging which is essential.

A study, published from Oxford’s Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, found that cloth face coverings were effective in decreasing the spread of the virus, for both the wearer and those around them.

This pertains to homemade masks made with the right material, while loosely sewn materials such as scarves were shown to be less efficient.

The study further discovered that face masks were part of a policy package that needed to be seen together with other measures, such as social distancing and hand sanitation.

Authors of the second report said new evidence strongly encouraged the use of masks where physical distancing of more than one metre can’t be maintained, such as in stores and office buildings.

An update on an earlier publication from Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE), the report, which has not been subjected to formal peer inspection, references a study which implies that face coverings can also give protection to the wearer.

And there are people without symptoms going about their everyday affairs who are unknowingly breathing out droplets that are carrying the virus, but meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has decided that the use of a medical mask could limit the spread of droplets from an infected person.

However, that said, there is currently no proof that wearing a mask, whether medical or other types by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID 19 – so enough said, from now on people won’t be wanting to wear a face nappy.

The Prime Minister’s office stated that they were always clear about the use of masks – when was this? Was it when they were telling people there was no benefit from wearing one or when they were telling us that the science didn’t support the use of them?

It’s not the masks that are needed, it’s common sense which sadly many people don’t have, and we shouldn’t still be arguing this in July, it should have all been cleared up in March, then things could have opened up far more safely and swiftly.

And if we can’t formulate the mask + face = lower infections, then all hope is lost, and how on earth will they deal with the more obscure dilemmas that are destined to develop throughout the next few years?

Huawei Denies Ex-MI6 Spy’s Claim That China Recruits Brits As Useful Idiots For Company


China has been accused of attempting to influence important people to support Hauwei’s assimilation into the UK’s 5G interface.

A questionable dossier reportedly assembled with the cooperation of former M16 spy Christopher Steele, claims high profile people were targeted to act as useful idiots for Beijing.

It was reported that the 86 page document stated politicians and academics were amongst those in the United Kingdom whose backing China endeavoured to obtain, and Huawei was said to be described as Beijing’s strategic asset in the report.

A spokesperson for the Chinese telecoms monster reported the accusations as groundless and stated they were part of a long-running US campaign against the company.

The spokesperson stated that they categorically denied the baseless accusations, which didn’t bear scrutiny and were regrettably the latest in the long-running US campaign against Huawei.

And that they were created to deliver maximum reputational damage to their business and have no foundation in fact, and it comes amid heightened tension on Boris Johnson from his own backbenchers to stop Huawei’s involvement over concerns that it presents a security risk.

The Prime Minister’s move to enable the company to set the Government at odds with the US, which had been repeatedly warned against the firm amid conflicts with China and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that US embargoes on Huawei were expected to have a notable influence on the firm’s ability to play a part in the UK’s 5G network.

He said he had received a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) report on the Chinese technology firm and would be discussing it with Boris Johnson and China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming, later tried to banish concerns that Huawei’s involvement allows the Chinese state back door access into mobile networks.

And during an online press conference, he also accused some British politicians regarding China as a threat or a hostile country.

And it stated that politicians, academics and other elites in the United Kingdom had been targeted by China in an effort to achieve their support for Huawei’s integration into Britains technology infrastructure, and here lies the dilemma.

Because the word elite has lost its significance, its meaning and its purpose and these people are nowhere near elite in the English language sense of the word. But the Huawei saga isn’t about security, it’s about money and more money and Donald Trump said Huawei could run their business in the US but that he wants them to pay his government a few billion dollars first – of course, Huawei declined and there lies its woes.

But none of this is new and the weakest component of security is the human factor and the reason classification needs invasive and extremely thorough examination by the security services, and for employees to have access – sex, money and extortion are the age-old enablers, and because useful idiots can be bribed.

But then once the UK 5G network is installed, it will be run by British personnel and not Chinese personnel. So, does that mean that all British engineers will not know where the data is being sent?

It sounds like James Bond stuff to me! Well, this is fantasy land but on the other hand, we do have some fairly serviceable idiots here as well – mind you, Christopher Steele is a bit of a fiction writer for hire.

And this has got to be the machinations of someone attempting to destroy and divide the United Kingdom – has China bought the BBC too?

At the end of the day, China is all about business but other nations want our soul and there’s nothing unusual about these revelations – this is simply basic recruitment tactics of industry.

However, these useful idiots seem to be a motif at the moment, and these people are often utilised by controlling or sociopathic people in domestic situations to slander, malign and destroy, but be observant and on the lookout peoples, they roam amongst us, hapless and uncomprehending but potentially extremely dangerous.

And we should be frightened because if it’s not the Chinese that is attacking us, it’s the US or the Russians – it looks like foreign governments are attacking us, but we’re also attacking them and it’s spycraft as usual.

Everybody is spying on everyone and has been since before computers were connected to networks. The only difference is that US spies are possibly the best ones in the world, getting in and out without being noticed most of the time.

Hacking around the world are overall American hackers who simply exceed those from other countries. They were just more innovative, they learned fast and pushed the boundaries of what could be done.

Hackers from other countries were exceptional at learning precisely what was taught to them but were not as great at discovering new ways to do something or at putting previous lessons together to create a new attack chain.

That said, hackers from many other nations also excelled, the United Kingdom, Poland and Bulgaria, to name three. Hackers from Bulgaria were particularly skilled at writing malware, as were Russian hackers, surprise, surprise.

But more important was the way Russian hackers looked at hacking as a business, because the Russians are great at combining legitimate business models and frameworks with malware writing and hacking.

They further excel at cracking and using encryption, presumably for the same reason.

Israel is a unique case, not only does it have exceptional hackers, but they’re apparently the best in the world at defence, and it’s no wonder that many if not most of the best defence concepts and companies have come out of Israel.

And when you look at the most current hacking innovations, there are only a few a year, everyone else is mimicking, and they most usually start with American hackers. Not the latest malware or hacking kit, we’re talking about who’s cooking up ideas that haven’t been considered before and lead in a completely new direction.

Over the course of 20 years of hacking history, the United States leads in discovery by a mile. This is probably due to various factors. One, the United States had led the computer revolution since shortly after it began, that is, after Alan Turing.

The United States began the mainframe and personal computer revolutions with some level of computer knowledge, along with a standard of living that allows access to a computer, which is now part of our culture.

But the true difference is the American entrepreneurial spirit, which wouldn’t take no for an answer because we’re taught to challenge everything, our parents, our bosses and our politicians.

This ultra-competitive behaviour carries over to hacking because Americans are always looking for a better way to do something, including breaking into areas electronically, although that’s not saying that other countries don’t have great hackers or come up with innovative hacking techniques, but if you’re looking for clever new lines of attack, you’d be remiss if you didn’t check out the US hacker scene first.

This isn’t conclusive, but the United States probably has the biggest offensive cyber capability in the world, and seemingly we have at least tens of thousands of hackers working for the US government and billions of dollars are spent on offensive hacking.

The most news you hear about in the United States is hacking linked to the National Security Agency (NSA), and in numerous leaked documents, you’ll discover a treasure trove of clever hacking tools.

There are catalogues from which spies can pick the latest gadget guaranteed to gain unrestricted, almost undetectable access – this is hacking innovation at its most extreme.

Outside the nefarious slip, you’ll seemingly never learn about a country, company, or person who’s been hacked by the US government, and if you think about it, billions are being spent on state-sponsored hacking, which apart from one NSA whistleblower’s disclosures, are practically never discovered or reported.

This is pretty scary and an unwarranted intrusion which is apparently happening millions of times a day, led by different parties throughout the world, but let’s quit pointing fingers and seeking to alarm people because one country is found spying on another country.

It’s being done by all sides, and in all probability, the United States is doing more of it better than anyone.

NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year


A coronavirus vaccine could be coming later this year, but the NHS Chief executive said that more could be done.

A vaccine could be available between September and December this year, but even if it does, there are some practical questions about getting it delivered, because, to deliver it, tens of thousands of NHS workers will need to be trained up.

There are further issues about how it will be given, by one dose or two, and if it will be safe to administer alongside the flu vaccine, and it’s also been called for people to get the flu vaccine as a way to reduce pressure on the health care system.

It came as it was reported that the Government was near to agreeing a £500 million contract with Glaxo Smith Kline and Sanofi to provide 60 million doses of their coronavirus vaccine if it proves medically significant.

Ministers are looking to purchase the vaccine from the pharmaceutical giants, should it work in human trials, which are due to start in September and during an appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Sir Simon Stevens also established that the Government would roll out a new COVID recovery service within the NHS.

It will be designed to defeat the long term repercussions of coronavirus on a patients well-being, and Sir Simon said the NHS had to adjust to the virus and its impact being around for years.

The scheme will see those who suffered from the virus get a health check-up, and up to 12 weeks of video support, including pre-recorded physiotherapy sessions, and it was established that the NHS was planning for a second wave of the virus this winter, especially if it is co-existent with the flu.

And Sir Simon stated that plans to sufficiently finance the UK’s social care system needed to be in position inside a year, and he said that the coronavirus pandemic had reflected a pretty harsh spotlight on the flexibility of the social care system.

He stated that if any good is to come from this, it was his belief, that they must use this to resolve once and for all to actually properly resource and reform the way in which social care works in this country.

The truth is that following at least two decades of talking about it, we don’t have a fair and properly resourced adult social care system with a decent set of workforce supports, and Sir Simon added that he was hoping that by the time they’re sitting down this time next year on the 73rd birthday of the NHS that they’ve actually, as a country, been able to decisively answer the question of how they’re going to finance and afford high-quality social care.

But social care is something the Conservative government see as getting, nothing from, payout only, that’s why they’ve dodged all responsibility to it for over a decade. However, the government are now making preparations for 60 million jabs, that must be a good thing, right?

The problem is, it’s not been exactly encouraging, and I’m sure people are absolutely fed up of hearing, maybe, will be, should be this year, and because of this, how can anyone be sure of anything right now?

And why are they training up NHS staff when they’re skilled enough to give all other vaccines, so why is this one so different? And some people can’t have the flu vaccine because they’re allergic to it, so should we be slightly concerned if this COVID vaccine is the same?

And is there actually going to be a vaccine so easily accessible, so quickly? Vaccines usually take years to develop and test. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up.

Seven Times Boris Johnson Dramatically Changed


Boris Johnson has repeatedly maintained he’s proud of his record in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic but the last few months have witnessed a succession of U-turns, variations of heart and shifts in the science as COVID 19 killed more than 50,000 people in the United Kingdom.

No Prime Minister could have dealt with an unprecedented disease with utter perfection, but even so, there’s been plenty of moments when the government’s strategy came under examination and buckled under the stress.

They range from cold, hard scientific matters like testing and facing coverings to the political heartstrings of free school meals and the bereaved.

England’s contact tracing app was created as a necessary means to tell if you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID 19, even if you don’t know them. But it’s gone from an NHS app that would be a key part of the system by mid-May to an Apple and Google run software that will be the cherry on top by winter.

The app was designed as a component of the NHS Test and Trace, which also uses about 25,000 human contact tracers to ask anyone with COVID 19 contact to isolate.

On April 28, the Prime Ministers official spokesperson said the app would be an important part of the surveillance programme going forward. But that date started to shift to the end of May, then the coming weeks following that, and then winter, as the abandoned app-only picked up contacts with iPhones 4 per cent of the time.

By the time Boris Johnson said this on May 20, it was already apparent his promise didn’t include the app and he said that they had increased confidence that they would have a test, track and trace operation that would be world-beating and in place by 1 June.

Ministers then attempted to downplay the app, with Matt Hancock stating it was the cherry on the cake.

On June 18, the Government then discarded the system behind the NHS coronavirus app and put all its energies into developing an app based on Google and Apple’s built-in system.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock maintained he’d always backed both horses. Yet a spokesperson for his department told on May 17 that there was no alternative app and in May, Boris Johnson U turned and dropped the Immigration Health Surcharge on migrants who come to work in the NHS or care homes.

That’s a yearly £400 charge, increasing to £624 in October, paid by foreign nationals to cover the cost of their access to the NHS.

Less than 24 hours after backing the unpopular scheme at Prime Minister’s Questions, he stated that those coming into the United Kingdom to work in the health and care service would be excluded.

In June, Boris Johnson promised to repay any NHS and care workers who had been forced to pay the surcharge, backdated to the date of his decision, but when that would happen was still unclear.

The Prime Minister said he was going to cut the fee for relevant staff as quickly as possible and that bereaved families of NHS cleaners who die of coronavirus will be permitted to stay in the United Kingdom, as part of a major U-turn announced in May.

NHS porters, cleaners and social care workers were not incorporated in the Home Office scheme granting families of health workers unlimited permission to remain in the United Kingdom if they die of coronavirus.

And at the daily press briefing, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden stated the policy was under investigation, and soon after the briefing concluded, the Home Office announced the decision had been changed.

The scheme will presently be accessible to families of all NHS support workers, including cleaners and porters, as well as social care workers. The Home Office further established the families of contract workers operating in NHS hospitals would also be eligible.

Possibly the Prime Minister’s biggest U-turn has come not at the hands of the Labour Party, or even from his own backbenchers, but from a Premier League footballer, and millions of England’s most disadvantaged children will, for the first time, be able to claim free school meal vouchers over the summer following demands from campaigners and 22-year-old footballer Marcus Rashford.

The Manchester United and England player gained hearts with a touching letter detailing his own upbringing by a single mum, asking the Prime Minister not to let children go hungry.

Marcus Rashford’s demands had been snubbed by No 10, but with tension building amongst parents and campaigners, Boris Johnson dramatically caved at the beginning of June.

Only days preceding No 10 decided to defeat campaigners demands by promising a £63 million pot for councils to support struggling families, but following the footballer’s campaign started to grow, Downing Street caved in.

Parents whose children would normally get means-tested free school meals will get a £90 supermarket voucher to cover the six weeks of summer.

For months Boris Johnson and his medical advisors maintained there was little or no benefit of covering your face to reduce the spread of the coronavirus but the Prime Minister gradually came round to the idea as evidence surfaced proving they had little impact, preventing the wearer transferring COVID 19 onto others.

For the first time on April 30, two months after the first case reached the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson declared that he believed that face-covering would be beneficial, both for epidemiological purposes, but also for giving people assurance that they can go back to work.

Face coverings were later made compulsory on public transport and advised in some contained places, or as part of the one metre plus social distancing rule.

In fairness to the government, the Prime Minister could honestly say his scientific advisors had been cool on face-covering for a long time and even when approved, they stated the effect on the virus was weak, and social distancing and handwashing were still important.

The UK quit extensive community testing and meticulous contact tracing on March 12 after it became apparent the virus was growing beyond control. It was only mentioned months later once capacity was high enough, with care home residents not being routinely tested until mid-April.

On March 12, Boris Johnson claimed that they had a clear strategy that they were working through and that they were moving to the next stage in that plan because it was not just an endeavour to contain the disease as far as possible, but to prevent its spread and thereby decrease the suffering.

But on May 27 the Prime Minister revealed that they did have a test, track and trace operation but sadly they didn’t have the capacity in Public Health England and that he believed in the harsh reality that this country didn’t learn the lessons of Sars and Mers and they didn’t have a test operation available to go on the scale that they needed.

At the time community testing was abandoned and Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England insisted it wasn’t a suitable mechanism as they went forward but she too, later accepted the country would have taken a different route if more tests were available.

She then continued that if they had the unlimited capacity and the continuing support beyond that, then they possibly would have chosen a somewhat different path.

So, there’s going to be billions of pounds to get Britain booming and the Prime Minister said he’s a fit as a Butcher’s dog and is helping with nappies and night feeds as he announced his revival strategy.

What an utter embarrassment to millions of people across the country with thousands of people dying from the virus and this clown of a Prime Minister is seen doing press-ups and likening himself to a tin of dog meat.

Billions of unprecedented borrowing with the Bank of England electronically generating another £200 billion – once it was called the Magic Money Tree which never existed and Boris Johnson proceeds to be an embarrassment, but it’s what he does best.

And in front of a selected audience, he could draw a laugh and get a response that inflated his high conception of himself – now the audience is the country, even the world and they laugh for a completely different reason.

Austerity isn’t caused by the people, it’s caused by government cutbacks and we were never this poverty-stricken before David Cameron’s government began this austerity.

Boris Johnson has acid for blood and is a floating reprobate of a person and so horribly bitter and twisted.

Boris Johnson is a one-trick pony who lacks even one trick, and his speciality was playing to an elite audience as if his life was one long after-dinner speech. As far as being Leader of any country, he’s clearly unfit for purpose and I’m sure the Tory party will themselves soon be ditching him, or we could just replace the Tory party.

And when Brexit is over he will be replaced just as brutally as Margaret Thatcher or Theresa May – then when Brexit becomes an economic nightmare it will be reversed, and I’m sure there are numerous people who are now bored to death by it.

And COVID 19 is only part of the dilemma because the entire capitalist structure is disintegrating into the bargain, and with or without COVID 19 there’s no going back to normal and it will just be a different form of capitalism.

The point is our government is greedy, nefarious and self-serving and it runs on the revolving door principle, in that whatever seems attractive and grabs the headlines is the policy for that day.

A totally unfit, inadequate and destructive government led by a clown who has been bought and paid for by developers, hedge fund managers and right-wing media magnates and people are lashing out at this inefficient government, sometimes in irrational ways and this can only go three ways, violence, repression or revolution and only time will tell I guess.

Evidently, no rational person would want Labour to run this country, hence why people have repudiated them time and again, but it was Labour who founded the NHS and the welfare state, which is the envy of the world, yet both were created by Labour and both are being systematically destroyed every time we have a conservative government.

And when the Tories get their wish and eventually stop both, I hope people have plenty of savings if they find themselves out of work or retire, and let’s hope they never get sick.

The preponderance of people in this country don’t want a revolution but it’s getting there, and what if the Tories have got it wrong, will Boris Johnson still be proud of his achievements?

But one thing is for sure, Boris Johnson isn’t restructuring stuff for the sake of it, pretending he’s busy when there are decisions to be made, and there should be legislation restricting politicians from lying.

And all political decisions are made for the advantage of the bosses, not the workers, and furlough was about keeping the lower classes ready to go back to the grind to create surplus value.

It wasn’t for the advantage of the workers, and we’ve just furloughed the bosses again to the tune of £100 billion, guess who will be sweetening that?

COVID 19 was rife in the United Kingdom and there’s no possible way to tell if someone caught it here, abroad or from someone who travelled to here from abroad, but if there’s any truth in the assertion that the virus came from abroad then it’s clearly Boris Johnson’s fault for not securing our borders sooner.

These might be unprecedented times but the Tories are making decisions that are costing lives, and political decisions that are putting profit before people, and the Prime Minister runs a revolving door government – what day is it? What sounds like a good blurb? Let’s run it up the pole and it’s a grand bit of blue sky thinking et cetera.

And the old and vulnerable in this country should still have the option to self-isolate and be supported by the community, and it’s pretty obvious immense swathes of the population want to get on with their lives and that’s their choice, but the most vulnerable should still be protected if they’re not happy mingling with the population.

And the shadow cabinet must be members of the Marcel Marceau appreciation society, as they never say a word, but maybe they think that if they stick their heads over the parapet then people will see the dire straits we’re in.

But this has nothing to do with Labour, they stated from the start they would set politics aside and let the government get on with it without interference, and whenever they’ve spoken up it’s been generally in support of the government.

And it’s only right that politics are not brought into this and all opposition parties have remained remarkably quiet. However, we’ve all been appalled by the number of deaths and have had extensive compassion for those who’ve lost loved ones, but it appears that our government don’t seem to have a clue day to day, and are losing the confidence of the populace over their administration of this.

And faced with this unprecedented crisis, the economy should be taken out of the hands of the capitalists and put in the hands of the working class. In this way, we can then rationally organise the economy for our needs, and not the profits of the banks and monopolies.

Boris Johnson is fragmented and disordered in the administration of this pandemic but this article only covers the number of U-turns Boris Johnson has done and sadly not how late his response was to the pandemic, and allowing boarders to remain open even following the belated lockdown.

Along with poor PPE equivalent for NHS workers and the failure to reach their 100K testing target and fibbing about it, yet he’s proud of killing 500,000 people due to his government’s incompetence and ineptitude.

But then what do you expect from Boris Johnson, who’s failed in every position he’s had, and that’s without mentioning his stupidity getting himself infected with COVID 19, and letting the borders to stay open so that people could ramble in from countries currently in a pandemic was an absolute shambolic and dangerous mess.

The establishment, their compatriots in the media, and the right-wing of the Labour party worked to prevent a progressive government coming into leadership, and it was represented as if Jeremy Corbyn had been in control for ten years and not the Tories.

Boris Johnson was the people’s victor – talk about putting lipstick on a pig, and now the truth has come out, and Boris Johnson is a bumbling, working-class hating, lying Tory, and has been all along.

Keir Starmer knew this, but they couldn’t support a government that put the people first.

I don’t believe that any right-minded person could even infer that the government have handled this well. There’s a list of blunders and lagging governance, with the Prime Minister who missed the first 5 COBRA meetings, instead, he ran away to Chequers where he completed his divorce to his now ex-wife.

Then there was the allowance of Liverpool v Athletic Madrid – the allowance of the Cheltenham Festival which both impacted – the unwillingness to secure borders – the refusal to shut pubs until it was evident COVID 19 was widespread in the nation.

The PPE was an utter disaster – the test and trace was a debacle. Then there was the awarding of a contract to ConDems to create an app that failed – the awarding of a test and trace app to Circo – a company with a litany of failures with NHS contracts – the list was infinite.

The exclusion of treatment for people in hospital over a particular age, instead, sending them to care homes which didn’t have the expertise or the PPE to cope and therefore spread the virus.

But the very worst was the allowance of ConDems mate sitting in SAGE meetings – this politicised science and caused countless deaths, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock should hang their heads in shame and quit.

Of course, nobody is infallible and we don’t expect them to get everything 100 per cent right in this bizarre situation, but Boris Johnson is totally out of his depth and his entire government are winging it day to day, so there’s no surprise there have been so many variations of direction.

And it comes to something when it takes a 22-year-old footballer to tell the government what to do about child poverty and hunger.

The other big problem is that Boris Johnson has stated from the start that he and the government are guided in their decisions by the best scientific advice (SAGE), yet he declines to make that advise public, so how do we know that the government are acting because of that information or in the spirit of it?

And it came out that members of the SAGE committee have said the government was easing lockdown against their advice and seems to be putting the economy before public well-being.

Boris Johnson changes his mind as frequently as he changes his undergarments, so let’s get this right, he’s a nincompoop like his counterpart in the USA, but as long as Boris Johnson runs his fingers through his hair like a mischievous schoolboy he believes he’s okay.

Boris Johnson is a rambling disaster, and he deserves nothing but scorn for what is equivalent to corporate manslaughter.

Leaders lead, they’re not supposed to be led, but our leader has distorted and spun his way through this disaster, and we shouldn’t be praising a government that allows 60,000 people to die through their utter inadequacy.

What I find difficult to accept is that there are people out there who will defend Boris Johnson no matter what he says or does, and even though the Tories have been winging it from the start, they’re actually fighting to stop the second wave by making sure the first wave doesn’t end.

You just can’t make this stuff up, and what comes out of Boris Johnson’s orifice has led straight to failure. He’s a walking time bomb.

He told everyone to go to the beach, what happened? Mass fights and children getting caught up in it. There was a shopping list of stuff that occurred and he’s called our so-called Prime Minister.

He said children couldn’t get the virus but now children are dying because of this virus. He said use your common sense but he didn’t, did he? He caught the virus, and according to scientists, if lockdown had been one week earlier, it could have saved 20,000 lives, but blundering Boris didn’t do that.

It would make a difference if the squabbling voters could make their minds up, for any issue they care to raise, they’re normally split into mutually opposing camps. But then that’s the nature of the beast – human beings for you, but to be honest, there’s no such thing as a will of the people, that’s all a myth.

The politician’s role is to make sense of these conflicting opinions and to do what they believe is most desirable for the nation as a whole, knowing that what they’re doing is going to anger a whole bunch of people.

A Member of Parliament has three duties – the first being able to act in the national interest. The second is they’re chosen by their constituents, so they must express their opinions – so an MP is their constituencies representative in parliament.

Finally, they represent a political party but anything they do in regard to that must be subordinate to the first two.

But are you guys actually going to defend a Prime Minister who’s a complete and utter baffoon? Who has the blood of over 50K people that needlessly died because of his lack of leadership, lack of knowledge and lack of not knowing what the hell to do in such distressing circumstances?

You all seem to want to show sympathy towards a fool who said that he was putting a protective ring around our care homes, and you want to support a so-called Prime Minister who believes that sending poor innocent children back to school when the rest of the United Kingdom is dropping like houseflies is okay.

You want to support this nincompoop for killing other people’s families, Uncle’s, Auntie’s, brother’s, sisters, mums, dad’s, cousins and newborn babies, the list is infinite, and on top of that, this complete clown who himself had the virus told everyone to use common sense, well, Boris, you may need to use it first.

Boris Johnson is disregarding matters concerning the COVID 19 situation in the United Kingdom because he’s only focused on financial interests and following in the tracks of Donald Trump.

Personal profit and personal notoriety rather than the well-being of the less fortunate amongst the domestic population. Sadly, this is what the majority chose when electing the overweight blonde and his disciples to run the country, which is fast falling to that of a poor banana republic, even without bananas to sell.

It’s the medias duty to report, and a leader shouldn’t be influenced by what they read. Leaders lead, they don’t allow themselves to be coerced, and scientific proof is not something that Boris Johnson can profess to have followed.

Remember all the calls for a lockdown that began too late? They were scientific calls.

This man changes his mind a lot but I can’t help thinking it’s because he gets persuaded into it by advisers or coerced into it by his own party, but then he was never a smart man, and the prevailing advice is economically motivated and it’s going way too fast with long Sunday opening hours, what a dumb approach and opening up our borders to holidaymakers is hardly scientifically supported advice.

But then the scientists advise, the government decides and numerous times they’ve openly disagreed with what the government has done, but the most natural thing for a politician to do is to follow the advice which best fits what he wants to do.

Tories Miss Coronavirus Target


Tory ministers have missed their target to get laptops to needy schoolchildren without computers at home.

Gavin Williamson had alleged 230,000 laptops and tablets were on schedule to be issued by June 30, but the Education Secretary’s pledge fell short, as official figures show 202,212 were delivered or dispatched by that date.

And despite schools closing three months ago, almost a quarter of the laptops or tablets – 47,922, were only issued in the last week and even then, students may still be waiting for tens of thousands of the devices.

Official figures only record when laptops are sent to councils or schools, not when they’re received or given to a child. The statistics also include laptops that are still in transition awaiting delivery.

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green branded the figures greatly inadequate, and she said disadvantaged children have now spent almost a term without sufficient access to education.

And that ministers need to get the outstanding laptops to the families who need them immediately, and to provide proper support for children who will be catching up over the summer.

The government promised to give laptops to the most vulnerable and most disadvantaged children without access to IT at home.

Care leavers and children with social workers were first in line, followed by disadvantaged schoolchildren in Year 10.

The government stated the £100 million scheme would give laptops to schools permanently to improve childhood education but the unions have said even the drive to send out 230,000 of the devices is not enough.

The ASCL union has described the availability of the laptops as a national disgrace, warning they cover a small proportion of students without access to technology and they need to do better.

A Department for Education spokesperson said that they’ve given over 200,000 laptops and tablets for children who most need them and as promised they will continue to make sure all children are supported as schools prepare to reopen in September.

And that they’ve also started a £1 billion COVID 19 catch up fund to directly tackle the impact of lost teaching time as a consequence of the pandemic and that this will fund a £350 million national tutoring programme for disadvantaged children and young people and a £650 million universal premium which schools have the flexibility to choose how to spend in the best interest of their students.

But all this appears to be is rubbish and unfulfilled promises because the Tories never have targets, only aspirations – that way when the said numbers aren’t satisfied, as they never are, they can use the defence that it wasn’t a target but just something they wanted to aim for.

But we’re missing the point here, they can hand out as many laptops as they like but what’s the point without any internet?

The Corbyn’s manifesto was free internet access for all and it should be internet first and laptops after and the Tories need to be a wee bit nimble on their feet and time and again they seem to be incapable of organising emergency measures during a time of emergency.

It seems the government have got a deficit of laptops, yet millions of workers have been given laptops by their employers to work from home. It seems they can get it right, yet the government couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

This is rhetoric for you – Boris Johnson is relishing the power but evades any responsibility that comes with it and everything these fakers say is pie in the sky and I don’t think that anything they’ve said has truly come to fruition.

This is yet another promise and another Tory deception and it won’t be long before they condemn the children.

DWP Benefit Sanctions To Restart

therese coffey

Benefit sanctions are set to return after the Tory welfare chief declined to extend a blanket ban on them, with Therese Coffey stating it was necessary for claimants to commit to look for work and attend appointments as Jobcentres begin to resume from July 1.

She maintained work coaches will prioritise support and a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) source emphasised sanctions would not be their focus. However, the Work and Pensions Secretary’s statement was branded ruthless as MPs warned it will add stress and misery on families while unemployment rises, with people having to remain shielded and care for their children at home.

Sanctions were suspended formally for three months from March 30 for anyone failing to look for work or attend an interview, but now the sanctions will dock people’s benefits if they don’t follow government rules.

At the time the government said the blanket ban would originally be for three months and would be evaluated and that it might be extended, but Therese Coffey denied Labour’s request for an immediate extension, and she told the Commons that it was really critical that as the Jobcentres fully open that they do restore the need for having a claimant commitment, and that it was a fundamental component of the commitment to support people starting to consider what jobs there may be.

She stated that she knows she can trust the work coaches, the Jobcentre managers who are authorised to act proactively, and that the people will require careful support tailored to ensure they can begin to look for jobs that are accessible, and that she believes that will become accessible pretty shortly, which must mean it’s not available now.

Therese Coffey had been challenged by Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Reynolds, and he stated that at the time when unemployment had grown sharply, when vacancies had sunk, when people were shielding and the schools hadn’t gone back, frightening people with reducing their financial support if they don’t look for jobs, which is clearly unreasonable.

Guidance on the government website states that preparing for and getting a job must be your full-time focus and that if you don’t do this and there is no good reason, they will cut your Universal Credit, known as a sanction.

But Labour MP Grahame Morris blasted Therese Coffey’s announcement, stating that the DWP’s own calculations suggest 31,000 additional staff are needed. He said ministers are reintroducing sanctions when the department has nowhere near the required amount of staff.

But clearly, this action will further stress and suffering on claimants and staff alike?

DWP minister Mims Davies responded that the number of work coaches would be doubled and stressed and that there would be an individual focus on the claimants.

But Labour MP Bill Esterson said that this is declaring war on numerous hard-working families who have lost their jobs in the COVID 19 crisis and was short-sighted and cruel.

Acting Lib Dem leader Ed Davey said it was a terrible decision, and fellow Lib Dem leadership candidate Layla Moran stated that it was an utterly heartless decision, at a time when millions of families are struggling to pay the bills, the government wants to reintroduce harsh benefits sanctions that they know will hit the most vulnerable.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union which represents DWP workers, stated that they’d always opposed the use of sanctions and that it was counterproductive and a brutal policy that penalises claimants when the social security system should be there to support people and to re-impose it on the cusp of an enormous spike in unemployment because of the coronavirus lockdown was an outright insult.

Abi Gill of homelessness charity Centrepoint said that with so many facing a lengthy period of unemployment, this really wasn’t a time for talking tough.

The point is that sanctions were never effective in helping people obtaining jobs and that they’re nothing short of cruel now for those looking for work greatly outnumber an ever-shrinking number of vacancies.

Iain Porter of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation think tank said that the economic reality has not altered and that the social security system should not be used to coerce people into seeking jobs which currently don’t exist at a time when many will still be facing constraints.

The sanctions suspension was announced on March 25 after people were advised to stay at home and pubs and shops started closing due to coronavirus.

At the time Therese Coffey confirmed DWP staff had stopped monitoring if people were looking for and being available for work and that meant no sanction should or would be applied for that reason for the next three months.

The blanket ban was later established in legislation for three months from June 30 and the suspension of sanctions in March occurred partly because Jobcentres were closed due to coronavirus.

However, Therese Coffey told MPs that they’re now working with local managers to begin fully reopening job centres in July to help get Britain back into work.

More than 3 million people have applied for Universal Credit since March, approximately doubling the number of people on the six in one benefit.

It’s understood Jobcentres will resume in a staggered way in England from Wednesday 1 July, while those in Wales and Scotland are reopening as lockdown guidance permits it.

Face to face appointments under Universal Credit is expected to return under a blended model, enabling social distancing in Jobcentres while telephone and digital contact continue.

Separately, face to face assessments for all sickness and disability benefits were further suspended for three months from March.

Benefits officials have used telephone and paper-based assessments instead and it was unclear if that situation would continue or for how long but DWP minister Justin Tomlinson stated the current system remains.

In the meantime, Justin Tomlinson announced he would soon announce long-awaited innovations to the rules for fast-tracking for terminally ill people’s benefit claims. The minister said that they would be making changes but that it wouldn’t be the status quo.

And that COVID 19 caused a setback to the final part of the consultation with medical professionals and that they would be bringing forward a resolution shortly.

Elsewhere, DWP minister Will Quince introduced a legal change to end a Universal Credit loophole that left new pensioners in the lurch for two months.

People on the six in one benefit will be given a guaranteed one-off payment, equating £350 ahead, when they hit state pension age and have to leave Universal Credit.

Currently, some claimants see their Universal Credit payment end weeks before they hit state pension age, they also have to wait up to five weeks for their pension to be paid.

Mr Quince said an expected 200,000 people will profit from this measure over the next five years, getting on average an extra £350 each and that he was pleased to confirm that arrangements were being planned to put this proposal on a statutory footing.

Therese Coffey later said the Government needed to rectify features of the pensions triple lock if average earnings decline this year, as projected.

Labour MP Jeff Smith for Manchester Withington asked whether the triple lock, which sees the state pension increased each April in line with wage growth, price increases or by 2.5 per cent, whichever is highest will be maintained.

Therese Coffey said this was definitely the case and that this Government was thoroughly committed to accomplishing its manifesto pledges and she said that she believed it was fair to say that we have some situations in front of us but that it was something she was in discussion with but this was not about abandoning the triple lock in any way.

But that she could assure him that there are some consequences, of which he may not be aware, and if average incomes decline through this year, that they need to correct them in order to make certain that features of the law that are now in place can’t be set aside.

Therese Coffey who’s the Work and Pensions Secretary should go on Universal Credit herself to see if she can exist on £94.25 per week because she keeps the UK public single parent population on Universal Credit and their children in poverty in the United Kingdom.

And as far as our government are involved, people should get on their bikes and travel to wherever looking for work – just wear a mask and wash your hands, but if you catch a cough, don’t come into our office without a sick note, otherwise, you’ll get sanctioned.

But then I suppose it redirects attention from Tories like Robert Jenrick defrauding the system and tax dodgers at the top, and all those that voted Tory are going to have to endure what a lot of people have had to face over the last ten years – no work, no money and no food.

And Therese Coffey will ultimately be joining the jobless. However, she won’t be having to sign on for Universal Credit. Just another Tory minister that has failed the DWP because it’s a job that nobody actually wants, and she amongst others is a no-hoper, yet the Tories keep pretending that sanctions and those living on benefits are a worthy reason to punish.

The Tories are panicking – the debt is rising to over £350 billion, it could perhaps stretch to £40 billion and they’re now thinking about decreasing the deficit, so they need to shake some of the dole to conserve money.

But job vacancies are nosediving – job losses are still going up and mortgage approvals have depreciated and Boris Johnson looks like he’s just fell out of bed – disquieting days ahead and there are hundreds of thousands of fake middle-class Tory voters who have been mocking the disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled for years and are now going to find out first hand the harsh, brutal actualities of voting Tory, and this is going to be epic.

Therese Coffey has never had to struggle in her life – she has no empathy and doesn’t know how a man who’s worked for forty years copes with no job, mental health difficulties and no income, but nevermind, as long as she’s well-fed – the only struggle she has is how to keep her pants up and going by the looks of Therese Coffey it doesn’t look like she’s missed a good meal in her life.

And the farming season might nearly be in full swing, and there might be plenty of vacancies but the foreign workforce will take up employment, and they will be hired because they allow themselves to be manipulated with low wages, whereas the British will not.

And the preponderance of work is far from towns and cities where most people live. Accommodation is provided but at a cost. Picking fruit and vegetables is highly proficient and arduous work and not everyone could handle it and the salaries are based on piece work.

So, let’s say this is true about these farming jobs and that they do exist. How do they expect people who live 10-15 or even up to 100 miles from their nearest farm to travel to them every day?

At the moment there are people trailing every vacancy and it’s estimated to get considerably more serious – more people, less work and the maths show they need more luck. So, instead of condemning the disadvantaged, and the unemployed, criticise the Tories who have made a career out of it.

And the Tory party are nothing more than hypocrites and cheats and Therese Coffey needs to rethink her position because this is all from a person that said food banks are good for the disadvantaged.

And this will presumably create a disturbance if people are sanctioned by the DWP and I can’t believe that Therese Coffey is doing this in the midst of a pandemic, and it’s just sheer wickedness.

The Tories must be getting short of money, as benefit sanctions account for millions of pounds in revenue, and it’s a mean way to go about it, but that’s the Tories for you, and she’s obviously not short of a bob or two so that she can buy food, so why should she give a stuff about the people who can’t afford to sustain themselves and their families.

Sanctioning someone on £72 a week is parallel to terrorism because they are too many people attempting to live on sanctions and who are gradually starving.

There are 80,000 seasonal workers needed at the moment. The next headline will be that ex amount of fruit and vegetables have decomposed in the fields, quickly followed by fruit and vegetable prices skyrocketing and that the national obesity problem has been caused by lack of…

Therese Coffey simply doesn’t have a clue!


Boris Johnson Accused Of Corrupt Government


Boris Johnson has been accused of leading a government based on sleaze and degradation, and it came as he defiantly stood by under fire Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick amid cash for favours claims, repeatedly declaring the matter was closed.

It came after Robert Jenrick seemed to admit racing through planning permission to help Tory donor Richard Desmond reduce the tax bill for property development.

Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi said: “If people go to a fundraiser in their local area…for the Conservative Party, they will be sitting next to MPs and other people in their local authorities and can interact with different parts of the authority.”

Text and emails released by Robert Jenrick show he was persistent that a £1 billion property deal be approved promptly, after he met Richard Desmond at a £900 a plate Tory fundraising dinner in November 2019 – the pair swapped numbers and kept in touch.

Robert Jenrick greenlit the deal the day before the local Labour council, in one of the country’s most deprived areas and was set to introduce a tax on new property developments to pay for improved facilities and infrastructure.

In one text, Richard Desmond urged Robert Jenrick to move swiftly in approving the £1 billion Westferry Printworks housing development in London’s Tower Hamlets because they didn’t want to give Marxists loads of doe for nothing.

In reply, Robert Jenrick warned Richard Desmond it was important not to give any appearance of being influenced by applicants of cases that he may have a role in or to have predetermined them and so he thought it was best that they didn’t meet until after the matter had been decided.

In another text, to which Robert Jenrick didn’t respond, Richard Desmond said an early decision would save him £45 million, meaning he could afford to include more social housing in the East London development. Robert Jenrick later had to revoke his own approval, declaring that the decision was unlawful due to possible prejudice.

Business minister Nadhim Zahawi appeared to infer any developer who wanted to have vested access to decision-makers should attend a Tory fundraising event, but Nadhim Zahawi, himself a millionaire, accentuated that the access did not buy this billionaire a decision.

The Stratford upon Avon MP has a property portfolio worth £25 million, including a £13 million property in London’s Belgravia.

Amid 2015 and 2017 he was believed to be Westminster’s second highest-earning MP, sweeping in £5000,0000 in profits on top of his MP’s wages. Robert Jenrick also owns a more than modest property portfolio including a £1.1 million mansion in Herefordshire.

And a Labour spokesperson stated that Senior Tories maintain that anyone can get the same access to the Government Richard Desmond relishes. All they have to do is attend ostentatious Tory fundraisers and hope they get perched next to an MP.

The cash for favours scandal has exposed that it’s one rule for the Tories and their affluent friends and another for the rest of us, and the defence of Robert Jenrick is in actuality little more than admission for cash for access, and it seems the Tory Party’s loyalty to the levelling up agenda amounts to sleaze and corruption.

Integrity in politics matters and Robert Jenrick should quit, and if not, the Prime Minister should sack him or else lose all moral power.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson declined to discuss a series of legitimate questions about the affair in a regular Westminster briefing.

He repeated on nine occasions that the Housing Secretary had set out his account in public and to Parliament, including publishing the proper documentation, and that he’d further addressed to the chair of the select committee outlining the timeline of events and the reason for the decision, and he added in light of this report, the Prime Minister deems the topic closed.

Two weeks after Robert Jenrick stepped in to approve the development, Electoral Commission documents show that Richard Desmond personally gave £12,000 to the Conservatives.

Tower Hamlet’s Labour mayor John Biggs stated the revelations about the Westferry Printworks decision had blown apart confidence in the planning system under Robert Jenrick, and that the documents he was compelled to release were damaging and it seemed like he’d hurried through the decision to help save the developer money and short change residents.

The minister referred to the borough as rotten and messages from the developer called the council Marxist, and that this name-calling said more about them and their disregard for the residents whose borough it is, and who rightly want much needed affordable homes and money for local services.

And it appears that there was a Crooked man who lived in a Crooked House on a Crooked Street and Crooked Downing Street has housed the most serial Crooked People throughout its antiquity.

And the house has been the occupant of parasites, narcissists, psychopaths and wicked people with corrupt agendas to bring suffering to the most defenceless in society, and the latest incumbent satisfies each and every one of the offensive qualities in full.

There’s no regard whatsoever for justice, integrity and propriety and the only agenda is their pitiful little petty schemes, and the government surpass at being dumb, ill-disciplined, unfinished, prejudiced of constructive critique, and an embarrassment in a disordered world, and it’s no surprise the world laughs at us, and Boris Johnson is complicit in this scandal and should be facing a reprimand.

This is typical Tory exploitation, and Robert Jenrick would not have given approval without the promise of a large monetary incentive from Richard Desmond, and then when he got found out, he attempted to cover his own back by reversing his decision.

Even people with the minimum brain cell’s no that the Tory party are made up of brown envelopes.

So, here we have it, more Tory nosing through the trough and Robert Jenrick must go immediately tailgated by Boris Johnson who’s way out of his depth.

There seems to be plenty of fodder in the trough for this lot and their political compass is perpetually set to sleaze and depravity, it’s the most satisfying part of the job, yet they don’t make it look like exploitation, simply administrative expediency to get a deal done swiftly under a perfectly legal rule, and it’s starting to look like another example of dimwit’s disappearing up their own rear ends.

That’s presumably what comes of needing a succession of issues for them to spume about and if there’s nothing of substance, make one up.

Robert Jenrick admitted he acted unlawfully, yet he’s supported by Boris Johnson and superior bad boys who are pretty swift at condemning anyone they believe has infringed the law but will completely ignore someone like Robert Jenrick who has admitted breaking the law, and then Boris Johnson expects the British public to take him seriously – that there, is self-delusion at its grandest.

Depravity comes in several configurations and lies are all part of the same system, and Boris Johnson’s government is no different to any other government, except now the Conservatives are now led by a demented jester – an alleged Oxford-educated despot, a groper of women – a disconcerted deceiver, a cheat and the listing goes on.

The Conservatives have always based their policies around economics and getting people out to work, as opposed to analysing their social status or well being, and if they can get away with denying people their human rights, then they can get away with murder in any form, and no doubt, this Conservative MP will simply be given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again and keep his taxpayer wages too.

But now all the Tory deflectors are out in force – must be the Central Office starting to panic because the British public is starting to see what a shower of self-serving mercenary lowlifes is in government at the moment.

And Robert Jenrick is an utterly criminal imposter of an MP – he’s a rogue, a fool and a nincompoop, and it’s a pity that Boris Johnson doesn’t have the balls to get rid of those who don’t obey the rules, ie Dominic Cummings and Robert Jenrick, and it just confirms what a weak Prime Minister we have in the United Kingdom.

Billions have rocked up in the Tory party coffers from every orifice of slush funds from not only this country through tax evaders with offshore bank accounts through to Margaret Thatcher’s Atlantic Fund and Putin, the head-choppers of the Middle East, but the Tories also are not too fussy where their funds come from.

Corruption the Conservatives are masters of and Boris Johnson is the comedian that will do anything to demonstrate he’s a competent Prime Minister of the people, but hopefully, his puppets will bring his reign of power and stupidity to a bitter end.

And if Boris Johnson’s stupidity continues to support subservient co-workers who ridicule the law or breach ethical procedures, he too must be found liable of aiding and abetting, if not, condoning perversion of office, and her majesty the Queen must be spluttering with rage at the daily misgivings of her government.

They’re nosing through the trough again, and Robert Jenrick seems to be on the edge of anything dodgy and even owns numerous mansions all over the place, and is he also another Tory Lockdown Tourist? And where is he living now?

And now enabling a massive contract for his mate, a Tory donor. Unwittingly sitting next to him at a dinner party – coincidence? Not so sure about that, and donations shouldn’t have been received by them whilst contract bids were in the process – this is deemed bribery in industry.

There are stringent rules to follow to ensure fairness, honesty and without prejudice – it’s called integrity and accountability, and the Tories have broken all the rules.

The trouble is, for every one caught, there’ll be hundreds under the table, it’s just human nature because upper classes believe it’s they’re right to be able to buy anything they want.

But they’re all in it together, and as Robin Williams said, they should be like racing drivers and wear their sponsor’s logos on their suits, then we’ll know who they were working for.



Brainwashing were the tactics that the Chinese communist party used to frighten people into mindless bodies. It’s called the hypnotic process and there are serious applications to it.

The process was intended to change the mind entirely so that its owner became a breathing puppet, a human-robot, without the atrocity being evident from the outside.

It wasn’t the first time fears of Communism and mind control had leaked into the American public. In 1946 the US Chamber of Communism was so concerned about the spread of Communism that it aimed to remove liberals, socialists and communists from places like schools, libraries, newspapers and entertainment.

And it wasn’t until three years into the Korean War when American prisoners of war started confessing to boorish atrocities.

When Colonel Frank Schwable was shot down over Korea and captured in 1952, he was the highest-ranking military officer to meet his fate, and by February 1953, he and other prisoners of war had erroneously admitted to using germ warfare against the Koreans, dropping everything from anthrax to the plague on unsuspecting noncombatants.

The American public was appalled and became even more so when 5,000 of the 7,200 POWs either petitioned the US government to end the war or signed confessions of their alleged crimes but the final surprise came when 21 American soldiers refused repatriation.

Suddenly the threat of brainwashing was quite real, and it was everywhere and the US military dismissed the charges made in the soldier’s confessions, but couldn’t justify how they’d been forced to make them.

And the idea of mind control thrived in pop culture, with films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Manchurian Candidate, showing people whose minds were washed and controlled by outside forces.

And by 1980 even the American Psychiatric Association had given it credence, including brainwashing under dissociative disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III.

Had the Chinese and Soviet Communists actually uncorked a device or method to rewrite men’s minds and supplant their free will? The short answer is no, but that didn’t prevent the US from flooding resources into combatting it.

The basics are that brainwashing is designed, and now every show is driving the social agenda, and it’s always the same, it’s always the strong female, the beta male and the strong alpha male, and it’s the modern feminist utopia.

So, throw out your TV, you’ll be much happier, there will be less pressure and the mind will be calm. Appreciate the little things in life, accept people as they are, without bias and discrimination because the TV gives you superficial and arbitrary standards of beauty, morality and pleasure.

I’m not here to convert anyone, but try it and see how you feel. If you like it, then continue, otherwise, you can simply turn the TV back on.

The human species is being brainwashed and who controls the news? And this is why we need to be TV free so that we can clear our minds of all propaganda. Go read a book, walk, run, knit, or play a board game – take up a screen-free hobby.

It’s a well-known fact that we watch way too much TV because television controls us psychologically and physiologically. It controls how we create and see, sitting in front of our TV screen entranced by a flashing screen.

The TV doesn’t allow you to think for yourself and the advertisements are there to mechanically dumb you down. It gets into your subconsciousness and is a kind of mind control that manipulates your beliefs and behaviours and influences the brains chemistry.

Television can and does brainwash us and countless people who follow the news don’t realise that it’s all propaganda and they repeat their talking points everywhere they go. Furthermore, commercials are effective in getting people to purchase their commodities and if you think about it, if they weren’t effective, companies wouldn’t continue to waste money on them.

And television brainwashes us because it acts on the people watching. People see advertisements on the television and start to believe they have to have the things that are advertised and people are quickly influenced by what they see.

And television programming frequently strives to drive the envelope as to what is acceptable and not acceptable in society.

What is seen on TV is generally not accepted in society, but the more it’s viewed, the more people start to accept it.

Usually, this is done through humour or through exaggerated behaviours, and as we view these programmes over and over we become desensitized to them – things like violence, profanity and other behaviours that our grandparents would have raised their eyebrows over.

We can see this even in the influence of certain programs, like Mad Men which have shaped us and other sectors of our lives. Even though there are some people that possibly don’t mind the television transforming society through its distortion of everyday life, others see it as an adverse aspect of TV.

Two Households May Be Permitted To Meet Indoors


Members of two households could soon be allowed to meet indoors, but they won’t be allowed to hug which Boris Johnson is expected to unveil, and he’s expected to announce the changes as well as confirming museums, art galleries and cinemas will open from July 4, along with pubs, restaurants and hairdressers.

That would mean more family gatherings and even the return of dinner parties if approved by the Cabinet, and the results of the review the Prime Minister held on whether to cut the two-metre rule to a metre or a metre plus rule was presented to the Cabinet.

The rule changes could entail letting some people socialise indoors, but with substantial constraints, and No 10 sources confirmed that guests will also be allowed to stay overnight. But the Prime Minister will stop short of expanding bubbles so that two households can connect, meaning numerous grandparents will have to wait longer to embrace their grandchildren.

The Government’s scientific advisors are thought to be extremely wary about allowing closer contact between people which could lead to a second coronavirus spike, and it’s thought the plan will enable members of two households to gather inside, but only as long as they maintain social distancing.

The household plan, unlike bubbles which exist for single parents and those who live alone, means that families will not have to choose between other households, and there’s not supposed to be any limit on numbers that can meet indoors, as long as they’re just two households and they maintain social distancing.

It’s anticipated that the changes will come in from July 4 when the 2-metre rule is expected to be cut and pubs, cinemas and restaurants start to open. Nevertheless, numerous families will continue to be concerned that they can resume some indoor activities, and to some degree, their social life, yet millions of children are still not back at school.

The report claims people could soon be able to mix indoors, but physical touch such as hugging would still not be allowed but there was speculation that the Prime Minister would examine the two-metre rule.

The hospitality trade has requested to reduce the two-metre distancing rule, warning pubs, restaurants and cafes will strive to survive.

They’ve been contemplating opening by July 4 for weeks, with some businesses including hairdressers and barbers forced to shut their doors in lockdown now taking bookings.

Currently, people in England are only permitted to meet people from other households outside in gatherings of up to six but must maintain social distancing, with people allowed to meet for exercise, or in parks and gardens.

In recent weeks the guidelines were eased somewhat to enable people socialising in gardens to go inside only to use the household loo, as long as they practised meticulous cleanliness, but meeting indoors so far has only been allowed for households in bubbles.

The bubble rule change enabled people in a single person household to choose one other household where they could stay the night and mix indoors.

Single-parent families were further permitted to merge with one household.

The rules were eased to stop isolation in lockdown and allow some families to visit grandparents after months apart. Nevertheless, two grandparents households missed out under the rule.

It was further broadly interpreted as the end of the sex ban for couples living alone, but only for some, because only couples where at least one lived in a single person household are currently allowed to form a bubble together.

But this has been happening for weeks and these politicians need to go out into the physical world and take a peek and realise that lockdown is well and truly over for the preponderance of this country.

And what is Boris Johnson going to do about the protestors who are breaching social distancing rules?

Lockdown, what lockdown? Does the government even have a clue about what’s going on out there with people having BBQs and hugging each other?

Most people have been doing what they like for weeks while the coronavirus has been going on in the news, but it seems that some people are just not that troubled by it, and while this has all been going on, where has Boris Johnson been?

People have attempted to abide by the rules but now I think that the only people who still believe there is lockdown are those in Westminster and most of them can’t seem to abide by the rules either.

Does Boris Johnson really believe that people are adhering to any of the rules now and didn’t this end ages ago when Dominic Cummings went for a drive? What Boris Johnson needs to be focusing on now is the divide and disorder that’s occurring in this country, and the overwhelming amount of crime that’s about to take place once kick down is officially over.

But Boris Johnson won’t do anything about the protestors for fear of being called a racist.

Tories Have Systematically Stripped Support

The British children over the last decade have been systematically stripped of its support, and footballer Marcus Rashford has been called brave in his drive, urging ministers to change their decision not to award free school meal vouchers in England.

But it shouldn’t take a high profile sportsman to disgrace the government into action, adding that children have been last up to now and have been invisible, and it’s unacceptable that those in control were still debating whether they were going to let some children go hungry over the school holidays.

And even on the day of the vote in Parliament, following a dramatic U-turn by the Conservatives, Boris Johnson was denying the existence of 600,000 children, who have been thrust into bankruptcy since 2012.

This is the result of an approach by the government that systematically dismantles support away from the children over decades, so that now schools in some constituencies have to employ workers using the pupil premium to go round to children’s homes, stock their cupboards, put money on the gas or electricity meter and deal with rats and mice because the parents simply don’t have enough money to make ends meet.

And ex-Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly stated the coronavirus pandemic has led the Government into bringing about an unparalleled array of support packages across the board, including for families.

However, this wasn’t going to be done until Marcus Rashford spoke out.

Mr Cleverly, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, stated that they’d already helped families to help feed the children throughout the Easter break and ultimately they were attempting to get back to a more normal way of working and that they hoped that they would not need to put an additional support package in place over the summer and that they do listen, and that government listens.

Mr Cleverly said that Marcus Rashford put forward a compelling case and that they did listen and the government chose to prolong the current scheme into the summer holidays and that he believed it was the right thing to do.

But that ultimately what they were attempting to do was to get back towards normality because really that’s what everyone wants.

Nevertheless, Ms Nandy said Mr Cleverly’s idea of getting back to normal should be extended to a new normal, to build a better country based on better values, and that when we come out the other side of this because children have been last up to now and have been invisible, let’s make sure that we build this country, let’s make sure the children come first.

Manchester United and England forward Marcus Rashford penned an open letter to MPs asking the government to change its decision not to award free school meal vouchers in England, for which approximately 1.3 million children are eligible, outside of term time.

And an intense follow-up article describing his struggle of growing up using food banks and getting free meals as a kid helped inspire a government U-turn, with the establishment of a COVID 19 summer food fund.

This government has shown the worst of right-wing Tory values – selfishness, greed and a total disregard for the suffering of ordinary people with damaging labelling of families buying cigarettes and alcohol, and buying consumer goods are all diversions from the plain truth.

Boris Johnson and his cohorts just don’t care about people and they’re motivated by the compunction that they can make money out of people’s suffering and whether a blue rosette wearer or red, Westminster hasn’t made it a fair society for children.

And the Thatcher Tories pulled the carpet beneath the feet of whole communities in a Tory induced execution of heavy industry, resulting in swamping the welfare system and the Labour government under Tony Blair, even with 400 seats did nothing productive.

And they favoured wasting money on a war instigated on a pack of lies rather than promoting better welfare opportunities, and there was also an exodus of manufacturing jobs back into Europe or the cheaper Far East and now, salaries have been beaten down over the past forty years.

Gordon Brown robbed pension funds and sold the nation’s gold reserve at a car boot sale, but on the other hand, Westminster has allowed big business to dodge paying taxes to create a perfect storm.

And now all MPs get a pay rise above inflation and a £10,000 gratuity during the lockdown, and then Boris Johnson decides to throw away £100 million on repainting his government plane for no good reason.

But it’s all about priorities and the Tories have been stripping child support they enjoyed as children away through the last ten years and when we were growing up there was far more in terms of benefits than there is now.

The last ten years have put pressure on parents, with a threefold hit of lower-paid jobs, zero-hours contracts and diminishing support. But then the Tories have a terrible history of brutalising the underprivileged and poor.

Remember Margaret Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher? The Tories were never the kind party, taking from the innocent, they’ve continually been the lowest of the low, so we shouldn’t expect them to change any time soon.

And yet the Tories were all up in arms when it came to their expenses, free meals and drinks and I hope that countless more people see what the Tories are like and have been up to particularly in the last ten years, with their assaults and browbeating on the sick, disabled and underprivileged who are on benefits.

Or is it over ten years? Because I can remember Margaret Thatcher brutalising the welfare state wherever and whenever she could.

Most of the Tories in the 1990s were reducing rights and working frantically to sell off the NHS and as many utility companies as possible and then getting lucrative directorships with these companies straight afterwards.

Then there was the crime of taking away people’s rights to legal representation, housing from people with a spare bedroom and food from the plates of children et cetera which has increased the more they have been able to get away with it, which has been shocking.

Can you picture burning cash in front of a homeless person and then expect to get voted in as Prime Minister of the country, well, Boris Johnson did and people still supported him – that’s actually astonishing.

But then we live in terrifying times where so many have missed opportunities, with so many ignorant people that don’t know when they’re being deceived and lied to, and I don’t see any end to this without some kind of major social collapse.

Now there are thousands of people due to the COVID 19 having to claim benefits and seemingly now whining about how low it is, yet they’re probably the ones having a go at those who are on benefits.

Tories don’t care at all and those that are giving the thumbs down to those on benefits are wicked and they’re now attacking pensioners and it will continue to go on, and those that are giving the thumbs down are not kind people, in fact, they lack human compassion.

This government has underfunded and dismantled everything down to the bare bone in order to line their own and rich donators pockets, and their handling of this virus has been a complete mess and they should be ashamed of themselves and have the decency to walk away and let someone else do a better job.

The Tories don’t like socialist politics as it would eliminate much of the stage that makes them and so many of their supporters as wealthy as they are, and it’s no coincidence so many are multi-millionaires.

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