Bungling Ambulance Crew Discharge Coronavirus Survivor

An inept ambulance crew discharged an 89-year-old coronavirus survivor to a random stranger’s home and tucked her into their bed.

Elizabeth Mahoney had been battling COVID 19 at County Hospital in Pontypool for ten weeks, and her family were naturally extremely relieved to discover she’d finally been given a discharge date of Friday, March 12.

But they began to get concerned when she failed to show up at her home in nearby New Inn at the scheduled time.

It was only after a frantic few hours that it transpired she’d instead been taken by ambulance to an address in Newport, more than eight miles away from where she lived and left in the bed of a stranger.

Her son Brian Mahoney said, from Cwmbran that the entire thing was a catalogue of mistakes from start to finish, and he said that they’d originally been called at around 1 pm on that day and told that their mother was on her way home, so Brian’s wife went over there to welcome her.

But about an hour later he phoned to see what was occurring and was told she hadn’t turned up.

Brian then phoned the hospital, only to be told there’d been a bit of a problem, and he said that his mother had suffered a stroke not so long ago, so naturally they were worried something serious had happened to her.

At approximately 3.40 pm he finally got a call saying she’d been taken to a house in Newport, but that the details weren’t very clear.

The 65-year-old warehouse manager added that a subsequent conversation with someone from the ambulance service revealed that Elizabeth had been put to bed at the property.

They apologised to Brian and told him they were on their way to pick her back up, but he asked what they meant, and said please don’t tell me you’ve left her there, at which point his sister broke into tears – they were all worried sick.

Brian said that, while he was still awaiting an official explanation, he believed his mum’s details were confused with those of a female patient with dementia who was also scheduled to go home from the hospital on that same day.

And he said that as far as he could tell, his mother was taken to this other lady’s house by mistake, and somehow, whoever answered the door told the ambulance staff to take her into the bedroom and make her comfortable, but he said that how they failed to notice it wasn’t their relative, he couldn’t say, but apparently, they went to check on her a little while later and that’s when the penny eventually dropped and the alarm was raised.

Elizabeth was then re-admitted to hospital, although Brian said that his mother initially wanted to come straight home, but they insisted she go back in to get checked out, especially after having just had coronavirus, and because they had no idea who’s house she’d been taken to and what it was like.

Brian has blamed his mother’s terrified and bewildered state for her failure to point out the mix up as it was happening, and he said that his mother was a pretty quiet woman anyhow, and had been on her own since his dad had died in 2019. However, she did tell them later that she couldn’t work out why she was being called by a different name.

And also, given the woman she’d been mistaken for has dementia, their guess is any endeavour to point out it wasn’t her house was probably put down to her being a tad confused, but who knows, she may have even looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and thought they’d decided to put her into a care home, but it had all been tragic.

Sounds like an episode of ‘One Foot In The Grave’, mind you, the fact that this person had been in hospital with COVID for weeks can’t be seen as humorous at all, but this might be occurring more than we’d like to think – another triumphant success managed extremely well by the NHS!

I’m sure this has probably happened before, but then what do you expect from the NHS that’s so desperate to get rid of them, anywhere will do.

Hunt For Labour’s Downing Street Moles

Senior Tory sources claim that a labyrinth of Labour Party spies has been operating at the core of Whitehall, feeding confidential information to Sir Keir Starmer’s team to destabilise the Government.

The moles – Labour sympathising civil servants, are believed to have played a pivotal part in triggering the lobbying scandal which has enabled Sir Keir Starmer’s party to construct a narrative of Tory sleaze by leaking details of David Cameron’s contacts with Ministers and officials.

They’re also suspected of using leaks to try to sabotage the Brexit withdrawal negotiations last year and to provide advance notification to the Labour leader about Government plans in the pipeline, giving him time to structure his responses.

The Tory spy hunters believe a cell of Labour supporters, centred in the Cabinet Office, was activated last year after Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s former senior adviser in No 10, declared that a hard rain was coming for the Civil Service as part of proposed reforms to break up Whitehall’s grip on the establishment.

Dominic Cummings is a long-standing critic of the Whitehall establishment, describing the permanent Civil Service as an idea for the history books and proposing the abolition of senior civil servants positions.

Shortly after entering Downing Street in 2019, he became entangled in a power struggle with Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, which ultimately led to Sir Mark being succeeded by the Duke of Cambridge’s former private secretary, Simon Case.

Deputy Cabinet Secretary Helen MacNamara also left, along with two other departmental permanent secretaries reportedly on a Cummings hit list – Sir Philip Rutnam at the Home Office and Sir Simon McDonald at the Foreign Office.

These Whitehall battles were being fought as the narrative broke about Dominic Cummings infamous 260 mile trip from London to his parents home in Durham during the lockdown, leading some sources to speculate at the time that dark forces had been behind the exposé.

Disruptive leaks from inside No 10 quickly began appearing in sympathetic media outlets, such as the revelation in the Financial Times last September that the Government was preparing legislation that would breach international law by letting the United Kingdom unilaterally rewrite parts of the Brexit departure agreement.

The story wrought havoc with Downing Street’s negotiation policy just as the Brexit talks were entering a critical stage, and Dominic Cummings was himself expelled from No 10 later in that year amid the fallout from an internal power struggle with the Prime Minister’s fiancee, Carrie Symonds, but by then, the well had been poisoned.

But all of this appears to be just to solely accumulate more sympathy, and for the dull tediousness of Boris Johnson, especially now he no longer has Dominic Cummings doing his reasoning for him.

And it wouldn’t shock me at all if the Marxists have plants all over the place because there’s always someone with an axe to grind, and there’s no such thing as a loyal servant these days.

Prince William Asked Peter Phillips To Stand Between Him And Harry At Prince Philip’s Funeral

It’s been alleged that Prince William asked for Peter Phillips to stand between him and Harry during Prince Philip’s funeral parade yesterday.

The brothers were separated by Princess Anne’s son as they walked behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin while it made its way to St George’s Chapel in Windsor yesterday afternoon.

It was the first time William and Harry had appeared together in public since Megxit saw the Duke of Sussex leave for Los Angeles with his wife Meghan.

The brothers appeared to reconcile as they left St George’s Chapel after the service. However, there seemed to be a measure of tension between them beforehand.

Sources have now told a news outlet that Harry had encountered a great deal of frostiness from many of his relations since landing in Britain a week ago and self-isolating at Frogmore Cottage, the home given to him and Meghan as a wedding present by the Queen.

And it was claimed that Princess Anne, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie failed to acknowledge Harry before or during yesterday’s service, but one source said that ironically the only one who had displayed any sympathy towards him was Prince Andrew.

And Prince Andrew knows from Sarah Ferguson, and now, first hand, how it feels to be the outsider, which Harry pretty much is.

As far as the others are concerned, there’s a profound sense of protection towards the Queen and bitterness towards Harry, and there’s little comfort for him after what he and Meghan said on Oprah.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the Royals of institutional racism during the bombshell 90-minute interview last month and claimed one member of the family, not the Queen or Prince Philip, asked what colour their son Archie’s skin would be.

The source said that they’re still pretty upset, but that they’re putting on a unified display for the Queen, but that they all believe he’s behaved appallingly.

The siblings had maintained stony expressions yesterday as they walked behind their grandfather’s cortege, separated by Peter Phillips.

The Duke of Cambridge walked ahead of his brother as they entered the 15th Century chapel, and once inside the atmosphere remained frigid.

William sat with Kate immediately opposite Harry but didn’t seem to make eye contact, instead preferring to direct his gaze towards his grandfather’s coffin, and it’s pretty unlikely that William will ever trust his brother and Meghan again.

And perhaps the two brothers will never see much of each other again, unless it’s at another funeral and the like. There will never be a welcome home for Harry and his wife!

London Council Is Set To Become The First To Scrap Green Roads

A London council is set to become the first to scrap green roads after a review determined they increased traffic jams, caused more pollution and delayed the emergency services.

A newspaper outlet said that following the review, Harrow Council announced it will tear up three-cycle lanes and scrap four low traffic neighbourhood schemes.

A report, issued by the council’s traffic and road safety advisory panel revealed a great number of residents were opposed to the road changes and supported their removal.

When questioned what they thought of the Honeypot Lane cycle path in Queensbury, more than 90 per cent of respondents said that they would like it to be removed.

Comparable figures were seen for the other schemes in the local region, with 83 per cent calling for the removal of the scheme on Sheepcote Road.

Others, a whopping 87 per cent, also requested for the removal of the cycle lane on Uxbridge Road.

The report revealed there were diverse feelings towards the traffic schemes, with some acknowledging more cycle lanes could lead to more cyclists on the roads and decrease pollution, as well as improve health, but in turn lead to heightened traffic, pollution, delays and travel times.

The move to remove some low traffic areas makes Harrow one of the first councils to take the daring move.

Concluding the damaging findings, the report read that the engagement and consultation over the experimental six month period have highlighted that a preponderance doesn’t agree with the design of the cycle lanes and have shown that they aren’t working for all users.

There remains support from residents and Ward Councillors to retain the 30 mph speed limit introduced as part of the cycle lanes schemes on Honeypot Lane and Uxbridge Road.

Leader of the council Paul Osborne said it was especially apparent that the preponderance of people are against these schemes and it’s been plain from the start, and that even when evidence that the residents were against it became overwhelming, they didn’t listen.

Harrow Council cabinet will give its concluding ruling on April 29 and it’s expected to vote in favour of their removal.

It comes as just a fortnight ago it was revealed congestion has increased by 30 per cent since the coronavirus pandemic and the construction of dozens of makeshift cycleways in London, and more than 60 miles of cycle lanes have been built across London in the past year to encourage people to walk or cycle during the pandemic.

FedEx Shooter Legally Bought Two Assault Rifles

The family of the gunman who killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis on Thursday night apologises as more is being heard of the victims.

Ex-employee Brandon Scott Hole, 19, was armed with two assault rifles when he wandered into the facility where 100 people were at work and opened fire.

Eight people were killed and another seven were injured in the incident before Brandon Scott Hole turned the rifle on himself.

Police say the teen had purchased both weapons legally last summer despite being put on mental health after his mother reported him to authorities over concerns he wanted to commit suicide.

His family maintains that they tried to get Brandon help before Thursday’s tragic shooting, for which no reason has yet been given, and the family said in a statement that they were devastated at the loss of life caused as a consequence of Brandon’s actions and that through the love of his family, they tried to get him the help he needed.

And they said that their sincerest and most sincere apologies go out to the victims of this pointless tragedy and that they were sorry for the pain and hurt being felt by their families and the whole Indianapolis community.

In March 2020, Brandon was put under a mental health temporary hold after his mother called the authorities over fears he was suicidal and wanted to die. Additionally, a shotgun was evacuated from his home.

According to WTHR, the FBI maintained they questioned Brandon in April, and that based on things seen in the suspect’s bedroom at that time, he was questioned by the FBI in April 2020.

However, no Racially Motivated Violent Extremism (RMVE) ideology was identified during the assessment and no criminal infringement was discovered. The shotgun was not returned to the suspect.

Yet the police reported on Saturday night that Brandon Hole was able to buy two assault rifles used in the incident in July and September 2020, with both purchases made after the March hold.

Brandon Hole died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following the shooting at the FedEx facility on Thursday night.

Since Thursday night, all eight of the victims who have died have been identified.

Amarjit Sekhon, 48, was a mother of two boys, 22 and 16, and a member of the Sikh community, and she’d only been working at the FedEx facility since November – she previously worked at a bakery.

And it not only appears that they have serious crime problems over there in the US, but there are also serious mental health problems that never get addressed.

Topless Woman Dashes Down Windsor High Street

A woman who whipped off her top and ran half-naked down Windsor High Street just after the minute’s silence to the Duke of Edinburgh has been accused of insulting his memory.

The woman removed a jacket to expose her breasts as she yelled ‘save the planet. Save the trees’.

She was apprehended by police and screamed as she was handcuffed while a security guard covered her with his jacket before she was escorted away.

She might have believed that she was going to attract attention, but it was embarrassing, and there are certainly better times and better places to do things like this, especially when people are trying to remember someone who has died.

And her sister Sara, 16, added that it looked like she’d come prepared for this because she had a yellow jacket on and then threw it off and exposed the top of her body, and she timed it just when the minute silence had ended and people had been applauding for Prince Philip.

Jaspreet Singh, 66, of Southall, said it was a shameful way to interrupt what was a very respectful minute silence for the Duke of Edinburgh, and that the woman appeared to have no morals exposing herself like this, and that if she was attempting to save the planet, that was not the way that she should have been doing it.

Linda Merryweather, 51, of Wimbledon, said that it was a rubbish way to protest and that there were perfectly good ways to protest and try to save the planet – not like that, when somebody has just died and who has done such a great service for the country.

And she said that she hoped that people quickly forget what occurred and remember Prince Philip with respect and pride. The same way that he respected and lived his life dignified.

The woman was handcuffed and taken away by police. Thames Valley Police was approached for comment.

However, after all the events of the day, I think that Prince Philip would have seen the situation as extremely entertaining, even though it was a really unattractive protest, and I had to look twice when it was said that WOMAN, and I think even the trees would have lost their leaves and withered and died if this person had wanted to hug them, and this was more like a Monty Python sketch at best.

Twitter Goes Down For Some In The United Kingdom Leaving Frustrated Users Unable To Log In Or Load Tweets

Twitter users were today experiencing outages as technical difficulties hit the network in the build-up to Prince Philip’s funeral.

The social media platform started going down for some people from 1 am UK time and issues have been lingering all day.

In a statement, Twitter Support said that tweets might not be loading for some people and that they were working on fixing the problem and that people would get back on the timeline shortly.

The issues were also affecting people in Mexico, South America, South Africa and the Philippines, and it follows a turbulent start to the year in which the company permanently barred then US president Donal Trump’s account and expanded its use of warning labels to target misleading posts about coronavirus vaccines.

And at least some poor unfortunate souls have been saved from the relentless bullying for a while at least.

Father Pulls Daughter Out Of Private $53,000-A-Year Brearley School

A father has pulled his daughter out of an expensive Upper East Side private school in outrage over the school’s extensive anti-racism policies that include training for parents, and which he said is teaching children to hate their own people.

Andrew Gutmann wrote a harsh letter against The Brearly School, an all-girls school in Manhattan where the fees are $53,000 a year, which he sent to more than 600 other parents.

It mapped out what he described as Brearley’s critical race theory, which he said was advocating that Blacks should forever be seen as helpless victims.

One of the examples he gave was the schools sophomoric and simplistic anti training sessions for parents and the fact that materials that have been taught for years are now suddenly deemed offensive in light of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

He didn’t say which books had been pulled but said it applied to his daughter’s fourth-grade class.

Andrew Gutmann ranted that the girls were being taught to hate their own country and that white scholars were being judged for the colour of their skin.

He further denied that there was systemic prejudice in the US, saying there hadn’t been since the 1960s, and he said that systemic racism, correctly understood, was segregated schools and separate lunch tables.

And that it was the interning of the Japanese and the slaughtering of Jews, and that systemic prejudice was unequivocally not a tiny amount of remote incidences over decades.

He also called out the school for claiming to care about diversity with its race stances while also prioritising legacy students, siblings of other scholars or families with, particularly deep pockets.

And he said that he couldn’t allow a school that not only judges his daughter by the colour of her skin but supports and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs.

He continued that by viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin colour and race, that they were dishonouring the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and completely infringing the movement for which such civil rights leaders believed, fought and died.

Andrew Gutmann, a 45-year-old investment banker, went on to say that the school was brainwashing the girls into a single mindset that was most reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

This is destructive with this race agenda and they should get back to learning math, the sciences and reading, and they should defund schools that work on Critical Race Theory.

We shouldn’t be hammering away non stop at skin tones, and where a school does this, they’re exercising fascism, and are too blinded by skin tone, and labelling people to see it – we should not be judged by the colour of our skin!

And if Andrew Gutmann disagrees with the ethics of what his daughter’s school is teaching about racism and elimination of specific books, then he’s certainly in his right to notify other parents who also have children at said school about his findings, and he’s also in his right to remove his daughter from the offending school.

Russia Arrests Ukrainian Diplomat In St Petersburg

Russia has detained a Ukrainian diplomat in St Petersburg for purportedly obtaining classified information from the main security agency, as tensions between the two countries develop.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said Oleksandr Sosonyuk, Ukraine’s consul, was taken into custody during a meeting with a Russian in which he obtained information of a classified nature contained in the databases of law enforcement agencies and the FSB.

The claims come amid raised tensions between the two ex-Soviet nations with concerns the situation could worsen into conflict.

The security service said Oleksandr Sosonyuk was caught red-handed and added his activities were incompatible with his standing as a diplomat.

The FSB said in a statement that the foreign diplomat will be handled following the criteria of international law and that he has a clear antagonistic nature with Russia.

Oleksandr Sosonyuk headed the Ukrainian consulate in St Petersburg, Russia’s second city.

It comes as Russia has massed around 100,000 troops on its borders with Ukraine in recent days, which springs fears of a full-scale invasion, but Moscow denies inflaming the tense stalemate on the frontier.

Ukraine has demanded NATO membership as a protection against its neighbour, threatening to return to building a nuclear arsenal if it’s refused.

Earlier this week the head of US forces in Europe, General Tod Wolters, said there’s a low to medium chance of a Russian attack on Ukraine in the next few weeks.

He was giving evidence to the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington when he was asked about the risk of invasion in that timeframe.

The general insisted the odds were low to medium, adding that it would depend on many factors, but based on the prevailing trajectory and disposition of Russian forces, that possibility would start to fade.

Kiev earlier blamed Moscow for openly intimidating Ukraine with destruction by placing 80,000 men along its eastern border, with thousands more arriving by the day, as it called on western allies to intervene.

Dmytro Kuleba, the country’s foreign minister, warned of extremely unpleasant consequences if Vladimir Putin attacks. And he said that words were not enough and allies would need to give practical support.

He spoke following a meeting with the foreign ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, NATO allies in the region, saying that the four of them condemn the exacerbation of the situation by Russia.

Dawn Breaks Over Windsor On The Day Of Prince Philip’s Funeral

A golden radiance fell over the grounds of Windsor Castle this morning as sunrise broke on the day HRH Prince Philip will be laid to rest.

The eyes of the world will be on the royal residence now as the Queen says her last goodbye to the Duke of Edinburgh, her husband of 73 years.

In pre-pandemic times thousands of mourners would have gone to the Berkshire town to pay their respects, but the Royal Family, the Government and police are urging people to stay away.

Early this morning members of the armed forces, police, security and the media were taking up their posts around the castle ahead of this afternoon’s ceremony.

While much of the usual pageantry has been stripped back, Buckingham Palace says the funeral will still reflect Philip’s life of service and the plans he spent years fine-tuning.

Right down to the bespoke Land Rover hearse to carry his coffin, the event, code-named Operation Forth Bridge, will be done with military precision, leading up to the 3 pm service at St George’s Chapel.

The first glimpses inside the chapel reveal the Duke’s insignia, Field Marshal’s baton, RAF wings and decorations from Denmark and Greece resting on cushions at the altar.

The Queen, 94, will say a private farewell to her husband, who she once called her strength and stay, before his body is transported to the chapel tailed by a meagre procession including Philip’s four children and three grandsons.

Sources say she’s been the epitome of dignity this week, and the Archbishop of Canterbury paid tribute to her remarkable dignity and strength.

Justin Welby, who will praise Philip’s life of service to the nation and Commonwealth at the service, added that he hoped the nation prays for her and hopes for her to find strength in what must be an anguished moment.

The Dean of Windsor, in the Bidding, will commemorate his unfaltering loyalty to our Queen, and his service to the nation and the Commonwealth, by his courage, fortitude and faith.

It was a crisp Spring day at Windsor this morning, with sunshine forecast for most of the day, and signs have been erected about the town asking members of the public to stay away from Windsor and other royal residences.

Police patrols have been stepped up to enforce COVID rules, which ban large gatherings. Marshals have also been drafted in to assist and were observed trooping through the town in high vis jackets.

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