Ukraine Is Now Unlikely To Ever Be Occupied By Vladimir Putin

Ben Wallace said that Vladimir Putin is now unlikely to ever succeed in inhabiting Ukraine, as Britain promised more economic and military aid for the country.

The Defence Secretary said Russia’s attack has faltered and is beginning to fail in numerous areas as he co-hosted a conference of contributors in Copenhagen.

He also described enormous losses of both personnel and military equipment it’s suffered in the near six months since Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation on February 24.

Mr Wallace said that they’d failed so far and were unlikely to ever succeed in occupying Ukraine.

Mr Wallace said their attack had faltered and constantly been remodified to the extent they were only concentrating in parts of the south and in the east, a long, long way away from their three-day so-called operation.

He said three days are now over 150 days and almost six months in, with enormous significant losses of both equipment and indeed Russian personnel.

The United Kingdom pledged to send numerous launch rocket systems to Ukraine as well as precision-guided missiles which can strike targets up to 50 miles away, designed to defend against Russian heavy artillery.

Mr Wallace continued that President Vladimir Putin would have to gamble that come August, come a few months in, they would have all got bored of the conflict and the international community would have gone off in other directions.

He said, today is evidence of the opposite, and that they’d come out of the meeting with more promises of finance, more promises of training and more promises of military aid, all designed to help Ukraine succeed, to help Ukraine stand up for its sovereignty and indeed to ensure that President Vladimir Putin’s initiatives fail in Ukraine as they rightly should.

Mr Wallace’s comments come as Denmark has joined the United Kingdom in offering more support to Ukraine.

Germany, earlier seen to be hesitant in giving total tangible aid to Ukraine, is also making what Chancellor Olaf Scholz describes as a tremendous break from its past by sending weapons to the war-torn country, but Mr Wallace disclosed that allies will shortly need to start buying weapons from other nations or putting orders in factories to boost ammo supply to Ukraine as their own reserve supplies were exhausted.

He added that their ongoing support sent a very clear message, that Britain and the international community remained opposed to this illegal fighting and would stand shoulder to shoulder, delivering defensive military assistance to Ukraine to help them defend against Vladimir Putin’s attack.

But it’s comical, Britain’s got money for weapons, but not for its own people, and why is the United Kingdom paying for this fight by sending projectiles? It appears that our government has lots of cash to chuck at a war that has nothing to do with us, this is not a UK war it’s a Russian and Ukraine war.

Will Ukraine be paying us back for everything that we send to them because after all, in the end, nothing is for free? Or are we being that naive because generally, the UK gets nothing back, it never does because we’re a charity for the World?

But then Britain is always on the lookout for a good war or conflict someplace and even if we’re not fighting in it, there’s cash to be made from providing arms, technicians, spares, advisors and then once the country has destroyed itself we go straight in to help to build everything, infrastructure, systems et cetera, but of course, for a price.

After Anne Heche’s Organs Are Checked For Donation, Her Life Support Will Be Turned Off

Anne Heche has been officially announced brain dead and will be taken off life support after suffering a brain injury in a fiery LA car crash last week, her friends and family have said.

The actress, 53, who’s in a coma and in critical condition, will remain on a ventilator to determine whether any of her remaining organs are viable to be donated, per Anne Heche’s wishes.

Anne Heche, who’s been hospitalised at the Grossman Burn Centre at West Hills hospital north of Los Angeles, suffered a severe anoxic brain injury, a statement from her family and friends said. Such an injury is caused by a sustained lack of oxygen to the brain.

A representative for her loved ones said that they wanted to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery and thank the dedicated staff and wonderful nurses that cared for Anne at the Grossman Burn Centre at West Hills hospital, but unfortunately, due to her misfortune, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition, and she was not expected to survive.

They added that it’s long been her choice to be an organ donor, so she will stay technically alive until the check is done.

The statement continued that Anne had a huge heart and touched everyone she met with her abundant vibrancy.

More than her incredible talent, she saw extending compassion and joy as her life’s work, especially moving her hand for acceptance of who you love. She will be remembered for her fearless openness and dearly missed for her light.

The actress, 53, was last reported still in a coma battling for her life in the worst state you could imagine after slamming her car into a house at 90mph while high on cocaine.

It was said that cocaine was discovered in Anne Heche’s bloodstream following the horrific collision, but officials confirmed that she’d not been consuming alcohol, despite being pictured with a vodka bottle in her cup holder.

A close friend of the actress told a newspaper outlet that she was in a terrible state and that the smoke inhalation was life-threatening, and that it would be a miracle if she recovers from this and comes out of the coma.

Her spokesperson said the actress lost control of her car as it careened into a home, and ignited a fire that badly burned her, leaving her in an extremely critical condition.

And although it’s extremely sad, thank goodness she didn’t take anyone with her, although she nearly did, and thankfully, by her own hand, she was her only victim with her poor choice to drive. She could have also taken out an entire family of innocents as well as the poor woman whose house she destroyed.

The drugs caught up with her, which is extremely sad, but she was reckless, and it destroyed another woman’s life. This woman has lost irreplaceable possessions, which is sad all around.

She took drugs and then drove into a house at 90mph and this was a foreseeable and moronic self-flagellation, and it’s sad that she’s gone but so fortunate that she was her only victim, although a lady lost her home, a lifetime of photos and keepsakes, and financially she may never come back from this.

There will also be the financial strain that will take its toll and her life has been shredded apart, although I’m sure the homeowner is a forgiving person who would have been more concerned about the loss of life.

For The First Time In 40 Years, Polio May Be Spreading In Britain

Health chiefs cautioned that Polio may be circulating in the United Kingdom for the first time in almost 40 years.

Officials have discovered traces of a vaccine-derived version of the virus in sewage samples in parts of London and say it’s probably transmitting within the community.

Parents are being encouraged to ensure their children are up to date with their polio vaccinations, especially after the pandemic when school immunisation schemes were disrupted.

All British children are supposed to have had the first of three polio jabs as a baby, but uptake in London drags behind the remainder of the country.

Polio spreads through coughs and sneezes or contact with objects contaminated with faeces, causing permanent paralysis in around one in 100 cases. Children are at a higher risk.

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the virus was noticed various times between February and May and has persisted to mutate.

It’s believed that someone inoculated with the live polio vaccine, which uses a diluted version of the virus abroad, journeyed to the United Kingdom and divested part of the pathogen in their stool, but health officials insist the threat to the public overall is excessively low, with urgent investigations now underway to locate anyone who’s been contaminated.

The last time someone caught polio within the United Kingdom was in 1984 but there have been dozens of imported cases since then. Britain was declared polio-free in 2003.

It comes as London fights a bout of monkeypox, another rare viral disease that was until recently restricted to regions of western and central Africa.

The UKHSA said it discovered several closely affiliated polioviruses in specimens gathered from the London Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in Newham.

No cases have been confirmed yet but the UKHSA said it’s possible there’s been some spread between closely linked people in North and East London.

It’s normal for traces of the virus to be occasionally detected as part of routine testing of sewage, but the findings are generally a one-off.

These generally come from people who were vaccinated with the live oral vaccine overseas and then travelled to the United Kingdom. People given the oral vaccine can shed the weakened live virus used in the vaccine in their faeces for several weeks.

Most countries have changed to polio jabs that use inactivated pieces of the virus but some developing nations still depend on the live vaccine.

But what do the government expect with all the uncontrolled immigrants that are being allowed into our country? And it will get far worse by 2025, and there will be unprecedented competition for immigrant workers because there’s an increasing crisis in this country because immigrants will work for less money and more hours, whereas, British workers don’t want to work for less money and more hours.

This is the absolute opposite of what Brexit stands for, and it’s because it’s less appealing for skilled workers, but then Brexit was consistently a silly idea, and the timing couldn’t have been worse with de-globalisation, shortening of supply chains, worker shortages, excessive cost increases for transport, essentially every financial trend is the contrasting opposite of what Brexit stands for.

This is just another excuse to force vaccines onto people, especially when people’s immune systems are compromised right now since COVID jabs were introduced, but then the Tories don’t do experts and believe that the science is all wrong, but then those that are spreading pestilence to everyone are the ones that are evil.

A Village In Britain Becomes The First To Run Dry

Residents in an Oxfordshire townlet have been forced to depend on deliveries of bottled and tanker water, as half of the UK population could be encountering a hosepipe prohibition within weeks.

Northend, on the Buckinghamshire border, usually gets its water from the now dried-up Stokenchurch Reservoir, which has been impacted by the scorching heatwave temperatures, with little rain anticipated to help reduce the threat of drought, which has prompted water bans and fire warnings.

Thames Water had to send water tankers and bottles to its residents, struggling after increased demand for the natural resource in recent hot weeks.

The company has also just reported it will be issuing a hosepipe prohibition for 15 million customers across London, Surrey and Gloucestershire in the forthcoming weeks.

Andrew Sells, head of Natural England between 2014 and 2019, blamed water companies for peddling off reservoirs which could have helped ease drought to housing developers.

He wrote in a newspaper outlet that several of their water companies preferred to build houses on some of their reservoirs and that they learned that together they have built exactly zero new reservoirs in the past 30 years.

He said that no doubt some reservoirs had reached the end of their working lives, but in ditching this infrastructure, without any replacements, they had again put short-term gains ahead of long-term supply.

The companies which have sold off decommissioned reservoirs in recent years include Thames Water, Severn Trent and Southern Water.

It comes as millions of Britons could be facing a hosepipe ban after a leaked paper disclosed three more water companies were scheduling restrictions.

Britain’s largest water company, Thames Water, which provides some 15 million people, said it would announce a ban in the forthcoming weeks.

Restrictions covering nearly three million people have already been reported by Southern Water, South East Water and Welsh Water, and an internal Environmental Agency document seen by a newspaper outlet revealed that the water companies discussing whether to bring in a ban were Yorkshire, with five million customers, Severn Trent with eight million and South West with up to two million, and if legislated, it would bring the number of people under a hosepipe ban to about 33 million.

Meanwhile, Tory leadership frontrunner Liz Truss has weighed on hosepipe bans after two water companies reported others cautioned they may need to follow suit, following the driest eight months from November to June since 1976 as well as the driest July on record for regions of southern and eastern England.

Our water bill pays for the infrastructure. The same infrastructure these so-called professional institutions let rot for so long.

But this is what they call the ‘human cull’ – are you ready for it?

And it’s easier and more affordable for water companies to impose a hosepipe ban than build and maintain acceptable water infrastructure, but you might have noticed that there have been no environmental campaigners out in protest.

Typically when we have an extremely hot summer, nobody panics, there’s no hysteria, we all just get along with it and enjoyed the gorgeous summer and everything generally works out okay. But now we have all the fearmongering and complete balderdash.

There Will Be Lean Times Ahead!

A survey has discovered that one in four adults is consuming less meat to try and save money.

It comes after a study by the Office for National Statistics revealed that millions of households are reducing the amount they spend on essentials, such as food, and car journeys.

About 70 per cent are taking action to deal with price rises, found a survey by Public First.

Some 65 per cent are going out less, 46 per cent are driving less and 28 per cent are reducing the quantity of meat they consume.

Beef and chicken have seen extremely sharp price increases in the past year.

One main reason is that the price of feed, such as maize and wheat, has increased due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The same study also discovered that as a consequence of the cost of living crisis, nearly one in five have cut back on purchasing clothes and cancelled their holiday plans.

Glancing forward, about one in four worries that they won’t be able to afford a jolly Christmas.

Uncle Klause says ‘yoo vill eat ze bugs und you vill be happy’.

Maybe this is all part of a veganism plan, but I’m definitely not playing along.

The world elite doesn’t care about you or what anything costs or the world, all they care about is more money, and in the end, part of the plan will be that everyone owns nothing and that they will be happy whether they like it or not.

The question is will prices go back down when inflation eases or will the price fleecing continue? Of course, they won’t because inflation is contrived to inflate prices and if people tolerate the price rises now they definitely won’t go down because the government wants to squeeze every penny out because poor people are more pliable.

This is a double whammy as meat prices increase sharply so does the cost of cooking it.

However, as poor folk feed themselves on scraps the privileged are dining on lobster and steak.

This, of course, is all happening by design and shortly meat will be a rare treat rather than a stable diet, but the government don’t want you to eat meat because it gives you energy, but of course, they need you to be docile so they can make us into slaves.

Soon we will be eating locust on toast, a centipede sarnie and cockroaches in charge!

And of course, profound social shifts usually start small. In a hundred years’ time, eating meat will seem as barbaric to our descendants as 19th-century slavery seems to us today.

Fresh meat is good for you. However, consuming too much bacon, sausages, hot dogs, canned meat, lunch meat, or meat that’s been processed in some way to preserve or flavour it is harmful to your health, well it is according to the experts, and a number of investigations have uncovered links between processed meat and various forms of cancer, as well as heart disease and diabetes. 

And if there are no farmers, which will ultimately happen, the health ratio of people will decline, and the possibility of getting ill will increase, and it will impact the economy of every nation, and at the moment GMO foods are thriving and making big bucks.

Just remember that farmers are and have always been an essential part of our society but sadly not for much longer.

There Will Be Hundreds Of Civil Servants Who Will Never Return To Their Offices

Hundreds of civil servants will never have to return to the office after being allowed to work from home permanently.

Official figures show the number of Government workers on special home working contracts had almost tripled since the pandemic.

There were 183 home workers across eight of the main Whitehall departments in 2019-20, increasing to 309 the following year and 530 in 2021-22.

The most significant increase was in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), where the number increased from 117 before COVID struck to 380 earlier this year.

In the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) the number increased from 14 to 60 over the same period, and in the Cabinet Office, which is meant to lead the drive for civil servants to get back to their desks, it doubled from 30 to 62.

The Department for Education has 15 home workers, the Department for Levelling up nine and the Department for Culture has five, while the HM Treasury and the Ministry of Justice had fewer than five.

Elliot Keck, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, who obtained the data under the Freedom of Information Act, said that taxpayers were sick of the double standards in the civil service, and that Central London real estate lies empty and public sector wages outstrip private sector pay, yet the number of Whitehall home workers soars, and that if mandarins insist on going remote long term, officials must make savings.

The Cabinet Office said most civil servants are office based. Those who want to operate from home permanently must apply to their line manager to adjust their contract and it will be approved only under certain conditions.

Staff who need to carry out work such as handling sensitive documents can’t work from home permanently, for example.

Those permitted to become contractual home workers must undergo a six-month trial and have a designated room as their office. A Government spokesman said that these arrangements go through stringent approval processes.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands more civil servants spend only a few days a week in the office under hybrid work arrangements.

The latest figures reveal that in the last week of July, only the Ministry of Defence’s HQ was more than two-thirds full, with 71 per cent of its staff in the office. The Scotland Office was the emptiest, with 27 per cent occupancy.

Now, laptops allow people to work from home, so there’s no obsession to have people functioning in the office if they can get on with it just as well at home. Next, they will be sacking them and employing cheap Indian staff who will work for more hours, for less money.

The problem is how will our data be protected if these people are not office based? What if they leave their laptops unattended, then anyone could access our information? And if people are sacked for more affordable staffers that will work longer hours for less money, complaints will go through the roof because no one will be able to understand them and most contact centres are ineffective because they read from a script and can’t always respond to the queries that are asked of them.

But it now looks like working from home is going to be a permanent feature, with or without COVID especially now that fuel prices are soaring, making the commute even more difficult, and let’s face it working from home was a dress rehearsal for something more permanent.

Clearly, driving licences and passports can’t be produced at home but even if they could where would they store the documents? And most people won’t want their secure personal information passed around someone’s home environment where outsiders and relatives can pore over their particulars.

Lilia Valutyte, Nine, Was Stabbed To Death By A Lithuanian Fruit Picker, 22

A Lithuanian fruit picker has been charged with killing nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte and has been remanded in custody after making his first court appearance.

Deividas Skebas, 22, spoke only to verify his name, date of birth and address during a brief hearing at Lincoln Magistrate’s Court.

Deividas Skebas, of Boston, who held his head bowed throughout the hearing, will appear at Lincoln Crown Court later today.

Deividas Skebas, who was sporting a grey tracksuit, was told by District Judge Peter Deits that the offence he was facing was the most severe crime anyone could face in court.

Lilia was stabbed to death as she played with her sister in a quiet alley outside her mother’s embroidery shop near the hub of Boston at about 6.20 pm last Thursday.

Skebas was held on Saturday when armed officers surrounded a nearby house just four hours after Lincolnshire Police released CCTV footage of a man seen in the area shortly before the stabbing.

She was discovered with a stab wound in Fountain Lane at 6.20 pm and couldn’t be saved despite the actions of medics.

He was arrested on Saturday afternoon at his home in a Victorian semi-detached house only 200 yards from where Lilia died.

Skebas, of Boston, was charged with murder on Sunday evening and appeared before Lincoln Magistrate’s Court.

His ex-girlfriend Beata Sapuskaite, 23, said Skebas was from an upper-class family of business people and had gone to the United Kingdom to work before returning to Lithuania due to health issues.

She told a newspaper outlet that he was studying in Lithuania and came to England for farming work and that he moved back to Lithuania but came back to Boston recently.

Skebas arrived at court in a prison van shortly before 9 am and was held in a cell until he was taken up to the glass-fronted dock in Court Six.

The suspect, who was sporting a grey t-shirt and grey tracksuit trousers, remained standing as he confirmed his date of birth in December 1999 and his address in Boston.

He then sat down, looking at the floor as the charge was read out by the court clerk.

Prosecutor Marie Stace requested for the case to be sent to Lincoln Crown Court, and confirmed that the court had room for a hearing that afternoon.

District Judge Peter Viets remanded him in custody to appear again at 2 pm at Lincoln Crown Court.

This was a waste of life by a complete and utterly selfish, disturbed person, who has with one action destroyed his whole life and he will hopefully spend the remainder of his days living with this enormous guilt, shame and sorrow.

This was a beautiful and innocent 9-year-old girl who had her whole life ahead of her and what a wicked world this has become.

Sadly, there’s not enough of a deterrent in this country for any of the offences committed and our judges need to get their heads out of the sand, and I wonder what they might do if this sort of thing happened to their family?

Yet again another innocent child was slaughtered. What a country we’ve become, and it’s bad all over the United Kingdom. It’s about time something was done about it because something needs to happen to stop all these knife crimes and innocent children being slaughtered out on our streets.

Rishi Sunak Builds A Private Pool For Himself

While wealthy Rishi Sunak hopes to take the plunge as our New Prime Minister, it’s revealed that things aren’t going swimmingly for his poor constituents.

In fact, it’s a case of him swimming and them sinking, because they’re on the verge of losing their popular public baths which look set to close because of soaring energy bills, but in the meantime, their MP is splashing out thousands on a new private pool in the grounds of his £1.5 million mansion, with the multi-millionaire encountering no hardship paying running costs of approximately £13,000 a year.

The troubled waters in Richmond, North Yorkshire, emerged as the latest figures reveal an astonishing 79 per cent of community swimming pools around the country face closure in the economic situation.

The vital leisure facility at the heart of Rishi Sunak’s constituency serves 2,000 people a week, operating as a charitable venture. He’s even proudly visited the pool, which has been serving the town since 1976.

Almost 700 children a week go there to learn to swim, either in after clubs or part of school lessons. But now it faces a four hundred per cent hike in bills, taking gas and electricity costs from £63,600 to £315,000 per year, with no chance of any government support.

Only household consumers are protected by Ofgem’s energy price cap to keep tariffs down, community leisure establishments and schools face the same surging bills as businesses.

It comes in a week when British Gas owner Centrica reported a fivefold growth in profits, to £1.34 billion.

Austin Gordon, general manager at Richmond Pool, said the bills it faced were horrendous and it would be forced to close, like thousands of others, without support from the possible prospective Prime Minister, who lives just 18 miles away with a pool of his own.

Rishi Sunak and heiress wife Akshata Narayan Murty bought their gated Grade II listed manor near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, in 2015. Last year, the couple applied for a new stone building on a paddock to accommodate a gym, a 12×5 metre pool, four showers and storage.

Mr Gordon said, it’s ironic Rishi Sunak has just built a pool for himself, while his constituents face losing theirs.

He said the quotes that have come back so far have gas prices which will be a nearly 600 per cent increase and electricity at 300 per cent, which is horrendous.

He said pools are high energy users and they have to keep thousands of gallons at a specific temperature, and that they have energy-saving measures already in place but when you start applying numbers like that to it, it makes it impossible, and he said he’s been in the industry 35 years and there’s never been anything like this.

The best thing to do when his swimming pool has been completed is to just form a long queue outside his house with your trunks covered up in a towel, that way we can use his swimming pool instead. Mind you, his pool should come with a warning sign ‘If the pool is as shallow as him, then don’t dive in’.

The Tories obviously lack self-awareness and are out of touch with people, but apparently, we’re not entitled to say that, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

What Rishi Sunak should do as a truly nice gesture and one that he could readily afford is agree to foot the bill or at least part of it for maintaining the swimming pool. The council could even name it after him so that he gets plenty of the glory. At least that way he can bask in his own pool with a clear conscience, but he will do that anyhow.

The Nanny Of Boris Johnson Alleges That The Prime Minister Dismissed Her For Comparing Her To An ‘Ugly Old Lamp’

An ex-senior assistant to Boris Johnson has said her position was constantly like being his nanny and claimed she was sacked by the Prime Minister after being compared to an ‘ugly old lamp’.

Cleo Watson, who was drafted as head of Priorities and Campaigns by Dominic Cummings, has raised the lid on the mess in Downing Street in the early days of the COVID situation.

Cleo Watson, who’s presently penning a book about ‘sex and skulduggery’ in Westminster, compared Boris Johnson to ‘a great unruly golden retriever’ in an article claiming ‘karma’ had been returned to him recently.

She claimed a ‘puppy gate had to be installed to prevent him from mixing with staff when he was supposed to be isolated and said the Prime Minister took naps during the day as he recuperated from coronavirus, which had earlier been denied.

She also alleged that she repeatedly had to reprimand Boris Johnson for making quips about ‘Kung Flu’ and saying ‘Aye! Corona’ in the days before his own brush with death.

The ex Downing Street insider said she was relieved of her responsibilities in November 2020 in a cruel exchange in the Cabinet Room which may have been familiar to many of his girlfriends.

She said Downing Street careers end sooner or later, but said Boris Johnson has had karma repaid with interest recently.

Mr Cummings, who the Prime Minister had gone out of his way to defend after he made a pilgrimage to Durham while lockdown regulations were in place, quit in November 2020 as relations with his boss soured.

In an article in Tattler, Ms Watson said the Prime Minister told her she had to leave two weeks later because she reminded him too much of him.

She claimed Boris Johnson told her that he couldn’t look at her anymore because it reminded him of Dom, and said that it was like a marriage that had ended. We’ve separated up our things and she’s kept an ugly old lamp, but every time she looks at that lamp, it reminds her of the person she was with. You’re that lamp.

In a cunning dig at her former employer, she said he probably knows better than most how it feels when a marriage breaks up.

She said the Prime Minister gave a sad, off-the-cuff address to a baffled clutch of advisers before she left, but denied a departing do was thrown for her.

But Boris Johnson needs to take a hard look at himself in the mirror before demeaning anyone else, but then perhaps he was when he was describing her because all that he really is – a nincompoop with a silly hairstyle.

It’s Called The Home Office For A Reason!

Even more of the Home Office’s civil servants are working from home than before Jacob Rees-Mogg’s crackdown on remote working culture.

An average of 46 per cent of the desks in the Whitehall headquarters were populated in the last week of June, down from 61 per cent in February.

This is despite the efforts of Jacob Rees-Mogg to pry them from their spare rooms and kitchen tables.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s endeavours to end WFH have so far included conducting spot head counts in offices at Whitehall and leaving messages on empty desks in a move which was branded insulting by unions.

The note, printed on government paper with Jacob Rees-Mogg’s title, was left at empty desks and read: ‘I look forward to seeing you in the office very soon.’

As reported in a newspaper outlet, a Whitehall source said the Home Office had been terrible at returning to work after COVID, and they added that with backlogs unresolved and public services underperforming, officials who were refusing to go into work as they were expected to were taking taxpayers for a ride.

The newspaper outlet said that the latest data on office occupancy showed that nearly every department had brought more staff back to the workplace since Jacob Rees-Mogg’s crackdown.

The Department for Work and Pensions has expanded its numbers from 32 per cent at the beginning of February to 56 per cent at the end of June, while the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy was up 59 per cent from 27 per cent.

Last month’s rail strikes affected occupancy in the office dramatically, with divisions across the board seeing a massive decline in those working at their desks, with the Treasury headquarters on Horse Guards was 44 per cent occupied that week compared to 67 per cent on the following.

Priti Patel’s Home Office was one of three departments having a lower office occupancy rate than the numbers in February, and the Cabinet Office minister has threatened ministries with expulsion if they don’t use their desk space.

Taking a swipe at the out-of-office culture that has taken hold across Whitehall, Jacob Rees Mogg said that in his experience of working from home is that you spend an awful lot of time making another cup of coffee and then, you know, getting up, stepping gradually to the fridge, hacking off a small portion of cheese, then walking extremely slowly back to your laptop and then forgetting what it was you were doing.

Oh, the wretched flake Civil Servants. Do we feel sad for them? No, of course, we don’t because they should just be doing their jobs, or moving on so that other jobs can be created for someone else.

There are many who are still working from home, and the majority do what they like, when they like, with some taking advantage of the benefit of working from home, with many hating the office and the people in them, and they were only putting up with them because it was the only way they could pay their mortgage, but now they don’t need to do that and at least it saves them spending about three hours travelling each day because who now wants to do that when they can work from home?

The problem since COVID and lockdown is that now the mentality of the nation is on its backside (literally) and no one appears to be able to cope in the real world. I mean, look at the heatwave last week, any excuse to not do anything? Businesses are closing in London due to no workers spending, and when the October utilities increase people will be wanting to work in the office again because they won’t be able to afford to stay at home because they won’t be able to afford utilities, the problem is, neither will offices and then everything will come to a grinding halt.

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