Summer Freedom On Hold For Four Weeks

Boris Johnson has pushed Freedom Day to July 19 as a new poll revealed that the preponderance of Britons wanted ministers to delay the lifting of all lockdown rules amid a spike in Indian variant cases.

A total of 53 per cent of UK voters wanted some lockdown rules to stay across the United Kingdom past June 21, while 25 per cent wanted all freedom limiting legislation to continue.

Just 34 per cent of people said they would like life to go back to normal on the day Boris Johnson pledged it would, a survey of 1,392 people conducted by YouGov for The Times found.

It came as Michael Tildesley, a University of Warwick epidemiologist, told BBC Radio 4 scientists needed to find the connection between cases and hospital admissions before any judgment could be made.

A separate question in the YouGov poll saw 22 per cent of people dub the rule of six, which currently limits indoor gatherings to only six people, their least favourite lockdown rule and said it should be lifted first.

The Prime Minister was planning to delay the final stage of his COVID roadmap by four weeks in a move that will likely infuriate MPs, business leaders and hospitality chiefs, but to appease Tory MPs and ministers, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who are keen to unleash the economy, the Prime Minister is expected to promise a review after a fortnight, but this could allow curbs to be ditched earlier if hospital admissions remain low.

The setback has been prompted by a sharp increase in cases of the Indian variant, and the British Medical Association calling for a stay to enable more people to receive their second jabs.

Cabinet sources had admitted that Freedom Day on June 21 was not looking great, with a four-week extension to COVID restrictions most likely to go ahead, and under the Prime Minister’s COVID roadmap, June 21 was supposed to be the day when all social distancing curbs were lifted and the work from home advice abandoned. However, Boris Johnson made his final decision and announced to the nation on Monday evening.

He said that they don’t want to be sliding into another lockdown, and to circumvent this they wanted to be careful and make sure they got enough data from the government as possible notifying them of what they might expect in a future wave as they begin to unlock further.

But many people are saying that it’s a fake poll and that they want the nation back to normal, and they’re fed up with all the propaganda, and politicians who order these draconian measures haven’t missed a paycheck since lockdown started.

Perhaps all these elected officials should have their paychecks stopped until the economy is opened up and back on its feet again because they’re not interested in a solution until it affects them!

And then we have the mainstream media that’s driving this warfare, and it appears that governments have weaponised COVID on their own people by way of psychological manipulation, and it seems that the preponderance of us are unable to see that we’re actually in a war.

Politics is a game of fear, and any society that rules understands that you have to keep class divided and that you have to create divisions within society, and if you create those divisions, you can maintain control.

And eventually, we will be punished, ordered or intimidated into having the vaccine, and those that fell for Boris Johnson’s lies and promises, well, he’s given us some freedom, but then he takes it away again, but then he doesn’t mind upsetting a few people here and there, as long as he’s getting a paycheck at the end of it – as long as I’m okay Jack, sod everyone else.

Kim Jong-un Calls K-Pop A Vicious Cancer

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has hit out at South Korean pop culture, describing it as vicious cancer and introducing more rigid punishments for those caught listening to K-pop or watching dramas from the South.

South Korean music, television shows and movies are enjoying unprecedented popularity around the world, including in totalitarian North Korea where cultural life is rigidly dictated by the state.

Entertainment from the South has long been smuggled across the border, first as VHS cassettes and CDs and now as flash drives from China, skirting censorship of media and the internet.

But Kim is attempting to stem the tide of the latest Korean wave, which state media has warned will cause North Korea to crumble like a damp wall if left unchecked.

The New York Times reported that state media has slammed the spread of anti-socialist influence, especially through South Korean films, K-dramas and K-pop music videos, on a near-daily basis in recent months.

The paper reported that Kim has ordered his government to clamp down on the cultural invasion, which he said was corrupting the attire, hairstyles, speeches and behaviours’ of North Korea’s youth.

In December, the Communist state brought a new law that could see anyone found watching or possessing South Korean entertainment sentenced to 15 years in a labour camp.

Those smuggling the content into North Korea could suffer even harsher punishments, including the death penalty.

The legislation also calls for people who talk, write or sing in South Korean style to face up to two years of hard labour.

A news outlet said that the moves by the secretive state came to light through Seoul lawmakers briefed by intelligence officials, and internal documents smuggled out of North Korea by the Seoul based Daily NK news website.

Despite a shared ethnicity and language, patterns of speech and accents in South Korea differ considerably from the North, but expressions picked up from K-dramas have started creeping in, with women in North Korea sometimes opting to call their boyfriends ‘oppa’, a term used in the South that’s comparable to ‘honey’ in this context, rather than the approved ‘comrade’.

Citing North Korean government documents smuggled out by Asia Press International, a Japan-based website monitoring North Korea, the paper said that computers, text messages and notebooks are being searched for South Korean content and vocabulary.

And it should make us question why on earth this narcissistic madman is still in power.

He’s just a little man with little thoughts, and perhaps he should be put in the labour camps so that he knows what it’s like because he’s an evil repugnant man, and he’s an absolute mutt because children should be allowed to be children so that they can enjoy their lives.

K-pop is just another section of the music genre – it’s nothing other than the Beatles, Taylor Swift or any other kind of music, and while it’s understood the Kim Jong-un believes that anything South Korean will undermine the North Korean way of life, music has always been one of the many ways to join people together, not hurt them.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about the music, it’s about dictatorship, and let’s not pretend it’s anything else, and Kim Jong-un is just a petulant fat boy that needs a slap on the posterior, and he’s the deep cancer that there appears to be no cure for.

Fat But Fit Is A Myth

A study has warned that overweight people who exercise regularly are still at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease.

University of Glasgow experts studied people who were overweight but had a normal metabolic profile, a combination dubbed metabolically health obesity (MHO).

People with MHO have a body mass index of 30 or higher but lack systemic inflammation, problematic blood fats and insulin issues often seen with obesity.

Experts have determined that MHO may happen in the general population at levels of anywhere between 3 and 22 per cent.

The team discovered that metabolically healthy obesity raises the risk of numerous health conditions in comparison with people with a regular BMI.

For example, it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes 4.3 fold and leads to a mountainous 76 per cent rise in the risk of heart failure.

Experts estimated that there are more than 300 million people worldwide who are overweight, a figure anticipated to surpass 1 billion, or 1 in 5 people, come the year 2030.

The study was undertaken by epidemiologist Frederick Ho of the University of Glasgow and his colleagues.

They wrote that people with metabolically healthy obesity are not healthy as they’re at greater risk of heart attack and stroke, heart failure, and respiratory diseases compared with people without obesity who have a normal metabolic profile.

And they said that weight management could be beneficial to all people with obesity irrespective of their metabolic profile, and they said that the term metabolically healthy obesity should be circumvented in clinical medicine as it’s misleading, and different approaches for determining risk should be investigated.

In their study, the researchers observed 381,363 individuals, all of whom were either of a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

All the participants were part of the UK Biobank project, a wide-scale study that collected detailed genetic and health information on half a million volunteers.

Subjects were grouped into one of four categories, either metabolically healthy obese (MHO), metabolically unhealthy obese (MUO), metabolically healthy non-obese (MHN) or metabolically unhealthy non-obese (MUN).

The team discovered that the MHO people in the study were generally younger, watched less television, were more educated, consumed more red and processed meat and were less likely to be male and non-white than MUO participants.

Furthermore, MHO subjects were 4.3 times more prone to have type 2 diabetes, 18 per cent more at risk of a heart attack or stroke and 76 per cent more inclined to suffer heart failure than metabolically healthy participants without obesity.

But a person who exercises is moving their body and making an effort, and this article just knocks them down, and it’s better to move than not to move.

Being overweight is bad for you, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t be glamorised either, but being active doesn’t mean your fit either. A person can go to the gym and swim numerous times a week, frequent yoga and pilate classes, but that still doesn’t mean that you’re fit, and slender people die from heart attacks as well, and this article would just have put people off from exercising more because they’ll think, well why bother?

The problem is, England is an obesogenic environment where the default lifestyle leads to obesity, and people don’t choose to get fat, they just choose not to get healthy, and the society that they live in does the rest.

An inactive lifestyle, high-fat foods, and normalisation of obesity all make it easy to be overweight in modern Britain. Sadly, it comes at a great personal cost and an increasingly great expense to the NHS.

Do You Suffer From Maskne?

Dermatologists warn that wearing a face mask for extended periods is causing some people to have severe outbreaks of skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Experts investigated instances of the most common causes of facial conditions directly caused by wearing face masks and other PPE, a phenomenon known as maskne.

The team from King’s College Hospital, London studied all forms of facial PPE, including face shields, visors, safety glasses, surgical masks and respirators.

The article, printed in the British Medical Journal, was written to assist doctors and specialists diagnose maskne and identify skin breakouts not linked to PPE.

It highlights a variety of images presenting various kinds of facial skin conditions caused as a direct result of mask-wearing, that were used to create flow chart specialists can follow to better diagnose and in turn treat a particular condition.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a notable increase in people wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly masks due to government regulations.

The term maskne has become increasingly prevalent during the pandemic, where it’s used to describe several facial skin conditions caused by mask-wearing.

Individuals frequently buy costly but potentially ineffective treatments for these conditions, so King’s College Hospital researchers set out to improve diagnosis.

The authors of the article wrote that in this practice pointer they summarised the most common causes of facial eruptions associated with wearing facial PPE.

They also highlight the key areas to cover when assessing someone with new or worsening pre-existing facial dermatoses that they attribute to the use of facial PPE.

The researchers, including Emily Rudd, dermatology senior clinical fellow and Sarah Walsh, dermatology consultant wanted to make diagnosis more consistent.

They said that facial skin defects associated with PPE have been well described in earlier research, but doctors and specialists are using graphic terms to explain outbreaks.

And based on limited available evidence, mask related acne and irritant contact dermatitis are the most common facial dermatoses associated with mask-wearing.

A cross-sectional study of 833 medical school staff in Thailand helped inform some of this research, including healthcare and non-healthcare workers.

That study revealed that 54 per cent of those in the study self-reported instances of adverse skin reactions to wearing surgical or cloth masks.

And according to the team behind the BMJ article, typically, a patient presents with new-onset facial eruption or worsening of a pre-existing dermatosis that is most noticeable in the region covered by the mask.

Of course, people were not meant to wear masks, and even though as human beings we have evolved and adapted to our surroundings, that’s taken hundreds and thousands of years, so it would take that to evolve into wearing masks.

Although, I’m sure that we weren’t designed to inhale dangerous viruses either, but a person would have to choose which would be the lesser of the two evils, and you also have to consider what all those fibres being inhaled into our lungs will do to us.

We’re not supposed to be wearing a mask on our faces, especially for long periods, and the build-up of moisture beneath the mask will of course cause skin problems.

Bacteria loves warm, moist places and will thrive under a mask, and you’re basically giving yourself nappy rash on your face, and we shouldn’t be accepting the prospect of skin infections and long term medications to manage it, just because the government tells us that we have to wear a mask.

A Wake-Up Call To The Web

Security experts have warned that yesterday’s internet crash that took major sites offline could be just the tip of the iceberg.

An outage at a little known firm that speeds up access to websites knocked several top internet destinations offline on Tuesday, disrupting business and leisure for countless millions globally.

Millions of users across the globe reported difficulties attempting to access web pages, with Netflix, Twitch and news websites including the BBC, Guardian, CNN and the New York Times hit by the problem.

The dilemma was caused by the US firm Fastly, a content delivery network (CDN) company that helps users view website content more quickly.

The dilemma was quickly fixed, and the company blamed a configuration error in its technology.

But the incident raises questions about how exposed the global internet is to more serious disruption.

San Francisco based Fastly’s edge server computing technology is used by several of the world’s most popular websites, such as The New York Times, Shopify, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Etsy, Wayfair and Stripe. The British government is amongst its clients.

The company provides a content delivery network, an arrangement that allows customers websites to store data such as images and videos on various mirror servers across 26 countries so that the data is closer to users, and therefore shows up faster.

David Warburton, of the cybersecurity company F5 Labs, said centralisation was somewhat new for the internet, and would presumably continue to raise concerns.

He told a news outlet that the web as a whole was designed to be decentralised and that by not relying on anyone’s central system, it meant that many different components could fail and internet traffic could still find a way to get where it needed to go.

He said that what they’ve seen over the past decade, however, is the unintentional centralisation of many core services through large cloud solution providers like infrastructure vendors and CDN’s.

Former deputy national security adviser for intelligence security between 2014 and 2018, Paddy McGuinness, said yesterday’s incident should serve as a wake-up call, and the Government should expand the current security approach.

He said that they need resilience as an explicit policy goal, particularly on the new networks they’re building to deliver services to the citizen, and that a secure by design and default mantra was welcome but it wasn’t enough in itself.

But people are sick to death of hearing this futile pointless expression, that lessons will and must be learnt because they never are, and it’s just said to make everyone feel better.

This should also be a wake-up call because ultimately, currencies will become digital, with the eradication of cash, which is absolute craziness, but it’s a great way to control the population in this new dystopian nightmare.

And this might seem like a trivial problem that knocked several websites offline for a short time, but it actually occurs frequently – maybe on a smaller scale, but this could become and probably will become a melodrama.

The actual problem is the Cloud. It’s not just that you can only access it with the internet, but ultimately the data people are storing is in a handful of global locations, all of which could be taken out at once, including the backups.

So, if they want to attack a country or a continent – attack its Cloud and it’s defenceless in seconds, and if people knew how fragile the modern internet was they’d be terrified because the Cloud is phenomenal right up to the point where it isn’t and then it’s a catastrophe.

1,000-Year-Old Chicken Egg Perfectly Preserved In Human Faeces

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said on Wednesday that a chicken egg envelope by human faeces inside an ancient cesspit for 1,000 years had been discovered in Israel.

The complete egg was found in an industrial complex dating back to the Byzantine period, in what is now Yavne.

The IAA’s Lee Perry Gal, a leading authority on poultry in the ancient world, said in a statement that eggshell fragments were known from earlier periods, for example in the City of David and at Caesarea and Apollonia, but due to the eggs’ delicate shells, barely any whole chicken eggs have been preserved.

Also concealed inside the ancient human waste was several Islamic period bone dolls, know as Coptic dolls, that were used as toys.

The whole egg is about six centimetres tall and had only a few cracks on the shell, but no pieces of the outside layer were missing when it was removed from the cesspit.

Alla Nagorsky, an archaeologist with IAA, also remarked that even today, eggs seldom survive for long in supermarket cartons, so it was astounding to think that this was a 1,000-year-old discovery.

Although preserved, the shell was still extremely delicate and cracked in the IAA’s laboratory when researchers brought it in for further analysis.

Perry Gal told the Forward that there wasn’t much left, and there was hardly any yolk left inside and that it was more or less empty, but the researchers hope to extract the DNA inside to learn more about the ancient object, and Perry Gal said that they were going to take the remains and remove some collagen to attempt to do DNA sequences.

Poultry farming was introduced into Israel 2,300 years ago, throughout the Hellenistic and Early Roman periods.

In the Islamic period, from the 7th century onwards, there’s a marked increase in the percentage of pig bones at sites in the region, reflecting the prohibition on consuming pork.

Perry Gal explained that families needed a ready portion replacement that didn’t need cooling and preservation, and they found it in eggs and chicken meat.

How the egg ended up in the cesspit is still a puzzle to archaeologists, who admit they will likely never know the answer.

Also lurking in the abyss of human faeces were three bone dolls that were likely toys 1,000 years ago. These Coptic dolls first appeared in Egypt and Palestine about the same time as the Arab conquest.

It was a cracking find, pardon the pun, and I wonder how different the genetics are from today’s eggs.

Do You Want To Live Forever?

Humans have been fascinated with overcoming death for thousands of years, but a new study finds most modern-day Americans aren’t interested in extending their lives.

Scientists at the University of Texas (UT) surveyed more than 900 people in the US and only 33 per cent said they would take an immortality pill.

Conversely, 42 per cent of respondents declined the offer and 25 per cent said they were uncertain.

Those who were surveyed were divided into three groups based on age. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29, senior citizens with an average age of 72, and an older group with an average age of 88.

All three groups answered similarly, with the majority saying no to living forever, but variations appeared when the youngest and oldest groups were asked what age they would like to be frozen at, the youngest said 23 and the oldest age averaged at 42.

Among young adults, 34 per cent said yes, 40 per cent said no and 26 per cent were uncertain.

In the younger seniors groups, 32 per cent said yes, 43 per cent said no and 25 per cent were unsure.

And amongst the group of older seniors, 24 per cent said yes, 59 per cent said no and 17 per cent stated they were unsure.

The researchers wrote in the study published in the Journal of Aging Studies that young adults indicated that they would want to live forever as young adults, whereas older adults indicated that they would like to live forever as middle-aged adults.

This suggests that people are more open to immortality if they could pick an age that’s close to their current one.

However, what was even more remarkable to researchers was that men had a greater level of readiness to use the life-extension treatment than women.

The notion may sound interesting because women tend to live longer than men: the average age life expectancy of US women is 81.1 years and is 76.1 years.

Variations were also observed when researchers asked more detailed questions, such as freezing yourself at a certain age.

According to the study, younger old and older old adults indicated that they would prefer to live permanently at an older age than younger adults.

The average life expectancy in the US is 78.7 years, according to a 2021 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a dramatic increase from 100 years ago when it was only 53.

The increase is due to improvements in sanitation, housing, education and technological advances that better the lives of Americans over past generations.

These developments have also led scientists and companies to design innovations that could prolong our lives, but the study from UT suggests these groups may be wasting their time.

Living life for some might seems like a great concept, but wouldn’t it make everything in life seem less precious? But then nobody really wants to die.

Life expectancy was only 53 about 100 years ago because of the high rate of infant and child mortality. However, our ancestors, especially great grandparents and great-great-grandparents mostly lived well into their 80’s and 90’s, and some even to 100.

The average life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past 100 years, but that doesn’t mean people are living longer, just that fewer people are dying young, and sometimes it’s just all about genetics.

But why not take the pill – you could always choose to end it at a later date if you were tired of existing! Because essentially that’s all that we do as human beings, we exist. We get up every day, work, come home, have dinner, enjoy our time with the children, sleep and then go back to work again.

Perhaps if there was peace in the world, no wars and no confrontation, then possibly the pill would be a great idea, but then if there was a pill that scientists created, you know there would have to be an agenda behind it, and we would essentially become the Stepford Nation.

Michigan Reports Its First Human Hantavirus Case

Michigan has confirmed its first case of hantavirus, a possibly dangerous respiratory disease spread through contact with infected rodents.

Michigan health officials announced on Monday that a woman from Washtenaw County was recently hospitalised with a serious pulmonary illness from Sin Nombre hantavirus, which she was likely exposed to when cleaning an empty dwelling that contained signs of an ongoing rodent infection.

According to the Centres for Disease Control, as of January 2017, there have only been 728 reported incidents of the hantavirus in the United States since health officials started monitoring it in 1993.

New Mexico recorded the most cases, with 109, followed by Colorado, with 104, Arizona, with 78, California, with 61, and Texas, with 45, and a newspaper outlet has reached out to the Department of Health for more information on the patient’s condition.

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is typically transferred to humans when they inhale air tainted with the virus through rodent droppings, from a rodent bite or if people touch something that’s been contaminated with rodent urine, saliva or droppings before touching their skin, mouth or nose.

According to the Centres for Disease Control, it may also be possible to get the virus by eating food contaminated by infected rodents’ droppings, urine or saliva, and Dr Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said that anyone who comes into contact with rodents that carry hantavirus is at risk for HPS.

The most common hantavirus in the United States is the Sin Nombre hantavirus, which the Michigan woman was confirmed to have.

It’s spread through deer and white-footed mice, and can’t be transferred from person to person and has a 38 per cent fatality rate.

Symptoms of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome may happen one to eight weeks after exposure and include lethargy, temperature and muscle pains as well as headaches, dizziness, chills, nausea and abdominal discomfort.

Later manifestations include coughing and shortness of breath.

Several of those symptoms mimic those for COVID 19, and Khaldun said healthcare providers with a suspected case of hantavirus should contact their local health department to report it and consider options for testing.

It’s responsive to most disinfectants and typically lasts less than a week in indoor settings and only a few hours in outside environments exposed to sunlight.

Dr Juan Luis Marquez, medical director with the Washtenaw County Health Department said that they can prevent and decrease the risk of hantavirus infection by taking precautions and being alert to the possibility of it.

And a significant outbreak in rodents could be an issue, but hopefully, it’s an isolated incident, but then again, we know how many times the scientists and psy-ops brigade have backtracked and U turned lately, so anything is possible if they want it to be.

And anyone, generally speaking, cleaning an abandoned or condemned property should wear hazmat equipment, and they must certainly wear respirators.

But this is one virus after another, and it’s not going to end until all of humanity has been vaccinated to decrease the lives of people, but of course, we all know that with rodents comes disease, but here we go again with the daily scaremongering.

Hantavirus is common in the US, especially in the mountains and National Parks of California like Yosemite, and this is not super rare.

Of course, the sky is falling again because of a mouse. What we should really be doing is living our lives, and not worrying about things like this.

You can die at any moment from things that you do in your everyday life, driving a car, a random staph infection from a small cut, lightning strike, bigfoot attack, it goes on and on, and life is way too short to be wasting our time agonising about a mouse in Michigan!

Marine Recruit, 19, Dies

The Marine Corps has begun an investigation after a young recruit died during an exhausting 54-hour training exercise known as the ‘Crucible.’

Pfc Dalton Beals, 19, passed away partway through the exercise, which took place on Parris Island in South Carolina on Friday.

Dalton Beals had been assigned to Echo Company in the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, with the Crucible capping off an intensive 13-week boot camp.

The Marines wrote, announcing the death in a Facebook post their most heartfelt condolences, which went out to Dalton Beals family and the Marines and staff of Echo Company.

The Marines website states that the Crucible is a series of challenges that test recruits physical strength, skills and the Marine Corps values they have learned throughout the training.

It adds that recruits are only allowed a limited amount of food and sleep.

The Marines would not reveal at what stage during the Crucible Beals passed away.

The Crucible includes an intensive 9-mile trek, which closes with the recruits getting a badge that signifies that they’ve earned the title of Marine.

Marine spokesman, Bobby Yarbrough, told Task & Purpose that Beals would be awarded the title posthumously, and he told the publication that Drill instructors and Company staff made the decision based on his resolve and commitment throughout recruit training and the Crucible, Pfc Beals earned the title Marine.

Beals is the seventh trainee to die on Parris Island since the year 2000.

Back in 2016, one female recruit threw herself to her death after suffering verbal abuse from one of her commanders.

Beals was a native of Pennsville, New Jersey, and only graduated from Pennsville Memorial High School last year.

His mum, Stacie, paid tribute to her son, describing him as the most sincere, kindhearted, sweet and amazing young man.

A GoFundMe page has amassed more than $26,000 for the family to help cover funeral expenses.

The Marines haven’t said when they expect their investigation to be completed.

Parris Island in the summer is a bug-infested sauna compared to Parris Island in the winter, and this is extremely cruel and inhumane and needs to stop right now.

This young man voluntarily put himself through this to serve his country and lost his life for a noble, honourable endeavour, and he should never be disrespected for that, and those who do are sickening and disgusting.

Loads of recruits have passed away during training at Parris Island, and when you think of Parris Island, the first thing that comes to mind is the first hour of Full Metal Jacket, but this shouldn’t have happened and this is utterly horrible and so sad.

We don’t know what caused this man to die. It could have been poor leadership, it could have been an undiscovered medical condition, but there will be an inquiry, and if heads need to roll, they will.

And just because this young man died, does not in any way mean that he was weak.

He was tough enough to take the oath and show up, that’s better than 97 per cent of the nation, and if he was weak, he would have quit, but he didn’t, his will drove on. Sadly his body didn’t and there’s a big difference.

Perhaps some youths of today are no longer tolerable to this kind of training, is this bad, maybe, maybe not, but what we do know is that there are many traumatised troops all over the world struggling and not getting the help they deserve for serving their country.

Texas Becomes The Latest State To Outlaw COVID Vaccine Passports

The governor announced, following an example set by the Republican governors of Florida and Alabama that Vaccine passports have been outlawed in Texas to ensure people have the freedom to go where they want without boundaries.

Greg Abbott, governor since 2015, endorsed the bill into law on Monday, and he said in a video post online that Texas was open 100 per cent, and they wanted to make sure that people have the freedom to go where they want without limits.

He said that the Texas Legislature enacted a law that he was about to sign that bans vaccine passports in Texas and that no business or government entity could ask a person to provide a vaccine passport or any other vaccine information as a condition of obtaining any service or entering any place.

Abbott then endorsed the bill – Senate Bill 968 – with a flourish, saying that vaccine passport was now banned in the Lone Star State.

Companies that infringe the law against vaccine passports could lose state contracts.

Additionally, state agencies could make compliance with the embargo, a condition of their getting permits or licences.

Abbott later praised Texas’s success in battling the pandemic, declaring that the state has a new all-time low in the seven-day positivity rate, at only 2.81 per cent.

There were only two deaths reported on Sunday, he stated, only two days have had fewer since the pandemic started.

Hospitalisations remain near 13-month lows, he stated, adding: ‘Great job, Texans!’

The issue of vaccine passports is proving intensely divisive.

The White House has said that they will not federally be mandated, with Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stating on April 6 that the federal government was not now nor will be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential.

She added that there will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.

Yet some Democrat states have started their own vaccine passports, promoting them as an easy way to ensure the safety of all who assemble in a venue.

In New York, the Excelsior Pass, a free digital certificate, shown on a phone, is widely being used at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Barclays Centre, Citi Field and Yankee Stadium, which has been open with limited seating for fans.

Large sports stadiums and arenas are set to begin dividing seating sections into vaccinated and unvaccinated sections, and some owners have indicated that considerably more space will be dedicated to the former, which won’t require masks or social distancing.

People don’t need confirmation that they got a shot, and why should they give up their freedom. After all, we’re not asked if we got our herpes shot or pneumonia jab, but those states that do require vaccination passports, it called the dumbing down of the lowest denominator.

And you might be able to go where you want without limits in Texas, but you won’t be able to go anywhere else or travel to states that do require a passport, and you won’t be able to get on any aircraft without documentation of vaccination.

People also have the right to live a healthy, natural life without vaccines, and many people’s right end where fear starts.

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