Queen’s Lawyers Secretly Lobbied The Scottish Government For Balmoral Estate

It’s been reported that the Queen’s lawyer’s secretly lobbied the Scottish government for her private land to be exempt from a new climate change law.

The monarch, whose Balmoral Estate makes her a major landowner in the country, is the only person not expected to use renewable energy to heat her buildings.

In records discovered by Lily Humphreys, a researcher for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the use of a parliamentary process known as Queen’s consent gave the crown prior notification of the forthcoming legislation.

The procedure, by which the government is expected to ask the monarch for consent to debate laws that affect her, happens during the drafting of a bill that’s in the stages of going through parliament.

It’s suggested in the documents, seen by a newspaper outlet, that Nicola Sturgeon’s government failed to disclose the Queen’s lobbying during a parliamentary debate to question why the monarch was obtaining an exemption from the green energy bill.

The Queen’s lawyers are said to have obtained the exemption five months ago, which only pertains to her private land in the country, specifically Balmoral and not the Crown Estate, which includes Glenlivet.

On February 3, officials working for Paul Wheelhouse, who was energy minister at the time, noted that the monarch’s lawyers contacted them about the heat networks bill, which aims to contribute to Scotland’s climate change targets by increasing district heating in the country.

The bill, which became law on March 30, also allows developers and operators of heat networks, which decrease carbon emissions through the use of insulated pipes and systems that generate heat, to compulsorily obtain land from landowners.

Paul Wheelhouse had agreed to revise the bill, saying the minister agreed to suggested amendments that would address matters from the Queen’s lawyers.

Fourteen days later, on February 17, the Scottish Government was told that the Queen had given her consent for the bill to be passed.

During a debate between MSPs over the bill five days after, Paul Wheelhouse presented an addendum that applied only to land owned by the monarch.

Andy Wightman, an independent MSP at the time, contended it was wrong to only pick out the Queen for special treatment.

Paul Wheelhouse didn’t mention that the Queen’s solicitors had lobbied for the change and claimed the amendment was needed to guarantee the smooth passage of the bill, although Buckingham Palace said her assent was purely formal.

However, this is unacceptable and the Queen should lead by example, but of course, this will all soon be forgotten because the papers and other tabloids will print a photograph of Kate in a jacket she wore before or some comparable nonsense.

Can you imagine if Nicola Sturgeon had turned the Queen down – all the unionists would have been calling her a traitor who despises the Queen, but they’ll still whine nevertheless, but perhaps it won’t be so bad.

The law of the land must apply to everyone, there can’t be any exceptions or exemptions, not even for the Queen, and that’s because she IS the law of the land!

But how far will the Queen go to protect her land, her stocks and her shares et cetera that she owns from public inspection?

Meanwhile, we the people pay tax on our income, interest earnt et cetera to help keep the Royals in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to, but if she was a mother of four, living on some council estate and living on Universal Credit from the taxpayer, most readers would be calling her a benefits scrounger, but she’s the Queen and we have to curtsey – but then it’s always been like that for hundreds of years and it will never change.

The Moment Albanian Cyclist, 23, Fatally Hit Pensioner

This is the moment an illegal immigrant cyclist fled after causing the death of a hospital worker after crashing into him running a red light.

Albanian Ermir Loka, 23, mowed down Peter McCombie, 72, at around 15 mph as the HR administrator was making his way home from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Instead of apologising to his victim, he pointed to his damaged bike, saying to him: ‘Look at what you’ve done!’ before driving away.

The CCTV of Ermir Loka has been made public and he was imprisoned for two years, and his trial heard that he bolted because he feared being deported, but because he’s now been in jail awaiting trial for a year, he could walk free, as his time served in jail could be taken off his sentence, and he could walk free on licence.

Mr McCombie’s family said in a statement that the driver left Peter laying in a busy road, severely injured, and thought only of himself at the time, and that this kind of cowardice was beyond contempt, and that the hatred that they felt towards him was beyond words.

Peter McCombie’s head hit the pavement so hard it fractured his skull and damaged his brain.

He also sustained a fractured jaw bone, a broken rib and bruising to his legs after the collision in Bow Road last July 3.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that veteran NHS staffer Peter McCombie was taken to hospital for treatment, but died from his injuries eight days later despite the heroic efforts of medical personnel.

The trial heard Rebecca Guyther was walking down Bow Road with her daughter when she saw the accident and called for an ambulance.

In a witness statement, she said that the guy was pointing at his bike and saying something like, “What were you doing?’ and things like, ‘Look at what you’ve done!”.’

She said the gentleman was on the ground and had his eyes open but wasn’t saying anything, and Ms Guyther added that she saw the cyclist’s face and he seemed annoyed.

Loka, who’s originally from Albania, was cleared by a jury of manslaughter but convicted of causing bodily harm by reckless or furious driving earlier this month following a retrial.

The builder got the highest punishment for the crime of two years but could be released imminently as he’s been in jail since he turned himself into the police a year ago, and this is what they call assisting illegals.

But not all illegal immigrants cause accidents like this, and they shouldn’t all be tarred with the same brush because it could have been anyone responsible for this incident, not just an illegal.

However, London is full of them and takeaway delivery companies make no checks on their drivers, and many have no insurance, licence or any idea of how UK roads work or the law, and if they get into an accident YOU will be left on your own, and most of them ride on motorcycles on provisional licences which then voids the insurance as they need a full licence to ride for commercial purposes.

At the end of the day, a person is dead because this guy was illegal and didn’t want to get deported, it’s rather simple really. But should we be blaming him or should we be blaming our government because that’s where the burden lies?

These illegals are taking an opportunity to make a better life for themselves, which our government are allowing by letting them in.

Britain Faces Blackouts Due To The Electric Car Revolution

An MP has warned that electric car drivers could cause blackouts if they charge their vehicles at ‘on peak’ times during the day.

The Commons Transport Select Committee said owners should be incentivised to recharge batteries ‘little but often’ to circumvent shortages.

Tory MP Huw Merriman, who chairs the committee, warned that the National Grid would need to be upgraded if it was going to cope with charging during the day, and he said that unless the National Grid gains more capacity, consumer behaviour would have to change so that charging could take place so that it could meet the additional demand.

The alternatives would, of course, be blackouts in parts of the country, and he said that we can’t have a repeat of the broadband and mobile ‘not spot’ lottery which would mean that those in remote parts of the country couldn’t join the electric vehicle revolution, and to help consumers see their way to a zero-emission society, choosing to run an electric vehicle must be as seamless as possible.

Electric car battery sizes range from about 17.6kWh up to 100kWh. The average cost of electricity per KWh is 17.2p meaning the smallest models cost about £3 to charge on a normal three-pronged domestic plug versus £17 for the largest ones.

The time taken to charge electric cars varies dramatically depending on the type of charger.

The Transport Committee argues that motorists should be persuaded to charge their vehicles at times when the National Grid can meet total demand, such as overnight.

During its inquiry, the committee heard evidence from the energy industry representatives that smart chargers, which alter the amount of electricity sent to a car, depending on overall demand, will play a significant role.

The report called on ministers to work with National Grid to identify areas where the system won’t be able to cope with extra usage.

It emphasised the importance of protecting consumers recharging in public from unnecessary fees and a requirement to hold multiple accounts.

The report said that the Government must mandate that industry uses prices as a lever to shift consumer behaviour away from conventional refuelling habits towards ‘a little but often’ approach.

During its inquiry, the committee heard evidence from the energy industry representatives that smart chargers, which alter the amount of electricity sent to a vehicle depending on overall demand, will play a significant role.

This is just as bad as scrapping gas boilers – the government and its green agenda seem to be living in the clouds, and this was all due to a lack of forward planning by successive governments, and all the additional demand for electricity to charge vehicles was always an obvious burden on the National Grid, but our government plugged along nonetheless, and it’s easy to make promises over carbon neutrality without any idea of how those pledges might be delivered – what a travesty.

And we can wave goodbye to more affordable overnight prices, as everyone will be charging their vehicles and devices at night.

Most things now run on electricity at night, from security systems, ring doorbells and mobile phones charging, all connected to energy-intense, 5g Smart grid, and can you just imagine if we were ever in a war!

They want electric lines over motorways to power lorries, which would mean transportation of goods would be finished by only a few simple attacks, and becoming too reliant on electricity could be our downfall, but then that does make you question if that’s what they want.

Boris Johnson Slaps Down Michael Gove

Boris Johnson slapped down Michael Gove after he lashed out at selfish vaccine refusers.

The Prime Minister insisted he wouldn’t use the jibe and getting jabs should instead be seen as a positive thing to do.

Pointing to plans to require evidence of vaccination for entry to nightclubs and events, Boris Johnson said people would be helping themselves as well as society.

The criticism came after Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove stepped up his rhetoric despite a gathering Tory revolt over the possibility of demanding proof of jabs, with a vote on the cards for September.

Sir Keir Starmer seems to have softened his opposition to the measures by implying he could get on board if a negative test could be used as proof as well as vaccination documentation.

On a visit to the Lighthouse testing laboratory in Glasgow, Michael Gove warned those who declined to be jabbed were putting other people’s lives in danger, and he said that if you can be vaccinated and you refuse, that’s a selfish act.

He said that they were putting people’s well-being and lives at risk and that everyone should get vaccinated, and when asked if unwillingness to be jabbed should limit participation at some mass events, the minister said that would depend on which part of the United Kingdom they were in, and what the nature of the event was.

And he maintained that if a person knowingly declines to get vaccinated and there are certain venues and some events that require a specific level of safety – in terms in which a person would be able to get into those venues and those events that will be forbidden to them.

Tory MP Steve Baker said the issue of vaccine passports could create a disastrous rift in the party, but Michael Gove rejected the idea, and he said that they were going to do what’s right for public health and that he believed that COVID certification in some limited venues and for certain limited events was a way of making people safer and giving people more freedom.

But asked in an interview with LBC radio if vaccine refusers were selfish, Boris Johnson said that he didn’t believe so and that he would put it the other way round and say that if a person does get jabbed then they’re doing something massively positive for themselves and their family.

So, it seems that Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are arguing again – what a state this government is in – we need a proper Conservative Party, not one that’s being lead by a neddy.

You do have to question the agenda. Do politicians care about wellness?

Big pharma doesn’t want people that are well because they make their money from people being sick – all you have to do is follow the money, and lots of people are getting extremely rich by all this madness. Perhaps not all based on dishonesty, but they have to do something to push through a passport, curb travel and there’s climate change, and they’re charging you to control a natural cyclic phenomena – ice age, global warming, and now climate change.

It was petrol, then it was diesel, and now it’s electric and heat pumps to save the planet.

Firstly, to generate electricity, you need a fuel source, such as coal, gas, hydropower or wind.

At present, a fuel source is needed to charge and manufacture electric vehicles. That fuel source is a fossil fuel – do these people think we’re totally stupid?

One minute the vaccine works against the variant, then it doesn’t, then it does – these people change more directions than a kite.

Food Workers Are Deleting COVID App

An Iceland chief has warned that supermarket workers are deleting the NHS COVID app en masse after being left off the government’s exemption list.

The frozen food giant’s managing director Richard Walker said workers were attempting to evade being pinged to self-isolate by removing it from their phones.

He said that he didn’t condone the move but added that, to be fair, who could blame them?

It comes after the exemption list of those who don’t have to isolate if they’re pinged by the app was extended.

Bin men, vets and prison officers were amongst the workers who qualified for the daily testing scheme, but supermarket workers were left off the list.

Meanwhile, ministers were under pressure to reveal how many of the 2,000 testing sites they’ve promised for critical workers.

Richard Walker told the Today programme that last week he was talking about a 50 per cent week on week increase, it was quite a disturbing extrapolation if you looked at where it was heading.

He said it’s started to steady and that the last few days the pinging has started to drop.

He said that their workers are law-abiding taxpayers but with all their sick pay used up with peak holiday season, it felt like they were probably starting to remove the app, which they weren’t previously doing, and he said to be honest who can blame them?

He said that he wasn’t condoning it, but that he could understand why they were doing it, and that it wasn’t law, it was the government’s guidelines, and it had to be realistic and that their staff were working so hard and had been nothing short of heroic during the pandemic.

He said that the stores were facing the perfect storm due to the pingdemic, peak holiday season for workers and a deficit of HGV drivers.

Richard Walker maintained that supermarket workers were still not exempt, so it only fixed half the supply chain problem, and that therefore, it was a pointless solution, and he said that there was lots of stock to go around, and that they’ve still got deliveries available but that their staff are having to work hard to keep the show on the road, and that in many ways they were now facing the perfect storm.

Government guidance said that close contacts of people who tested positive for COVID were firmly advised to self isolate for ten days, that was unless they could take part in daily COVID tests to prove that they were not affected.

Surely people can see that this app is the only thing that holds us to ransom, and as more people remove the app, the cases appear to go down, and we should all wake up and use some common sense.

People have to work for a living to put a roof over their heads and support their children, unlike the government who have it all handed to them on a silver salver.

But you do know that the app isn’t compulsory, don’t you? And it seems that the app is creating more problems than it’s solving, and there’s nothing wrong with deleting the app because being told to isolate is only advisory now anyhow – it’s nothing more than an app of information.

Everyone that has the app should delete the app because this is getting beyond ridiculous and it should be removed before we have major deficits, public uproar, food riots and anarchy.

Of course, it’s not mandatory to wear a condom, but it’s an exceedingly good idea. So, if you want to abide by what the government are telling you, then that’s your decision like it’s the same choice to wear a condom, but they’re not very comfortable and often don’t even work!

Downing Street Dismisses EU’s Proposals To Ease Northern Ireland Protocol

Downing Street has dismissed proposals put forward by the European Union to ease the rollout of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Brussels has announced proposals to simplify parts of the protocol and to remedy some of the issues associated with post-Brexit border checks, but Number 10 said the proposed measures, which concentrate on the flow of medicines and livestock, were the same as ones floated before.

It comes after Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, rejected Boris Johnson’s demands to renegotiate significant parts of the protocol.

In its latest plans, the EU proposed that UK authorities could carry out checks on over the counter medicines going to Northern Ireland, but the United Kingdom would have to make sure that all medicines comply with criteria set by the EU’s regulator, the European Medicines Agency.

According to a newspaper outlet, all of the products would also have to be clearly labelled as being EMA compliant.

The protocol currently means that Northern Ireland must adhere to the EU’s pharmaceutical rules while the rest of the United Kingdom is free to do what it wants.

There’s currently a grace period on checks on medicines crossing the border, continuing until the end of the year.

The United Kingdom wants medicines to be excluded from the scope of the protocol amid concerns that having to adhere to EMA rules could prevent Northern Ireland from being able to obtain new drugs approved in Britain which are yet to be approved by the EU regulator.

The EU has also set out plans to make it easier to move livestock between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has argued that EU red tape on the issue puts Northern Ireland farmers at a commercial disadvantage.

Downing Street said the medicines proposal was equal to the one set out in June and that it didn’t resolve outstanding problems.

A UK Government spokesperson said that the EU’s plan was a good start but it would be difficult to manage, onerous and wouldn’t deal at all with those medicines, such as new cancer medications, which under current arrangements must be licensed by the European Medicines Agency in Northern Ireland.

And that was why they’ve proposed in their Command Paper that the easiest way forward, to circumvent those difficulties in the future was to remove medicines from the scope of the protocol entirely.

Of course, this is a British question in Northern Ireland. They didn’t ask for this mess! And it looks like they’ve been thrown under the bus, and it still doesn’t look like Boris Johnson has fully cooked his oven-ready deal.

Boris Johnson seems to be using a slow cooker – deliberately, and the only country within the single market with empty shelves in its supermarkets is Northern Ireland, and the only neighbour to the EU with empty shelves in its supermarkets is Britain, there appears to be a huge problem here.

And Boris Johnson waving his hands around reminds me of Tommy Cooper, but nowhere near as entertaining. Next, he’ll be saying, “Just like that!”

The United Kingdom has been taken to the cleaners, and the economy will pay the price while Boris Johnson enjoys the political benefits domestically, as no shortage of fools will support him.

The EU is done with the UK because as far as their concerned they’ve wasted too much time on us already, but the EU isn’t being nice, although it’s being indifferent while keeping up appearances, and the UK has put itself under pressure, just further isolating the United Kingdom.

Four-day Tube Strike Will Go Ahead In August

A tube strike is set to go ahead in August over proposals to scrap the Night Tube train driver’s pay grade after discussions broke down between the union and London Underground.

The changes would mean that instead of having a separate role for Night Tube train operators, all drivers would be expected to work a combination of normal and night shifts.

Strike action was first proposed earlier this month but the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, which represents tube drivers, has now confirmed it will go ahead next month.

The union has asked all drivers not to book into work after midday for 24 hours on four separate days, the August 3rd, 5th, 24th and the 26th.

The union says London Underground aims to axe the grade in a cash led move which will threaten the loss of 200 positions and destroy the work-life stability of 3,000 Tube drivers.

Strikes had been announced earlier this month but both parties had entered into negotiations through the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), to reach an agreement.

However, the union has said that these talks had been unsuccessful and so have confirmed the strike action will go ahead.

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) General Secretary Mick Lynch said that the RMT was annoyed and frustrated at the Tube bosses’ unwillingness to engage in constructive talks through the officer of ACAS that could settle the argument.

He said that London Underground’s plans to rip up an agreement that protects 3,000 Tube driver’s work-life balance has created uproar in the depots amongst drivers and that this was a breach of trust by an out of touch management that abolishes the part-time jobs of workers, largely women, who rely on the flexibility and security they allow while they balance other commitments.

He said that it was an equality issue that the London Mayor should have been taking seriously and raising directly with his London Underground senior management and that the RMT had made serious proposals and a resolution to the dispute that was available through discussion.

And he said that the LU Management needed to come back to the table to circumvent the need for strike action and that the union remains available for serious and constructive discussions.

However, many people are working from home now, and this strike will have minimal impact.

In time, of course, they will have driverless trains and the technology is already in place, and we now have the capability and it appears to work perfectly in other nations, but then this will enable the government to rip up workers rights and decent salaries, and our government needs to realise this if they want the country to be prosperous, which clearly, they don’t.

Pilots can now fly in a storm and allow the autopilot to land the aircraft with a perfect touchdown, so, therefore, realising that we don’t need pilots and when driverless vehicles are mainstream we won’t need delivery drivers, so just what are they going to do with all the surplus labour?

This isn’t the time for another strike, particularly when we need this country up and running, but perhaps, it just means that this country is returning to normal.

However, a strike is sometimes the only way that the working class can fight against the oppression and tyranny of the capitalist elites, and why shouldn’t people that have to work unsociable hours be paid more money? It seems quite fair to me.

Videos Of People Struggling To Walk After Getting Their COVID Vaccine

Scientists say that a muscle weakening condition reported by some patients after having their COVID vaccination is a neurological disorder and can be managed with treatment.

Several videos showing patients experiencing leg spasms after their jab has garnered millions of views online and it’s feared they’ve been seized up by anti-vaxxers.

The most recent clip, which appeared, revealed Georgia Rose Segal, a 34-year-old from London, almost collapsing on her kitchen floor after her second Pfizer jab.

She explained that she’d been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which affects how the brain transmits signals to the body.

According to scientists writing in the medical journal KAMA Neurology Viewpoint, while the symptoms of FND are real, they’re not directly caused by the effect of the vaccine.

They said that FND can be triggered by a variety of physical or emotional events, including head trauma, surgery or a jab.

Rather than being directly caused by these events, FND is usually triggered by the emotional response that accompanies them, including anxiety and stress.

People who’ve suffered trauma at previous periods in their life or who’ve underlying conditions are at an increased risk of developing FND.

Dr David Perez, director of the Functional Neurological Disorders Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), wrote in JAMA that the spread of these videos could fuel vaccine delay by giving an overly simplistic impression of possible links between the vaccine and major neurological manifestations.

He said that instead, these are symptoms of a real, brain-based disorder that sits at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry.

FND isn’t exclusive to COVID vaccination and isn’t a response to an ingredient in the jab.

It’s been reported in response to other jabs, as well as in patients given saline solution.

Until recently FND was called the conversion disorder because doctors thought patients were converting stress into physical symptoms.

Fear and scepticism about the vaccines, as well as the physical side effects of the jab, such as flu-like symptoms and pain at the injection site, may raise the risk of a person developing the malady.

Georgia Segal announced that she’d been discharged from the hospital and shared a photo of her using a Zimmer frame. The original video of her struggling to walk was uploaded onto Instagram account Imjustbait.

There appear to be several coincidences connected between the vaccines and people becoming ill, but it also seems that the Government don’t want these side effects to be reported, but they must get reported. Not as a fear factor, but so that people are informed so that at least when they do get these side effects, they will know what to look for and respond immediately.

Of course, this wasn’t exclusive to the COVID jab, but it seems odd that she was fine until she had it.

COVID can kill, just like jabs can make people sick and kill, so I think it just has to be put into some kind of perspective, and we also have to think about what this jab might do to our bodies, not right now, but perhaps later on, which is a little scary!

The fact is, if it’s triggered by the vaccine then it’s a side effect.

I’m sure the vaccines work a bit, but sadly, some people are getting side effects from this vaccine because our bodies are not all the same.

If you believe you need the vaccine and are comfortable with the likelihood of side effects, then have it. If you’re not, then don’t have it – it’s your decision, but it shouldn’t be forced on you.

The government make out that if you get COVID you will be very ill and could die, and yes, that’s correct for a small percentage, but for most, they need a test to even know they have it.

What we need is some balanced reporting and scientific evidence that’s not been altered by a politician or their stooges because they’re always telling us some porky pie, and it’s manipulation on a grand scale, with some people being too terrified to even leave their homes.

Models Strip Naked In Broad Daylight

If you happened to stroll by Union Square in New York City on Sunday, you might have been greeted by an incredible sight – people posing naked, their bodies covered in decorative designs and stars painted in bright colours.

That’s how a group of 26 artists and 45 models celebrated the eighth annual NYC Bodypainting Day, using the human body as their canvas to promote messages like body positivity.

Andy Golub, the event’s main organiser said that the idea of the event was really to promote free expression and acceptance of all people, their ideas as artists and also their bodies.

A decade ago, the models and artists probably would have been arrested for what they did, and after Golub and his two models were arrested by cops in Times Square ten years ago, both models sued the City, saying nudity was allowed as part of art.

One of those models got a $15,000 settlement while Andy Golub had his charges dismissed, on the condition he only painted after nightfall.

In 2013, New York Civil Liberties Union helped Andy Golub eliminate such constraints with the NYPD forced to acknowledge that full nudity was legal in public for art.

It was also a way to mark New York City rising from the deadly coronavirus pandemic after more than a year of restrictions that forced the city that never sleeps to an almost complete standstill.

Rocket Osborne, a New York City-based architect said that it was important to show that New York City was getting better and that this was a time of resilience.

Models stood under canopies set up in the bustling square as artists painted on them. Others posed on stages set up for the event to showcase the finished artwork as passersby paused to snap a photo or a video.

A small crowd of a couple of hundred people gathered to watch the event in the summer heat that, fortunately for the organisers, was not as intense as to melt the paint.

Queens resident and sculptor Gregory Valentine said that he thought it was beautiful, the fact that people can get out there and be what they’re supposed to be.

Some people might not agree though and might say, are they, models or exhibitionists? At least it will be fun to wash off later, but honestly, there are some people out there that are so repressed and are offended by this display, it makes me wonder how they reproduce.

Of course, there are so many exhibitionists out there in the world in the name of art especially. Look at Vincent van Gogh, although he didn’t cut off his ear for attention, he got loads of it, unwittingly of course. But who even worries what other people do, there are more problems in the world than to be worrying about models cavorting around covered in paint.

And why are the women’s nipples blurred out? They’re only the things your mother milked you with! Of course, men find them fascinating, as I’m sure women do as well.

It was a fine example of bodily art, boobs, buttocks and genitalia, but with the painted art added, it made it look a little like a satanic ritual.

And why is it that women’s nipples are very rude and must be blotted out, yet men’s nipples are wholesome and can be published? That seems pretty sexist to me.

Of course, the purpose of the event is to promote free expression and acceptance of all people, their ideas as artists and also their bodies.

Victory For Thousands Of Women In State Pension Scandal

An ombudsman has ruled that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was too slow to tell thousands of women that they would be affected by the rising pension age.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) said the department failed to respond fast enough once it knew a significant proportion of women were oblivious of the changes.

The 1995 Pensions Act equalised the state pension age for men and women, and the ombudsman said it had received a significant number of complaints about the way this was communicated by the DWP.

It said that numerous women said that they were not aware of the changes, and encountered significant monetary loss and emotional suffering.

The PHSO said that from 2005 onwards, there were failings in the action taken by the DWP to communicate the state pension age.

The ombudsman said its investigation would go on to examine the impact those failings had and make recommendations to put things right for any associated injustice.

This year, thousands of women have been due a windfall after administration errors dating back 30 years saw their state pensions substantially underpaid.

Amanda Amroliwala, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman CEO, said that after a thorough investigation, they discovered that the DWP failed to respond fast enough once they knew that a significant proportion of women were not aware of changes to their state pension age and that these women should have been written to at least 28 months earlier than they were.

And that they would now examine the impact of those failings, and what action should be taken to address them.

Angela Madden, who chairs the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaign, told the BBC that the findings strengthened what they, sadly, knew all along. That the DWP failed to adequately inform 3.8 million 1950s born women that their state pension age would be increasing.

She said that these women have been waiting for countless years for compensation and they couldn’t wait any longer and that they were calling on the government to agree to fair and adequate compensation rather than allow what has become a vicious cycle of government inaction to continue.

The PHSO provides a complaint handling service for issues about the NHS in England and UK Government agencies.

A DWP spokesperson said that both the High Court and Court of Appeal have supported the actions of the DWP, under successive governments dating back to 1995, and the Supreme Court refused the claimants permission to appeal.

It’s a great job by everyone involved but I bet our repugnant government will still fail to pay these women because they don’t want to pay up and they will probably use every delay tactic to avoid doing so, or they will try to delay until every one of those women has died.

Many women didn’t get a letter from the DWP about the rise in their state pension age, and when they did receive, or if they did get a letter about their pension, which was due to start in July 2020, having waited an additional 5 years and 10 months, and having paid in 48 years of National Insurance, they phoned the DWP and were told there was an error on the system whereby they’d somehow been left off the mailing list. Most of these women were told by word of mouth, but not by the DWP!

This was a contractual change to women’s pension arrangements and each woman should have been sent a statement and letter of notification of changes to the terms and conditions.

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