This Man Deserves A Medal

Alan Chittock gave decades of service on the railways but is at the moment facing disciplinary measures or even dismissal for failing to comply with safety procedures.


The measures that this man took in rescuing a pensioner from being severely maimed, or even killed with his undoing, in fact as far as Southend Central train station are interested, he should have just let the elderly lady die on the track.


Alan Chittock, 50, sprung into action when the woman fell onto the tracks in her wheelchair, shortly before the train was expected into the station.

The courageous man managed to drag her to safety with the assistance of three members of the public.

Onlookers to the event say the woman owes her life to this mans valour and; one member of the public said: “He deserves a medal, not  suspension.”

The man’s fearlessness and strength of character is one that you don’t see daily and, this sort of heroism should not come under examination and, the man should not be under inspection or inquiry.

One of the man’s coworkers went on to say: “He had to choose between pushing a button to alert the signaller or saving this lady.  I think he made the right choice.  They shouldn’t have suspended him.”

His fellow worker then went onto claim that he was well known as a very responsible fellow and, had worked for the station for around 30 years.

The man was at the ticket gates at Southend Central Station, in Essex, on August 28 when the woman, who with her carer, fell from the platform.

The misadventure occurred at 6.10pm, just five minutes before the next London bound train was expected.  An eyewitness, who works at a neighbouring cafe, said: “The woman just rolled off the platform edge.”

It seems the man instantly leaped down onto the track and, then some additional members of the public helped to get her back onto the platform.  Had the man not got involved, then the woman would have in all likelihood have got hurt because the train was on its way into the station.

Instead of celebrating the reality that this man rescued another persons life, we could really be grieving for the lady in question and, it could be a far more solemn occasion, so Southend Central should be expressing its gratitude to the man, instead of excluding him from his job.

It’s an absurd punishment that a member of staff is brutally treated with disciplinary measures when helping to avoid a possible disaster.  This man may have been instructed to alert the signaller, but when a human being is in a situation like that, you don’t always think of what you’ve been taught, but you think like any human being would and, that would be the fastest way to get another human life back to safety because we don’t all think like a book when regarding another human life.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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