Campaign On Families Who Evade Care Home Fees


Councils are spying on parents who have signed over their homes to their children to dodge care home fees.


Local authority inspectors are rummaging through residents’ financial records to see if they’ve knowingly attempted to hide their property wealth.


You don’t get anything for nothing these days; you work all your life and, what for, to be informed that you’ll have to put your home up for sale and, then pay to go into a care home.

Once more the government continually take from us and, give us nothing back in return, but requires us to work our whole lives, buy our own homes and, then sell them to go into homes in our old age, so that the government can neglect them.

At one time, a husband and wife bought their own homes so that when children came along, they could have a nest egg for when they passed away and, they could go to their demise knowing that their children would be looked after through the sale of their home that they once owned.

Nevertheless, at present, nothing is sacrosanct.

You work, you buy your own home, that you hope will go to your children and, then find that they’ll get nothing because it’s all got to be used up on selling a house to be cared for in a home – makes you wonder why we really work at all.

If they expose proof that parents gave their home away as a ruse to evade care bills, they can use little known powers to coerce the family to put their property up for sale and, pay up.

One council, Buckinghamshire, verified its investigators were making such inquiries.

Leading charity Age UK is so worried at the number of families attempting to evade care fees it has published suggestions of caution of the dangers in signing over property.


This is the nonprofit organisation that has received a slice of the governments £900,000 which is supposedly going to fight fuel poverty and, teach people, giving advice to them and, as well provide sessions to vulnerable people, so consequently it looks like Age UK is no longer a nonprofit organisation if it’s being given money by the government.

It makes families aware that they may be venturing on a dangerous operation, saying that budget conscious councils are likely to look at cases where they believe deprivation of assets may have taken place.

Last night campaigners for the elderly said that the grey area of the law meant that a great deal of families could be vulnerable, losing homes already signed over.

The warning has been issued because a growing number of parents in their 60s and 70s are signing over the deeds to their homes to their children to stop it being counted for means testing.  This permits them to live in their home still, but are no longer the legal owners.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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