Should mothers work or stay at home?


The chancellor has really gotten his knickers in a twist over this one, but while he might have been completely ready to hand his children over, when they were younger to an absolute stranger, a number of parents are not and, will not and, it wouldn’t matter how much money you gave them.

I mean if you’re not going to get to see your own child cut it’s first tooth, or stroll across the floor for the first time, or even discover how to use the potty, then what is the purpose in having children?

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These extraordinary activities that our children do are actions that we can’t get back once they’ve been done and, I wouldn’t have been willing in handing my child over to someone that I had not ever in fact met, after 6 weeks of my babies life.

After all, the newborns that we have from this period, are the future which will with any luck go onto attain a great deal of excellent things, so I’m not sure the answer would be to hand them over to anyone the government want us to.

We are not androids that are automated into doing a particular thing that we don’t really want to, we’re human beings with vital fluid routing throughout our veins and, up until that changes I think that parents are the much more suitable option for looking after their children.

I can’t see what’s improper with mothers remaining at home to take care of their children, despite the fact that a number of mothers don’t have that option, which is a pity for the mother and, child because both miss out on something throughout the bringing up process and, it may sound extremely old vogue, but why shouldn’t a parent remain at home with their child so that they can bring them up?

I’m sure if something happened to that child that Social Services would be investigating every nook and cranny, interrogating why they weren’t there in the first place, because it’s the responsibility of the parent in the safekeeping of their child, instead of someone else doing it for them.

In addition, do we know whom we are employing?  They may come with a character reference, but since when has that had any importance, when there are so many children being sexually assaulted by people we might have employed on the belief that their references were spot on.

On the other hand, what is inappropriate with a grandparent looking after a child while the parents go to work.  Numerous people who have to go to work, would sooner a family member look after their child, than someone that they don’t know, but of course, you can’t do that because the government will not give payment to a family member to look after your children while you work.

Nonetheless, the government can’t have their cake and eat it and, it’s necessary that there’s somebody there for the children in the early years, as well as in the middle and teenage years as family situations and pressures alter.

The government describe it as social engineering, to get you to hand over your children to someone else and, it’s not fair to put mothers under such continuing strain because being a mother is an occupation in itself and, one that a great deal of mothers love the most.

It’s difficult to know who will be the most enraged at hearing George Osborne say, that for a stay at home mother, that it’s their lifestyle choice, but it’s not a lifestyle choice.  It’s the normal inherent tendency of a mother that wishes to stay at home with her child, to bring up that child, to finally become a grown-up.

George Osborne without doubt needs to disentangle his knickers before somebody is seen to be using them as a sling shot.  It’s a division between good and bad and, it appears to mostly be resolved by determining the better off are good and, low earners are bad.

Next year Universal Credit is meant to roll out to all.  The Joseph Rowntree Foundation disclosed that for a couple there is just no incentive for a second partner to work, owing to the steep way in which UC removes benefit and childcare assistance as people take home more wages.

Say for argument purposes a father on the lowest level wage works full time and his wife joins him full time, their earnings will at most improve by £29 a week because of the harsh fall in their credit and childcare allowance, so she may as well remain at home because, regardless of his words, George Osborne’s strategy makes her work unproductive.

Teaching and disorder triumph, with a prejudice with regard to their own kind and, a huge majority want to be in employment, but often for little extra cash.

Is a stay at home parenting good?  Well, only when the situation is good and, they can afford it, but most live in torment, especially when it affects mothers that have often found themselves single, with no career to fall back on.

In addition, how come the scrutiny is continually on the poor, like it’s their pursuit to be poor, they don’t choose to be in that situation and, it’s not what makes them happy, so for what purpose are they pigeonholed, when there are many women out there that are unmarried, but have assets and, they don’t get branded.

The reason being is because they have resources and, they don’t sponge from the government, but see how fast that would alter if their circumstances were to change.  See how swiftly that would go from being a woman of character to a woman of poverty.

There is no benefit to being poor and, people will only work more arduously and diligently, for longer hours if it’s to their benefit, they will not work harder and longer so that it’s more convenient to the government’s finances.

In addition, the government might be skilful enough to tweak us a little by attempting to pull the wool over some of the publics eyes, but they can’t do it to everyone because contrary to popular belief there are some of us out there that do have intelligence and, know how to utilise it and, do fairly frequently and, you don’t require a certificate to prove that.

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