High Street Bloodbath

Britain’s economic problem intensified as three large firms revealed their job losses bring the number to more than 150,000. Boots, John Lewis and Burger King are axing their workers due to coronavirus, and Rishi Sunak’s meal deal recovery plan was not up to the task of saving thousands of high street businesses. Rishi Sunak promisedContinue reading “High Street Bloodbath”

DWP Benefit Sanctions To Restart

Benefit sanctions are set to return after the Tory welfare chief declined to extend a blanket ban on them, with Therese Coffey stating it was necessary for claimants to commit to look for work and attend appointments as Jobcentres begin to resume from July 1. She maintained work coaches will prioritise support and a DepartmentContinue reading “DWP Benefit Sanctions To Restart”

Passport Office Workers Assigned To Process Universal Credit

Passport Office workers who’ve been ordered to return to work are being seconded to process millions of new Universal Credit claims. A huge 1.2 million claims have been made since lockdown started and an insider at HMPO in Glasgow has revealed workers are being given a five-day crash course in training to process them thatContinue reading “Passport Office Workers Assigned To Process Universal Credit”

Coronavirus: Weak Zero-Hour Workers Are Led Into Choosing Between Isolation And Food

MPs are demanding an emergency law to stop thousands of zero-hour and part-time workers being left poverty-stricken by Coronavirus as Unions and Labour sounded the alarm over the government’s sick pay laws amid concerns huge numbers of people in the United Kingdom may need to self isolate as a precaution. Statutory Sick Pay doesn’t coverContinue reading “Coronavirus: Weak Zero-Hour Workers Are Led Into Choosing Between Isolation And Food”

Boris Johnson Acknowledges That £111 A Month Is Not Enough To Survive On Universal Credit

  Boris Johnson has agreed that £111 a month of Universal Credit isn’t enough to survive on after being faced with the frightful case of a pregnant woman. The Tory leader, who previously called his £250,000 newspaper salary as chicken feed confessed after he was quizzed by SNP MP Mhairi Black. Mhairi Black raised theContinue reading “Boris Johnson Acknowledges That £111 A Month Is Not Enough To Survive On Universal Credit”

Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise

Rebecca Long-Bailey has recommitted herself to Labour’s promise to discard Universal Credit, stating she will not compromise on axing the six in one benefit. The left-wing leadership hopeful repeated Jeremy Corbyn’s strategy of ditching the Tory reform following years of objections and delays and replacing it with a new policy. All three leading competitors forContinue reading “Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise”

DWP Loses Appeals Court Battle Over Universal Credit

Tory ministers have lost a landmark Court of Appeal battle over Universal Credit rules that discriminated against seriously disabled people. Campaigners celebrated as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) lost a bid to overturn two High Court rulings against the six in one benefit. This means that ministers must now either give up theirContinue reading “DWP Loses Appeals Court Battle Over Universal Credit”

Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Living Without A Fridge In Britain

A charity alleged that hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom are living without a fridge and it exposed the shocking figure to highlight what it described as millions living in poverty without necessary white goods. The charity commissioned a study of 2,017 people earning less than £35,000 in December 2018 by privateContinue reading “Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Living Without A Fridge In Britain”

People Die Waiting For Reforms To Benefit Rules For Terminally Ill

About 1,700 people have died waiting for improvements to cruel benefit rules and it marks six months since welfare chief Amber Rudd announced a revision of the Special Rules for Terminal Illness, yet it’s still continuing and Amber Rudd has since quit her position. Now Marie Curie and the Motor Neurone Disease Association say thatContinue reading “People Die Waiting For Reforms To Benefit Rules For Terminally Ill”

New Style ESA Explained

We’re now amid the biggest welfare reform in a generation as claimants are transferred onto Universal Credit from six existing benefits and amongst the legacy benefits it will take over from its income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). However it is possible to get ESA as well as Universal Credit, so how precisely does thisContinue reading “New Style ESA Explained”