Edward Snowden And The Security State


Apart from the leaks themselves, Edward Snowden has revealed how the US government imposes confidentiality in the performance of spying on us.

Edward Snowden has given up nearly everything in his former pleasant life; so that we could know at least some of the way in which the US government is gathering information on us.

So, what will become of him, well, it’s doubtless that they will kill him, even though the current government has determined that it’s okay to kill US nationals unaccompanied by trial as long as they cite national self-defence, but Edward Snowden will front persistent pursuit and prosecution, for the foreseeable time ahead.

Edward Snowden is one of a long line of whistleblowers, notifying the US public about the NSA’s capabilities.  The NSA has an unlimited hunger for scrutiny and, has come predominately unmoored from any notable omissions or boundaries, but it’s Edward Snowden’s disclosure that appears to have kicked off an important and extensive discussion about the suitable boundaries of the US government’s ability to surveillance its inhabitants.

What is it about Edward Snowden’s revelation that is so distinctive?  It’s not the contents of the leak itself, for the details that Edward Snowden disclosed is reasonably small.

What made Edward Snowden’s revelation different and, exciting, was its uniqueness.  By notifying the public, through the newspaper, of a particular program and, its widely used commercial targets like Facebook and Google, he has established that the security state that lives inside the United States continues to grow.

The spread of information from WikiLeaks and, the cyberpunk collective Anonymous has revealed that anonymity can be a powerful implement in going against government confidentiality.


Nevertheless, Snowden was aware, given his familiarity with the work of his past employers, that after disclosing the Prism document, he would be able to run, but not hide, but he did it anyhow.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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