What Huawei 5G Ban Means

Boris Johnson ordered Huawei equipment to be removed from Britain’s 5G network by 2027, and he stated that the acquisition of Huawei 5G kit would be banned by the end of the year. The move was announced in parliament by culture minister Oliver Dowden, who stated the imposition of new sanctions by the United StatesContinue reading “What Huawei 5G Ban Means”

Tory Brexiter Resigns From Government

A senior Brexiter Tory has retired from the Government so he can vote against Theresa May ’s deal. Gareth Johnson was a government whip, whose responsibility was to ensure order amongst backbench MPs. He was previously an assistant to both David Davis and Dominic Raab, and in his letter to Theresa May, he wrote thatContinue reading “Tory Brexiter Resigns From Government”

Edward Snowden And The Security State

Apart from the leaks themselves, Edward Snowden has revealed how the US government imposes confidentiality in the performance of spying on us. Edward Snowden has given up nearly everything in his former pleasant life; so that we could know at least some of the way in which the US government is gathering information on us. So,Continue reading “Edward Snowden And The Security State”