Schoolboy Who Raped Shows No Remorse

A schoolboy who sexually assaulted a six year old girl on two occasions has walked free from a court of law and, has been ordered to reward his victim just £300 recompense.


The 12 year old boy, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, confessed that he forced the girl to carry out a sex act on two occasions.

His parents took him to a police station when they heard about the sex attack accusations where he confessed to what he’d done straight away.


When the boy was asked what he felt about the effect that his wrongdoings had on the injured party, he said that he didn’t care how she felt.

The judge expressed that she was not sending him to a secure youth offending unit because she didn’t want him to be in the company of older and, more sophisticated criminals.


When thinking about how best to keep our children safe, particularly from sex offenders, we’re inclined to think about the endangers posed by grown-ups.

Seldom does the picture of a young person, maybe friend, or even a sibling come to our attention.

Although one third of sex offences are carried out by young people and sexual coercion; several incidents of which would be reported as an attack, or stalking if committed by an adult is a danger to a young persons well-being.


It’s roughly calculated that one in six children who have been sexually mistreated at some point in their lives, 80 percent of these will have been abused by an immediate family member or a trusted person, some of whom will be another child.

The number of recorded offences and, the number of children and young people found guilty in a court, or dealt with at a Children’s Hearing for offences against other children is a bad indicator of the measure of breaking the law.

A gauge of 60 percent of sex offending is overlooked and, UK research demonstrates that 75 percent of all accounted sexual offences against children remains undisclosed up until the child attains adulthood.

In Scotland, only 40 percent of sexual abuse and, as few as 25 percent of reported lecherous and lascivious offences against children result in sentencing.

Sex offenders frequently point out that, even though found guilty as an adult, their breaking the law started in their teens and, how sex offenders are comprehended has altered over time.

Previously sex offending by adults against children may have been ascribed to poor social functioning, immaturity and, even lack of sexual responsiveness of a partner.

Children or young people’s sexual violence was not considered to be a deliberate act of harm but as part of youthful experimentation, but when is a child’s sexual experimentation just not healthy?

Childhood sexual experimentation connecting two children of approximately comparable ages is typical and, almost all children have had sexual contact with other children at times throughout their childhood and; this is an expected part of child growth.

In keeping with the judgemental and predominately opposing comprehension of human desirability, religious fundamentalists, moralists, hypocrites and, other vendors of integrity who frequently attempt to portray any kind of sexuality other than straight intercourse between legally married partners.

These sex loathing, sex frightened persons regularly try to paint childhood sexuality as something evil, asserting that a child’s attraction in sex, or that a child’s experimenting sexually with others is by some means perverted or deviant, but this is plainly wrong.

A child’s attraction to sex is absolutely healthy and, in fact, is genetically programmed into the human brain.

There is no age boundary because interests about sex and sexual experimentation at any age are typical characteristics of human life.

This doesn’t signify that sexual acting out between children and, especially between siblings should be disregarded, permitted, or supported, but merely that almost all instances of it would be best seen and comprehended as a kind of developmental play, extremely different from adult sensuality.

Unquestionably projecting onto a child the adult phobias, adult myths, adult sadness and, adult religious prejudices with respect to behaviours which result innocently and, in response to strong, often angry processes of physical and mental maturation is unfair to a child and, a symbol of incompetent parenting.

The banning of incest is a legitimate topic and, as well a societal taboo, but clearly incest is both desired and experienced by a great deal of people, because if it were not, there would be no requirements for such powerful prohibitions opposing it.

Incest usually applies merely to actual sexual relations, additional kinds of sexual communication between close relatives is not technically incest and, in some cultures is completely run-of-the-mill.

A traditional Balinese family, the mother’s routinely stroke the penises of their young sons and, such behaviour is thought no more incestuous than breast feeding and, ordinary sexual experimentation between children inside the selfsame family is certainly not incest.

When incest, or any additional sexual connection takes place between an adult and a child, that adds up, by meaning to child abuse.

In fact, bodily contact is not even a specification for child abuse, because such activities as talking sexually to a child, presenting the child with pornographic material, revealing ones sex parts to a child and, other such sexualising of a relationship with a child may as well count as abuse, but sexual communication between two children of about the same ages and mental capacities does not, and cannot, by interpretation, amount to child abuse.

When one person enslaves a child to do things that she doesn’t want to, it means that that person has restrained that person like you would livestock.

It in addition, not only makes it abuse, but as well they have made that young person workable for their own endeavour and, not by free will.

The thoughts that cause adolescents to abuse makes it difficult for them to be a part of the community, they don’t look at human life as being extremely precious and, they see themselves as insignificant to the structure of society, consequently the system is inconsequential to them.

Twelve to thirteen year olds are inclined to go through an unsettled, difficult time as the child makes the change from prepubescence and, a swift alteration physically, socially and emotionally.

In all expanse of life it’s the dawn of a child’s passage from childhood to adulthood and, in all likelihood a bit of straying in nobody’s land on the way.

Mistreatment of young children at an early age is linked with considerable danger in future and more serious offending.  The earlier and, the more severe the offending, the more difficult the behaviour is likely to be in adulthood.

Suppose somebody who detests being tickled is held down and mercilessly tickled over and over against their desire to be tickled.  No matter how much they hated the unpleasant experience, they would involuntarily giggle.

It would be flagrant incomprehension about the average human response to tickling to assume that their unruly laughter was a sign that deep down they enjoyed it.

Similarly, when one’s body involuntarily sends signals to the brain in a response to sexual molestation, it says nothing about one’s morality or view with respect to the offence.

Everybody knows that a molester might be a brutal frightening monster of a man, or young person, but what is hard for one to understand, though, is that those who sexually impede on little children vary from this extreme through to responsible caregivers and, as we will find out, occasionally even loving mothers.

A molester might be such an insane fiend as to leave each victim extremely traumatised and, there are others, however, who are so tender, measured, consoling and relied upon that any normal child could not help but consider the sexual intervention as being as innate and, as enjoyable as breast feeding.

A child’s response is contingent on the molester’s technique, not the victim’s integrity and, pleasurable feelings are not restricted to children.

Abused survivors who, in response to their suffering, end up obsessed with stimulating their own sexual pleasures, or licentiousness, or loathing certain people, particularly their abuser.  Their exploits are from time time less than praiseworthy and, they find themselves meshed in devastating behaviour that they detest.


Tragically, nonetheless, a further unpleasant response to sex abuse is for a number of former victims to end up sexually interfering with others and, they can end up as dependent on it as others become addicted to masturbation, or to despising their abuser, or to being in love with somebody who will end up harming them.

Victims of sexual immoral acts many times are afflicted with dreadful, but quite uncalled for twinges of self-reproach over being forced to feel enjoyment.  Having a pleasant sensation in the middle of a sexual assault and, molestation is usually no more than a bodily response like losing blood.

If somebody buys someone else an ice cream and, whilst he’s consuming it the other person picks his pockets and thieves his credit card and, by the time he’s realised what has occurred he finds himself in a hopeless and difficult situation, with his bank account emptied out, yet that person would feel largely abused if asked if the ice cream tasted good, as if that had anything to do with the enormity of that persons deprivation.

When someone believes that they have possession of another person, in order to retain that right of possession they need something that gives them enjoyment and, that summons their arousal.  Nonetheless, there is a particular inclination that makes them want to wallow in such fulfilment and, even though not always comprehensible, it is usually either that bond that someone has with a child, or the brutality that causes a relatively diligent caregiver to turn negligent in their responsibility with respect to that child.

So, when a young boy abuses that trust, one is hopeful that in such a predicament that a court of law will govern that the legal profession and, would work out that almost all young adults that abuse, will as they get older abuse once more and, it doesn’t matter how much therapy they’re given, the affliction that they have inside them will cause them to break the law again, even though some do not; it’s determining who will and who won’t and, do we in fact know that they won’t?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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