How Atos Are Taking Over


The NHS is not being privatised with a bang; but more with a cunning deceitful whine.


We only have to take a look at Holland, which privatised its health care system in 2006, to see how it’s feasible for the NHS to be privatised by secrecy.


Following the Dutch example, privatisation is occurring in three phases.  First of all services of the health services is passed over to private firms.


This is already well under way in the United Kingdom.

Next restraint of the health budget is passed over to private commissioning alliances made up of doctors and consultants.

This has already happened in the United Kingdom.

Ultimately, the private commissioning consortiums themselves are taken over by private businesses.

In the United Kingdom, over a quarter of the NHS Commissioning Consortiums are being run by the consultancy firm KPMG.

As soon as this third phase is finished, the health services are effectively privatised, with commissioning, control of budgets and provisions of health services all run by private companies.

In Holland, the commissioning of health services and, general constraint of the health budgets were finally taken over by the selfsame KPMG which is taking over commissioning in the United Kingdom.

So, if things carry on going the same as in Holland, just one firm, KPMG, will have all-inclusive control of our National Health Services.


The head of KPMG, Mark Britnell, has already been nominated as a mentor to David Cameron on health and, was on one occasion quoted as saying, ‘The NHS will be shown no mercy’ when it comes to privatisation.


But who precisely are KPMG?

They used to be a component of an international professional service and auditing firm, but in 2002, the Dutch and UK branch of the business were mysteriously sold off to a French group, which still is the owner of them today.

The name of the French firm?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the firm we all thought we were going to be seeing the back of, ATOS!

This is the firm whose doctors believed that Cerebral Palsy was curable.

ATOS could already be well on the way to taking charge of the NHS budgets and commissioning, just as it has accomplished doing in Holland.

Be extremely scared because in 2007 Atos was suspended from a services contract for the NHS North West and South West after bungling ultrasound scans.

Eight primary care trusts discussed terms on a new contract with Atos through the Department of Health, to supply extra ultrasound scans from the end of December 2006 to the end of March 2007.

Atos was suspended from this agreement prior to it ending.  The firm was expected to begin a new and longer contract, but Atos was suspended after a clinical audit established that some patient details were not being accurately documented.

Atos said that they accepted the suspension and, it was not clear when it would begin working on the scans again.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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