Iain Duncan Smith claimed a £39 breakfast as expenses (He must have been hungry!)


The Work and Pensions Secretary was condemned of living in a different world after a newspaper exposed his flavour for the morning banquet.

Iain Duncan Smith lay claim that he could survive on just £53 a week, fell apart last night after evidence surfaced of a £39 breakfast he attempted to put on as expenses.

The Work and Pensions Secretary was criticised of living in a different world; after a newspaper unveiled his taste for the morning blow out which would leave him exactly £14 for the rest of the week.

The Cabinet minister claims he is aware of what it’s like to live on a humble income and, has dismissed a challenge from a 370,000 strong appeal for him to demonstrate it, which places his character as being a bit of a shit and, a bit of a namby-pamby university oddity, if you were to ask me; still your not asking me, I’m merely a figment of your imagination!

But Mr Duncan Smith, made a claim on his Commons expenses for a £193 hotel stay, comprising a breakfast for £39.

Who in this world squanders that much on a breakfast and, was he having a feast for his morning blowout, including Caviar?  Or, does he like to be that ostentatious and, if that’s the case, maybe the public should shackle his mouth so that he can save the taxpayer some money.

The proof of purchase submitted to the Parliamentary authorities when he was an opposition MP, manifests that he as well claimed for a mini bar bill and, in one instance, a £9 cocktail.

If he wants to drink alcohol on his own time and, out of his personal funds that would be justifiable, but to blatantly do it out of the taxpayers money is absolutely appalling and, taking advantage and, in that case, he must think extremely little of his own constituents.

A newspaper also disclosed that Mr Duncan Smith has yet to pay a visit a food bank since becoming Work and Pensions Secretary in May 2010, in spite of his claim to having been aware of what it’s like to be on the breadline.

Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “Everyone, including a man who spends £39 on one breakfast, would struggle to survive on £53 a week.


“Iain Duncan Smith can bluster all he likes, but he is living in a different world to millions who have to live on pittance thanks to his policies.”

Mr Duncan Smith sparked fury by telling a County Durham market trader he could live on £53 “if I had to.”

But of course, Iain Duncan Smith will never have to survive off £53, his life will always be electrifying because he has this talent of misleading the public wherever he goes.

So, he can say things like being able to sustain himself on £53 a week because he knows he will never have to do it and, all that he’s doing is delivering a red herring to the public.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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