Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown

Government officials have reportedly drawn up a three-stage traffic light system to end the UK’s national coronavirus lockdown and the system could see some non-essential businesses re-open in early to mid-May. The first phase ‘green’ would reportedly include small, non-essential shops, hairdressers and nurseries, although travel would still be discouraged. The ‘amber’ phase would seeContinue reading “Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown”

Ambassador of China Accusing UK Conservative MPs of Witch Hunt

The Chinese ambassador to the UK has attacked Tory MPs of mounting a witch-hunt after they raised concerns about Boris Johnson’s proposal to allow Huawei access to the 5G network. Liu Xiaoming praised ministers for their good decision to let the Chinese tech colossus to build some non-sensitive parts of the new infrastructure. The PrimeContinue reading “Ambassador of China Accusing UK Conservative MPs of Witch Hunt”

Women on Universal Credit Left Selling Sex For £5

Women on Universal Credit have been left so desperate that they selling sex for just £5 and MPs have been warned that women are turning to prostitution to survive due to the five-week wait for their benefits to be paid. But a Government enquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee has discovered a fundamental designContinue reading “Women on Universal Credit Left Selling Sex For £5”

Theresa May Should Quit

Theresa May should stand down as Prime Minister next month, that’s what former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has stated. This comes after the Prime Minister’s fragmented authority suffered a further setback as a major study revealed that Jeremy Corbyn was heading for No 10. The Conservatives would lose 59 seats at a general election,Continue reading “Theresa May Should Quit”

Another Expenses Scandal

MP’s are claiming fuel allowances and, it’s deplorable. They have free housing, free food, alcohol, gym membership, the catalogue of things are limitless. What about the poor, the sick, the disabled, old and, people of no fixed address? 80,000 children will be homeless at Christmas and the rest of the year.   They don’t haveContinue reading “Another Expenses Scandal”

George Osborne Sucks!

I’ve got one news item for you today and, it’s about George Osborne, a multimillionaire who’s got his trust fund set up overseas in a tax haven. He’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer; he puts doughnuts on his on winkle and, he gets them to eat them off, what sort of man is that? This manContinue reading “George Osborne Sucks!”

Iain Duncan Smith claimed a £39 breakfast as expenses (He must have been hungry!)

The Work and Pensions Secretary was condemned of living in a different world after a newspaper exposed his flavour for the morning banquet. Iain Duncan Smith lay claim that he could survive on just £53 a week, fell apart last night after evidence surfaced of a £39 breakfast he attempted to put on as expenses.Continue reading “Iain Duncan Smith claimed a £39 breakfast as expenses (He must have been hungry!)”

The Cover Up Man!

The rolling out of Universal Credit has been an absolute catastrophe and; very poorly controlled, overambitious and poor value for money. The assault sheet is appalling because there were no acceptable measures of development, computer systems lack the capacity to recognise potentially dishonest claims and, a £34 million venture in IT organisation had to be writtenContinue reading “The Cover Up Man!”

Iain Duncan Smith Revealed As A Liar

Iain Duncan Smith has now been revealed as a liar, after more than 100,000 people signed a petition calling for him to be held responsible for his actions.   Iain Duncan Smith has been called before a Parliament Work and Pensions Committee, to be held answerable for statistical deceit. He will be appearing before aContinue reading “Iain Duncan Smith Revealed As A Liar”

Another Welfare Myth

If Iain Duncan Smith believes that he can survive on £53 per week, then I would in fact, love to see him to do it.  He appears to make these declarations and, then simply can’t put his money were his mouth is, that’s because he’s got so much money, he just doesn’t know what toContinue reading “Another Welfare Myth”