The Queen And Prince Charles Take Advantage Of Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds’ Worth Of Benefits Each Year


Councils are shelling out the cash for the Royal Family for the rent of hard up householders who rely on the payments just to keep a roof over their heads. Hard up families are fighting to cope with crippling rises in living expenses, and are already enraged that private landlords rake in thousands of pounds from housing benefits, but many will be even more infuriated to discover Prince Charles and the Queen are also making cash from hard up householders who rely on the payments just to keep a roof over their heads.

The duo receives tens of thousands of pounds a year in housing benefits that are provided by local authorities to landlords.  Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall Estate, which has a collection of holdings over the South West, raked in at least £111,000 from a chain of councils providing cash to homes, and the Crown Estate, which gives the Queen 15% of its earnings, received at least £38,539 in housing benefit payments from just one town hall last year, but the precise figure of such payments received by the Duchy is probable to be higher as a few councils stated they were only capable of providing amounts delivered straight to landlords and not where the money was given first to the householder.

The estate, which is worth £847 million and free from tax, paid Prince Charles £19 million last year whereas the Queen is worth £320 million.


Disclosures came a day after it was disclosed Britain’s wealthiest MP. Tory Richard Benyon, obtained thousands of pounds last year in housing benefits from his householders. That’s in spite of him blasting the something for nothing welfare state.


Matters have come to a delightful ravine when even the nobles are behaving as between men and getting benefits for their householders when they could simply hand the homes over to a housing association.

Campaigners Defend Council Housing joined the increasing stop for a cap on the sum of housing benefit private landlords are permitted, because after all Prince Charles was brought up in the largest council house in Britain, Buckingham Palace.

There should be regulations on the amount of rent that is payable to landlords like him, and if the Duchy of Cornwall paid its fair quota of taxes we could manage the money to construct brand-new high class council housing for the benefit of the country.

The housing benefit bill has expanded hugely, and more than £9 billion will be paid this year to private landlords, and taxpayers’ money is being used to line the pockets of moneyed landlords and property stockholders.

Moneyed landlords presently see the welfare state as a business, and its intention is to put public money into private hands.  The truthfulness is, this is not housing benefit, it is landlords’s benefit.

In 1980, for every £20 that was dispensed on housing people, £16 went on erecting houses, and £4 went on aiding people pay rent. Right now, £19 goes on helping people pay rent and just £1 on fabrication of homes.  So we have gone from subsidising councils to construct houses to subsidise private landlords to expand their property empires.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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