Fearless thieves were captured on camera jacking up a parked car in broad daylight to rob its catalytic converter for scrap. The thieves even held up traffic in a London Street as one of them worked underneath the car with an electric drill. They appeared nonchalant about the police interfering as they removed the part,Continue reading “METAL HEADS”

Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, who’s been married to Prince William since 2011, has been accepted by the Royal Family as one of their own and her position in the Royal Family has always been a positive one. The Duchess undergoes hundreds of engagements in support of the Queen and Prince Philip every year, while alsoContinue reading “Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton”

Lewis Hamilton To Finally Land Knighthood

Lewis Hamilton is finally set to be awarded a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list. The Formula One ace secured a record-equalling seventh world title at the Turkish Grand Prix last weekend. There have been growing calls for Lewis Hamilton to be knighted following his sporting triumph on the track. And when formerly askedContinue reading “Lewis Hamilton To Finally Land Knighthood”

Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government

Boris Johnson was told that he shouldn’t have bullies in Government by an ex-top civil servant after claims emerged that he attempted to water down the official inquiry that found Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied staff. Downing Street didn’t deny suggestions that Boris Johnson had tried and failed to persuade his standards, ministerial adviser, SirContinue reading “Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government”

Power To The People

Yesterday there was a protest in Basildon, Essex where people were parading up Sparrows Herne to Basildon Hospital with banners and chanting ‘freedom’. People were there raising awareness of a corrupt Government – Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, all of them a female said as she recorded the entire procession. The female said, “Look at allContinue reading “Power To The People”

Weight Loss And Loose Skin

There are numerous people out there who were obese and lost weight and ended up having an excess of saggy skin afterwards, but these people are usually overlooked. Surgery to remove this surplus skin is not accessible on the NHS because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but this excess skin can often become painful, distressingContinue reading “Weight Loss And Loose Skin”

The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes

Dominic Cummings departure marks the end of a radically victorious experiment to turn the Tories into the party of the provincial English working classes. A year ago, the party campaigned laboriously on a platform to improve the lives of ordinary people – now, hours after Dominic Cummings exit was established, the party briefed a returnContinue reading “The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes”

What Has Dominic Cummings Achieved In No 10?

Dominic Cummings arrived in Downing Street with great plans, and the stated intention to only stay long enough to get them moving. So, what has Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and policy touchstone achieved? Perhaps Dominic Cummings most resounding quote from No 10, albeit delivered at second hand was the idea of a hard rain landingContinue reading “What Has Dominic Cummings Achieved In No 10?”


Videos which falsely claim that Joe Biden didn’t win the presidential election will stay on YouTube because they’re a discussion of election results, the company stated. The Google-owned video colossus had previously been criticised for failing to remove a video from right-wing news network One America News Network (OANN) saying that President Donald Trump wonContinue reading “YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT FALSELY CLAIMS DONALD TRUMP WON ELECTION”

Will The Yorkshire Ripper Get His Final Wish?

Family members don’t agree who is responsible for the serial killer’s remains, it emerged, as questions loomed over his funeral arrangements. Peter Sutcliffe had expressed a desire to be cremated and for his ex-wife, Sonia Woodward, to scatter his ashes in Paris, where they had a honeymoon in 1974. The Yorkshire Ripper’s younger brother CarlContinue reading “Will The Yorkshire Ripper Get His Final Wish?”