Mum Dies After Administering Vaseline Into Her Breasts In Do It Yourself Boob Augmentation Procedure


A mum has passed away in hospital in Argentina after inserting Vaseline into her breasts to make them larger.  Sonia Perez Llanzon, 39, underwent a deadly blood clotting in her lungs a month after being admitted to hospital with respiratory difficulties following the unsafe procedure.

Police cadet son Kevin Berazategui, 20, wrote on his Facebook page: “I will love you for ever”, and announced that the 20 years he spent by his mother’s side were beautiful.

Sonia Perez Llanzon arrived at hospital with traumas to her breasts, but she denied everything at the beginning but then admitted she had inserted Vaseline into them. The human body has an immune response or defense to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms, but it hasn’t got any mechanisms against this kind of product, and other people using vaseline like this are putting themselves at risk.


Sonia, was an esteemed runner and keen boxer, but had experienced third degree burns last year whilst sunbathing, and she was lain down by her appearance.

Doctors have forewarned in the past about expanding amounts of men injecting themselves with Vaseline, which is composed of crude oil, to enlarge the measurement of their penises, which generates impairments which consist of severe deformations caused by tissue damage and erectile dysfunction.




















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