Seriously Starved Dog Is Worst Neglect Incident Seen By Vet


These disturbing and deplorable RSPCA pictures display Fly who was underfed to a skeletal frame by her keeper.


The level of disregard was so severe in fact that a vet with 30 years of experience stated he had never seen a dog as emaciated either DEAD or ALIVE.

Tragically, Fly’s poor health and conditions signified she had to be humanely put to rest to stop her pain.

But presently her keeper David Lowe is facing a possible prohibition from taking care of animals as pets.

This incident comes just days after Katy Gammon emerged in court charged with leaving her pet boxer to die in her kitchen.


The 27-year-old lawyer from Bristol faces the likelihood of prison for the needless demise of a five year old dog Roxy, who was left free from nourishment or drinking water when she moved out.

Bolton occupant Lowe, 33, of Trentham Street in Farnworth, was subpoenaed to put in an appearance before the town’s magistrates’ court on February 24 but declined to attend.


The proceedings against him went ahead in any event and it was substantiated in his nonattendance that he caused fly needless distress by failing to seek veterinary attention.


A sentencing hearing at Bolton magistrates court was postponed yesterday for pre-sentence reports to be drawn up.


Tony Stock, prosecuting, stated: “This dog had suffered unnecessarily due to total neglect.”

Mr Stock stated RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald called at Lowe’s flat after a tip-off from a member of the community on October 20 last year.

Fly, who was supposed to be 15 years old, was discovered lying in a bed in the kitchen.

Inspector McDonald was instantly disturbed by the level of boniness. She cautioned the defendant, and he verified that he owned the dog.

He said that up till a couple of weeks ago his former partner had been accountable for the dog as well as him.

The court heard she had given him money to have the dog put down, but Lowe didn’t.

Vet Angus McKenzie stated Fly was the most seriously starved dog he had seen either dead or alive in more than 30 years.

The court heard she was dehydrated and judged as naught in a body condition scale, with a grade of one being identified as emaciated.

She was as well more than half the weight she should have been and was experiencing a dental malady, a heart murmur and diabetes.

Fly was without delay signed over to RSPCA supervision, but Mr Stock stated that because of her intensifying conditions, the only compassionate direction was to put her to sleep.


The saddening thing about the incident is that separately, the conditions were all treatable and controllable had veterinary guidance been endeavored at an earlier stage and acted upon.

The court heard Lowe has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was earlier desolate. The dog, the court heard, was brought back to him in a pitiful state.

However, no 15 year old dog should look like that. Separately, each of her conditions could have been treated but because they were collectively, it was compassionate to put her to sleep.

Every time some person comes across a slim dog in his/her post you’d imagine it is the thinnest you have seen, but she was the most starved dog, and the most emaciated. It is hard to think that she was still even alive, and that is not acceptable. It is deplorable.

Lowe will be pronounced with a judgment on April 16.

There is no guiltlessness in this action of abandonment, and to abandon a living thing and leave it for dead. Once upon a time this dog was a spirited creature, full of vitality for its keeper, but its situation ended up being one that cannot be characterized into words because it is only something one would hear about in folk tale, and in a world of amusement.

It appears that the world is a cruel place, whether human or animal, for we are all creatures of this world, living like the beasts that we are. We have not evolved and developed into a better creation, but have learnt to amuse ourselves with the games, a distraction that some of us clearly call leisurely pursuits, and one that we happily call a pastime.

Is this a hobby that we suddenly have, depriving food to needy helpless creatures till they are no longer viable? Is this what we presently call pleasure? How does this, or would this stimulate our senses?

As human beings we should be conscious of the difference separating right and wrong, for it is not just improper and unlawful to do such a thing to an animal, but some people will slaughter an animal because portions of their cadaver are valuable, and people will pay suitable money to wear or beautify themselves for gems that have been taken from that animal.

It’s a discouraging situation however you see it. If a creature kills another animal because it is simply feeding time, then that of course is how it should be, continuation of the well-contrived. Even though, one might state that human beings don’t kill each other for food, nevertheless, human beings do murder one another, even though not all humans practice this.

Survival of the fittest is how it has always been, to slay for sustenance to sustain, but when we slaughter for enjoyment then that is not endurance, that is annihilation of those that sustained so that they can be fodder for those that take delight in taking what is not theirs, and that is another life, whether that be animal or man.


A man, woman, or child of the classes Homo sapiens, which is recognized from other creatures by higher cerebral growth, skill of lucid speech, and standing posture, is known as a Human Being, and by being known as that makes us more bright, but if we do not have the capacity to know that to deprive of food to a lower creature, and to cause its death, or killing for enjoyment is not right, then how are we the more astute?



Evoluation had it all wrong. We should never have come out of the tree’s…




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