The Oasis Hotel


There is a place named “The Oasis Hotel”, and if you go onto their website, the hotel is depicted as “an oasis of tranquility”, and they make it appear so good, where you can make your holiday or business excursion less stressful, with its perfect base to discover the Lakeside and Bluewater shopping centres, whilst all the allurement of London can be reached swiftly.

It is with exceptional pride and heartfelt delight that at The Oasis Hotel they present The Old Cathay Restaurant, which serves a diversity of styles, including genuine Peking, Szechuan, Singapore and Malaysian styles.

Or you can take pleasure in the exotic flavor of Indian style of cooking, where you can unwind and appreciate the magnificent taste of all the delicacies of Indian spices.


It gives the impression of being idyllic and picturesque, but shocking hygiene standards have been disclosed at this dirty hotel used by Basildon Council to home desolate people from the borough, and the council will presently be reviewing its use of the Oasis Hotel, in Harlow, in light of our findings.

It has made use of it as emergency temporary housing since May 2012, in spite of criticisms from tenants and terrible critiques on the travel review website TripAdvisor, where it rated bottom out of nine hotels in the town.

David P, from Preston, Lancashire, stayed there in June 2012 and posted: “The worst hotel on the planet. Disgusting.

Bed sheeting stained, and Carpet dirtied.

Stay away from this hotel…


After being alerted to concerns by paying guests, an Echo undercover journalist pretended to be a guest to stay in a £50 double room.

He took pictures of a list of dirty and grim conditions inside the hotel, which is promoted as a three star venue and used by certain councils.

The verdicts included: Food, including dehydrated pasta and what was disclosed to be prehistoric cereal in and on top of a wardrobe and on the floor. All three mattresses in the room were caked in heavy dried fluid marks, two with a red material. There was a trickle of cold water coming from the hot tap in the shower room. Walls, skirting boards and a ceiling fixture crusted in grime, dirt and cobwebs.

There was plaster that was falling apart, and a soap dish in a shower which had gone green. Bedlinen that did not smell washed and had specs, particles and hairs on it, and there was used lavatory paper and soil on the toilet.

Of course, beggars can’t be choosers, however, if a council is putting you up, you presume it to be basic, and at least spotless, particularly if they are putting young children in.

The rooms are unclean and smell damp. The beds were so knackered, and people are getting enshrouded in bites from what can only have been bed bugs.

Evidence was handed to Basildon Council, which pays £59 a night for a double, more than the usual which guests pay, and as well Harlow Council which is accountable for monitoring its standards.

The photographs that were shown is what would be deemed to be an an unacceptable standard to send somebody who has made a homeless application and the images were very concerning. Housing officers were instructed to visit the Oasis without delay with somebody from the environmental health team to reinspect and determine whether it was fitting or not for continued use.

Interim accommodation is used as a last stopgap, and apparently the council at all times inspects hotels prior to using them and makes unannounced visits each year, which was March 2013 to The Oasis Hotel.

It appears that the environmental health team was satisfied at the time by the accommodation, but did have a few concerns about the standard of a few of the other rooms being used by other authorities, and brought this up with Harlow Council’s environmental health team.

Harlow Council, however, deemed them to be adequate from an environmental health aspect, and the concerns were not enough to stop the hotel from being utilized.

There has also been a small amount of grievances about secondary improvements and repairs.

But apparently, the council does not have a particular function in securing the quality of hotel accommodation, but apparently the councils do work with local hotels on food safety and health and safety matters, and they take all applicable reproaches seriously.

The councils have said that, not one of the matters drawn to their attention here would result on their own in a formal action under the law, but when they had raised points about cleanliness and secondary repairs to rooms in the past these have at all times been dealt with, and that they would expect that to remain the case.

Nevertheless, that has not remained the same at all. There have been quite a few grievances by people existing at The Oasis Hotel on a number of occasions, unfortunately these people do not want their names to be mentioned because they consider that it would jeopardise their situations later on, and would not be homed by the councils that they are under.

The outlook is cheerless for the people that exist at The Oasis Hotel. That is being used as accommodation for the homeless. You would imagine that nearly all people on the streets would be begging to be housed at this hotel, but when I talked to some of these people, they stated they would sooner be out on the streets because it was cleaner than at The Oasis Hotel, where there was no running hot water, that there was Salmonella in the shower heads and up the walls of the bathroom. As well as, lights that went on and off at any time of the day and night, and the bites they were getting from bugs from the bedding and linen, so it seems that nothing has altered since March of last year, but that the councils would like the common people to think otherwise.

People who have stayed at this ‘hotel’ stated that it was a total humiliation, and that on their first arrival, they were greeted by the show of two police officers departing the hotel whilst taking off latex gloves. That there was also a collection of strange and suspicious looking characters ambling about. Also, when entering the room, there was the odor of dank and musty air.

Somebody else said, it was just a dirty, and repulsive place to visit. That they had never felt so unsafe.

The police were there a number of evenings, breaking up feuds or getting rid of the drug users. The room was unclean and astonishingly dated. That they didn’t even attempt any of their food after seeing the food hygiene rating of 0. The sheets were dirty. Windows did not lock, which is not great when you have children with you.

How this place is still open to trade, well, it disgusting that the council is funding this place to stay open by sending the homeless there. No one should have to stay there, even if they have nowhere else to go. My heart goes out to anybody who has the back luck of having to stay here!







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