NHS Boob Job Girl Josie Cunningham Proposes To Have Termination Of Pregnancy So She Can Star On BIG BROTHER


Wannabe star Josie Cunningham last night admitted the prospect of making an appearance on TVs Big Brother was worth more than her unborn child’s life.

Puffing a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump, the controversial model and call girl, who will have her termination of pregnancy at a clinic this week, and is finally on the edge of becoming notorious and she’s not going to destroy it now by having another child.

What she doesn’t realise is that is she is already notably well-known, and she doesn’t need to destroy that by going on TVs Big Brother.


However, she seems thinks that having a termination of pregnancy will increase her prestige, but when you say model and call girl, you already have a status of prostitute, surely you don’t require anymore notoriety than that.

The saddening thing is that this woman accepts that a termination of pregnancy will promote her career because this time next year she won’t have a baby, and that she will be notorious. Does she not recognize that she is already tarnished, but for all the ill-fitting reasons.

If she thinks that a termination of pregnancy will promote her vocation in life, then she needs to take off those rose tinted glasses. She may not have a baby, but she may as well not have a career, because by the time all the notoriety has worn thin, and gone onto somebody else, she would have given up a baby, and suffered a loss of self-respect… Oh sorry, did she in fact have any self-respect in the beginning?

Josie, 23, is already 18 weeks pregnant by either an escort agency customer or a Premier League footballer. However, she claims her late life or death decision will not have anything to do with who the father is, but stated that it was based on the breakdown of negotiations with Channel 5 to appear on the reality TV show.


Josie, caused outrage in 2013 when she demanded a £4,800 boob job on the NHS to become a glamour model, and then Channel 5 was keen to shortlist her until they found out I was with child.


Channel 5 then abruptly turned cold. That was when Josie started contemplating a termination of pregnancy, and after the abortion she will be going back to them and asking if they will still consider her.


Evidently she’s had loads of other proposals to promote her vocation, and she’s not prepared to give them up because she’s with child, but she’s willing to give up her own flesh and blood for a pound of flesh.

Nine days ago Josie was frantically tweeting a scan picture of her unborn child, but her only thought was that it was either a footballer or doctors baby, and not a Big Issue seller, because of course Big Issue sellers don’t have wealth, and now she was pregnant, and she could get free dental work on the NHS, so she got her teeth straightened to improve their appearance, and that all appeared excellent.


Nevertheless she then started to deliberate because she didn’t want to be well known for having a footballer’s baby or for being the girl who had a child by some person who paid for sex. She just desired to be celebrated for being her, a glamour model and star in her own right, but deep down she will just be identified as Josie Cunningham, the call girl who got up the duff because she could lay on her back and opened her crack because in reality all she thinks about is wealth.







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