999 Crew Couldn’t Attend Dying Heart Attack Man

A heart attack sufferer passed away following cost cutting measures that prevented the nearest paramedics being sent to assist.

Instead, a further ambulance was dispatched from 12 miles away, however, by the time it arrived the patient was dead.

The misfortune occurred following health bosses deciding to axe an 85p an hour payment for paramedics to answer calls whilst on breaks.

It is not transparent if the man could have been saved by a neighbouring crew. Nevertheless, a whistleblower declared the policy, proposed in January, was putting patients’ lives in unnecessary danger.

It was alleged that ambulance personnel had communicated to the persons in charge that they want to be able to respond at any time a call comes in but had been instructed they are unquestionably not to, and they should not be accessible.

Yorkshire Ambulance Trust reportedly received the 999 call to a caravan park, where a man was having a heart attack at 11.17pm on April 6.


The episode was judged to be top priority Category A purporting life was in danger and the target response time was eight minutes.

It is conjectured that paramedics just four miles away were on a break and had been briefly taken off the road. Paramedics were sent from 12 miles away, which took 18 minutes to arrive.

Ambulance managers were blasted for abandoning the add-on payments.

Each member of personnel has been made unavailable to respond during a meal break, to save themselves 85p an hour, still the ambulance service stated they needed to save finances, however, it’s shocking what’s going on.

The instance comes as ambulance services around Britain are sensing the struggle.

In a separate January case, coroner John Gittins called for action following a pensioner who died waiting for an ambulance whilst a number of crews in the area took undisturbable rest breaks.

Joyce Pring, 63, made four increasingly frenzied calls over 50 minutes following her husband Fred, 74, fell unwell with chest pains at their house near Mold, Flintshire.

Earlier this month paramedics in the West Midlands were driving up to 300 miles on 12 hour shifts and feared they could fall asleep at the wheel, condemning NHS reductions.

There have been a number of cutbacks, causing the ambulance service to be on a sluggish schedule, and the system is horrifying. It is shocking that people who are dangerously sick have to wait such a long time before the paramedics even turn up to assist them. This should ring a few bells with people, and it is incredible what is going on.

Our ambulance service should be a functioning service, and it should not be made convoluted when it comes to peoples lives. It’s not a competing game that we can entertain ourselves with peoples lives. We are all human beings, and when something goes wrong with that human being, at that point, the paramedics should be there in a suitable response time.

I comprehend that people have a right to have a meal break when occupying a post, nevertheless, in a few cases when people are dangerously unwell, and on the brink of dying, at that point, the response time should be instantaneous.

Does this as well indicate that the Fire Service will not have a response time when having to be present at a fire because it’s their meal break? “Hold on there, I can’t attend that burning building because I’m chewing on my lunch, and I’ve been told not to be present at that fire on account of, it will save finances.”


Does this signify that a human life is less significant, and that it’s more significant to save a measly 85p an hour and does this mean that a human life is not deserving of anything at all anymore except if it’s slaving for our government like a pack horse, and that when we are not sustainable any longer, they can merely treat us like swine on the homestead, though presently I believe that swine probably get treated more suitably.

Is it acceptable for people to be managed like this for the reason that the establishment does not think that human life is sustainable and is this a practice that we will have to endure time and time again?

It is undeniable that we will put up with this crap, even though it will not come in the absence of critique, but that is all that it will be. People will scrutinize the things that they accept are off balance, but it will merely be covered up, and many of us will simply conform for the reason that we are developing into subservience by way of significant conditioning.

At one time human life was at all times a priority, and it was encompassed with significance. That pull of anthropological significance is no more, and statistics are divulging that more and more people are being permitted to wither, when it should be paramount that the human species should be sustainable.

Tens of thousands of ailing individuals with terminal failing health are being placed on a death pathway to help end their lives each year, and doctors warned that hospitals may be practicing the contestable stratagem to decrease strain on hospital resources.

It grants medical personnel to hold back fluid and medication in a patient’s concluding days, and they are arguing that it’s the kindest way of letting them slip away, however, natural deaths are usually freer of pain and suffering.


Knowledgeable approval is not invariably being asked for by doctors, and they are declining to ask patients about their wishes while they are still in control of their abilities to think for themselves. This has led to an expansion of patients carrying cards informing doctors that they do not want to be put on the pathway in the final few days of their lives.

Improper use of the pathway, has been executed in up to 29 percent of hospitals. And this is all that it is, an execution style, and crazed method and gateway to depopulate the human race.

If one wants to exercise the method of euthanasia then that is that persons free choice, nevertheless, we should be granted the decision to choose if that is the correct path we would choose to take when terminally sick, still, that is our choice and no one else, and one should be permitted to determine where and when that should be, it should not be at the discretion of some other person, and who is a total outsider.


There is no accurate way of diagnosing approaching death. It is fundamentally a foresight, and another person should not be granted the decision on whether another human being should live or die on account of it would be exceedingly agreeable on their resources. We can dress it up as much as we want, nevertheless, it still comes down to the reality that it is murder.









Published by Angela Lloyd

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