Prohibited Cannabis Plants Growing Next To Iconic London Landmarks


Cannabis plants have been growing for months next to iconic London landmarks. A group identified as Feed The Birds have sown seeds about Westminster, Big Ben and by the South Bank in a guerrilla demonstration in the face of ridiculous drug statutes.

The move, they insist, shows that cannabis naturally thrives in Britain and should, consequently, be lawful. It is also a proposal to gather knowledge regarding the healing usefulness of the narcotic, whilst nurturing harvests for users so they do not get to rely on black market traders.

Releasing pictures of prohibited plants next to Tower Bridge, the Shard and a bustling London high street, the campaigners have urged the Government to follow Uruguay and a number of American states in the Class B narcotic.


There are two basic goals, and to gather knowledge for medicinal users who require cannabis to better their quality of life. They also aspire to provide medicinal and recreational users with seeds so they are no longer dependent on the black market traders.

The action mimics a demonstration in the town of Gottingen, Germany, where thousands of cannabis plants shot up last year owing to a comparable demonstration movement.

The conflict on narcotics is a catastrophic failure, and cannabis growing naturally on the streets of London accentuates how ridiculous drug statutes are.

We should move forward on this, like in other countries that has made it statutory. Cannabis should be sanctioned, and not prohibited, on account of, by making it legal, it means that it can be subsequently regulated, and there will be an officialdom on who is sanctioned it to use it, and who is not. It will as well help a number of people that are ill, and in a necessity for it, like MS patients and Cancer sufferers.

Those that are tormented with poor health and ailments will of course warmly receive these groups that are sowing the seeds in a demonstration to bring this proposal in, plus there should be a growing consciousness within the populace, on account of, it is far better that this substance be regulated, in preference to kids being able to take possession of it from reprobates on our streets, bartering so they can make a profit off high school student, and even younger, when it could be used for a suitable purpose.

Cannabis has invariably been handled as a profit venture, on account of, there are numerous people out there enthusiastic, and yearn for their subsequent fix, and youngsters are being groomed into the ensuing creation of pot heads with pickled brains, that amble about like nitwits, even though as individuals we should be able to know right from wrong. However, children are extremely negligent when it comes to narcotics of any class, and are extremely easily guided, consequently if cannabis were to be regulated there might be less opportunity of our children using the substance.

Nevertheless, I am not implying that it should be accessible to anyone, it should have stringent constraints on it similar to any other opiate, or medication, and should only be reachable on medical recipe. Still, I’m convinced that if this were the case, it would then become accessible on the black market on account of, people will still grow it for either their own personal use, or to sell on, and those that do, should be given a long sentence.

If it were to be sanctioned for the healing usage solely, then there should be a lengthy inventory of illnesses that it could aid an ailing person, since the narcotic is understood for its healing usabilities, such as a medicinal remedy to treat sickness or ease symptoms.

The Cannabis plant has an antiquity of a curative usability dating back thousands of years across numerous cultures. Cannabis has been used to decrease nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy, and people with AIDS, and to manage pain and muscle spasticity; its use for other curative implementations has been investigated, however, there are inadequate data for conclusions about safety and effectiveness.

Cannabis looks to be to some extent effective for the handling of chronic pain, embracing the pain caused by neuropathy and perhaps as well fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. A 2009 review states it was unclear if the benefits were larger than the dangers, whilst a 2011 review looked upon it being generally harmless for this usability. In palliative supervision, the usability seems more reliable than that of opioids.

Research on the effectiveness of cannabis for treating multiple sclerosis has yielded diverging outcomes. The unification of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) extracts gives subjective relief of spasticity, although actual post treatment evaluations do not exhibit notable modifications. A trial of cannabis is deemed to be a sensible choice if other remedies have not been effectual. Its usability for MS is supported in ten countries. A 2012 review discovered no difficulties with tolerance, misuse or dependence.

A 2013 literature analysis discovered that exposure to cannabis had biologically based physical, mental, behavioral and social health consequences and was linked with maladies of the liver, especially with coexisting hepatitis C, lungs, heart, and vasculature.

There is lacking data to draw solid determinations regarding the safety of medicinal cannabis, even though short term usability is linked with lesser adverse effects such as dizziness. Though advocates of medicinal cannabis state that it is safe, additional investigation is needed in order to evaluate the long-term safety of its usability.

The view of the Food and Drug Administration and numerous experts is that a few of the many various cannabinoids included in cannabis can have medicinal usefulness, however, not as burned cannabis and just with controlled and meticulous medical recipe and the same testing for safety and consequence as other endorsed medications, a method that usually takes about 10 to 15 years from inception to commercial merchandise.

In the U.S., the FDA has now endorsed two oral cannabinoids for usability as medication: donabinol and nabilone. Dronabinol, artificial THC, is set down as Schedule III, indicating it has some potential for dependence, and nabilone, an artificial cannabinoid, is Schedule II, meaning a high possibility for side effects and dependence. Nabiximols, an oromucosal spray acquired from two strains of Cannabis Sativa and containing THC and CBD, is not endorsed in the U.S., nevertheless, is endorsed in quite a few European countries, Canada, and New Zealand as of 2013.


Medication Trade
Name(s) Country Licensed indications
Nabilone Cesamet U.S., Canada Antiemetic (treatment of nausea or vomiting) associated with chemotherapy that has failed to respond adequately to conventional therapy.
Dronabinol Marinol U.S., Canada Antiemetic (treatment of nausea or vomiting) associated with chemotherapy that has failed to respond adequately to conventional therapy


U.S. Anorexia associated with AIDS–related weight loss

Nabiximols Sativex Canada, New Zealand,
Eight European countries

As of 2013 Limited treatments for spasticity and neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis and intractable cancer pain.
If a person is experiencing overbearing pain, then it should not matter what has generated that pain, these medications should be accessible on medical recipe for anyone that is experiencing agonising pain, embracing those that suffer with Fibromyalgia, which in some respects is extremely comparable to the pain of MS.

Fibromyalgia has copious symptoms, indicating no particular remedy will work for all of them. Remedies that work for a few people will not necessarily work for others.


Patients will need to try a variance of remedies to attain a combination that befits them. Over the years sufferers of Fibromyalgia have been given painkillers, Antidepressants, Medications to help them sleep, Muscle relaxants, Anticonvulsants, Antipsychotics, and other alternative therapies.

A few of these remedies are said to alleviate a few traits of Fibromyalgia, however, not without long term impact on our bodies.

Nevertheless, all potions of any kind ultimately have an opposing impact on our bodies, in reality it doesn’t matter which ones they are, they all come with side effects, which Pharmacutical companies feast off. Drug side effects are presently a principal cause of death, disability, and illness. Experts approximate that just 1–10% of severe adverse occurrences, those causing hospitalization, disability, or death are ever reported. Not to mention the millions of medically mild adverse drug incidents that happen each year, ones that jeopardize a person’s concentration, performance, judgment, and capacity to care.

No one knows the impact that medication has on us except from the person who is taking a pill. Still, your voice is increasingly being quelled.

You and your family doctor may have been made to understand there are no data connecting the treatment you are on to the problems you are feeling. This is on account of, nearly all data on prescribed medication remedies are owned by the multinational pharmaceutical companies who operate very nearly all clinical drug trials, 60% of which are at no time reported. They in fact are not yielding data that may affect their baselines. There is a gap in the data that only sick individuals, doctors, and chemists can fill.

What they don’t tell you is that it is all about making a profit, it’s not in fact about making the patient better. It’s not about improving a person’s health. It’s about improving the pharmaceutical companies pockets. They are filching your health to make a monetary gain, and that’s all it’s about.

Any which way you turn, you are clearly buggered. By making a medication that produces side effects, means that those side effects will make you additionally unwell, and that means you will require further remedies to then attempt to compensate the side effects of the first medication.

And the vicious cycle goes round and round till in the end you’re taking so many medications. You just don’t know which one is helping, and which one is making you unwell – This makes pharmaceutical companies wealthy!

We are not sustainable, and consequently, it doesn’t matter whether we in fact live or die, so long as returns are being made from it.

Despite of what we say or do, nothing will ever change, however, we can endure with the speculation that there are a few scumbags out there are prepared to seize from us what is justly ours, and that’s our lives, and it’s tactics like these that isolate them from us.

However, to genuinely appreciate what is going on out there we need to recognize that we don’t need to be represented by a leading political influence, that tells us how we should exist, how we should be represented and by whom, for we are not pawns on a chess board, they are!



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