Rolf Harris, Vanessa Feltz and Linda Nolan: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil



The TV presenter Vanessa Feltz and vocalist Linda Nolan have become the latest alleged prey of the convicted sex offender Rolf Harris to come forward with tales of abuse at the hands of the discredited children’s performer.


Now 52, Feltz, has characterized how Harris professedly put his hand within the boundaries of her knickers while she interviewed him live on TV during an episode of The Big Breakfast in 1996.

Nolan, 55, maintained she was barely 15 and touring with her sisters when Harris swoop down on her out of nowhere, fumbling, caressing and kissing her neckline till she had to ask him to stop.

The two luminaries have come forward openly for the first time following Harris, 84, was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for a set of sexual assaults on girls as young as seven or eight.

Feltz said she had described her story to the police once the first accusations against Harris began to surface in 2012, and Scotland Yard reportedly obtained footage from The Big Breakfast to back up her claims.

They had evidently hoped to be able to submit it as part of Harris’s trial at Southwark Crown Court, however, were too late to give sufficient notice to defence lawyers.

Feltz told the Sunday Express Harris assaulted her during the time they were filming the “On The Bed” segment of the show in May 1996, and that Harris’s wife Alwen had been in the room at the time.

She stated she could sense Harris’s hand worming along up her leg but that she could not look down on account of, they were on live TV.

This is of course all speculation that it did in fact take place, or was it just a fabrication of her imagination, undoubtedly the camera’s or somebody behind the camera’s would have observed what was going on, and would have related something to somebody else, or even Harris’s wife Alwen would have observed something.

After all, Vanessa is a talk show entertainer, and it’s undeniable that she knows how to spin a fishy story, or even perhaps two. Plus this macho masculine man from Aussie must have had an impression on such a young lady at the time.

If this man knew precisely what he was doing and he was getting stimulated, doing what he was doing whilst he was on live T.V, then we must presume that other people must have realised as well, and if they didn’t was it just because they decide not to, and did Miss Feltz also refuse to say something for fear that she would lose the chance of a beneficial vocation, and lots of money, and Harris fumbling with her leg, as seedy as it was, was far better than an animate existence on the dole.

As Harris’s hand reached beneath the elastic of her knickers, Feltz paused the interview to go to an advert break and then leaped away from him, and he then behaved as if nothing had happened when they came back from the break.

In the meantime, Miss Nolan alleged she was only 15 and on tour with her sisters when Harris touched her bosoms in a hallway.

The star, 55, stated she was in a dressing gown and was on her way to get ready for a performance when Harris swoop down on her backstage at the performance in South Africa in 1975.

She said that he without any warning came out of nowhere and in seconds his hands were all over me.

He came right up to her and had her in an enormous bear embrace. His arms were all over my back, right about me so his hands were rubbing the sides of my breasts.

He stroked up and down and began kissing and tonguing the back of her neck.

Miss Nolan stated that Harris finally stopped, nevertheless, she was left feeling dumbstruck and mortified at the alleged assault.

Both women relinquished their legal right to anonymity to divulge the alleged abuse.

It does make you curious as to why both women did not come forward previously, and why they left it so late to say something, though back in the day there were a number of celebrity junkies who would follow luminaries about like puppy dogs so that they could get near them, and a number of these stars took supremacy of this, and it was disregarded on account of, it was simply accepted.

Nevertheless, what was not acknowledged back then, is greatly acknowledged now, and addressed with loathing. There is an indisputable abhorrence when it comes to stars being in the spotlight for things they had done in the past. That now is not consented to in the future.

In the wake of in the flourishing 60’s, flower power and potheads, sexual attraction was welcomed freely even if it was not voluntarily given.


There were a number of groupies, particularly of the female species. That were more occupied in relations with rock stars than their music, and the loyal female fan of a band or musical entertainer would append herself to a band. The groupie was more intense about her adored luminaries than the fans and they would tend to follow them from place to place.


They would in addition seek sexual or intimate contact. Obsessive groupies would almost certainly implicate themselves sexually with any members of the band including the roadies. Additionally, there are now groupies of sports teams and other sorts of celebrities.

Back then it was accepted quite wantonly, but now these people are now being brought to justice for matters that were merely accepted back in the day, but in today’s day and age are categorized as not tolerable, nevertheless, these events that took place are historical, and as long as they are never permitted to happen again, then they should stay historical, even though there are still numerous groupies about who follow their bands and celebrities about, and a few even marry them, nevertheless, a few stars misuse the privilege and should not be permitted to do so.

There should be lessons that should be ascertained from this…


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