Ascending Flow of Anti-Semitism In Britain

Jewish people in Great Britain are suffering a backlash of assaults, bomb threats and anti-Semitic abuses fuelled by the butchery taking place in Gaza. More than 100 hate violations have been recorded by police and community groups this month, more than double the usual number.

Community protection organizations worry the result could be the second highest ever recorded, following an explosion of rampage during the 2009 Gaza war. In several upsetting instances the aggressors have invoked the Holocaust and even screamed: Heil Hitler at victims.

A rabbi was assaulted by four Muslim teens outside a Jewish boarding school in Gateshead in one of the most brutal episodes. In Belfast, bricks were flung at the city’s only Jewish synagogue, smashing windows on two continuous nights.

Groups of Asian men sang Heil Hitler as they drove through a Jewish area of Manchester, flinging projectiles at innocent bystanders. In north London, one pro-Israel organisation received a phone bomb warning and a Jewish boy riding a bicycle had a stone flung at his head by a woman in a niqab.

More than 100 episodes have been reported to the Community Security Trust (CST), a charitable institution that helps to defend Jews, since the start of this month. The wave in assaults and intimidation succeeds a comparable trend in 2009, when up to 1,400 Palestinians were massacred during the Gaza war.


The figures have at least doubled in what the community safety group would expect to see.

There is at least double the number of occurrences that would be expected, however, the situation is not out of hand, as is the case in France. The public is aware and alert but not panicking and life continues exactly how it should be.

More than 1,000 Palestinians, largely civilians, have died as an outcome of Israel’s military strikes in opposition to Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist leaders, since the inception of the dispute.

Images of the killing and large-scale destruction of poor localities have led to global condemnation of the violence. Forty Israeli soldiers and three civilians have also died in clashes aimed at stopping Hamas discharging missiles across the border.

In Britain, nonviolent rallies in opposition to the violence have been marred by despicable placards including one declaring: Hitler you were right! At a Central London march, demonstrators confronted a Jewish woman with her two young children and told them: Burn in hell. 

Thousands of demonstrators marched in central London in opposition to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Activists and followers of the Palestinian cause assembled outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington, West London, prior to advancing towards Parliament Square.

Conveying Palestinian flags and placards with catchwords such as Stop the Killing and Free Palestine, the demonstrators sang Israel is a terror state, Gaza don’t you cry, we will never let you die and Allahu Akbar (god is great).

There has been also been a blast of anti-Semitic abuse on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. One man called for a Jewish locality in London to be blown up so Jews feel the pain of the Palestinians.

In a separate event, a BBC journalist was reproached after appearing to hint Western politicians failed to intervene in the Middle East because they had been bought by the Jews.

The anti-Semitic reaction has been reflected on the other side of the Channel where there have been even more violent displays.

Thousands of police officers were deployed in Berlin as the authorities in Paris endeavored to forbid additional marches.

Demonstrators in France, which has the world’s third biggest Jewish inhabitants, have stormed Jewish synagogues, smashed the windows of Jewish-owned professions and set others blaze.

In Germany, an Imam reportedly called on Demonstrators in France and the Jewish people have been assaulted in the street. Police officers had to step in to defend an Israeli tourist couple from demonstrators who stormed at them yelling Jew! We’ll get you. 


Published by Angela Lloyd

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