Appeal Court Judge Horror-Stricken

A judge stated she was horrified at the number of unrepresented cases and warned that the holdups would cause a clog up in the justice system.

Remarks were presented at the launch of a report that exposed low morale in the legal profession and found that 83% of lawyers thought justice is no longer accessible to anybody.

In an attempt to slash the £2 billion aid bill in England and Wales by £350 million a year, there are now fewer types of civil proceedings for which people can get support, so the possibilities for civil lawsuits are extremely far and few between.

Legal aid helps with the costs of legal advice for people who can’t afford it. It funds solicitors and agencies to advise people about their legal problems, such as an eviction, debt and family breakdown, and even divorce, and if necessary, to represent people in court.

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There are worries that these modifications will deny justice to the poorest in society. The justice system had to be based on equality of law, and these newfangled restrictions are utterly disgraceful, and aggress the very poorest, and the most deprived.

People who sense they are denied access to justice could end up taking the law into their own hands. These changes could also end up costing the government more, as increasing amounts of people representing themselves might mean that court hearings will last longer, and will consequently be a burden on court staff and judges will increase.

Legal aid was an indispensable part of our justice system, and something that almost all people relied upon, and ensured that if we were in times of difficulty, with very little money, that we could rely on the justice system to help us.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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