Margaret Thatcher Personally Covered Up Child Sex Abuse

Margaret Thatcher personally shrouded child abuse allegations made against one of senior government ministers. The Tory Prime Minister evidently held a high powered meeting, who was being tipped for promotion, and told him that he had to clean up his sexual behavior.


It followed an allegation that the minister had sexually abused young boys at the home of one of his political allies in 1982. Nevertheless, the minister seemingly dismissed the warnings, and it is claimed that four years later he was spotted by police looking for young boys for sex at Victoria railway station in London, however, no action took place.

The claims made by an informant with inside knowledge of Scotland Yard in the early 80’s are now expected to be put before the Westminster child abuse inquiry that has been announced by the Prime Minister. It claims that there was an establishment cover up to protect politicians. Judges and police officers involved in a macabre pedophile network.


David Cameron has already agreed to a full scale probe into the historical allegations of child abuse, and he has nominated Lady Butler-Sloss to head the investigation, and although the investigation is in its infancy, its determinations could be extremely volatile, especially if it shows that a previous Prime Minister knew about the allegations.


If this proves to be true, then these extraordinary disclosures will unwrap a remarkable state of affairs, so much so that they’re virtually unimaginable. However, that is what people said about Jimmy Savile, and look what happened to him.

The minister’s supposed involvement in abusing adolescent male children first came clear later on when he had been staying at the dwelling of a constituency agent. A high level gathering involving Margaret Thatcher. Prime Minister at the time, and Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw, as well as a senior policeman, and an M15 officer was carried out to talk about the said behavior.

Nevertheless, rather the minister being disciplined or dismissed, the minister was given cautionary words of advice about his future behavior, and the subject was brushed under the rug, only four years after new allegations rose up.

The politician was said to have been found looking for rent boys in the men’s lavatories at Victoria railway station in London in 1986. The toilets were the target of a clandestine sting by Scotland Yard investigators. The officers approached the minister and admonished him about his behavior, it is thought that a report was lodged by a CID officer, but clearly nothing was done about the minister’s behavior, and yet again it was brushed under the carpet.


Piccadilly Circus is one of London’s most infamous rent boy hangouts, which is cited as the chicken rack. A former rent boy taken in by the Westminster sex ring outrage disclosed he was blackmailed into being abused by top Tories.


Now a respectable father of four, he stated how as a young man he was plied with liquor and was afterward coerced to have sex by a Tory minister, and he went to a squalid house party where two Tories celebrated their first year as MPs by having sex with boys as young as twelve years old.

He as well rubbed shoulders at parties in the 1970s with top conservatives, including Sir Keith Joseph, Sir Rhodes Boyson, and Sir Michael Havers.

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The young boy came to London in 1975, as a dewy-eyed 20 year old who was taking flight from the difficulties of his home country in which one of his best friends had been shot dead. He meandered the streets penniless, and finally ended up in Piccadilly Circus, which was then the notorious arena addressed as the Chicken Rack, where young rent boys touted for clientele.

He said that he was asked if he was looking for anything, and then the three of them proceeded to an eating place where they boozed on wine, and he was tendered a loan, but he stated they were so kind to him, he just got carried away in the here and now.

He claims he was raped twice, and he was then told they would be in touch, and they said that they knew some extremely significant people who would be keen to encounter new boys, but he felt humiliated because he just believed that they were being kind.

Feeling entrapped, he promptly found himself being pimped out by people who had high profile politicians among their customers. The next day he said he was instructed to keep company with an MP to a country dwelling in Essex where they had sex, however, he pleaded with the man pimping him out to stop.

He was threatened, and told that he had no estimation of the people and the mightiness that they exert, and he was ensnared by two menacing pimps who threatened to mail graphic photographs of him to his parents if he attempted to flee their clutches.

He was even warned that his family back home in Northern Ireland would have an accident if he refused to have sex with their powerful clients.

This man that has been interviewed sobbed uncontrollably. His wife knew nothing of what had happened to him, however, he admitted to her that he was part of this, and that he was raped. He had shut away the subject deeply in a vault inside his head, but now seeing the article, blew it all up again for him, all the dread, hurt and torment came flooding back to him.

He spoke in a hotel close to his home in a small town in Northern Ireland, and he is looking at giving a statement to the government inquiry into the scandal.

He said that he felt that he was at risk, however, these people had been so good to him.  He said that once he was back at the flat that they had taken him to, he felt lightheaded, and got up to leave, however, he was forced into a bedroom, and he felt helpless.  He was then stripped down, and pushed onto the bed.  He did not consent to this at any time, and he felt like he was in an out of body experience, and that perhaps he had been drugged.

He claims he was raped twice, and he felt absolutely exploited.  He was given £30, and told to lighten up, and to stop being so bloody provincial.  The man informed him that he would be in touch.

Photographs were taken of him in bed, and it was stated that they could fall into the wrong hands, including papers and his family, and was told that he couldn’t just think he could run away from this.

Feeling ensnared, he promptly found himself being pimped out by the two men, Kevin or Alan, who had high profile politicians among their customers. Days after he claims Charles Irving, the then Tory MP for Cheltenham arrived.  He approached the politician, inquiring if he was looking for anything, and Irving responded by saying he was looking for him.

He pleaded with the man pimping him out to stop, but only to get more menacing threats. Alan informed him that he had no idea about the people he knew in power, and how dangerous they could be. He said that if they could murder 13 people on the streets of Northern Ireland and get away with it, there would be little difficulty in the setting up for an accident to happen to a member of the lad’s family, this young boy was unquestionably out of his depth.

Before long, he was being taken to parties with a chain of senior Conservatives. It was a house close to Whitehall, where he was guided into a room where numerous men and a few younger boys aged about 15 were boozing.  He was acquainted with an Irish boy, and was then offered a drink from a bowl of punch, and he drank it down. Glass after glass, like it was lemonade.

He was made to sit between two men, who it was stated were both MPs, and they started to rub their hands on his legs and thighs, and he was forced to perform assorted sex acts on some of the men. The scenery was perpetually the same, with a hum of exalted spirits.

The Conservatives felt they were unstoppable…

One night he was taken near the House of Lords and picked up by a peer, they were driven round London while he performed a sex act on him, the peer then gave him a fountain pen.

One of the most seedy parties was thrown one Saturday night at a country house. There were younger boys, and they were all situated in the center of a room, boxed in by a big leather sofa. They were ordered to strip off their clothes and have sex together. He noted a boy of almost 12 or 13 being taken into another room, but he assumed that he’d just been delivered. The boy faced him, and he saw fear in his eyes, it was a look that would forever haunt him.

The abuse before long had an effect on his well being. He was drinking far too much, and had breathing problems. When he was at rock bottom, he went to the home of one of his pimps to face up to him. The pimp opened the door, and he collapsed into the hallway.

The pimp didn’t call an ambulance, he didn’t want a scene, so he put him in a spare room, and he cried himself to sleep. The next day the pimp gave him £50 and told him to go home because he thought he was going to die. He flew back home where he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis, but he didn’t say a word to anybody, and it took a year to deal with it, however, the scars will never mend.

The man in question has turned his life around, he married in 1981, and works as an office manager, but he wants people to know what happened. He wants to see people held accountable, and he wants the truth to come out, and for people to know what goes on in administrative circuits.

Our government seems to have legal power over everything that we do, and they are extremely organized when doing it. They think that they can control everything, it’s their strong point, as they congregate unitedly and scatter mayhem wherever they go, however, the devastation reeks with an unpleasant aroma which suggests that something is not right in the governments abode, which is now bringing wrath to the public.

No teenager should be put through what these deviates are doing to them, it’s harmful and detrimental, and these people are exploiting their influence upon young teenagers, which is clearly inappropriate behavior, and not desirable for teenagers to experience or receive.

If it were anyone else, the issues would have been promptly been exposed, and they would have been caught and charged, and quickly been condemned to prison, however, because it’s inside government, it’s swept under the rug for many, many years, and never talked about, nevertheless, they’re getting away with it, and that’s not acceptable at all.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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