UKIP General Secretary Calls For NHS To Be Privatized And Likens It To Nazi Germany


Nigel Farage’s right hand man has stigmatized the NHS the greatest consumption of money in the United Kingdom, and compared the health service to Nazi Germany.

In a series of astounding comments, the UKIP general secretary Matthew Richardson condemned the NHS and called for it to be privatized.

His remarks, that were made for an American audience, will be an immense embarrassment to the leader Nigel Farage, who is now fronting calls to axe Matthew Richardson.

City Barrister, Matthew Richardson, 34, was employed by UKIP to keep unsound poppycock out of the media, however, he explosively likened the NHS, that has been treasured by millions, and was Britain’s greatest post war accomplishment, to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Matthew Richardson talked at two events for right-wing activists in Washington, where he set up fierce onslaughts on the service, blaming much of it on the countries debts.

A number that he couldn’t possibly envisage when he was younger, was now the amount of money that is owed by this nation, but at the heart of this, the Reichstag bunker of socialism, is the National Health Service.

That is evidently why socialized health care is so dangerous, because it’s a ratchet, and once in place, it’s extremely hard to get free from it, and as well. Matthew Richardson launched a bitter attack on taxpayer-funded cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation, hymen repair for those who want to be born again virgins, is compensated by the National Health Service, he narrated to an audience of young Americans.


If you have low self-esteem you get new breasts, however, if you’re dying of breast cancer you can’t get the treatment you require to stay alive.

Socialists believe that if someone wants to reassign their gender, the state should pick up the tab, they think that’s how the world works, so if you have a passion for she males, come to the United Kingdom, if you love freedom, remain here.

Appears a little cruel, nevertheless, he is extremely right.  The NHS has become exceedingly tawdry over the years, and oblivious of what the NHS was put there for in the first place.

The Labour Government elected in 1945, and made manifesto allegiances to carry out the recommendations of the Beverage Report of 1942.  The report’s recommendation was to make comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for prevention and remedies of disease, and was enforced across the United Kingdom on 5 July 1948.

The services were initially funded through universal taxation and National Insurance as part of the entry of a broader Welfare State.  They were initially exempt at the point of use, although some prescription charges were shortly ushered into the response to economic troubles.

Florence Nightingale is a historic English social reformer and statistician, and the founding father of innovative nursing.  She came to prominence while attending as a manager of nurses educated by her during the Crimean War, where she organized the caring for injured soldiers.


She gave nursing an extremely favourable reputation, and became an icon of Victorian culture, particularly in the character of The Lady with the Lamp, making rounds to wounded soldiers at night.


Her societal reforms include amending health care in all parts of British society, improving health care and recommending better hunger relief in India, serving to abolish laws governing prostitution that was over harsh to women, and extending the acceptable contours of female participation in the work force.

Florence would be rolling around in her grave if she could see the mess our NHS was in, particularly now all dominance has been handed over to our government, so that they can break it up, and dish it out to whoever they like.

Florence would be leaping up and down with the wrath on her admonishing face because all her good work would have been for nothing.  Once upon a time the NHS would have been a sympathizing and caring organization of nurses and doctors that were there only for the health of their patients, merely because we are all human beings and deserve to be cared for as such, with compassion and care.

The government doesn’t really need to condone themselves for breaking the NHS up, but they will all the same, and they will strike while the iron is hot because now that they are coming up to a general election, they have nothing to lose, and then UKIP will take over, then the real lights will combust.

As we propel closer to the next general election, David Cameron will flounder about attempting to nail an opportunity where he can to demolish our nation, and it’s not by accident that he does this, it’s by intent, and like-minded campaigners in line for Prime Minister will do the same, only more so because they have no compassion for the likes of us.


Emotive compatibility by Matthew Richardson will incense hardworking doctors and nurses, they save lives every day, however, it appears that this UKIP character is seriously likening us to one of the world’s mass murderers.

According to Matthew Richardson, this Government consumes money like it’s gone out of style, and that the NHS was a monumental drain on resources.

His remarks will pile on the pressure for UKIP, and its projects for the health service, despite its claims that it is opposed to privatization, however, they all assure you that they will do something to better our country, only once they get in, they do precisely the opposite.

They are one large organization that group unitedly and work arduously, yet unemotionally expose themselves soon enough, demonstrating that they are simply here to accumulate money, and not to pass it around, as they spread carnage among those less fortunate.

Nigel Farage needs to dismiss Matthew Richardson, or at least come clean and acknowledge that UKIP backs a NHS sell off.

Either Nigel Farage backs this, or Matthew Richardson can’t stay in his office, because Mr Farage can’t simultaneously oppose these remarks, and also claim that his party stands for the NHS free at the point of use.

Allegedly this is UKIP’s agenda on the NHS, because they claim to support the service that almost all people in the United Kingdom hold dear, however, they want to disassemble its foundations.

UKIP can no longer endeavour to dupe the people.  They are a party of Tory people, with Tory money, and they want to unfold the most defective Tory policies, which would have the most awful effects on working people.

Labour faces a battle to stop disenchanted voters switching their support to UKIP.

They are unsuitable candidates to run for government, and they’re unfavourable in some people who will definitely not vote for them, and there is a worry that they won’t deliver what they have said in their manifesto.  They are really good entertainment, but further than this, they are not extremely good at competitive games, so, all they can do is show off to the public, however, to really deliver it if they gain in the next election, is exceedingly debatable.

If they win, and get into power, and they do sell off the NHS, which will capture the imagination of many investors and companies because the principle of Mergers and Acquisitions is that the parts are greater than the whole.

Matthew Richardson’s comments on the NHS are now a major embarrassment to Nigel Farage, who was himself forced to deny he backed privatizing the NHS, after comments he made in 2012 were made public.  As well, Nigel Farage was captured on camera telling his supporters that the state funded NHS should move forward towards an insurance based system run by private companies like in the United States.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham takes a firm stand that forced privatization is being forced through like an amphetamine that could be fatal, however, their demand for control is like an addiction with a driven engagement towards its stimuli with extremely adverse consequences.


The trouble is, that negative effect that the government has on us, means that in the end it’s the individuals who experience the greatest levels of it, and that negative effect it has is unidirectional, unlike a guided missile.

Mr Burnham warns that contracts are being signed, which will be tied down to the following government.

Mr David Cameron, our Prime Minister was not up front about his designs to break up the NHS service during the 2010 crusade, leaving voters with no say.

Pressured NHS privatization is now entering a new dominion, and once in. It will be much more difficult to turn around.  Contracts are being signed that will run for five years of the next parliament, and beyond.  UKIP must actually believe they’re something that they’re not, and that their fraternity of predators will swindle the public out of something that has been given to us since 1948.

For the first time in 1948, hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists were brought together under one umbrella organization to supply help that were free for everyone.

The fundamental rules were well-defined, that the health service would be available to all, and financed solely from taxation, which implied that people would pay into it according to their means.

Charges of one shilling were introduced in 1952 for prescriptions of one shilling (5 pence), and a flat rate of £1 for ordinary dental treatment, which was also brought in.  Prescription charges were abolished in 1965, and remained free until 1968, when the charges were reintroduced.  Today 2015, prescription charges are now £8.05

If the NHS was abolished and superseded by an insurance-based scheme, run by private companies like in the US, it would be catered for by many organizations, with healthcare facilities mostly owned and controlled by private sector business.

Healthcare would require extended regulations, and to a really high level and professional degree.  There would as well have to be a very high degree of administration that would be required, and the qualifications of such would have to be really high.   Although modifications have been made over the years in the NHS system, and it doesn’t appear to have bettered itself, so I actually don’t see how having private healthcare would make any difference, aside from those whose pockets the money is going into, because at the end of the day, it’s all about profit, and not the well-being of the patient.

If there’s not going to be any improvement, it will not seat heavy upon our government because by then the NHS will have been broken up and sold off to the most eminent bidder.  So, if the system does not work, and it deteriorates, there will be no attachment to our government, but to the private companies that bought into it, consequently, our government is off the hook.

Florence Nightingale’s voice was protected for posterity in a phonograph recording from 1890, which is preserved in the British Library Sound Archive.  Florence Nightingale said, “When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my voice may perpetuate the great work of my life. ”

Our government clearly did not understand what Florence was speaking about, and how much hard work she put into making patient care so significant, and how important it is to display compassion, and to lift a person’s spirit while they’re in hospital.  Instead, they would sooner downgrade the system, rather than upgrade it.  Private healthcare will not upgrade, it will not amend it, immaterial of whether it’s private or not, and you can whitewash it all you want because the system is so tainted now that no enhancement to it will make a difference, unless we realize why it was set up in the first place.

Go back to bare basics, go back to 1962 and earlier, and our government might realize that taking matrons out of the equation, and cutting nursing staff, and doctors because it was cheaper to bring in doctors from abroad.   Then our hospital system would be more adept.  Cutbacks are not the solution because we are dealing with human lives. That clearly matters no more to our government, all that matters is what they can gain from a human life.

There is a Professional Code of Conduct where professional organizations have their own codes of conduct laying out criteria’s of ethical behaviour owed by members of each profession.

Respecting a patient’s decision about their care, treatment and support are not happening any longer with the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway, where families are being kept in the dark about the fact that their loved ones had been put on the Pathway, and disclosed that hospitals had been paid millions to reach targets for the number of patients dying on it.

The Liverpool Care Pathway, was originally planned to ensure dignified and pain-free dying, which was trashed last year after a scathing inquiry established that it had meant that the handling of these patients was without thought, hurried and ignorant for the treatment of the most vulnerable patients, and in some instances patients were refused water as they perished.

hot off the press 2a

Under the Pathway, doctors and nurses determined when a patient was about to die.  Normally, a syringe driver would pump them with sedatives, while tubes giving food and water were detached, then death would follow, typically within 36 hours.

An inquiry was called for. After leading medical figures condemned the system as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the thousands of families of patients who had died sounded off.

New prescripts for the care of patients viewed to be approaching the end of their lives will prohibit hospitals from determining that somebody is dying, and then hurrying their death up by sedating them and taking away tubes, and simply just giving them food and water, and some weren’t even getting that.

And it’s been going on for some time.  When my uncle was in hospital in 2004 dying of cancer, it was decided that because he was not going to recover, that they would take away his insulin because that way his organs would slowly shut down, and it would be a quicker death.  At the time we really didn’t have any thoughts about Pathway, however, now that we do, clearly it was more cost efficient to take him off the insulin because he was dying, and it would be a waste of resources, so the faster the better for them.

There is nothing more bowel twisting than seeing family or a close friend that’s dying in front of you, so everyone should spare a minute to think about our National Health Service, which has been part of the formation of our society, it’s part of our culture, that people are envious of all over the world.


So, now it’s a free for all for any enterprise that wants to purchase a slice of the NHS, and the general public has to endure this sort of wish-wash that is going on, and the prognosis is really bleak.

Concern Grows Over Quality Of NHS Treatment

The government endeavour to make us think that it will be better, however, it surely won’t be without its problems, and that’s a big concern, and it narks the hell out of me.

Our government might look as if they have toughened up, but they have toughened up on the incorrect issues, and that one issue is unquestionably not our NHS.  Money should be exhausted in the one thing that we used to be able to count on, so what lunatic decided that it would be more economical to trade our beloved NHS off to the highest bidder?

Sometimes it’s better the devil you do know, than the devil you don’t, and we should retain what has been so iconic in our history, and that is the National Health Service because people know that they can rely on it, and it’s been trusted for a really long time.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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