Parents Are Furious At NHS

The parents of a five year old were enraged after being informed by the NHS that their three stone son was fat, and needed to go to a fat club.  Paul and Sarah Hurry had at all times considered themselves on giving healthy meals for their six children.

So the couple was distressed when it was stated by a nurse that their athletic and energetic son Max, who at 3ft 6in tall, weighs 3st 3lb, was overweight as part of the NHS’ Child Measurement programme.

The family was even summoned to a healthy lifestyle assessment to train them how to feed their children.

Mr Hurry, 47, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, stated he didn’t know whether chuckle about it, or feel infuriated after being given a letter which he depicted as political correctness gone mad.  The note from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, which was based on the youngster’s BMI reading, which went on to state that Max’s weight could steer onto grave health difficulties such as asthma and diabetes.

It even informed it might make him more susceptible to bullying and having low self respect.  However, Mr Hurry and wife Sarah takes issue with any statements, and that their bouncy young boy was far from unhealthy.

The father of six had challenged the nurse during the initial meeting back in February when she stated to him Max was obese.  Mr Hurry asked the nurse to look at him, and to let him know how his son was fat, and that he was simply not overweight.

The nurse said he is overweight because that was what the chart said, nevertheless, Mr Hurry was in the belief that there was no point reasoning with somebody who simply has no judgement on these things.

However, after sniggering off the fears, they were enraged to be given the letter purporting they should take part in a fat club.

They laughed it off because he was always out playing football, or on his bike, and eats healthily.

Even so, the letter turned up telling them they we were duty-bound to go to a meeting to talk over how they feed their children.  When they first saw it, they weren’t sure whether to be really vexed, or laugh it off as some type of political correctness gone insane.

They’re still undecided about it.

The pair said they take considerable care to make healthy food for their six children, and had not ever been told any of Max’s siblings were fat.  They all consume identical meals, and they all share the same build.

Mr Hurry stated that Max has an older sister, six year old Matilda, who is disabled and as a result will only eat salmon, chicken, vegetables and a bit of potato, so the whole family would eat the same.

Every night the children have fresh salmon, or fresh chicken with some new potatoes and vegetables.  Maybe once a week they’ll have something less nourishing, just to give a little respite, nevertheless, it will still be something like chicken dippers, not a takeaway or rubbish.

It’s all rubbish, all this governmental insanity gone wrong, and this isn’t the first time with all this political madness, there have been other instances.

A hospital has banned visitors from cooing at babies that had just been born. The principle? It could infringe on the infants’ human rights.  What a load of rubbish, next they’ll be saying to you that you can’t breath on them as well.  It is just insulting our intelligence.

A sign on the crib, said: “I deserve to be left undisturbed and protected against unwanted public view.” However, a great deal of new parents stated they were pleased and delighted to show off their newborn child.

Circumventing the point here, a headmistress ruled in June that girls at her Dorset school must be groomed in trousers at all times. It sourced enraged protests from pupils and parents, nevertheless, Marilyn Warden took a firm stand that even knee-length skirts did not adequately protect their modesty.

A council in Cornwall prohibited a Punch and Judy show following women’s rights objectors mounted objection fighting its beastly storyline.  Ladies handed out pamphlets to kids as young as four, tendering without a charge, confidential support to any woman, including bisexual or homosexual women, who’s going through domestic violence.

For generations, children going to school have enjoyed making Mother’s and Father’s Day cards to take home. Yet, the country’s largest guidance service now promotes its pupils to make special person cards instead.

A band of headmasters disobeyed the public surge in school conker prohibitions, and even called off classes to hold conker championships. The long-established pastime has been criminalised in schools across the nation for health and safety purposes.

Following decades of appropriate memorials to our war dead, a shower of paper poppies at a Remembrance Day service was prohibited because they were a fire hazard.

The trouble is that people are currently so cold-eyed and unresponsive that we without question have no accuracy on what is factual and what’s not, and what’s more is that the standards change all the time.

However, this little laddie, he’s just an average and energetic young lad.   However, the letter from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust states that the results proposed that the child’s weight to height ratios. In line with the age and sex of the child was a worry.

It went onto state that excess weight could lead to dangerous health troubles, and in short this could result in emotional well being, such as bullying, low self-respect, asthma and the progressive arrival of diabetes.

The letter in addition stated that their GP would like to help, and would be contacting them shortly to invite their son and family to go to a Healthy Lifestyle Review.

Mr Hurry is now taking into consideration going along to the healthy review with his family to question the staff about their fat assertions.  As he wants to know which one of his children are overweight, and what needs to alter in their choice of food, because as far as he is concerned not one of his children are fat.

Most kids have a small amount of puppy fat when they’re younger, however, with exercise, and a sound diet, this minuscule amount of puppy fat vanishes over time, however, the importance is not to make it too much of an issue, otherwise we will end up with kids who are obsessed with being overweight, and will end up walking about hungry, and looking anorexic.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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