Tory Councillor Has Been Suspended


A Tory councillor has been debarred from his local party after he posted a tweet claiming he’d told a Big Issue seller to f*ck off back to Romania.  Yet, four years ago, Mr. Frost, the member for North Deal and Dover District Council, was suspended from the Conservative party for posting about Jungle bunnies on Facebook.

The run in led to him leaving his post as a part-time maths teacher at a Kent school, although he was subsequently exonerated of any wrongful conduct by a standards committee.  Afterwards he used the term rag heads in a Facebook post after going on a Lynx helicopter.

In March of last year, he was tweeting about a potential alteration in management at the Port of Dover, he penned “Sale to frogs, /sons of camel drivers=bad.  Mutual ownership=good.” He as well tweeted last year that Labour voters lived on a diet of lard and fags.


In yet another tweet, posted soon after the election, he referred to Nicola Sturgeon, and her supporters as a ginger munchkin, and her hoard of Buckfast drinking, wife beating, professional welfare dependants.

Bob Frost has now been debarred pending further investigation.  It is felt that following the local comments, and comments on Facebook and Twitter, that these remarks are not appropriate.

Cllr Frost yesterday took a firm stand that he was being jocular, pointing out the blemishes in society, stating that it was sarcasm, pointing out what’s wrong with society, and that it was all an old joke.

Cllr Frost was suspended for four months in 2011 over his former remarks on social media, however, the latest case is to be viewed separately, but Cllr Frost should never have been permitted back onto the council in the first place.

There have been a number of cases where people in parliament have been going onto social media and disparaging people, and steps need to be taken to ensure that this does not happen again, because this kind of behaviour should not be endured, otherwise it looks like a minuscule amount of Satan lives in every Member of Parliament.

Our regard for government is waning, because by their own admission they’re unfolding a can of worms, since they’re the architect of their own labours, and rebellion against others is not the way to go about it, that is just complete and utter intimidation.

'Can of worms - do not open!'
‘Can of worms – do not open!’

The power to fight this sort of thing should be an imprisonable offence.  If it were Joe Blogs down the road running their mouth off like Cllr Frost did, then they would be severely reprimanded for it, or even arrested.


The trouble is it’s an unfair system, and the people don’t have the right to decide what should happen to Cllr Frost, and eventually it will just get swept under the rug and blanked out.   Nevertheless, it has an effect on everyone, and it doesn’t give the government a sound image when something like this takes place.

We exist in a society that utilizes cyberspace on an everyday basis, however, that doesn’t mean that we have to misuse what is a really amazing thing.  The purpose of it wasn’t meant to separate us from each other, it was intended to bring us together, that’s why it’s called the World Wide Web.


All the same, people like Cllr Frost have breached this extremely amazing piece of equipment to his advantage, and that’s to berate people for his own entertainment, however, it’s really not amusing at all.  It merely labels people, and what he regards as satire is very lame for jocular funniness, and people are not laughing.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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