Free School Meals Could Be Cut

school meals

The government is looking into cutting free school meals for infants at lunchtime.


The Liberal Government of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman launched free school meals for children from poverty-stricken families in 1906, and by 1914 children were given free meals once a day.

Nourishment for school children is extremely crucial, the problem is, it’s costing the government too much money, and it disheartens me to think that in due course free school meals will be a thing of the past.

The scheme saves parents of reception, year one and year two pupils about £400 per child, per year, which is going to take its toll on a parent’s funds if free school meals are scrapped altogether.

It would be a catastrophe if the system was relinquished, and it will put a considerable strain on numerous parents that can’t pay for school meals because there’s not enough money, and a great deal of children will go hungry.

Bringing in free school meals for children was a significant step forward for a child’s well-being, and educational performance, as nearly all packed lunches don’t have nowhere near the nutritional value as school meals.

When a child doesn’t have enough to eat, in nearly all instances the student isn’t able to learn owing to poor nutrition or sufficient hydration.  Within the student’s brain, a biochemical process of learning is happening, by making connections, finding meaning, and working out problems that need lightening fast electrical impulses between areas of the brain.

The development of memory needs physical growth, and reshaping the matrix of brain cells. So that marvellous experience, when the light goes on, and the student says, “I get it!”, is a Neuro-chemical process, as well as an educational one, and by nourishing the brain with healthy food and water, it will optimise the inner environment, allowing a student to truly engage in the classroom environment, and attain their potential.

Nevertheless, they don’t want them to reach their potential, that’s the whole point of taking free school meals from the shelf.

Next they’ll be telling us that we in fact don’t need to send our children to school – no of course they won’t do that because they want our children to be regimented, because after all, education is run through a politically operated structure that’s designed to keep society, which starts with our children, so that they can dumb them down, lacking the ability of either creative or logical intelligence.

You don’t have to be a fortune teller to see that what we call education is really not intended to better the lives of the children, their families, or society in general.


The basis of education is to suppress society, to produce robotic clones that are purely cogs in the wheel, that only know how to do their little job that they’ve been given to do, and to stop people from having self determination.

The problem with governments is that they’re besotted with making a race of clones that they can have power over at any given time. It’s complete insanity, however, it’s been going on for such a long time now, that nearly all of the generation now have no clue of what’s going on because they, unbeknown to them, have already been cloned.

Looks like the “lights are on, but nobodies at home! ”

Published by Angela Lloyd

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