Offensive Voicemail From Job Centre Staff

Mother-of-three, Cecilia Garcia, was left this hateful voicemail from two staff, one by the name of Ann Goode, at Bromley’s Job Centre office. Goode failed to hang up correctly following leaving a message and was caught on tape. The Job Centre operator left a startling voicemail for single mother-of-three calling her a scrounging bastard that was popping out kids like an animal.

The single mother-of-three was left enraged after a Job Centre operator left a voicemail on her telephone calling her a ‘scrounging bastard that’s popping out kids like pigs. Cecelia Garcia, 44, from Beckenham, South East London, was left feeling nauseous after she got the offensive message which the staff member left by error.

The harangue of degradation was recorded after the operator decline to hang up and went on to scrutinise claimants with foreign sounding surnames to a co-worker in her office. Mrs Garcia, who has turned to benefits to top up her salary after separating from her partner last year, was left reeling by the recording left last Friday afternoon.

She had checked her messages to discover a voicemail from a woman alleging to be from the Bromley Job Centre, who requested her to call back next week.


Received Friday, July 29 at 4.23pm.

‘This is a message for Cecilia Garcia. Hello, Cecilia, this is Ann Goode from the Department for Work and Pensions at Bromley Job Centre. Could you please call me —- urgent call. I’ll be leaving at 5, but if you can ring me Monday I’d be very much obliged, you do need to speak to me. OK, thank you, bye bye.’

‘Her cap, her cap is £253.26 a week, that’s over £1,000 a month.’


‘That’s almost £1,000 a month – £12,000 a year.’

‘This is Cecilia Garcia. None of them are English names.’


‘I don’t, I just don’t, why are we running around for these people? Do you know I resent even doing this work because if I had a person that said I really want a job, I want to go on your case load, yes, all the time, every day of the week.

‘But not some scrounging b*****d that’s popping out kids like pigs. I’m going to get very, very politically incorrect this afternoon.’

‘You are, aren’t you? And I don’t blame you one bit.’

‘Now this one is working, the next one, but they’re obviously getting other help, so I need to ring them. But they’re a little bit different because they’re trying.’

However, rather than hanging up, the message proceeds, and communication was caught among team members who were oblivious they were being recorded.

One female begins to giggle and laughs: ‘I’m going to get very, very politically incorrect this afternoon.’ The other then responds: ‘You are, aren’t you? And I don’t blame you one bit.’

Mrs Garcia, who has a dual Mexican-British citizen, said: ‘I got sick, I was so upset over the weekend. It is really offensive all the things that she says on the voicemail. And it sounds like the other person totally agrees with her.
‘The fact that they say things like “oh they aren’t even English names” – this goes beyond everything, saying I pop out kids like pigs. I have dual nationality, we did everything right, I’m not illegal.

‘She shouldn’t express this about people from other backgrounds.’Mrs Garcia said she never wanted to turn to benefits but was forced to when she could no longer afford the rent to house her children, who are eight, six and four.
A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson informed MailOnline today: ‘We are taking this incident extremely seriously, and we have launched an investigation.’

Each person who works in a Job Centre should be charged with atrocities opposing Humanity and told it’s up to them to demonstrate their integrity. The most depressing thing about being out of work is going to a job centre with their ridiculous levels of intimidating security, more than you’d find in night clubs. Anyone relying solely on a Job Centre for their employment is going to find themselves out of work for a long time or in work for a very short time.

Practically everybody gets jobs from employment agencies rather than the short hours, low-paid drivel jobs in job centres. The workers themselves have twaddle jobs with despicable salaries and on top of that, they have targets from this wicked government to penalise people on the most flimsy pretence. They are told to wind people up on purpose to make them kick off so they can sanction them. Everyone likes to feel a little bit superior to someone else no matter how humble they are. The only job fulfilment Job Centre staff get is looking down their beaks at Jobseekers.

People who whine they don’t get £1,000 per month should perhaps work full time, perhaps retrain or get a better position.  We should quit judging single mothers. A £1,000 a month is not a lot, and it’s not like this particular lady is a scrounger, she openly said that she fell on difficult times.

Isn’t that what the benefits scheme is designed for? Plus most people are more than content to pay taxes to implement a safety net.

There are a number of people having kids for benefits, for some, it’s the only opportunity they have of getting a home to live in. It’s a disgrace since various people in this country are struggling when they are in full employment. There appears to be this idea that a person is rolling in dough when they are in work, it will just continue until there are jobs that are well paid, and give people some kind of hope.

Jobcentre workers are there to hinder not support claimants, it’s no wonder that they treat people with such contempt. It’s called the job centre but actually, it is simply a checking station. Monitoring you have ticked all the boxes if you haven’t, you get sanctioned. That’s their duty to penalise claimants. They seem to get a huge thrill out of it too.

Although I would have no idea who would get such enthusiasm out of sanctioning people so that they have no funds, existing on nothing, it must be some sort of arousal tactic to make people fall into the depths of poverty. If you want to destroy somebody else’s life, I am certain there are many ways that it could be done, other than taking their money off them.

People are simply begging to be helped, not hindered to the position where they just want to take their own lives as they can see no other way around a situation. If they want to expand hunger, they are going the right way about it, and whilst they are doing it, they are also being extremely biassed.

People do not want to be jobless, though I do acknowledge there are a few out there that just don’t want to labour, however, parents are not one of those, and people who serve for the job centre should be impartial when serving in that sort of setting, and if they can’t be unbiased, then they shouldn’t be working there at all. We have lots of bullying outside of the workplace, we don’t want it inside, after all, all of those that do work there are assumed to be grown-ups, obviously not in this incident.

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