Frog Sashimi Is A Japanese Dish


Consuming live creatures is the tradition of individuals feeding on creatures that are still viable, preferably than animals which have been discovered lifeless or slaughtered to be consumed. Consuming live creatures is a common tradition in several Asian food customs, although animals are further digested alive for shock value.

Both vertebral or shellfish may be consumed.

Consuming live animals, or pieces of live creatures, may be illegal in some provinces under animal torture statutes. Puritanical bans on the consumption of live animals by individuals are further present in many world faiths.

The Frog sashimi is a Japanese speciality consisting of feeding on a live frog, separating the members of the body that they can’t feed on and the principal idea is to consume the heart of the frog while it’s still beating.

These people would eat their first born. Sickening, heartless and sadistic animal cruelty, what is wrong with these people?

This is sickening, while this dying animal fights and flaps about helplessly. This is gross and inhuman and perhaps this shallow callous smiling woman consuming this unfortunate and traumatised animal should suffocate to death. This is terrible. What is wrong with people? This practice must end.

This is shockingly violent torture, an utterly groundless torment of a breathing animal. Such inhumane and cruel practice is disgraceful. There is a particular level of purgatory maintained for the perpetrators of this despicable ridiculous custom.

It’s a seedy world we live in. Another reason why we should withdraw from going to any country where people exist and who are inhumane, uncaring and really quite sick.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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