Police Report Katie Hopkins


Questionable Television celebrity Katie Hopkins has been reported to Twitter by police officers over a bad taste vote on the Camber Sands victims. Five young men in their advanced teens and early 20s were hauled from the water off the East Sussex coastline, having travelled from London to spend the day at the beach.

However, Hopkins sparkled insult when she tweeted a poll with the thread, “5 dead at Camber Sands were…”, accompanied by a number of bad joke responses. Sussex Police responded to criticisms on the social networking site verifying they had reported her, continuing that it really was not suitable to joke about five deaths the day after the event.

It was especially callous, though not illegal.

The five, thought to be Sri Lankan in origin, died on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police announced that Hopkins’ tweet was listed under the classes of offensive, hurtful, rude and nasty.

At around 10.30am on Thursday, Sussex Police was made aware of a tweet, which the authorities deemed to be callous. This has been related to Twitter. The main interest is to the sentiments and emotions of the next of kin of those who sadly perished at Camber.

The poll has presently been removed.

We are all familiar with Katie Hopkins, and what a terrible trap she has, and she should restrain herself from society if she clearly cannot keep her awful opinions to herself. Maybe she should take a vacation following her brain operation since obviously whatever surgery she had has not quelled her muzzle.

Katie Hopkins has the largest aperture I know, though I’m sure there are people out there with larger orifices, although I’ve still not discovered them yet, therefore, because of this, it’s my opportunity to butcher Katie, so she can see how it feels to be a butt.

Usually, when somebody takes the piss out of another person, there is usually a reason behind it, but these people that perished, she had no attachment to them, she had never met them before, they were total strangers, and they didn’t warrant that sort of bitterness.

She is a resentful woman and an extremely rude person that I have come across in a long time. She is not friendly at all, and her affection for people is zilch. She does not appear to have any regard for anyone, which I see as rather offensive, and she despises everyone around her.

Rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins has made a profession out of being contentious for the sake of it. She stated that Hannah was the ideal name for a dyslexic child. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the nation was unimpressed by dirty knickers Katie and her pitiful effort to create discord by linking children’s names to disabilities.


However, this isn’t the first time the former Apprentice star has been so callous. Katie went face to face bickering over the policies of attachment parenting. Hopkins made a swipe, as a discussion got heated, over images that were published months beforehand, showing grappling mum Peaches Geldof attempting to pick up her son from the sidewalk after her pram fell over.

It was a cheap punch from Hopkins since most parents have had their child fall out of bed, or fall from a pram, it doesn’t matter whether you are a single parent or a married parent, these things occur.


Motormouth Katie insulted a room full of students when she told them she didn’t actually approve of obese people, and that she wouldn’t like to face a ginger in the dark, and rained disdain on the state school system.

She propelled into a conversation in which she damned what she stated was the special treatment of university applicants from the state school system.

She stated that suicidal inmates should simply kill themselves. Yes, she actually did state that.

Katie further stated that she would never hire somebody who is overweight.

She stated, that she actually believed that if you have a tattoo you have to question about what sort of prospect you have ahead of you. Katie stated, that as an entrepreneur she certainly wouldn’t hire somebody with tattoos and that she would worry what her shoppers would think of them. Plus socially we still see tattoos as graffiti, or perhaps she was talking about her revolting orifice, that’s full of textual graffiti.


She further asserted that Mammary militia breastfeeding en masse in Costa puts one off their latte.


She stated that being despised is a cross she bears. Like the Jesus of the outspoken.

Katie, 38, who was on The Apprentice in 2006, wrote in a magazine that Lily Allen was kind of exciting until she had kids. She added she was eliminating herself from the notoriety since she aspired to be a parent.

She stated, it mainly meant gaining two stone and looking rather ugly.

Lily, 28, who suffered two miscarriages before giving birth to twin daughters Ethel and Marnie, 13 months, hit back, and replied, that yes, following tragically losing a baby so advanced in her pregnancy, she may have increased a few pounds.

Furthermore, that she was one of several that obtain relief in food. The Smile vocalist continued that she wasn’t exercising since she didn’t want to take any chances and that the survival of her children seemed more relevant than being skinny.

Katie announced to Heat magazine, Gemma Collins was at the plus size fashion awards to get her contributions to overweight people award, which Katie believed meant mostly being fat. She said, well done to Gemma for being overweight, but following catching wind of the evil remarks, the Towie actress lashed out.

Gemma called Hopkins a total mug, stating that she was so kind to Katie when they met one another.

Discussing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, she stated that she has a fat arse and that she actually didn’t understand what the fascination was with Kim. She further stated, she actually didn’t believe that being seen as somebody with a big behind was that great, and that she would rather be remembered as the biggest bitch in Britain.

Katie stated, that her foresight for Bieber was that he’ll be up next on a wrecking ball licking an adjustable spanner, and believed that may be in the offing for Belieber. Or go the Lohan highway and simply waste the remainder of his days in and out of rehab.

Or he could go the full Winehouse, and that will be the death of Bieber.

She further took objection to his faithful follower support, hitting the Beliebers and maintained they seemingly don’t have many friends and struggle with their own individual problems. She ranted, Beliebers are weird. They do adore him, and that they may admire him endlessly.

She stated, she assumed they’re kind of pathetic, single teenagers named Rebecca, that hasn’t got many mates, presumably got problems with their weight, height, hair colour, skin, and I don’t know what, and sort of grip onto him and say that they ‘belieb’.

She further stated that the X Factor 2013 had finished in a disturbing confrontation amidst a fat mum in a jumpsuit and a small boy in whatever his mum set out for him on his bed. She continued, they also attempted performing cute clips of Sam’s children. They were convinced that would make the woman break, but it turned out she had the sensitivity of a prison officer.

Writing in her post for Best, Katie further annihilated Elton John for looking puffy around the gills and took a swipe at 61-year-old Sharon Osbourne’s plastic surgery, and said, if she is going to look this good next year she will need to bulk buy plastic.


This is how vitriol spilling Katie Hopkins portrays television chef Nigella Lawson. Reporting in her Sun editorial mother-of-two Katie, who stated her hubby thought Nigella was a tad savoury, and said, Nigella made each mum in the country seem less than ideal. There is a rare delight in discovering that behind the full breast and alluring glimpses to the camera, things are not as flawless as they appear.

Under that pallid appearance, equine fangs and motormouth is an instrument of sheer wickedness. She simply isn’t a human being, as she has no heart, she does not have one individual emotion, and the truth of it is, she, in fact, is just a shameful evil woman who has no compassion for anyone else.

She relishes tearing the essence out of others, and gets vast entertainment out of it, and obviously her saneness isn’t intact, you could barely describe her as the brains of Britain.

Katie Hopkins may have been a newspaper reporter before she joined the competitors on the UK series of the reality T.V show The Apprentice in 2007, but maybe the publicity of it all has gone to her head, and presently all she can do is talk out of her arse.

She has repeatedly made personal and derogatory remarks on camera. She after performed in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! on ITV and Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. She has penned articles for British newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail and stood as a competitor in the 2009 European Parliamentary election, God forbid had she actually got in.

Hopkins has been scrutinised in the media and by advocacy organisations and MP’s for her remarks about migrants and accused of classism and racism, but according to Hopkins, she is driving back the barricades closing in on freedom of speech.

It is one action to support freedom of speech, but to be the caca mouth of it all is very offensive to everyone around her. Discharging your own faeces is fair enough, however, not when your smearing it all over everybody else.

You’re supposed to take the garbage out, not launch it over everyone else, and she should learn to throw whatever nonsense comes out of her orifice into the trash, maybe whilst she’s there, maybe she might discover some basic understanding, with some understanding of other people’s emotions.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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