Couple That Starved Dog To Death


The photo reveals Aaron Weilding and his beautiful sweetheart, Selina Gibson. They live in Edlington, Doncaster, UK and used to have two wonderful darling dogs. However, their knowledge of having a dog is as serious as it can get.

This cruel duo neglected their dogs so bad until they passed away. They took it upon themselves to starve the pets in their yard for weeks and weeks and did not give it a thought. As you can observe in the images, both Mr Weilding and Ms Gibson made sure they never skipped a meal.

In the meantime, their two dogs were left in great distress and pain in the yard. They were kept on a large chain, primarily unable to move, and were stripped of food and water for weeks. No one ever bothered to check on them.

When one of the dogs sadly passed away owing to the absence of food, the other one began feeding on him, in a despairing effort to stay alive. The only piece left of the dog were its jaws. Despite doing everything he could to sustain himself, but the second canine didn’t make it through either.

Throughout the hearing, the pair displayed regret with regards to their negligence and said they just overlooked the dogs in their backyard. It’s utterly frightening and surreal that somebody can forget that he owns pets.

Not one, but two. The agony through which these weak souls were made to go through cannot be expressed in words. However, despite the ruthlessness of their actions, the pair were only given a suspended prison term and a fine.

This effectively indicates they will not spend a single day behind bars. How can this be a favourable result after all they put these dogs through?

Sadly, this is yet another example from the United Kingdom in which perpetrators end up strolling away with a pat on the wrist and no sentence is served. There have been far too many related incidents in the past few years.


It is growing more apparent that the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 is simply antiquated and needs to be examined as early as possible. The maximum sentence for brutality to pets is an insignificant six months prison term, however, please note that the maximum sentence is seldom employed, since defendants normally agree to plea bargains.

Please support harder penalties for such types of crimes and urge the British judicial system to pay more attention to animal welfare. Animals deserve better and a clear message that abusing animals is unacceptable and needs to be shown to the British public.

These exceptional dogs had their entire life to experience but this couple concluded it was in their best interest to starve them to death until they died, and not only die, but were left to dine off the one that had languished in so much pain in the meantime.

This is a tremendous concern, and should be made known with a turbulent roar, and this duo is being made to seem like superstars in the newspapers. No one has the right to treat an animal the way that they both did, and this is a really serious crime, and should have been treated as such.

How can one overlook their animals, you simply couldn’t overlook two very fine looking animals as one they would have started to bark or howl, and was it challenged as to why they were both bound up with chains?

Throughout the hearing, the pair displayed regret with regards to their negligence and said they just overlooked the dogs in their backyard. It’s utterly frightening and surreal that somebody can forget that he owns pets.

It might seem trivial to some, still, it’s a pretty serious situation, and it’s essential that this slightly trivial offence is brought back to court since when all said and done, it is not actually petty at all. Some people would give their right arm to have a dog and look after it, and give it heaps of affection, however, some people out there are very bad, and couldn’t care less.

Whilst this couple fed well, and never starved themselves, their starving dogs were left in the backyard to die, where is the fairness in that? While their dogs scavenged around for bits of food to feed on, and then when one dog perished, the other used it as animal fodder.

Based on the evidence of destroying an animal in cold blood should counterbalance painfully on one’s mind, particularly with domestic animals that we keep as pets. If one has an animal that they no longer can take care of, or they no longer want to keep for many reasons, then they should rehome their pets to somebody who will look after it and take care of its demands, but to put an animal in the backyard, keep it chained up and starve it to death is just plain murder and nothing more.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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