Shocking Rise In Brits Being Admitted To Hospital


A number of people are so ­malnourished they require hospital treatment, which has quadrupled in 10 years. In a surprising statement of the nation’s food deficit , more than 16,000 incidents of starvation were recorded in hospitals in England last year, a percentage of 45 every day.

More than 900 of these incidents were classified as critical, suggesting patients were at risk of starving to death. However, these disturbing NHS numbers are simply the ultimate tip of an iceberg of suffering and deprivation as GPs treat thousands of more poverty-stricken patients for malnutrition.

Campaigners condemn circling food costs, declining earnings and cruel benefit cuts and sanctions. It’s a national disgrace. The fifth richest nation on the planet is presently suffering from Victorian conditions such as starvation, rickets, scurvy. These numbers are shocking and need to be a real wake up call.

Severe starvation is extremely dangerous and can be deadly. Furthermore what is truly disturbing is that for each person admitted to a hospital, there will be five times that amount getting care in out-patient clinics, and another 50 times that amount getting care from their GP.

These numbers are just the absolute tip of the iceberg. It’s an additional strain on an already over-burdened NHS and it is completely avoidable and preventable. More and more people in England are living in food hardship.

Mid 2007 and 2014 food costs increased 12 percent in real terms, whilst earnings fell by seven percent. For people in low paid employment and on benefits, it is a genuine fight to put food on the table. Last year more than a million people accessed food banks, it is a sad indication of the disparity in this country.

Numbers that were given, note that last year 16,314 hospital incidents were diagnosed with protein-energy malnutrition, a malady more normally observed in developing countries. Furthermore, in 1,557 of these cases, the ­malnutrition was critical enough for them to be admitted to the hospital, four times the amount from a decade ago.

This latest information on malnutrition, as well as the data that has been revealed on the amounts of ­children who are underweight and anemic, portrays a gloomy panorama of life at the bottom of the pile.

The Government has two responsibilities, to improve and push up family incomes and support neighborhood ­communities divert the large quantities of nutritious, good quality food consumption to the starving.


The United Kingdom’s largest food bank system, the Trussell Trust, gave more than 1.1 million three-day food parcels last year, up from just 25,899 seven years ago. Benefits suspensions were the No 1 cause for people requiring aid from the food banks, accompanied by low income and benefit reforms.

Today’s ­malnutrition figures are disturbing. Every day families are fighting to put enough food on the table and we learn from parents who go hungry so their children have enough to eat. Skipping meals for days at a time is unhealthy and can lead to starvation.

This is why we must attain answers to the ­underlying problems of food shortage. The average age of patients admitted to hospital last year was 64, implying pensioners are hammered hardest by food shortage. However, 284 of the cases managed in the hospital were children under 18.


Patients with severe protein-energy malnutrition (PEM), the effect of low calorie or protein consumption, have normally fallen more than 20 percent of their body mass. It can lead to the enlarged abdomens and lack of skin color more regularly observed in famine sufferers.

When an old person is malnourished they will be quite weak and much more prone to fall and end up on a roundabout of regular hospital readmissions since their malnourishment is not regularly flagged up as a danger in their release records. It is a tremendous dilemma.

Spiraling food costs, triggered by the fall in the rate of the pound, will be harmful to already struggling families. An approximated four million people in Britain frequently go a whole day without eating. One in 10 adults experienced modest levels of hunger in 2014, putting the United Kingdom in the bottom half of European countries beneath Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia and Malta.


The Department for Work and Pensions asserted that work was the most reliable way out of poverty.


Asperger’s victim Mark Wood perished of starvation five months after having his benefits cut. He had wasted away to just five-and-a-half stone. Mark, 44, had a number of disabilities and mental health conditions but was pronounced fit for work by staff at the DWP following an evaluation from government contractor Atos.

His housing benefit and employment and support allowance were all withdrawn and he was unable to survive on the £40-a-week disability allowance that remained. Mark’s BMI when he died was only 11. This is inappropriate with life. He had starved to death. He was a victim of the Government’s benefits cuts.

Mark was terribly independent and was unwilling to ask assistance from his family, who were oblivious of his situation until just before he died in August 2013, and when he lost his benefits he didn’t actually understand.

He had £40 a week to live off and there was no cash left for food once he’d settled other bills, and he couldn’t even meet them.

The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed the choice to axe Mark’s benefits was incorrect and requested a review. However, the increasing hospital problems of starvation was evidence that nothing has improved.

It is beating up the helpless when they are down. People like Mark are viewed as unimportant and that’s going to happen more and more as the government makes more profits.

A doctor has revealed how he has retreated to prescribing nutritional drinks to patients who can’t afford to eat. He stated the high-calorie drinks, typically given to people who require building up post-surgery – were a lifeline.

Over the past two to three years there has been a marked rise in the amount of patients suffering from starvation. Patients who are going to their GP’s are underweight since they really can’t afford to eat. That’s where the nutrition drinks come in.

They’re about 400 calories and they have all the vitamins a person requires. It’s not going to resolve the underlying difficulties of food deficit but it’s one of the few things that can help it.

If we are powerless to end this poverty, at least we can think of something to improve it, and we want to prevent people from dying because of it. We further need to help people. Keep an eye on your next-door-neighbor, particularly if they are elderly or disabled, it takes nothing to be kind to another person.

There are numerous households in the United Kingdom that have an elderly or disabled person living there on their own that might require some help. Take the opportunity to help somebody today!

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