Petition Press Philip Green To Tackle BHS Pension


Former BHS workers and trade union delegates were to descend on the quarters of Sir Philip Green’s retail industry in an effort to push him to fulfill the £571 million shortfalls in the deflated department store chain’s pension scheme.

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition asking for the billionaire financier to meet his commitment to sort the scheme. The petition was to be given to Green’s Arcadia business on Wednesday by John Hannett, the general secretary of the shopworkers’ trade union Usdaw.

Green agreed to dispense with the difficulties confronting the pension scheme when he arrived before MPs in June. Nevertheless, he has declined to agree on a deal with the Pensions Regulator, which has presently started legal actions upon Green and Dominic Chappell, the previous proprietors of BHS.

Hannett told Green required to elevate more than £250 million into the scheme, which has more than 20,000 members, calling any less derisory. The priority is to see Sir Phillip do the appropriate thing and deliver on his word to sort the pension fund. If he desires to retrieve any reputational trustworthiness he must not argue his way out of his duties, he must make a complete offering and do it immediately. That is the least he can do for past staff, several of who gave their whole working career at BHS.


The petition was to be presented to Arcadia, which manages Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, and Miss Selfridge. This man’s selfishness is incredible. BHS collapsed in April leading to the decline of 11,000 positions and to the £571 million pension shortfall. A governmental inquiry into the death of the retailer discovered that BHS had been orderly robbed under Green and Chappell.

Green managed the company for 15 years until he sold it to Chappell, a three-time bankrupt, for £1 in March 2015. Green, his family, and additional BHS stockholders received at least £580 million from the retailer, whilst Chappell’s firm Retail Acquisitions was given a suspected £17 million.


However, whilst magnate Sir Philip continues at the centre of the BHS pensions hurricane, his wife has been busy developing a £10.6 million home fit for a Green. Lady Tina Green, 67, has been placing the finishing touches on a six-bedroom home in one of London’s most fashionable localities.


The home, filed to an offshore firm connected to Lady Green, has a rooftop bar, super-sized basement and glass roof. Supposedly the home will be available by March. It comes as former workers of BHS, which Sir Philip sold for £1 a year before its collapse, waits for news of the firm’s £570 million pensions crisis.


A source familiar to the Greens reported that Sir Philip and Lady Tina’s daughter Chloe, who turns 26 in March, could make the four-storey holding her London residence. It’s like a mansion and is being done out to an unbelievable standard, no cost forgiven. Lady Tina has been in command of doing up the home and has attended it to keep a tight eye on its development.

The idea is for it to be given to Chloe as her first proper home of her own, therefore Lady Tina wants to make certain all is perfect. Topshop debutante Chloe was given the keys to a flat near to the mansion on her 21st birthday. Her mum was then pictured at the new apartment in November. Developers have since been restoring it.

The home has servants areas in the basement. Architect designs presented to the district council in June reveal it presently has a lift and two dressing rooms.

In November 2014, the home was sold to Daniel Pittack, a close friend of the Greens, for more than £10million.

In 2015, ownership was shifted to British Virgin Islands-based Mottistone Holdings Ltd for about £100,000 more. A second address for the firm, in Monaco, was further then the recorded office for Lady Tina’s Green & Mingarelli Design.

Sir Philip declared the property project had noth­ing to do with him. When questioned if Chloe would live there, he replied that’s not true, and at this point, that is not established.

Labour’s Frank Field, chairman of the Work and Pensions Select committee, stigmatized the home “BHS Pensions House”.

This is completely offensive, the man has no remorse.

Giving his daughter a £10 million home as her first real home when most people are fighting to retain a roof over their heads, he is the most uncaring monstrosity of a man. Consequently selfish Green is at it again, and this bit of garbage is nevertheless being defended by his friends and chosen ones.

No matter what anyone says, he will never give any money back, nor lose his knighthood. There will be plenty of discussion and ridicule, however, it will all evaporate and be quickly overlooked. This guy should be ignored by everybody that ever knows him, to humiliate him into doing the correct thing.

The guy has no guilt and it really reveals the hatred he has for the people he previously employed. This has occurred previously with others and will occur again, and people like him constantly stash millions away for their future. Only he won’t lose any sleep since he will have made certain that not even the government can get his money.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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