Donald Trump’s State Appointment



Donald Trumps’s state appointment to the United Kingdom is anticipated to be presented in Parliament following senior Conservatives assembled more than 1.5 million people demanding for it to be banned. Appeal requests for the visit, which is scheduled to take place in the summertime, to be abandoned because of the risk it will upset the Queen.


10downingst.jpgNonetheless, a Downing Street source has told the BBC that cutting the trip would be populist gesture and undo everything achieved by Theresa May throughout her tour to the United States last week. MPs will examine if US President Trump should be given a UK state appointment on Feb 20.

The internet address quickly broke the 100,000 signatures needed to be considered for a discussion in Parliament, with at one period more than a thousand people signing each minute. Senior Conservatives joined Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, in asking for the visit to be delayed while Mr. Trump’s contentious immigration embargo is in place.


ds-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqZgEkZX3M936N5BQK4Va8RWtT0gK_6EfZT336f62EI5U.jpgNevertheless, Downing Street sources established that Mrs. May will not be rescinding her invite to President Trump since it remains substantially in the national interest. State visits are intended for both the host, and the head of state who is being received, to honor and entrench the bonds and assigned importance amid their individual nations.

A state appointment from the current president of the United States could not perhaps happen in the best customs of the enterprise whilst a fierce and alienating policy which prejudges upon citizens of the host country is in place.

On Friday 27 January, President Trump endorsed an executive order provisionally blocking travel for immigrants from seven terror prone Muslim-majority nations.

The mandate forces a 90-day prohibition on travelers from


Also, it excludes the US refugee program for 120 days and indefinitely suspends reception of refugees from Syria.

The embargo does not apply to some visa types, and to religious minorities escaping religious oppression from those nations, for instance, Christians. Syria is the just one of these nations respectively identified in Mr. Trump’s order. The others stem from a 2015 Obama-era law cataloging nations of interest for terrorism to be banned from the US’s Visa Waiver Program.


Jeremy-Corbyn-Speaks-On-Human-Rights-Day.jpgMr. Corbyn announced Mr. Trump’s state appointment should be called off until he removes the 90-day prohibition on immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen entering the United States. Is it actually appropriate to defend somebody who has used this terrible misogynistic language during the election campaign, great assaults on Muslims, and then, of course, this crazy notion of building a wall separating themselves and their adjacent neighbor?

We should make it pretty clear we are very disconcerted about it, and it would be entirely wrong for him to be coming here whilst that situation is going on. He should be confronted on this. However, it is possible there will be an urgent proposal in the House of Commons on Monday to address the travel embargo.

Demonstrators are preparing to oppose the policy outside Downing Street and across the land on Monday evening. Theresa May would be placing the Queen in an untenable situation of greeting a man who is banning British subjects solely on grounds of their faith.

Politicians have now started preparations for a visit intended to reinvigorate the transatlantic special relationship. Talks are underway regarding the president playing a round of golf on the private nine-hole course at Balmoral whilst the Queen looks on.


duke-duchess-cambridge.jpgThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are further set to be involved as the Royal family rolls out the red carpet for the US President and his First Lady. Mr. Trump’s team desire to formulate a photo event to rival the legendary pictures of President Ronald Reagan horse riding with the Queen at Windsor Castle when he toured in 1982.


MapRoomCabinetWarRoomsTrim.jpgAdditional plans incorporate a private stint of the Churchill War Rooms from Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, and banquet at Blenheim Palace, where Sir Winston was born. If the Queen were to allow it, would make a rift in etiquette since the Queen traditionally goes on vacation to her Scottish castle in August.

The “optics” of President Trump’s appointment are very bad and there should be a joint decision to postpone the appointment. US leaders should help the United Kingdom to strive and uncover a basis for why this appointment should not go forward in the short term.

Parliament has previously argued on Mr. Trump once after he first conveyed the plan of blocking Muslims from America. He was portrayed as a buffoon, demagogue, and wazzock in the discussion a year ago following a related appeal was signed by more than half a million people.

Buckingham Palace declined to discuss it.


the-white-house-north-lawn-plus-fountain-and-flowers-credit-stephen-melkisethian_flickr-user-stephenmelkisethian.jpgThe White House has hit back after a judge briefly barred Donald Trump’s contentious immigration prohibition, initially characterizing the decision as outrageous before dropping the word from a later statement.



The Justice Department announced it would request for an emergency stay to honor Donald Trump’s executive order to prevent people from seven predominantly Muslim nations from accessing the United States after District Judge James Robart ordered there was a strong possibility that a legal provocation on the embargo would succeed.


judge-robart-halts-president-trump-immigraiton-order.jpgJudge Robart declared an interim restraining order on a national footing at a hearing in Seattle and ordered against government lawyers who declared states did not have the position to question Mr. Trump’s order.
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are supposed to have told airlines they are permitted to board passengers who had been banned from accessing the country, with the Justice Department not registering an action directly.



Gulf carrier Qatar Airways announced this morning that it would bring passengers from the seven Muslim-majority nations and all refugees who had been forbidden under the direction. In his judgment, Judge Robart announced that federal defendants and their respective officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys and persons acting in concert or participation with them are hereby enjoined and restrained from” enforcing the executive order.


sean_spicer.jpgWhite House Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued a comment following the decision stating the government will file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defend the executive order of the President, which we believe is lawful and appropriate. Shortly after, an updated announcement was issued that eliminated the word outrageous.

The president’s mandate is designed to defend the country and he has the legal power and duty to defend the American people. Mr. Trump’s order bans travel for people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen and to exclude the US refugee program globally.

Washington and Minnesota were the first two states to prosecute over the order and the travel embargo would significantly harm residents and decrees prejudice. Judge Robart’s ruling, active immediately, puts a pause to President Trump’s undemocratic and criminal administrative mandate.

The law is a compelling thing, it has the capacity to hold everyone answerable to it, and that includes the President of the United States.

The Trump presidency has defended its operations on national security terrains, however, antagonists have labeled the mandate as undemocratic as they think it scapegoats people based on their religious convictions.

There seems to be an awful volume of proof to confirm Mr. Trump’s administrative mandate was aimed at the doctrine of Islam. Judge Robart probed a Justice Department lawyer on what he described the litany of harms suffered by Washington state’s universities and further examined the administration’s use of Sept. 11, 2001, assaults on the United States as a reason for the prohibition.

The Judge asked the federal government lawyer, Michelle Bennett if there had been any terrorist assaults by people from the seven counties listed in Mr. Trump’s order following 9/11. Ms. Bennet stated she did not know.

The answer is none. Trump is here contending they have to defend from these people from these nations, and there’s no support for that. For President Trump’s order to be approved, it had to be based on fact, as opposed to fantasy.

In Dubai, Tariq Laham, 32, and his wife to be Natalia had abandoned arrangements to visit the United States following their July wedding in Poland, where Natalia is from. Mr. Laham said the couple would not change their decision.

A State Department official, articulating on the situation of anonymity since the topic is under litigation, and they are acting closely with the Department of Homeland Security and their legal teams to ascertain how this affects their operations.

They will announce any developments concerning travelers to the United States as quickly as that data is accessible. The order had canceled up to 60,000 visas. That number differs to a statement from a Justice Department lawyer who during a court hearing in Virginia announced 100,000 visas had been denied.

The ruling in Washington state came at the end of a day of intense legal action throughout the nation over the immigration prohibition. In Boston, US District Judge Nathan Gorton displayed uncertainty throughout verbal discussions regarding a civil rights group’s claim that Mr. Trump’s order represented religious hatred, before refusing to lengthen the restraining order.

US District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Alexandria, Virginia, ordered the federal government to give the state a list by Thursday of all persons who has been denied entry to or removed from the United States. The state of Hawaii on Friday too registered an action claiming that the mandate is undemocratic and urged the court to prevent the order across the nation.

This is Trump’s first slap down as President and I believe he’s beginning to understand those checks and perspectives which are sanctified in the American constitution were put there to prevent madmen like Trump transforming America into a tyranny and stopping any one person doing as they like.

It will be really entertaining going forth to see how he dispenses with those checks and balances. Let’s pray that this might be the inauguration of numerous court actions to block him carrying out some of the more radical policies he wants to introduce.

Knowing Trump’s foolish nature, I imagine two situations, he either quits since he can’t get his own way or he gets impeached, either of those outcomes would be better than him serving a full term.

The people with white coats are needed in the White House to put this stupid lunatic in some protective custody. His odd and obscure manner indicates a complete obsessive mindset and his actions are causing the deaths of children being limited access to important operations whilst promoting hatred and destruction such as the current carnage in Quebec.

Every day this crazy narcissistic idiot desperate to remain in the headlines makes some unusual decision or some impulse, some interim executive order. He is clearly certifiably deranged and must be dismissed from office immediately before he sends America into a nuclear conflict which his advisors want.

A week on from the Trump travel embargo, the stupidity of the Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States is getting more transparent. When the White House announced the new President’s travel prohibition last weekend, it seemed to block nearly all nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen from traveling to America.

The only people permitted would be those with a green card allowing them to permanent residency in the United States, or one of five specific permits for official groups such as the United Nations. All regular visitants to the United States from one of those nations, whether on vacation, seeing friends and family, or on business, it appeared, was forbidden. Horribly hardline, but at least apparent.

As airlines fought to make sense of the order, myriads of prospective travelers have been turned away from airports across the globe since they were considered as unfit to travel. Some airlines switched their crew programs to bypass, for instance, an Iranian pilot or Somalian cabin-crew member being appointed to a New York-bound aircraft.

Forty-eight hours later, though, it turned out that the controls would hit only a tiny number of people.

Late on Sunday night, the Foreign Office explained that the prohibition involved simply to people who, in effect, failed two inspections. They carried a passport from one of the seven countries on Donald Trump’s list and were further boarding a flight from one of those seven countries to the United States.

If they are flying to the United States from any place other than one of those countries, for example, the United Kingdom, the executive order does not apply to them and they will encounter no further inspections despite their origin or their place of birth.

Some media distorted that the travel embargo was just for direct flights from those seven nations to America. It took about five minutes’ work with the OAG Pocket Flight Guide to Europe, Middle East, and Africa to establish that the grand total of flights from Tehran, Baghdad, Tripoli, et cetera to the United States was naught.

Consequently, it must refer just to travelers on connecting flights making airside transfers to America. Anybody who went through passport control between flights at Heathrow, Paris, Frankfurt, et cetera would reset the clock by going landside. They would be boarding from a service from the United Kingdom, France or Germany, preferably than one of the seven benighted nations.

Clearly, everybody in that situation would simply retreat from the transit lounge and come back in, then, however, it’s not as simple as that. Even for airside transit at Heathrow, for instance, not all nationalities are similar.

There are 57 types of passports, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and incorporating every seven designated countries, whose nationals need a visa just to switch planes at a UK airport. The single exemption is if they have an important visa from a different land, such as a United States green card, a standard American visa for business or tourism is inadequate.

Given that there’s so much red tape involved when all you want to do is waste a few of hours sipping coffee or buying goods in the transit area, don’t even ask about the difficulties of landside transit. Fortunately, there are lots of other opportunities. Sudanese people, for instance, can make their way across the border to Eritrea, get a visa on entry, and then check in at Asmara airport for a flight to Cairo, Dubai or Istanbul to a broad spectrum of US destinations. Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans and the rest can get comparable workarounds.

The Trump travel embargo may be proving as deceptive as many other presidential promises, but there are lots more countries where the restrictions are present. Even in Europe, you can be turned away from Serbia if you have a Republic of Kosovo admission mark in your passport.

Numerous nations that are largely Muslim, such as Kuwait, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, do not endorse anybody whose passport shows they have visited Israel. Israeli border workers are happy not to mark your passport, although if you are crossing by land from Jordan or Egypt then the departure stamp will give you away.

Frequent travelers to the area avoid these constraints by having two passports and then trying to remember to give the right one. However, if you happen to have been born in Israel, despite your origin, the Foreign Office advises you may not be welcome in Saudi Arabia.

India has firm requirements for foreigners of Pakistan and Bangladeshi origins as well as nationals of those nations. They endure a delay of at least seven weeks to get a visa.

Maybe Donald Trump should have thought about such hardline tactics first. His incompetent effort to look bad has proved feeble.

Following his calamitous defeat for the mission in Yemen, when he went against the military recommendations, Trump is petrified of reprisal. He could be criticized for putting the US lives in danger by his actions. Only now he has a judge to condemn if there are any attacks.

He seemingly knew it was illegal, however, he was depending on the judiciary to come forth so they can be his victims, and he will say that he tried to protect the United States but the sinful left-wingers stopped him. That they should allow him to amend the constitution or they are all going to die. By the way, do you know how many people have perished on American soil owing to terrorists from these 7 countries? None.

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