Soaring Quantities Of Sugar And Caffeine Can Exacerbate Underlying Heart Problems


For too many teenagers and young adults, energy drinks have become necessary for getting through the day. However, they carry a dangerous chance of unexpected mortality. Energy drinks are the cause of numerous unexpected cardiac deaths in young, healthy people.

The chief interest is that these drinks can quickly increase underlying heart problems. Because of their large quantities of caffeine and sugar, serious arrhythmias can quickly grow in the hearts of young people who drink them.

Countless people now balk at the large quantities of identified caffeine on these drinks. The difficulty is that there are many additional sources of caffeine that are masked by the labeling.


Ingredients such as guarana, ginseng, and taurine have caffeine concentrations that are similar to, or greater than caffeine found in coffee. Ingesting large doses of any of these substances can be extremely bad.

About 31% of teenagers from ages 12 to 19 drink energy drinks on a daily basis. An even larger number of people use alternatives to these drinks, such as gums or inhalers. The large amounts of caffeine in all of these products are creating serious harm.

Of the 5,448 caffeine overdoses recorded in the United States in 2007, 46% of them happened in people below the age of 19. The problem is, how can we stop this trend of overconsumption by young people?

It is imperative that we prevent the consumption of these beverages because ultimately, we will have people coming into the emergency rooms of which are already congested and understaffed. Like alcohol there should be an age limit on these drinks of 21 or over that can buy these drinks, and like over the counter medications such as paracetamol, they should only be permitted to buy so many cans at one time.

This will not stop it altogether because they will get their mates to go and buy drinks for them, but it will considerably reduce the volume that adolescents can get their hands on.

One can (250 mL) of an energy drink per day is safe for most healthy adolescents. Energy drink consumption before or throughout sports training should be dodged, and teenagers with clinically associated underlying medical infirmities should consult cardiologists before drinking energy beverages. Extreme energy drink consumption concurrently with alcohol or other medications, or both, can lead to adverse outcomes, including mortality.

Warning physicians to the risks of energy drinks are very important.

It is essential for physicians to understand the absence of regulation in caffeine content and other ingredients of these high-energy drinks and education and information are essential to implementing safety for young people.

Actually, these drinks should be taken off the market for people’s protection but we know that’s never going to happen since these corporations that market energy drinks are extremely uncooperative, and they will lose too much money.

We presently see teeth having to be removed, gum disease, heart attacks, and total disabilities because of these pumped up sugar/caffeine beverages. Perhaps they should be banned clear and simple since any drink that offers the prospect of death really should not be allowed.


But then you would have to combine alcohol and tobacco in that prohibition as well because they are all life threatening. When a can of branded energy drink comprises 20 teaspoons of sugar, you have to question why they have not already been outlawed. The increase in the heart rate, the increased blood pressure, the inability of the liver to take the hit are all grounds enough to stop production and traffic of these suicide drinks.

No wonder there is an obesity dilemma.


Originally there was only one energy drink available and that was Lucozade, and that was only available in chemists. It’s way out of control now, and as far as heart conditions go, there are more aortic dissections now, and arrhythmia conditions, than there ever was.

Maybe it’s the unregulated distribution of energy drinks that’s the cause of the chemical contents activity which is similar to that of Viagra. It opens the arteries so that blood can flow faster, unrestricted, during vigorous exercise and it excites the heart in pumping harder and increases blood pressure to only the limit the arterial walls can endure, in a strong healthy body.

Any vulnerability, whether in the aorta or other important arterial membranes, is destined to crash causing immediate death or seriously endanger life-giving vessels exceeding their natural strength.

Drinking something which stimulates the heart and its role, the bodies biological and physical makeup, as in excess alcohol, it puts pressure on those blood vessels not intended for such an event and the result is catastrophic.

Same as everything else that is bad for us, for example, smoking and losing weight should be done slowly since cutting these things out completely can likewise be hazardous for our well-being and this includes caffeine based beverages as well. Stop them gradually, because cutting them out abruptly can be dangerous.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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