Theresa May Accused Of Hiding From The Public


Labour accused Theresa May of going into hiding as Jeremy Corbyn stepped up requests for a head to head TV contest.

The Labour leader announced she was appearing only at staged events in the presence of party followers, whilst he was attending public functions and facing everyday citizens.

Theresa May has made a few meticulously stage-managed appearances over the past 10 days amid tight security.

Only requested Tory activists and reporters have been let in, aside from one appointment to a toothpaste company where operators questioning the PM were observed by their managers.

But when will she go out and engage with the people?

The reality of a Theresa May visit, for what it’s worth, is pretty thin really.


Nevertheless, Theresa May has laid a catchword “strong and stable leadership” at the center of her crusade, endlessly echoing the slogan.

The Prime Minister’s unwillingness to engage in newscast confrontation discussions or everyday citizens on the crusade trail is possibly a sign of weakness.

A clear bulk of citizens views TV discussions as essential in helping them determine how to calculate their ballots.

Theresa May is hiding from the people, she won’t take part in TV discussions and she won’t speak to voters, and declining to debate Labour in this election isn’t a symbol of strength, it’s a symbol of frailty.

In displaying disdain for the people in this way, the Prime Minister is showing that it’s Labour that stands up for the many, whilst she articulates only for the few.

What is she scared of? Voters deserve to know what political parties are offering.

Theresa May has so far further declined to surrender to pressure to take part in any televised confrontations alongside her competitors, although she may take questions from studio audiences.


A poll for the Electoral Reform Society saw 56% of voters, increasing to 71% amongst 18-24 year-olds, which implied most voters back TV contests, which have been a focus of election crusades since 2010.


The Mirror Chicken has been following the Tory leader about the land in an attempt to dishevel feathers and give the frit PM a roasting over her TV snub.


Labour has indicated Jeremy Corbyn would only take part in a contest if Theresa May was also included, and almost half (46%) of voters surveyed believe all major party leaders should commit to participating, against only 23% who replied there was no need.

A majority of Conservative fans (52%) agreed the contests are necessary. However, Tory voters were divided over whether leaders should commit to taking part, with 37% stating they should versus 38% who opposed it.

These numbers reveal how voters presently view TV contests as part of the furniture of a general vote. That’s especially the case for younger voters, suggesting it’s, therefore, essential for youth engagement that they take place.

With both Conservatives and Labour voters agreeing TV contests are necessary, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn should immediately both commit to taking part.

It would be a mockery for the contests to be discarded just because one party chose to torpedo this now-crucial part of 21st-century politics.

We haven’t seen Jeremy Corbyn out and about being questioned by the general public yet, only May is being scrutinized for it. Furthermore, Jeremy Corbyn criticized Theresa May for not debating with him, but there is nothing preventing him appearing in front of the cameras and presenting his policies with the voters, you would have assumed he would have leaped at the opportunity but oddly he has also failed to appear.


UKIP apparently believe in giving public assistance for the long term. Defending the border and using the taxpayer’s money with respect. How we treat the vulnerable in our society mirrors the society we are and seemingly UKIP is the only party that will support the most defenseless in our society.

Basically, UKIP is what Labour was before the far left took over and also before the neoliberals took over. UKIP is the classic working man’s Labour.

Theresa May did a disappearing act throughout Brexit too, then she plummeted into manage Brexit, and she flip-flops more than Trump. She aspires to destroy the NHS, she wants extra food banks, she wants to punish the working class, she wants to increase VAT, take away pensions, take away tax credits, take away disability subsidies, whilst shielding the wealthy and rich.

Chancellor George Osborne

When George Osborne stated that the worst off will pay for Brexit, he wasn’t joking, and the only reason it didn’t happen was because the Tories didn’t have the majority to do it. With a big majority, they knew they would have 5 years to make certain that the working class bear the brunt of Brexit the same way they made them pay for the bank crash whilst the multi-millionaires got tax breaks and were allowed to shift their money elsewhere in offshore accounts.

Yet, Theresa May can barely open her trap without speaking the words strong and stable, and she and other Tories used the expression a whopping 11 times throughout this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

And about as frequent was the claim Labour can only succeed by creating a coalition of chaos, which was applied four times in the same sitting.

Furthermore, TV spectators are certainly feeling a certain amount of Deja Vu as top Tories roll out the catchphrases endlessly on TV, radio and in public.

And they’re not only announcing it on TV and radio.

There have been loads of posts on Twitter.


Theresa May stated on Twitter, that each vote for her is a vote for strong, stable leadership in the national interest-building a stronger, more secure future for this country.

Does she really think that she has supremacy over everything or is it because she has an inferiority complex, perhaps it’s conversational narcissism? After all, she does have a tendency to make every conversation about her, so she might be a conversational narcissist and not even know it.

I don’t believe she means to be ignorant, she’s simply caught up in her own drama, often of her own making. Perhaps Theresa May isn’t a conversational narcissist, she simply doesn’t have any self-awareness, or perhaps it’s because she doesn’t have much awareness of other people.

It can happen in casual discussions among friends, family, and coworkers, and if that is the case, then everyone articulating in parliament must be some sort of conversational narcissistic since they all appear to like the sound of their own voices without actually listening to what is actually going on.

Conversational narcissism occurs much more subtly than making a U-turn in the discussion to bring it back to you. Most people know that it’s rather insulting to at least not pretend to be interested in what the other person is saying when you’re having a discussion with them.

Nobody wants to be labeled a self-centered fool, except if they’re in show business or politics.

Haven’t we all felt that strong urge, and that increasing enthusiasm, to take over the conversation? You feel as if you’re going to explode if the other person doesn’t quit talking so you can take over.

You pretend to be totally centered on what they’re saying, but you’re actually only catching keywords every now and then. You’re not listening, but preparing your next entertaining tale that has to do with the issue being addressed, well, kind of.

Every person makes initiatives. These initiatives can either be attention-giving or attention-getting. Conversational narcissists concentrate more on attention-getting since they’re more engaged in getting their own needs met.


With active conversational narcissism, how a person answers can either be the shift-response, as in shifting the attention back to themselves or the support response, holding the concentration on the speaker and the topic he/she has introduced.

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, people began to notice a long and somewhat clunky expression showing up in Tory TV appearances, and in use on the floor of the House of Commons. That expression was ‘Long Term Economic Plan.’

According to Parliamentary reports, by the time the election rolled around the expression, Long Term Economic Plan has been said 607 times in the House of Commons. And that’s not counting the occasions it was announced on TV, particularly on BBC Question Time, where it became a running joke.

But by the time people started to notice the parrot-fashion expression, it had been repeated so frequently the message had been absorbed.

Furthermore, the picture of economic ability was built around the party which helped Torie’s secure success in the 2015 general election. And it appears like strong and stable is Crosby’s follow-up hit, with a coalition of chaos on the b-side.

Well, on the first point, let’s look at the Tory administration.


David Cameron made a similar promise before the 2015 referendum, tweeting: Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice – stability and strong Government with me, or chaos with Ed Miliband.

So how did that work out?

Not well.

Since the 2015 election, Britain has seen the collapse of the EU election which was David Cameron’s design. The departure of David Cameron. Leadership battles for all three principal parties. And the calling of a snap general election, three years early.

Not extremely strong and stable. In fact, the term most people would use for the last two years in politics would be CHAOS.

In the meantime, talking of coalitions of chaos, both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have ruled out a coalition of any sort following June’s election.

Of course, these facts won’t end Theresa May and her crew of Tories adopting the expression over and over again for the next six weeks.

Therefore the question is, are you going to let Theresa May and Lynton Crosby indoctrinate you?


Theresa May was nicknamed Theresa Maybe by her own party because she flip-flops on so many subjects that no one knows where she stands from one day to the next.

She isn’t strong and stable, she is crazy and incompetent.

Even though there were many people that disliked him, David Cameron was a rather good public mouthpiece, and normally accomplished to work long term economic plan into viable and relevant sentences.

Theresa May is a lousy public talker, very repulsive to watch and is making herself look more and more like a robotic fool as the days go by, it’s no surprise she won’t do a TV debate.


Is it likely the Maybot has failed and requires a reboot?
Or, she’s trying to indoctrinate the population.


Many paid Torie’s troll, all bleating the identical faceless tiresome baloney as ever, and they are revolting despicable greedy shallow excuses for human beings who display their stupidity and their corrupt weak minds every time they open their foul mouths.

This woman is the Angel of Darkness and the pictures of her just confirm it. Oh my goodness, she is vulgar just like her tactics.


And we should make “June the end of May”, that is a catchword people should be sharing, so keep sharing it, folks!

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